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glee club presents
The annual Christmas Concert
^’as presented December 15 bv the
Mary’.s Glee Club.
The program included: “Mast-
in This Hall, Hear Ye News
, a French carol arranged
y Ehret; “Angelus and Pastores
iC honoring Claudio Monte-
' ®i‘di s 400th anniversary ; “Bx-
sultavit spiritus mens” by Franz
urkhart; and several selections
rom Benjamin Britten’s “Cere-
f ony of Carols” with Claire Duff
n^.^foup of men from NCSF,
leio^r^n schools, and the Ra-
S 1 Oratorio Society joined the
nsemble in singing the Bach
Cantata, “Por Us A Child Is
oi"!!. Soloists were Donna Step-
RoT°*^’, Sykes, and Donald
1 Kent played the flute
hi Christmas lulla-
„ of the Seven Lambs”
A ^ la hanita Nova,” with
Cooper and Lncv Dunn as
^ Jos e Peoples Avas the soloist in
\^ood King Wenceslas.” In “Vill-
aucieo '
an ancient Puerto Rican
'liifly Dunn and Adele Wat-
? played the castanets and tam-
^niiolude the program, the
>’1,®?. Club sang the French carol,
thl V®’ Yonr Tiny Dium,”
Bah^ spiritual, “Mary Had A
“T'l ^^'*1 li^ popular request,
nehi What I Hear,” re-
^ “led from last year’s concert,
n ^^'^oting the program was JM ss
^^'liiie Cate, who is also direc-
oietv^M^**^ Raleigh Oratorio So-
r.w‘, Miohael Bullev accom-
P'^nied the Glee
concert, the
at Ux\C Jn Sunday, De
ft c*‘ 10- Jill Bumgarner and
ear *1 Cucas played two
aue'* guitars at this perform
ed ^ ^ solos were also jiresent
“Ti Donna Stephenson
Lamb.” oiul another. “A
to the Christmas
group presented a
bv Bonnie
Cathie June Shoaf will marry
con f®Cls Craig Clodfelter on De-
j^niber 27, B)(J7 i„ Lexington;
‘Velson a 1967 grad-
lh!f n Mary’s will wed MBl-
7'iqrq'"!* L”ewer Jr. on -lanuarv
’ ' 68, ill Hopewell, Virginia.
®AEs Choose Student As Little
l^Ialeolm was reecntl.v
BAF^r as a Little Sister to the
L'atei'iiit.v at State.
Mii^ iJtpiiton Ke*tt
Helcfn cU, Mcuf^ 2ue^n
The 1968 May Queen is Miss
Nancy Hutton Kent from Greens
boro “ A Junior representative on
the May Court last year, Nancy
Hutton is presently Dance Mar
shal of the Senior Class.
Miss Debra Rae Grove from
Wilmington was elected Maid-of-
Ilonor. A member of the May
(’ourt dui’ing both her sophomore
and junior years, she Avas Dance
Marshal of her sophomore and
junior classes, and is a marshal.
' The folloAving tAvelve girls Avere
elected members of the May Court
on December 6: Jennie BroAAm
Andrews, a senior from Elizabeth
Gitv • Susan Cox BrasAA ell u
•iiiiior from Fayetteville; Mary
Bridie Clark, a junior from Faj-
etteville; Susan 'Ta.ylor Davis, a
sLior from High Point; Margaret
Gray, a junior from
Whiteville; Mary Holden Harrell,
a senior from SnoAv Hill; Miriam
Blount Manning, a freshman from
Williamstou; Frances Bradley
MatthcAVS, a junior from Annis
ton, Alabama; Nancy Anne Rich
ardson, a sophomore from Perr.y,
Georgia; Dolly Lee Smith, a soph
omore from Raleigh; Martha
Miller Vaughan, a senior from
Edenton; and Clare Bagley Wad-
dill, a senior from Henderson.
