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The Hilltop, Mars Hill College, Mars XIaII, IS. C.
Hill Wins
Basketball Title
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for all present who loved Mars Hill.
Honors cannot be tacked to any
one jnan on the Mars Hill team.
“Fuz;c,” Hurt and Henry did the
scoring* while Travis and Albritton
broke un the M^esleyan attack.
Following* i.s the line-up:
Mars Hill (33)
Player F.G. F.T^.G. h .C.
H. Furches, F 5 0 2
Johnson, F 5 2 2
Anderson, C 5 1 o
Travis, G 0 0 3
Albritton, G 0 0 0
Relation ot Music to
College Curriculum
Tennessee Vy'esleyan (28)
Player F.G. l.L.G.
Whitehead, F 5
Yearwood, F , 4
McCray, C 2
Moore, G. 0
Blackwell, G 0
1 2
1 0
2 1
2 3
0 0
Totals 11 0 (>
Keferee, Banister (Springfield);
umpire, McConnell (Davidson); time
of halves, 20 minutes.
Forty Men Answer
Baseball Clarion
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March 24—Mars Hill vs. Lenoir-
Rhyne (at JjCnoir-Rhyne.)
March 31—Mars Hill vs. Asheville
Farm School (at Mars Hill).
7—Mars Hills vs. Tennes.see
Teachers (at Mars Hill).
April 13—Open (at Mars Hill).
A.pril 14—Onen (at Mars Hill).
April 20—Mars Hill vs. Piedmont
(at Piedmont).
April 21—Mars Hills vs. Piedmont
(at Piedmont)
27—Mars Hill v.s. Carson
Mewman (at Carson Newman, pend-
April 2S—Mars Hills vs. Carson
Newman (at Carson Newman, pend-
May 3—Mars Hill vs. Mulligan (at
Mulligan, pending).
4_Mars Hill vs. Mulligan (at
Dlulligan, pending).
yiay 5—Mars Hills vs. Tennessee
Teacheds (at Tennessee Teachers)
jlay ii—Mars Hill vs. Piedmont
(at Mars Hill).
;Viay 12—Mars Hill vs. Piedmont
(at Mars Hill).
May 19—Dpen (at Mars Hill).
In the present, far more than
in any preceding age, beauty gov
erns mankind. We might also add,
in the iiresent, far more than in the
past, the need for beauty is being
realized. The beauty wc need is
not only the beauty the millionaire
is able to buy, but the promotion
of ideals and ideas by the soul-
felt expression of artists who put
their whole beings into their work.
In learning, culture and feeling there
is no aristocracy.
What place in the field of art
should music have? Many scientists
and. literary men .still nurture in
their minds a prejudice against mu
sic. This may be accounted for by
the fact that they live in obedience
to scientific habits. They insist that
mu.sic is an intangible as the reality
ot Cinderella. Scientists work under
cou.stant, tangible laws so much thej.
see only within their o*yvn borders.
So here tve have the problem of
putting music with philosophies and
Poetry and music go hand in hand.
Men have found new inspiration and
deeper desire for expres.sion by read
ing Shake.speare and Tennyson. I’oe-
try and music ai*e very much alike
because both give man the undaunt
ed worship of true expression and
inspire him to live more nobly.
Now' let us apply a rule of ge
ometry. We. have in Kng-
lish filled with beautiful poetry and
nobody doubts' their value. Now if
music is equal in value with poetry,
as I have just proved, it too should,
be standardized in the college cur
riculum, for things equal to the same
thing are eimal to each other.
Music will never cease to charm
and uplift until the minds and
hearts of men are devoid of emo
tion and new ambitions; till the
mass of humanity ceases to have in
dividual emotions and spirits.
Resolution Passed
Against Bumming
Mars Hill High Takes
Pair from Marshall
Duly One Point Scored in First Half
of Boys Game; Final Score
Is () to 1.
W. M. U. Guests
School Visits Here
On Wednesday, March 7, a large
number of the repre.sentatives of the
W. M. U. of the state visited the
campus. Among these w*as a black
haired young woman of medium
height who at one time roamed ove.
the campus under the name of Miss
Fowler. Miss Nell Fowler, at that
time a teacher of Spanish and His
tory, leserted her post to yield to
the call to go to China as a mi.s-
sionary in company with the man name .she bear.s. She served
faithfully there with her husband, L.
B. Olive. A delightful ’ romance i.s
veiled here. Space does not permit
the entire story.
Mrs. Roberts: Where i.s Mrs. Vann?
Miss Bowden: Miss Vann who—
Miss Van Gundy?
Mrs. Roberts: No, Miss Howell.
In a record low-scoring battle.
Mars Hill High School basketeers
last night on the Flat Creek cour**
defeated the Marshall High five, 6
to 4. The Mars Hill team won its
game from the Marshall La.ssies, 15
to 5. The boys’ encounter, witnessed
by a capacity throng, was fast from
the start, and the guarding close.
Higgins, of Mars Hill, sank a foul
shot in the early minutes of paly,
for the only tally of either team
during the first half.
Boys’ line-up:
Marshall (4) Pos M. Hill (t!)
Ram.sey (4) F Higgins (3)
Redmon F Hawkins (2)
Wilds C Reese
West G Roberts
Teague G Gibbs
Referee, Arbogast (W. & L.).
