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lillians To Engage Tusculum Cagers Tonight
lism Wh
vho is 'V
{ world
3th of
to ev
?n sligl
le of I
one iiBrevard Loses To
“■* Killians 25-31
Lions Defeated By
Asheville School
the SOI
uit? TT.n
ok At emerged victorious
Brevard in the clash on
a score
few Y ^ ’ ■
rating c
icw j' Rufus Hambright,
lid be'°7®' bi?h scorer for the
oj^y(^iBians with nine points.
anyth e ars-Roebuck
to adri
opped By Lions
On Tuesday afternoon, the
Asheville School defeated the
Mars Hill basketballers to the
tune of 41 to 35. The first half
was practically even, with
Asheville leading at half-time,
20 to 16. After the half, the
Lions couldn't find the range.
The Lions, however, did put
on the steam in the final chap
ter to score 19 points, and they
came within six points of the
Boys’ Intramurals
The Mars Hillians ore to get
another crack at the Asheville
School, and revenge is said to
be sweet.
Asheville was led by Bailey
with 13, and the Lions were led
by Trentham, with 10, and
Carr, with 9.
his bcin a one-sided affair, on,
latires nuary 8, the Mars Hillians
one cped Sears-Roebuck of Ashe-
idle clile, 47 to 13.
:he stoAs can be noticed in the
:ve losdividual points, there is no
:racy ae high scorer. The Lions
'■hose dyed on teamwork alone,
)ns mflking the game more interest-
they c?. Twelve Mars Hill men
3n othtrticipated, ten figuring in the
er an ering. The score at half-
p one saw Mars Hill leading the
situati^ifors, 21 to 10. The Lions held
ed "fe invaders scoreless for ten
a mrfnutes during the second half,
I served allowed them a net of a
; throiPre three points the entire
use. uond half.
attraC^,°^^'^®°'^' Mors Hill basket-
is early thirties, led
arge ^ ^ears-Roebuck team,
a motl^® "P Sears-Roebuck
0 daif?/®’^*^®™ ^ Grendell 2
Idv fHambright?
uted il®^^™°reland (4), Parrish (2),
e a "^yeon (2), Adelman
horad' , Reverts, Ponder. Sears-
5ome,’®®^®^= (0)- Williams
trollol' Boke^
Mars Hill Asheville School
Trentham 10 Stekettee 8
Hambright 4 Shell 8
Haynes 3 Bailey 13
Carr 9 Gantt 7
Kraft 0 Chappell 1
Substitutions — Mars HiL.
Adelman (2)), Westmoreland
(4), Plott (1), Ponder (10), Tyson
(2). Asheville; Howell (2), Hen
derson (2).
Youll Never Forget
Rhymer 0
Robinson 3
Thompson 4
Sprinkle 0
Mars Hill:
lot eS Mars Hill Victorious
fti^^ Over Hutch
heard fought game on
t-^uary 10 the Mars Hill quintet
g\ ^®^9ed victorious over the
itch-Wallin All-Stars of Kings-
Tenn. by the margin of
J (j 38. The score at half-time
ds 19 ■ to 10, favoring the
the p*^°^d^dud led the invading
ro- 1^7 coached by Dr. Will
gejJtchins, a Mors Hill native,
mol'? Haynes, and Carr
: ^ Lions. In the closing
gov^P®^ game, the Lions
It the game on ice when Plott
^^®® ° spectacular long shot,
Pol °^®d hy two equally as-
unding shots made by Kraft.
3ach Cowan again used the
ernating two team system,
tneh proved successful,
t OTsHill Hutch-Wallin
Trentham 9 Neely 5
out; Hambright 2
5r rif Haynes 9
)t Carr 10
thifKraft 6
.estmoreland (4), Parrish (0),
iatebtt (2), Adelman (0), Tyson
Hutch-Wallin: Snyder (3),
utefiowapter (2), Nufer (0).
1 dor
Someone asked, "If you were
asked to list ten things which
would stand foremost in your
memory ten years from now
what things would you
That was a hard question to
answer off-hand, but I hove
thought about it since, and 1
have compiled a list—with
little doubt that I shall forget
any of these things within the
next ten years ;
1. Fun in the dormitory in a
broad, broad sense—too broad
for details.
2. Inspiration from
Moore's chapel talks.
3. Running down the hill in
the moonlight to breakfast
P.S. cold, too.
4. A conglomeration of voices
from the music building in the
spring students in the win
dows, birds in the vine.
5. The "Juke Box" in the cafe
plus the food—in the cafe.
Gardnand 15
Saiylor 6
R. Williams 5
C. Williams 2
Mars Hill:
6. The one time I climbed
' 3ailey.
7. The apple trees in May,
seen from the road in front of
Mr. Wood's house.
