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    L954 ,j-—
'^ol. XVII, No. 4
five Major Problems Face Librarians;
Belles Suggest Immediate Attention
November 12, 1954
. [Editor’s Note; Since the li
of the date of this note,
November 11, has not found it ex-
]kdient to post these rules which are
Wective November 12, BELLES
jw.? that the students are unable to
'Zresee the transgressions ivhich they
umvittingly commit and the
■fnsequent wrath ivhich they may
i^cur upon themselves; thus
‘ELLES prints them in their en-
^fety. Even when the rules are
Hted, it is still to the students’
i^ivanlage to have personal copies of
''em. j
1. Students are reminded that
re names of those having overdue
**oks or library fines are piosted by
■30 each morning on the library
Wletin board in the east covered
d^-y. All girls are exiiected to con-
'fH this bidletin board each morn-
p, reporting to the library when
»eir names are t^osted. The Stu-
'ffd Handbook states on jiage 28
®at failure to do so subjects the
Klent to Hall Council penalty,
'ith so many overdues running
py after day, the librarian will
|h*in now on send in names of girls
' ®o fail to report within 24 hours
(her their names are posted, exactly
Miss M. D. Jones does. They
receive one demerit for each
‘*y they have not reported. This
listen! will be started on Friday
'*'4'ning, Nov. 12, at 10:30 a.m.
^2. Most books needed for class
,|>'h are put on reserve. Occasion-
I'y a teacher fails to do this, and
M’e are one or two teachers who
;.®ose to have students get books
j'^'cetly from the regular shelves.
,[* We frequently mark in pencil at
top of these book cards. Do not
,''e out, or Treat as a reserve.
.[Ease heed these nota-
''ot all books assigned to classes
[* be so labeled. Therefore you are
'*ed to be most careful about NOT
JKinG out books ASSIGN-
^I'ganist Presents
Recital in Chapel
in Senior English, or BOOKS TO
CLASS, as in History 5 and His
tory 21. Some book cards are
marked at the top Not to be re
newed. This means that they are
'not to be kept overdue, either.
3. Recently students have grown
careless about not rejilaciiig encyclo
pedias, atlases, and other reference
books on their proper shelves after
use. We ask you to be careful
about this.
4. A library regulation says that
no ink shall be brought into the
library, for the obvious reason that
costly accidents can happen. This
rule will be strictly enforced.
Neither is ink to be left outside
library on porch or ste])s.
_ The bottle of ink kept on the
circulation desk for students’ use
has been handled so carelessly this
year that fresh ink is found smeared
over the desk blotter everyday. We
jirefcr to leave the bottle there for
your use, but if the untidiness and
the carelessness continues, we shall
be forced to remove the ink from
the desk. If you want it left there,
keep cover screwed on, refrain from
tipping bottle, and spilling ink on
desk or blotter.
o. Lastly, we must ask you to re
frain from moving the two heavy
arm chairs in reading room (see
scarred floor around them). We
shall put the one nearest the office
in front of window, but the other
must remain in the corner.
In reference room, Windsor chairs
are not to be moved, especially not
to window behind atlas case. ' One
'Windsor chair will be placed near
each of the two south windows.
OTHEIfS. We must have a dear
aisle in front of all shelves.
ITith these five problems jJointed
out to you, we feel sure we will
have your cooperation on them.
Sigma^s Score
3-2 Victory
Over Mii Team
By Marianna Miller
Sigma’s took the lead in the an
nual hockey tournament by eeking
out a 3-2 score in the first game of
the season. The game was well
played with excellent offensive and
defensive attacks.
Mu’s Lead at Half Time
_ The Mu’s scored first and at half
time commanded a 2-0 lead. After
a slow start in the first period the
Sigma s sparked a strong comeback,
and Ann Gillett and Marianna Mil
ler scored two rapid-fire goals in the
first few minutes of the second half.
Toni Gamble scored again for the
Sigma’s to break the tie. This ended
the scoring.
The^ remainder of the game was
spent in futile efforts by both sides
to make a goal. Defensive work on
each team proved an excellent stop
per for more scoring. Both teams
are to be commended for a well
fought game.
Team Captains Starred
Stars were captains Nancy Smith
and Ellen Clarkson. (Sigrnais at
tribute their win to early 6 :00 A.M.
