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VOL. XXXI, No. 4
Mine honor is my life; both grow in one;
Take honor from me and my life is done.
Richard 11
NOVEMBER 17, 1967
Bairett M
"'•'Kton, I»ri(lie Clark, Suiiii.v I’as.siiioro, kYances Gilliam, ami Ji ff CYoss.
Gross to Lead Junior Glass
During ’67-’68
for Junior Class ton from Tarboro. Pridie was
treasurer of her junior and senior
classes and was Assistant-Chief
Marshall. Mary Morrison was co
chief cheerleader, “Most Talent-
vjovernment. one was ed Senior CjrC ^^^^l a membei of
: of the hockey team and the National Honor Society She
,V«Pated in many other sports, also received the DAR Citizen-
,^e-president Jeff Cross from ship award,
n J^oint attended Chatham
election iur »i imiur uio
was5 jigij November 1-3.
i;esident Sealy Cross from
attended St. Mary’s Hall
where she was President
tydent Government. She was
plain of t
Her previous activities in-
- Service League and Head
?tudent Guides.
^ecretary Sunny Passmore from
anta, Georgia, went to West-
aister where she was in the
;Weh and Pep Clubs. This year
' IS in Sigma-Mu.
leasurer Prances Gilliam from
Virginia, was in
‘National Honor Society and
* senior editor of her annual.
B Honor Board members
Pi'idie Clark from Payette-
f_^d Mary Morrison Penning-
Christmas Concert Set For December IS
.,1 1 _ sm Finfflish ti
Betts Barrett from Green-
and Eloise Dubose from
Charlotte are the Legislative
Bodv members. Jo Betts attended
Marv’s last year where she
seci-etarv of the sophomore
cuts* Eloise'was a member of the
National Honor Society and of
the Spanish Honor Society.
Pollv Cozart, the new dance
marshall, is from PuquaJ^ Tins
year she is vice-president of the
Dramatics Club, Junior Class Rep
resentative for the Stagecoach,
and a member of Sigma-Mu.
St- Mary’s Glee Club and
mble will give a concert of
’tmas songs in the auditorium
'oeeinber 15, the night before
^1011 begins.
Ore will be three parts in the
0 will be light or folk-type
^ which will include: “Do
Hear What 1 Hear,” “Willie
' our Drum,” a Burgundian
1 and “Song of the Seven
^0 Spanish carols, “A La Nan-
'«iia” and “Villancico,” will
"rforined: the latter will be
eoinpletel,\' in Spanish,
o English songs, “Good King
,Ohlas” and “Masters in This
and “Mary Had a Baby,”
oierican Negro carol, will be
0 Ensemble, with a grouj) of
^ voices, will sing Bach’s “Hn-
‘ Eliild Ts Born.” This piece
will be sung in an English trans
lation of the original German.
The third part of the program
will be “Exsultavit,” and three re
peat selections from the Cere-
moi V of Carols” by Britton.
The Glee Club and Ensemble
win also perform “Angeliis Ad
Pastores Ait” by
honor of the composer s 400th an-
St. Mary’s Ensemble to
Present OfF-Campus
Programs in Raleigh
The St. Mary’s Ensemble will
be siiming for several of the local
civic groups this fall and winter,
is well as taking their regular
nart in the annual Christmas con-
S with the Glee a»b. There
are twenty-five members of the
Special Assembly Programs Emphasize Honor
This past week, November 12-
18, was set aside as Honor Week
at St. Mary’s. The purpose of
this special week is to emphasize
honor and to make girls who have
taken their honor for granted
realize that honor is made, not
inherited. Also emphasized was
the Honor System at St. Mary’s
and how it works.
The Tuesday Assembly was de
voted to the Honor Board mem
bers who are Mar.y Holden Har
rell, Chairman; Molly Richard
son, secretary; Juliet Smith, Suz
anne, Crockett, Pridie Clark, Mary
Morrison Pennington, Deanna
Kreiser, and the faculty mem
bers : Miss Breiver, Mrs. Williams,
and Mrs. Michael Smith.
