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MAY 12, 1967
Slay Queen Ellzabetli novviiey. . . Before and After
^ Midsummer Night’s Dream Is Theme for Performance
amuml May Day festi ■ ■ -- - Reville
Pi'eseiited on May 5
‘ 6 amid throngs of spect
, theme this year \v£
ummer Night’s Dream.
r nv tl, „ , ..
’ar the first time, St. Mary’s
lad a night performance to alie
nate some of the nsnal Saturday
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
onceriis the wedding of Theseus
did Ilippolyta and the loye stop'
* , t Demetrius, Herinia,
“plena. Theseus was portray-
\ hy Derin Uyanik, and Hippoly-
a, the Queen of the Amazons, was
> Miller. The other lovers were
“Ilia Holbrook, Martha Garrett,
'Panne Saussy, and Nancy Mat-
'iPiys, respectively.
Ihiida Stott was Puck, Sher-
Wright was the Queen of
^le hairies, and the King of the
airies was portrayed by Marian-
Dick''” T TT
■'.vkey. Jean lieal.y, president
Di'chesis, was Nick Hottom, a del'll
layer. me uanccs.
Jorty-eight juniors nn) as
V «411 Q 1
1 the night of Mav J,
'll *
the dances.
niy excited Juniors were in-
iiiP'l tliat they had been chosen
serve as counselors for the ’67-
sehool year. ’Phe .job of serving
n counselor is both hard and
'iianding, but the exiierience is
'I'y i-ewarding.
^ stated in the animal, “To be
ii’Pn as a counselor a girl must
^iiPss the (pialities of character,
lendability, understanding, and
ipiiee. Counselors are impor-
* not only in helping girls ad-
’ to their new life at St. Maiw’s.
also serve as a valuable and
P'ltial friend to each girl at St.
d'y s.”
following girls have been
’*^P'i to serve as counselors:
Mary Ann Allen, Kathy Baley,
V Bell, Bobbie Bell,* Carolyn
Bertie, Anne Blackburn, Anne
Bradv, Becky Breeden, Gray Bro
thers; Jo Crawford, Snzanne
Crockett, Lilibet Darnel, Susan
Davis Lu Dixon, Jud.v Dunn, Nan
cy Earnhardt, Betty Ferguson,
L'vnn Fulghnm, Jessica Gillespie,
Ginger Gregg. IMary Holden Har
rell, Cheri Jones, Jan Leonard,
Jill'Leonard, Susan Leonard, Sal-
lie Mann, Jane Marzoni, Nancy
Matthews, Susan IMcKenzie, Ara
bella Nash, Ann Pollard, Beverly
Randolpli. Molly Ridiardson,
Heekv Robinson, Gail Sellers, Pat-
sv Slater, Susan Slover, Alice
Smith, Juliet Smith. Edie Thomas.
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Miss Jones Coaches Team
Kathy Frazer, Linda Beville,
Susan Sidenbnrg and Lenora Ken
drick were the leaders of the four
Fairy groups. Peter Quince, the
carpenter, was portrayed by Sabra
Alderman, and Adele Watkins
was Francis Flute. The tinker,
Tom Snout, was Ashle.v Ettinger,
and Laura Holloway danced the
role of Snug, a .ioiner.
All the May Day festivities
were centered around Elizabeth
Downey, our May Queen, and her
court 'Laura AVhitley was our
Maid of Honor, and Margaret Is-
lev, Martha McCullough, Jane
Patrick, Lander Marshall, Kitty
Leach, Debra Grove, Martha M.
Vaughan, Bagley Wmldill, Hay
den Legg, Hutton Kent, Jlardy
Gray and Dolly Smith composed
the court.
Mrs Doris Bailey directed the
Mav Dav Program and the mem-
of Orchesis choreographed
The St. Mary’s Tennis Club, just
formed this year, had a winning
season in competition with older
and more experienced clubs of re
gional schools. Coached by Miss
Jones and captained by Dale
Lambdin, the club defeated, in
regular seasonal pla.v. Peace 3-1,
Duke 12-1, UNC 6-2, and captured
every match against Meredith.