The nominating committee,
headed by Molh' Richardson, Avas
Lynn Allran, Jane Ayeock, Anne
Blackburn, Anne Cooper, Polly
Cozart, Tibba Edgerton, Betty
Ferguson, Cece May, Beth Mc
Lean, Mimsie Roberts, Blaine
Russos, and Gayle Sellers. Mary
Holden Harrell assisted the Com
students feted at CHRISTMAS PARTY
With a hardy “HO, HO, HO,
jlr John Tate, known for the
d.;i,t as Santa Claus enthralled
H e entire student bod.v, members
S the Ult.v, and above all the
children AVitli a vn-id leading of
“ \ Visit from Saint Nicholas
l.etter known to most of us as
“The Night Before Christmas.
Tlie annual ('hristmas part.y Avas
.viven by the Circle and the
Beacon. • i i ti
yir. Robert Bell provided the
refreshments of cookies and
punch. Most of the preparation
Avas made by the tAvo groups
headed by Susan Davis (Circle)
and Susan Byars (Beacon).
During the M'^ednesday fete the
Student Government gaA'e Dr.
Stone, Mr. Baird, and Miss
Christmas gifts from the student
body. Dr. Stone received book
ends, jMr. Baird Avas giA’en ;
brief case, and Miss R Avas pre
sented Avith a jcAveled pin.
DECEMBER 15, 1967
On Thursday evening, Decem
ber 7, the Junior Class held their
annual White Elephant Sale. Jeff'
Cross, class \dce-presideiit, co
ordinated the various commit
tees. Pridie Clark and Bradley
MattheAvs, co-chairmen of the
Decorations Committee, trans
formed the gym into a country
store, the project theme. Armed
Avith ploAvs, feeders, yokes,
bridles, bales of hay, and barrels,
the committee created the atmos
phere of a general store.
Ruth Shuping, Karen Thomas,
and their Publicity Committee
made posters to alert the St.
Mary’s girls of the upcoming
sale. Polly Cozart’s committee col
lected all the items to be sold and
turned them OA'er to the e\'alua-
tion committee.
Three groups Avere most active
the night of the sale. Ann Har
rell’s Raffle Committee sold tick
ets for the draAving of prizes.
Prances Gilliam, Anne Holcombe,
and their assistants sold I. 0. U.’s.
The Sales Committees sold the
items Avhile Michele Donovan,
Denise \Villiams, and the mem
bers of their committee sold re
A Avide variety of articles Avas
available for purchase. Anything
from “True Trash” to peanut
presents and from toys to cos
metics Avas sold. Used Odyssey
and Mythology books, records,
clothes, cookies, gum drops,
pickles, popcorn, and cakes Avere
also included. A record certificate
to Stephenson’s and a ten-dollar
gift certificate to NoAvelTs Avere
raffled. The cake Avalk also added
to the festiAuties. The Juniors
Avere dressed in blue jeans and
hogAvashers, and country music
Avas provided.
State Department Repre
sentative Speaks to
Students On Vietnam
On NoA'ember 27, 1967, the stu
dent body enjoyed a talk by
Robert A. LeAvis, specialist in for
eign jAolicy and counsel in Saigon.
Mr. LeAvis discussed the situa
tion in Viet Nam and relations in
Red China. By hearing a discus
sion of politics, religion, the elec
tions, the people, and the mili
tary program, the girls Avere able
to grasp a complete picture of
the foreign situation.
Although some girls felt that
R Mr. LcAvis did not ansAver their
questions fully, this Avas justi
fied by the fact that Mr. LeAvis
Avas not at liberty to elaborate to
a great extent because of his po
sition Avith the State DejAartment.
p com-
if airs,
i jboth in
and in
■ arolina,
; Mary’s
! »d Dr.
ist dat-
i; lersunai
!;. job is
!; raduate.
i j'S.”
’ t really
^I’i but I
' J p teach-
: Shly en-
iiiwof St.
:ted for
at St.
. To be
's “The
ful mu-
leir love
B 1920’s,
isic and
lead is
en Rose
of the
»y Lena
ters in.
ii* Ann]
S^Hend) I
‘ also i,
I !a Bitt]
,eigh ti
B chor
‘ mv
I ice I

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