Speeches were given by the stu
dent Honor Board representatives
Shakespeare Glass
Travels To Greensboro
To See Play
Friday afternoon, October 20,
at 4:00 p.m., fourteen girls met
Mr. Tate on the front campus and
prepared for their trip to UNC-G.
The group ate dinner at the
Towne House Restaurant in
Greensboro and then proceeded to
Aycock Auditorium where they
saw Shakespeare’s Comedy of Er
rors, presented by a professional
group, the National Repertory
The Company had been at UNC-
G for a week of plays and elasses.
The St. Mary’s girls thoroughly
enjoyed the play and felt that the
actor playing both Dromios gave
a superb performanee. After the
presentation they remained to
question the actors.
The travelers arrived back on
the SMJC campus about 1:30 a.m.
Transportation was provided by
Mr. Tate and day students Emily
Morgan and Derin Uyanik.
Flicks of Future
Ambassador—The liible
Colony—The F'amlly Way
State—Hour of the Gun
Village—\Vlio’s Minding the Mint?
Caiilinal—The Sand Pebbles
group this ,vear.
’fhe Ensemble
members are:
Sarah Chamblee, Mathilde Duffy,
Anne Keller, Claire Duff, Luey
Dunn, Martha Davis, Anne Coop
er, Dottie Manly, Josie Peoples,
Carole Lucas, Donna Stephenson,
Alice Smith, Adele Watkins, Lucy
Harrison, Nancy M c L e m o r e,
Cath,v Canady, Jill Bumgarner,
Anne Sykes, Alberta Doby, San
dra Honeycutt, Bonnie Ward,
Debbie Cornwell, Julie Badger^
Elizabeth Gawen, and Judy Dunn.
IMiss Cate eonduets the group.
on the presence of honor in dif
ferent phases of our lives.
In the Thursday Assembly St.
Mary’s was privileged to have ■
Mrs. James McKee, the mother of
two former St. Mary’s students,
and who was also a St. Mary’s
girl herself. Mrs. McKee spoke on
honor in dail.y living.
Throughout the week, posters
were seen around school with
various honor quotations on them.
The prayers in Chapel were de
voted to honor, and the Honor
Code blotters were given out
after the service.
Although an Honor Week is ob
served at St. Mary’s, one should
remember that honor is not desig
nated to one speeific week but
should be present at all times.
Faculty Members and
Students Present Comic
Opera in Assembly
Four illustrious opera singers
of whom the Met knows nothing
sang a comic opera, “The Grass
hopper and the Turkey Gobbler,”
for St. Mary’s assembly program
on Thursday, November 9. The
cast consisted of two members of
the Junior Class and two distin
guished members of the faculty.
Anne Cooper, known in operatic
circles as Livania Cadman, and
Anne Sykes, famous as Rosanna
Scarlotti, ably interpreted the fe
male roles melodiously aeeom-
panied by Mr. Bulley as Giovanni
Kichner, and Mr. Roberts as Leon
ard Strebor.
The opera that they performed
was a delightfully eomic piece
that told the story of a gay and
gallant grasshopper who was
rudely eaten by a villainous tur
key gobbler while the inseet re
posed on a sweet potato vine. The
young grasshopper was mourned
by all his greed.v relatives in a
tone “suggesting divvy” and by
Miss Sykes, the lovely grasshop-
peress to whom he was betrothed.
Miss Sykes also rendered the eul
ogy delivered by the Reverend
Miss Cooper sang the part of
the maiden aunt with a distinct
nasal twang, and Mr. Bulley por
trayed the breathless herald who
announeed the death to a group
of eharacters “onl.v assembled on
the stage of the Italian opera for
choral purposes”.
The infamous Mr. Roberts was
well east as the villainous turkey;
he was also the narrator. The en
tire cast wept copiousl.v.
Miss Cate lent tuneful accom
paniment to the group while
Laura Walters masterfully turned
pages for her.
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and in
»d Dr.
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To be
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ful mu-
leir love
e 1920’s,
Jsic and
lead ia
cn Rose
is of the
’y Lena
ters ia,
K Ann:
fc Davis;!
also ijJ
eigh t^
s chor
I oiul

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