Girls’ line-up:
Marshall (5) Pos. M. Hill (15)
Sams F Jarvis (4)
Cox (5) F Williams
Roberts F Reese (11)
Merrill G Hunter
Rector G Hill
White G Hamby
Referee: Anderson (Mars Hill).
Moody Henderson: Do you want
a haircut ?
Earl Bradley: No, you idiot; 1
want them all cut.
Mr. Trentham: Now, class, let’s
name .some of the lower animals,
beginning with Gosnell.
Mrs. Robinson: Do you have any
invisible hair nets ?
Mr. Whitaker: Yes, mam.
Mrs. Robinson: Let me see one
Mrs. Shaw: Beatrice, did you*
those fish before you put them on
to cook?
Beatrice: No, I thought they had
Deen in the water all their lives.
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eh«e of something which we know
to be right when it purports to
take something out of their poc's:-
ets. Now the action taken by the
alumni of Wake Forest will make
it necessary for the stu
dents to pay for rides where they
were formally obtained gratis, and
it will be many y^ars before that,
j entire student body or any ot'ner stu
dent body will uniformly obey such
a ruling, yet we give our hearty
endor.sement to the resolution as
pa.s.sed by the alumni of Wake For
est, and we would like to see Duke
the first school in the state to fall
in line and officially discourage the
I roaming instinct that now seems to
possess college student.s.
Of this idea sound.s like
I one from our father trydng to ex-
j hort us to do the morally uplifting
thing, but no right minded, student
j will deny the righteousness of the
idea. Citizens are beginning to write
1 of the swarms of students that in
fest the hi.ghways and attempt to
“hop rides” from town to town. Some
of these students do not even obey
the rules of common courtesy as a
letter recently written by a certain
Mr. Tillet of Charlotte will testify,
and we have reason to believe that
the students referred to in this let
ter were members of our college fra
ternity. But whether or not these
individuals seeking free transporta
tion were courteous means little, be- there is no need for great
hordes of students leaving the cam
pus each week-end. Possibly many
of the failures in American colleges
today could be traced to just such
One of the most difficult problems
to confront college communities in
some time is thin one of bumming
rides, and it certainly desei-A'es to
arrest our attention. As we have
mentioned before it is. going to be
a task of the most difficult pro
portions to conrince the average
student of the justice in cutting off
his “free lifts” from .sympathetic mo-
I torist.s, but the general impression
j being created be considered. If
our colleges stand for the culture
and refinement of our state, they
cannot stand for the idea of it.s
.students menacing the motorist in
.seeking free transportation. Such op
posite positions appear at once to be
incon.sistent. In fact too much di,g-
nity and. glory surrounds our col
lege communities today to allow our
students to prove that they are un
worthy of such esteem.
Some would say that college stu
dents are not supposed to be “grown
ups,” but we believe that such is
expected, and if it is we must not
di.sappoint whose ideas ai*e
fixed. The best way in the world
to lose power and influence is to
disappoint someone, and the same
holds ti-ue in a collective - sense
when our college communities fall
short of what the citizens of this
state expect. We must be all that
.he expects and more. The citizens
of this state are calling for a se.s-
sation of the practiec of bumming
rides on our thoroughfares and al
though a complete change of policy
\s impos.sible, it is time that we
brought ourselves face to face with
the question as to whether or not
we should continue this practice.
We answer that the time has come
for us to cease bumming rides and
to the.position of the Amer
lean college and its student to that
high position to which it is entitled.
(Note: The following ai*ticle is ta
ken from The Chronicle, publi.shed
weekly by the students of Duke Uni
versity. These two articles repre
sent the two sides of the question,
of “bumming.” No furtehr articles
■W'ill be printed this year on this
Ask for Blue Ridge Trail Bus
Asheville and Charlotte
Make trip from Asheville to Charlotte in 1 hours J
Tickets—Through Bus Leaves at 8 A. M. and 2 P. M.
We invite you to inspect our plant
90-92 Biltmore Ave.
29 Broadway Asheville. X. *
Headquarters for Mars Hill )
At Your Service
Call on Us Fruits and Eats, Ek,
Tuition and Room Rent Free.
Scholarships available for approved students.
Seminary’s relations to University of Penn.^ylvania warrant oil ,e
of the following courses: ^ .
I. Resident Course for Preachers and Pastors. Semina
degree of B. D. or Diploma. P
II. Resident Course with special emphasis on Religious L*
ucation and Social Service. Seminary degree cf B. D., Univer
sity degree of A. M. , . _ , I
HI. Re.sident Training for .\dvanced Scholarship. Gradual;
Course. Seminary degree of Th. M., University degree of Ph. L
Address MILTON G. EVANS, President, Chester, Pa.
You Wear ’Em—We Repair ’Em
Special Attention Given to Students’ Mork
Phone Kill
Asheville, N. C.
t; College '
• P(
The Home of High Grade Pianos th
14 X. Pack Square
Asheville, >-
Our business is to serve Mars Hill
And give our friends something just a little better for
money. \Ve appreciate suggestions as well as business.
Every Student who will bring tliis ad with his suit not lal't,
than .March 15, we will dry clean it for :ti
The College Pressing Club
Just received shipment of ladies pumi^^
one strap, spike heel. In patents, vi4
blonde and satin.
$4.95 to $6.95

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