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Page Three
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march out remember was a football
Rag” unlP^^^®*^ 1901.
inity has school of my home town
speaker against a team from
5, is educalf
ler team was deployed in a
"Tve formation with a full-
~***^'>**^laying deep to be ready for
‘e Gout' ^ running play was called
1 |leven men from one team
^ Olgjj from the other team
A SUE SH up and fighting for a
^^*^*^**ed ball under the center
it of the c^ heap. The defensive full
n North (Jooked around and saw that
rs Hill stp the only man on his feet,
nt to knowssatisfied with his loneliness,
reading an) und jumped feet first into
jap of twenty one men.
I. Rohinson'^^® football
[ill and ^ played, I was lined up
traiift captain of the State
£ i jjpehool Champions of the pre-
iy2^ year. I had watched foot-
here®*" ^®® yoars, but had never
to ti minute of coaching, so all
sity main strength and
CaroPrdness. We played on a
the! with mud and water four
:e, in Tenn/ ‘^®®P-
his A B scrimmage, the opposing
luot me with about a peck
pd in both hands which he
ed all over my face. My
nose and face were burled,
outh was plugged up, and it
ibout five minutes before I
discover what was happen-
inty, whi
second tei^ offiej^jg both of these
e was her« ^jjich I have described, but
then atw considered them both as
taught Late plays and said nothing,
his elecUjg.,^g athletics are much
ion of cokj. and fairer than they were
Y early observation and ex-
>n Edwarc^ce, and much of this im-
[ars Hill. Iment is due to the officials
re. His holcent years. When I was in
r, is in Ti^chool, we never had a coach,
re from 1| were lucky enough to have
aded scho^her who was interested in a
uated at )\ular sport he might coach a
a mater. I If we had no teacher in-
er before,ed, some townsman generally
nt of Jteered to direct the team. If
las held tkie could be found, we boys
ipproximajed ourselves as best we
. No one ever got paid for
Sam*, l>ug and no one received pay
s here in-ficiating. Players were never
the late Jfor playing.
:ntly coniw we have an entirely new
Mr. Sairfion. The coach of a school
ars Hill—i recognized member of the
; of these^y- Officials are usually mem-
nts” are I of recognized lists of ap-
received W coaches or officials. All
Universitpid for their work. While this
ere he waPnietimes produced a number
Sams nfils of competition and sub-
son who 'un of athletes and athletic
prpmphasis, it has certainly
nt of Lei us cleaner contests on the
enry Ovei P^^^' Cleaner contests
^g2|helped to hold public interest
lave helped to make most of
•om Wak(Qjj£gg£g safer for the
s a teach-s themselves,
he was rs Hill of today is fortunate
■ Gates extensive an athletic
am at such a time as the
an y sup have the advantages
i is the yk improved status of all ath-
; first ter without the disadvantages
hletic subsidation and over-
On Saturday night, February
19, our Lions played one of the
best basketball games that it has
been the pleasure of this scribe to
watch this season. Our team was
out there on the hardwood putting
up a swell fight, the students
walked out and almost immediate
ly the visiting team jumped into
a one point lead. The few remain
ing fans then saw as thrilling a
finish as one could wish for in any
basketball game. Our boys won,
in the last minute of play, but if
they had lost it would not have
been their fault. It would have
been the fault of student body.
The basketball season is over.
Baseball, tennis and track will be
here soon. Lets get out and show
the various teams that we are
really going to back them this
spring. Let’s show some school
With the coming of spring three
major sports will appear on our
campus. Baseball practice has be
gun and track and tennis will
start soon. Several lettermen are
returning and with many new men
emphasis. Our boys know when
they go out for athletic teams at
Mars Hill that they will not have
to compete with men of strong
backs and weak minds who have
been hired to come to Mars Hill
to enable some coach to hold his
job by beating all comers in all
sports. Mars Hill coaches try to
win games, but they are much
more interested in making men of
their players than making records
for themselves. Games, for the fun
which they afford the players and
for the relaxation they allow the
onlookers, played according to the
rules and supervised by competent
officials, give Mars Hill an ath
letic program of real pleasure and
out for each team, all of them
should be fairly strong.
Although the three spring sports
will provide recreation for at least
two or three times as many boys
as have participated in any major
sport thus far, there will remain
a vast majority of our student
body with no outdoor exercise ex
cept gym and tennis. I believe that
an intramural softball league
would provide most of these boys
with much recreation. Teams
could be organized in the various
dormitories as was done in basket
ball. Since softball may be played
in less space than regular baseball,
the football practice field just be
low Roberts field could be turned
into a softball diamond without
any interference with baseball
Speaking of intramural sports,
why not have a mixed-doubles ten
nis tournament on our campus
this spring? We have several
promising young Helen Wills
Moody’s in our midst who never
get a chance to play tennis except
in Phys Ed. This would provide
much fun for the participants and
good entertainment for the rest of
the student body.