On April 21 the club traveled
to Chapel Hill for the Carolina In
vitational Collegiate Tournament
and advanced to the semifinals in
both singles and doubles, with
Dale Lambdin and Susan Slover
in the singles and Weegie Martin
and Nanc.v Wood Foreman the
doubles team. The girls also play
ed mixed doubles with the N. C.
State team in the fall and found
that they were able to compete
with the boys quite successfully.
There has been great enthusiasm
and support for the club from the
students as well as the faculty.
Many students have avidly fol
lowed the club’s progress and,
Mrs. Beam and Miss Ellington
have not only been to every game
but have also chauft'eured the girls
to the various other schools.
A great deal of admiration for
the chib stems from the fact that
it is composed of prep school and
first and second year college girls
but competes with clubs which are
made up of four year college girls
and graduate students.
Because there has been an Jin-
usually high level of competition
within the club, the tennis ladder
has changed throughout the sea
son with the exception of Dale
Letter Club Holds Banquet
For Presentation of
Athletic Awards
The dining room of St. Mary’s
was the site for the Letter Club
Banquet held on May 11, 1967.
After a satisfying picnic supper
the ’66-’67 President of the Letter
Club, Biddy Ager, announced this
year’s athletic awards. They were
as follows: speedball, Betsy Mc
Alister; basketball, Lu Dixon;
volle.vball, Sandra AVallace;
bridge, Lucy Turner and Michele
Millichap; badminton, Karen Da
vis ; ping-pong, Karen Davis; pos
ture, Sherry Cole; Sea Saints,
Ginny Gray; Orchesis, Sherwood
Wright; Caperettes, Clarine Pol
lock ; softball, Margaret Kelly;
golf, Sall.v Harris; tennis (dou
bles), Ciss.v Fitzpatrick and Betty
Davenport; cheerleaders, Janet
Hicks and Arabella Nash.
Archery, tennis (singles), rid
ing, and bowling results were not
available at the time of publica
Lambdin who remained number
one. Often several girls were tied
for a rank and the performances
of all the members were very
The Belles thanks Miss Jones
for developing this brand new
club into a winning team in its
first year and Dale Lambdin says
of her, “Miss Jones gave up a lot
of her time and was quite dedicat
ed. We are verv fortunate to have
someone of her caliber here at St.
Members of the club are: Dale
Lambdin, Betty Davenport, Wee
gie Martin, Cissie Fitzpatrick,
Susan Slover, Keith Richardson,
Anne Blackburn, Claire Robinson,
Lynn McQuilkin, Nancy AVood
Foreman, Connie Johnson, Cathy
Cline, and Jane Snider.
■ H i
Six nieinbers of Tennis Team: Weo-
f;ie Martin, Dale liambdin, Nancy
AVood Foreman, Susan Slover, Con
nie .Tolmson, Anne Blackburn.
Circle Inducts Five
In April "Walk For Seniors
On April 18, the Circle of Saint
Mary’s walked and five more girls
were inducted into this honor so
ciety. They were Evan Aretakis
of Raleigh, Elisabeth Anderson
Keller of Cla.vton, Nancy Middle-
ton Smith of Lindale, Georgia, all
seniors, Susan Taylor Davis of
High Point, and Mar.v Holden
Harrell, of Snow Hill, juniors.
Selection for Circle membership
is the highest honor in the college.
These girls are chosen for their
service, citizenship, and scholar
May 19—Reading Day
May 2 0—^Second Semester Exams
May 2 6—Commencement Play
May 27—^Class Day; Glee Club
May 28—Baccalaureate, 11:00 a.m.
May 29—Commencement, 10:30 a.m.
K)th in
and in
ed Dr.-
st dat-
job is
! really
but : I
) teach-
'hly en-
of St.
ted for
at St.
To be
s “The
ful mu-
eir love
» 1920’s,
isic and
lead is
sn Rose
8 of the
y Lena
fers in.
' Lavis

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