North Carolina Newspapers

OL. XXX, NO. 8.
February 24, 1967
Every year Glamour Magazine
onors the ten Best Dressed girls on
nierican Campuses in their August
sue. These girls are selected from
■>e candidates submitted from the
" schools participating.
fhe Belles sponsors the Glamour
■ontest at St. Mary’s. Of the six can-
r Edates which a committee chose,
jennett Blackley was elected as the
The other five girls were Rita
.jDaniels, Hayden Legg, Nancy Mat-
Sylvan, and Laura
jfWhitley. The judging was based on
poise, figure, clothes, outward appcar-
fpnce, and ability to photograph well.
f In assembly on February 16, the
'■^TU ^^^tlidates modeled three outfits.
.j|They consisted of an outfit suitable
flor school, an afternoon dress or suit,
lij‘>nd a cocktail dress or evening gown.
11 Eennett wore for her everyday ap-
jparel a matching wine wool skirt and
jfsemi-turtle necked shell with match
ing beads. For the off campus dress,
she modeled a sleeveless, turquoise
jwool, A-line dress with a round neck-
( Jine. She wore a navy paisley scarf
(3s a contrast to the dress. In her long
i®''^tiing dress of white chiffon
j, Bennett looked lovely. The dress had
[an empire waistline, accented by a
I band of gold and rhinestones.
Bennett’s three 5"x7" pictures will
isoon be sent to Glamour Magazine
' to be judged by the Glamour editors
’ national competition. A short essay
on the reasons why she was elected is
■ also submitted.
The student body voted Friday for
the girl whom they wanted. In order
to vote, a fee of ten cents was re
quired in order to help meet expenses
Sea Saints Present
Manual Water Stow
The Sea Saints presented their an
nual program on two nights, Febru-
21 and 22, at eight o’clock. The
us Were guests one night and
igmas the other. The presentation
Was also open to the general public
and several invitations were issued.
The theme this year was “Weve
k^ot Rhythm”. The twelve members,
under the leadership of Mrs. Barr, a
ormer synchronized swimmer her-
and Ginny Gray, president.
Choreographed a total of six water
wallet dances.
There was an opening number,
Wo duets, a trio, a quartet, a solo,
Rh Rrand finale to “I Got
nythm.” Other music they used in
cluded “I Left My Heart in San
Erancisco”, “The Stripper”, and a
from South Pacific.
group, which has been called
1 .'^^ucsis in the water”, practiced for
IS program sinee October.
for the pictures. Twenty-five dollars
was collected.
Miss Blackley is a junior from
Staunton, Virginia. The brownette is
5'10", weighs 125 pounds, and has
green eyes. She plans to major in
Tte Beacon
Inducts Three
The Beacon, an honorary organi
zation for high school students, in
ducted three new members on Feb
ruary 23. Marty Brennon, Nancy
Wood Foreman and Kathie Manley
were recognized for their contribu
tions to St. Mary’s.
Marty Brennon is a day student
from Raleigh. She was in the Glee
Glub last year, and this year she is
secretary of the Glee Glub. She was
also on the Sigma-Mu team, and she
was the chairman of the invitation
committee for the Freshman-Sopho
more dance.
Kathie Manley is also a day stu
dent from Raleigh. She is a member
of the Glee Glub and the ensemble
and is librarian for the Glee Glub.
Kathie is also a Sea Saint and a mem
ber of the Belles Staff. Last year she
was decoration chairman for the
dance. . .
Nancy Wood Foreman is trom
Elizabeth Gity. She has been active
in athletics and is a member of the
Sigma-Mu Team. This year Nancy
is vice president of the Sigma Team.
She is also in the choir and on the
tennis team. For the Freshman Val
entine’s party Nancy was chairman
of the food committee.
Since 1948, when the Beacon was
first organized by Miss Elizabeth Ba
son high school students have been
taken in for their leadership, aca
demic achievement, and extra-curric
ular activities. At the first of the year
only sophomores are given member
ship- later freshmen are inducted in
order to keep the Beacon from year
to year.
Wednesday night, February 15,
Dr. Han Suyin appeared before the
St. Mary’s student body and lectured
on the history of Ghina.
Dr. Flan prefaced her lecture with
the idea that most of the histories of
Ghina have been written by scholars
of other nationalities and that she in
tended to present the history of
Ghina from the Ghinese point of
Dr. Han outlined the important
events of Ghina from the year 1840
up to present. She marked the be
ginning of today’s Ghina as May 4,
1919, for this date marked a cul
tural revolution in Ghina in which
a complete reversal of attitude oc
curred. This revolution was anti-
Gonfucius, anti-feudal, feminist, and
anti-imperialist. Dr. Flan stated that
the years from 1919 to 1949 were
years of revolution, for over 1,000
wars were fought during this time.
During this period in 1921, the
Gommunist Party was founded in
Ghina. Dr. Han went on to say that
it is now impossible to avoid a revo
lution in Ghina and that if the revo
lution succeeds, Ghina may become
the economic model for all of Asia.
During the reception after the lec
ture, Dr. Flan answered many ques
tions of the students and faculty.
She was asked if she thought Mao
Tse Tung was still active, and she
answered that she felt he was quite
well and active, when she saw him
in August. She also felt that he
would be alive for another 10 years.
During the discussion, Mr. Tate
asked her to convince him that the
U. S. should not be in Viet Nam.
Sbe answered that military power
was the most unlikely way to gain
dominion over Viet Nam and that
the U. S. was only serving Russian
interests by using military force in
Viet Nam. Sbe said that she thought
the U. S. position was silly.
Dr. Han’s long awaited visit was
certainlv worthwhile, for she ac
complished her purpose of present
ing the Ghinese view of Ghinese
She gave the students a new per
spective for viewing the events ol
Chinese history of the past and of
the future.
‘Oft The Waterfront’
To Be Next Movie
Shown On Campns
The movie, which will be shown
Saturday night in the auditorium is
“On the Waterfront. ” Marlon Brando
and Eva Marie Saint star in this old,
but famous film.
Admission is twenty-five cents. The
movie will begin promptly at 7:00.
Dates are invited.
The chairman of the movie corn-
mittee is Stephanie Haines. She said
that the next movie will be Guns
of Navarone” to be shown on April 8.
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-ers in.
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also jjf
^ BittlJ

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