The time of the remaining two
games will be announced. The team
winning two games out of three wins
the tournament.
Republicans Disregard
Minority Status
l^ewly Formed YRC
Equalizes Politics
^ Twenty-five students particijiated
in a minor revolution on November
4, when a Young Republican’s Club
arose on the predominately Demo
cratic soil of St. Mary’s. They were
aided and abetted in this uprisino"
by Mrs. Jacobus, their faculty ad
viser. At this first meeting, the
members decided to send letters to
110 Bopnblicaii Conniiittco
and _ various Republican offices to
obtain _ information concerning the
formation of a Young Rejmblican’s
Club. Officers will be elected as
soon as this information arrives.
^ I he club, jilans to have student
discussions concerning the policies
of the Ro])ublican party. They also
plan to look at the Democratic plat
form and draw parallels. It is
hoped that the club will produce
broad-minded future voters who will
not condenin certain issues because
the opposition supports them.
Meetings will he held in the Hy
giene room in Cheshire Hall. Tlie
club hopes that all interestc'd stu
dents will be on hand for the next
meeting. An announcement will be
posted in the covered way about the
next meeting.
■yrnest '\Tliite, organist and mu-
director at St. Mary’s, the Yir-
^ Church in New York City, will
l^^ent an organ recital Friday
wt, November 12, in the school
-'tr. 'White has a long musical his-
A. The first year of the New
'’I'k 'World Fair, he played twice
j'Ey in the I’emple of Religion.
^ next year he gave recitals in
‘ Rrooklyn Museum, and for sev-
years he presented broadcasts
his studio. Mr. 'White is one
• few musicians equally at home
old and new music. He is now
Atiltant on tonal descrijitions and
' Aii’ch for the Moller Organ Com-
■ y •
Honorary Language
Club Plans Work
The Sigma Pi Alpha, under the
leadership of president Nancy
Jones, has many exciting plans- for
the coming year. Among their
projects, they hope to include writ
ing to individuals in different coun
tries where people speak French,
Spanish, German, and English, and
then discussing the information
given by each of his country and its
customs. The jmrpose of this proj
ect is to better internationalize re
lations between these countries and
our own at the same time that the
members a're acquiring a knowledge
of different peoples.
The Sigma Pi Alpha hopes to
celebrate Christmas this year in
St. Mary’s Sponsors
Favorite Male Contest
Hello, Mister and Miss St.
Mary s and all you gents who ever
stood before a camera. Yes, that
was Mister St. Mary’s!
Girls, here’s your chance to put
to use those weenie little jihoto-
giaphs that have been aging m your
wallets and scrapbooks. Belles is
sponsoring a SLICK CHICK PIC
Any student may submit an en
try. Just ]Hit a snap of your sweetie
in the Belles box by the post office
by Thursday, November 18. On
the back write his name and the
school he attends.
The only way this contest can lie
successful is for you all to have
pride 111 your friends of the male
gender and to slip your snaps in
the slot. Belles will judge the con
test. If Carolina and State can
sponsor Saints at their dances, the
Saints can certainly sponsor their
favorite males for the sweetheart of
St. Marys. (And we dare you to
slip in a picture of Rock Hudson.)
So, as Mrs. Cassidy said to her
husband, won t you hoji-a-loiig and
get those entries in?
Bulletin Appoints
Assistant Editor
Nancy Jones, a senior from Ar
lington, Virginia, was recently np-
pointed to serve as assistant editor
of the Bulletin. Nancy has had
three years of experience in writino-
for the Bulletin. Her by-line has
come to be a familiar sight on poems
and short stories 2>»Wislied in the
Nancy is Experienced Hand
In her so])honmre year Nancy
feels that she gained considerable
experience merely by working close
ly and observantly with the ’52-’r>3
editor of the Bufhtin. Now. as as
sistant editor, she is responsible for
assisting Lane '\Telsh, editor, in all
ca])acities and for writing an edi
Nancy claims to be very jileased
over her new position, particularly
since she plans to major in jour
Her Interests Vary
Her activities in school are by
no means confined within the covers
of the Bulletin. She is President of
the Sigma Pi Alpha, librarian for
the Cxlce Club, a vice-counsellor, and
a member of the Altar Guild, the
Dramatic Club, the Letter Club, the
at”*' Craiiddaughters’
Club. Aancy is a Sigma.

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