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"The Belles
[01'- XXX, NO. 13
Graduation Plans Complete
Thomas D. Clark To Speak At Commencement
; Tliomas 1). Clark,
"“'“'fi'ceinoiit SiK'aker
j) "'ill be Dr. Thomas
of T^' " been chairman
the n . ^‘‘Partment of History at
Kentucky from
of Di.l- ■ bolds the rank
Hiiiv ^ ^Pl^^^isbed Professor in the
«itv , the Univer-
iDr^oV.^ Louisville, Mississippi,
from n,?Tr-degree
in iQoo^ y.oiversity of Mississippi
'^■ersitv ’ i"r!-
bis P? d^entueky in 1929, and
in lO'm /.from Dnke University
demi • special fields of aca-
rvard%"'^'“*’®y ""'lude the
ton- ''^Poosion in American Ilis-
-—the klodern Sonth.
^ccalaureate Sermon
The Reverend
]()gg'yi'^etinfj; the services for the
Al-iv 00 '.^‘^ecalanreate, to be held
"’ill >r° ^f- l^fory’s chapel,
li,j„ y tbe Reverend James Stir-
Trim+^V *b, presently Rector of
StirP ' ^d'orch, Colnn'ibia, S.C. Dr.
Prip.+i^' "d'e "’OS ordained to the
de,l "'""d ill 1938, holds several
Coti^^'^' ***' tV. H. from Hobart
a Geneva, New York, 1934;
lo./;, ‘i L, ^d'om the Virginia Theo-
gia^y'ypii'inarv, Alexandria, Vir-
gj.p '' bl37, and an honorary de-
the V- ’b>efor of Divinity from
"arv '!?biia Theological Semi-
’ " bich was conferred in 1965.
ister served as a min-
lle "lany different capacities.
Lniv ^^''dent Chaplain at the
conai^*'y^'' ‘*f Florida and Epis-
derhiu^^"d^"'f Chaplain at Van-
\Vl ■ •^iibnrn Universities.
be hel'!^ collegiate ministry,
d several jmsts, among them
Dr. Clark has also served as
guest lecturer and professor at
the University of Vienna and Ox
ford University. He was NATO
Professor at the Universities of
Athens and Thessalonica m
Greece, and was a lecturer in the
Salzburg Seminar, Salzburg, Aus
tria. He has done special lecturing
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“Good Morning, Miss
Dove” To Be
Presented Tonight
The St. Mary’s Theater will pre
sent “Good Morning, Miss Dove
as the Commencement play to
night at eight-fifteen. The play
is about the life of a well-loved
school teacher and her pupils, past
and present.
Starring in the comedy by Miss
Frances Patton are Sue Oiyens as
Miss Dove and Susan Hutatt as
Lucerna. Others in the cast inclmle
Caroline Huggins, George Christ
oph, Lynn White, Margaret Bur-
crwyn, Evan Aretakis, Polly Cu-
zart, Harriet Day, Barbara V ail,
Lilibet Freeman, Harriet Collins,
Mattie Simmons, and Jan V ellons.
Facultv members in the play are
Mr Robert Connelly, Mr. Don
Roberts, Mr. Joel V einer, and Mr.
Ken Nichols. c,„;rii
Martha Morgan and Alice Smith
will be the stage managers and
ATarv Burhoe will head the light-
iommittee. Joan Wickham a,u
Noel Johnson will be m chaige o
the costuming. Derm Lyaiiik wi
head the make-up committee.
To Be Delivered By
James Stirling
Provincial Student Secretary and
member of the National College
Conimission of the Episcopal
^ He also served as a Naval Chap
lain in 1945 and 1946; later he
s“,ved with Marines and/boa^d
the USS Iowa as Junioi Chap-
^‘^IRu-n in Lochwinnoch, Scotland
in 1913, Dr. Stirling spent most
of his bovhood m Glasgow. In 19
he immigrated to America where
he settled in Danbury, Conneeti-
^”lle attended Wooster School for
Boys previous to his college ea-
'°Dr Stirling married Dorothy
Pritchett in 1939 and they ha^e
five children-three
voun-mr daughters, one of "hom
L Miss Mary Stirling a tfraduat-
ing senior here at S-UJk.
Class Day Set
For May 27
As part of the commencement
program for the graduating soph
omores and seniors. Class Day will
be held tomorrow at 10:30 for the
sophomores and at 4:00 for the
The program for both ceremon
ies will be the same; the Sopho
more Class President, Margaret
Highsmith and the Senior Class
President, Lucile McKee will -wel
come the guests. The Vice Presi
dents, Kinsey Sabiston, senior,
and Betsy Bittle, sophomore, will
lead the guests in a prayer after
which class secretaries will call
the class roll for the last time.
Each student will stand to be rec
ognized as part of her respective
The class history will be read,
followed by the class prophecy —
which is always a humorous look
at what seems to be in store for
several of the girls.
After this the Last AVill and
Testament will be read in which
each girl leaves her most cherished
possession to one of the iip-com-
ing classmen whom she feels is
best suited for such an honor.
After the announcement of the
superlatives for each class. Dr.
Stone will make the presentation
of the academic awards. Class Day
exercises will come to an end with
the singing of the “School Hymn”
and a benediction by Mr. Baird.
Class Day will leave many a
cherished memory in the heart of
each St. Mary’s girl and perhaps
a tear on the cheeks of a few;
while some will return to St.
Mary’s, others will leave to seek
greater ambitions.
But there will always remain a
filace at St. Mary’s for all who
in 1966-1967 gave a part of them
selves to the school thev love.
MAY 26, 1967
Step^Sin^in^ Will Be
Sunday A.fternoon
Step-singing will be held May
28th at 4:30. The ceremony will
take the place of Sunday after
noon Chapel.
All classes gather in their re
spective places on the steps of
Smedes. After each class has sung
a song they have composed, the
Seniors move oft' the steps and on
to the walk in front of Smedes.
Then each class moves into the
place of their respective rising
classes. To close the ceremony, all
the classes sing the “School
Beverly Randolph To
Lead Seniors Next Year:
Suzanne Crockett Is Honor
Board Representative
i\Iiss Beverly Randolph from
Richmond, Va., was elected Presi
dent of the rising Senior Class on
May 9, 1967. The announcement
was made by the out-going Senior
Class President, Miss Lucile Mc
Beverly, better known as “Pea
body”, has been active in all
phases of life at St. Mary’s this
year. She has served as a Hall
Representative and as leader of
the “Hot Bods”. She has woi-ked
with the YWCA, and next year
she Avill be a counselor.
Other nominees were Misses
Susan Slover, Jill Bumgarner,
Cherry Warren, and Jane Mar-
Miss Suzanne Crockett was
elected as Honor Board Represen
tative for the ’67-’68 Senior Class.
Suzanne, from High Point, is a
member of the YRC.
She is also an acolyte, a Leg
islative Body representative, and
will be a counselor next year.
Others nominated were Misses
Anne Brad y, Orleaii Drennen,
Cheryl Lee, Sallie Mann, and
Molly Urqnhart.
>oth in
and in
ed Dr.
st dat-
j lersunal
i job is
. .fiduate.
! really
but I
) teach-
fhly en-
of St.
ted for
at St.
To be
's “The
ful mu-
leir love
J 1920’s,
isic and
lead is
en Rose
® of the
y Lena
' Davis
Sr. Class Pres., Uevcrly Randolph and Suzanne Crockett, Honor Board

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