Sports shorts — Joe McCarthy
has already cleared a space on the
Yankee club house wall for the
1938 league pennant—Dizzy Dean
has finally signed his contract for
this year—It is reported that he
will receive $17,500 for this year’s
work—^Not bad for five months—
Eddie Lieberman seemed to enjoy
jumping rope in front of Spillman
—We wonder why? — George
Wirtz has been elected to captain
the Demon Deacons at Wake For
est this fall. Incidentally he was
one of the best backs in the
history of our school—Baseball
rules seems to be the main topic
Lion Win Close Game
Over Biltmore Quint
Close Competition
Clyde Peek, Mars Hill’s speedy
forward, sank a field goal in the
last ten seconds of play to give
the Mars Hill quintet a hard
earned 27-25 victory over the
Biltmore cagers on February 24.
Peek sparked the Lions’ attack
throughout, scoring 13 points, and
Roberts played a great defensive
game as he held Biltmore’s star
center. Tommy Hearn, to a lone
tally from the foul line.
Biltmore grabbed the lead as
the contest opened with Caldwell
and Reynolds dropping four points
each, while Mars Hill made but
three points. Late in the first half,
however, the Lions rallied and as
the period ended they forged
ahead, 15 to 13.
The lead changed hands a half
dozen times in the final period
and with only one minute left to
play the two teams were tied,
25-25. Peek then came through
with the decisive markers.
Reynolds topped the Biltmore
scorers with eight points and Cald
well turned in an outstanding per
formance to contribute six tallies.
Ray accounted for nine of Mars
Hill’s scores.
This game gave the Dickerson-
men two wins out of the three
played between the schools this
season. Neither school has beaten
the other by more than a two
point margin and in total points
scored during the three games
Mars Hill holds a one point lead.
The line-up:
Mars Hill 27 Pos. Biltmore, 25
Hough F Felmet, 5
Peek, 13 F Caldwell, 6
Roberts, 4 C Hearn, 1
Alexander, 1 G Davidson, 2
Ray, 9 G Reynolds, 8
in “Bull-Sessions” at present—
If the boys can play half as good
as they can talk, the Lions will
not lose a game this year—We
hope that they can—Well, I must
close—So long — Any suggestion
to this page will be appreciated.
College Resigns From
Group February 16th
A Broader Base of Operation
Is Sought By Athletic
Seeking a broader base of oper
ation, Mars Hill college on Febru
ary 16 resigned from the North
Carolina Junior College Athletic
Conference, and in the future will
stress competition in the older
Southeastern Conference of junior
colleges. The announcement was
made by Oren E. Roberts, chair
man of the athletic committee.
The Lions have participated in
the North Carolina athletic loop
since its organization in 1930, and
in fact, were one of the main
sponsors of the circuit. R. M. Lee
and I. N. Carr have both served
as president.
The letter of resignation was
mailed to L. K. Pritchett, of Lees-
McRae college, president of the
conference. In the letter various
reasons were set forth for the
Football Schedule
Coach Roberts stated recently
that his football schedule for the
1938 season would probably in
clude four or five North Carolina
opponents and only one or two
southeastern loop foes. Beginning
with the 1938 campaign, the Lions
are expected to schedule addition
al southeastern elevens, yet re
main on the schedules of several
North Carolina junior colleges,
especially Brevard and Lees-
Mars Hill’s grid schedule for
the coming season is expected to
list games with the following col
leges: Milligan, Tusculum, W. C.
T. C., Hiawassee, Davidson “B”,
Brevard, Lees-McRae, Wingate,
Boiling Springs, Wake Forest
Freshmen and Campbell.
Mars Hill was one of the or
ganizers of the southeastern group
at its initial session held at old
Weaver college in 1927, and per
haps is one of the few schools to
ever hold membership in two con
ferences at the same time.
Members of the Mars Hill ath
letic committee who acted upon
the resignation are: Chairman
Roberts, Secretary V. C. Wood,
F. I. Dickerson, S. B. King, Miss
Velma Shaw and Miss Bonnie
Basketeers Win Over
Boiling Springs, 31-29
With C. G. Ray hitting the loop
consistently for a total of sixteen
points, the Mars Hill Lions defeat
ed Boiling Springs Junior College
here February 19, 31 to 29.
The teams battled furiously
throughout. At the half the Lions
held a 19-15 advantage, but Boil
ing Springs pulled up and breezed
by the Lions with a fine display
of shooting and held a 29-28
margin with three minutes left to
A shot by Roberts from mid
court in the final minute of play
gave the Lions their victory.
Ray, Roberts and Alexander
were outstanding for the Lions.
Besides playing a great defensive
game, Ray led the scoring with a
total of 16 points. Connor, with
15 tallies, paced the losers.
The line-up:
Mars Hill, 31 Pos. Boiling S., 29
Peek, 8 —F Watts, 8
Hubbard, 2 F MeSwain, 4
Heading C Connor, 16
Ray, 16 G Barter
Alexander, 3 G— M. Blanton, 2

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