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XXX, NO. 9
Granda Witters
Hoaor Relatives
i(i Witt a Tea
Loii Wednesday afternoon, March
I I ’ , ^,ntembers of the Granddaugh-
1 Mary’s honored their
J others, grandmothers, and friends
With a tea from three o’clock until
ve o clock in Smedes’ Parlor.
e I addition to the honored guests,
j^j'the faculty of St. Mary’s was invited
the tea. The guests enjoyed
The Student Government elections
began this week, when Mary Holden
Harrell was elected as president for
She and Bobbie Bell were nomi
nated from tbe committee. From the
floor Cheryl Lee and Alice Smith
were nominated.
Miss Harrell is a New Girl from
Snow Hill, North Carolina. While
attending Green High School, she
j^whonTthey had known Tt St. M^rfl was president of the Junior Class a
I i: while the members of the 1966-1967 member of the House of Representa-
‘ - tives, and captain of her cheerlead
ing squad.
Next year, as president of the
SGA, she will serve as Chairman of
the Honor Board. She will also serve
on the Hall Council, Legislative
Body, Disciplinary Committee, and
with many of their friends
Club served punch and coffee, lun-
jT ^on sandwiches, mints, and nuts.
Welcome Address was given
1 ‘iy ''veicome Address was given
f T ,hss Arabella Nash, President of
'N ^h6-1967 Granddaughters’ Club.
|!” iss Jane Augustine, the Alumnae
ecretary, introduced Mrs. W. Grady
tevens, the President of the
mmnae Association. Mrs. Stevens
f 8^'^ a short address on the history
^purposes of the Granddaughters
The Musical Program began at
ii our o clock. Miss Hutton Kent, ac-
by Jeannette Flolt, played
wo pieces on the flute. Susan
t T ‘'^•'ison, Virginia McSwain, and
LI Walter plaved selections on
1^ ‘he piano.
the Counselor Committee. The pres
ident works closely with the Dean of
Students almost every day. Being
President of the SGA is a ten-point
job, according to the handbook.
The members of the nominating
committee are: Chairman Lucile Mc
Kee, Jane Patrick, Nancy Smith,
Biddy Ager, Barbara Conrad, Nelson
Glass, Nell Fleming, Ann Pollard,
Mary Holden Harrell, Ann Brady,
Frances Gordon, Susan Hutaff, Gray
Brothers, Sue Miller, and Susan
Byars; Margaret Stevens presides.
These committee members meet
twice a week to discuss the various
candidates for these offices. The
Chairman of the Hall Council will
be announced tonight, unless there
is not a run-off.
Chamblee and Dottie
l^ahikian each sang one solo. Finally,
^ Vocal Ensemble, under the di
rection of Miss Geraldine Cate, sang
reveral numbers.
G j ^ret time that the
granddaughters’ Club has given a
VfV*'L ^ ‘‘ should be
M ^'^1' 1 ‘^ree generations of St.
®ry s ladies were present at the tea.
Mr. Ge^a De Rosner Will
Lecture ou tlie luca Empire
iiriicy and (’lariiic I’ollocU
•’‘a at (Jiaiiddaiislitct'f’’
On Monday, March 13, at 8:30,
Mr Geza De' Rosner will present a
lecture and fllm-“The Saga of the
Inca Empire".
In preparation for this lecture, two
assembly programs were given. The
first was given by Mrs. Stoops and
Mr Nichols. In their program, they
called attention to two early Ameri
can civilizations, the Mayas and the
Aztecs, which together with the
Incas, were the victims of hpanish
The second assembly program was
given bv Miss hlaig and Mr. Bil
Siddell.'A record. "The Virgins of
the Sun God was played. Ima
Sumac, who claims to be an Inca
princess, sang the song. (Most of the
Ugram was of European music, in
cluding an outstanding event vvhen
"Greeting Cards by Mario Casteln-
vovo-Tedesco was performed publicly
for the first time in the United States
bv Miss Haig and Mr. Siddell.)
Geza De Rosner was born in Hun
gary. He was educated in Budapest,
Vienna, Paris, and the United States.
He was a representative of Flungary
in various international sports. He
still is a tennis player, skier, skin
diver, and participates in many other
He has lived in the United States
since 1937. He served as a pilot in
the Air Eorce in the Pacific during
World War II. Among the titles at
tributed to him are world traveler, ex
plorer, author, philosopher, lecturer,
sportsman, motion picture producer,
writer, director, cameraman, and
During his program, De Rosner
will show his color film “Saga of the
Inca Empire . It presents “new con
cepts which will greatly influence
the presently accepted image of the
medieval American Indian”. It tells
of the religion, the government, the
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March 10, 1967
New Tennis Clul>
Members Cbosen
Five new members were taken in
to the Tennis Club recently. These
girls were selected after they had
played several times with the old
members. They were picked accord
ing to ability, spirit, and potential
since they will form the center of
the next tennis team.
The new members are: Susan
Slover, a junior from Tampa, Flor
ida; Ann Blackburn, a junior from
Henderson; Keith Richardson, a
junior from Greensboro; Connie
Johnson, a sophomore from Fuquay;
and Cathy Cline, a freshman from
These five girls with the eight
old members will play in several
matches with other colleges in the
area. Tentative matches have been
arranged with Meredith, Peace,
Carolina and other colleges.
Sopbomores Sell
Sandwiches Next
Friday Ni^bt
The Sophomore Class will have
its first Sandwich Sale next Friday
night in Lower Smedes. They will
be selling grilled cheese and peanut
butter sandwiches at twenty-five
cents apiece.
The food will go on sale at ap
proximately 9:30 p.m.
All proceeds will go to the soph
omores’ gift to the school which is
presented at the end of the year.
Flichs of tbe Future
Village: “Hotrods to Hell"
Varsity: “Covenant with Death’’
Ambassador: “Dr. Zhivago’’
State: “A Fistful of Dollars’’
Colonv: “A Man and a Woman’’
oth in
ind in
id Dr.
st dat-
job is
but I
hly en-
of St.
ted for
at St.
To be
B “The
ful mu-
eir love
I 1920’s,
isic and
lead is
m Hose
s of the
y Lena
-ers i^,
\ Ann,
' Bavis^
also ijj"
a BittlJ
•Mis.s Haie and Mr. Siddoll IVrforin.

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