8. The unequalled coopera
tion of the teachers, their in
terest, and their encourage
9. Society meetings on
Thursdays and their effect.
10. Friendly people — just
added attractions to a beauti
ful campus.
These were only a few of
the things I thought of, and of
course, I'll remember lots more.
There are so many little peculi
arities that you will remember
—and smile at—when you
Basketball Schedule
Because of necessary
changes, the basketball sch
edule is now as follows:
Tusculum; Jan. 17, here.
Champion 'Y': Jan. 29, Can
Hiwassee: Jan. 30, here.
Southern Baptist Seminary;
Feb. 3, here.
Textile: Feb. 5, Spartanburg,
S. C.
Biltmore; Feb. 10, Asheville.
Asheville School: Feb. 12,
Brevard: Feb. 14, here.
Biltmore: Feb. 17, here.
Cumberland: Feb. 19. Wil
liamsburg, Ky.
Hiwassee: Feb. 20, Madi-
sonville, Tenn.
Tennessee Wesleyan: Feb.
21, Athens, Tenn.
Tusculum: Feb. 26, Greene-
ville, Tenn.
The intramural program has
been resumed after the holi
days, and an extensive pro
gram is planned for spring.
Capacity Crowd
The standings are as follows
as of January 14:
Won Lost
Hopes __ 4
Blue Devils 3
The Profs 3
Brown's Raiders 3
Celtics 2
Pepsi Boys 2
Morgue Boys 1
Whifflepuffs __ __ 1
Green Hornets „ 1
Demon Cagers 0
Whizzers __ .. 0
Ramblers 0
Once again the Lions of
Mars Hill tangle with Tusculum
of Greeneville, Tenn. The two
quintets dropped relationship
two or three years ago to take
on new teams. The senior col
lege usually has a strong team,
and a battle royal is expected.
Tusculum's strength is un
known, and this may prove a
hindrance to the Mars Hill five.
A capacity crowd is expect
ed to turn out. Everybody be
on hand to lend the Lions
Mars Hill s probable startingr
line-up will be as follows:
Trentham, Hambright, Haynes,
Carr, and Kraft.
Alumni Notes
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of the score.)
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And I've missed out on the fun
What do I do?
Do I worry?
You can bet your life I do.
Falling back on Sweeney of
W.C.U.N.C., who is our best
ally there, we hear that Montez
Scott of last year is dating a
pirate. Any way she received
a postal from the B.F. ending
with, "By the way. I'm a pri
vate, not a pirate." And we
thought she was better than
that. Sad story!
As an added attraction Mr.
Sebren's tumbling team will
perform at half-time, and many
laughs are anticipated. The
band will also be on hand to
provide music at intervals.
This, incidentally, is the last
game until after semester
Mars Hill Loses
Dean Carr
The owner of a large busi
ness concern bought a number
of signs reading: "DO IT
NOW", and had them hung
around the office, hoping to
inspire his workers with prompt
ness and energy in their work.
In his private office one day
soon afterward a friend asked
him how the scheme affected
the staff. "Well, not just the
way I thought it would,"
ans-wered the proprietor. "The
cashier skipped with thirty
thousand dollars, the head
bookkeeper eloped with the
private secretary, three clerks
asked for a raise in salary, my
son moved himself in next
door as vice-president, and the
office boy lit out to be a
The Daily Tar Heel.
This from the LANTERN is
a cheerful little "pome".
Nothing to do but work.
Nothing to eat but food.
Nothing to wear but clothes
To keep one from going nude.
The N. C. Beta chapter of
Phi Kappa Delta, honorary na
tional forensic fraternity, issued
eight invitations to membership
last week. In order to become
a member, each man must
hove participated in at least
five intercollegiate debates.
C. C. Hope and Larry Williams
who did a little forensic work
around here last year, were
among the eight. It would seem
that both are certainly eligible
since they practically capped
most of the tournaments in the
southeast last year. Hope has
also just been elected vice-
president of the Phi society at
Wake Forest.
Answers Call To
Army Service
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rest assured that his former
position will remain open to
him. The board of trustees
merely grant him a leave of
Dr. Blackwell mentioned the
length and faithfulness of Dr.
Carr's service. He came to
Mars Hill in 1923 as head of
the social science department.
In 1924 he became dean of
men, which position he has
held ever since;
The Daily Tar Heel of Caro
lina listed the names of the
students of U. N. C. considered
as. favorable C. A. A. flight
candidates. Among the num
ber were Grady Eugene Dover
and Virginius Boddie Perry.
Dover was the Hilltop editor
and Boddie played swell foot
ball too. Still flying high!
"He has been in his office
every day, six days a week,
for nearly twenty years," said
President Blackwell. "It will be
exceedingly difficult to find
one who can fill his place."
Ex Libris Montague
As a farewell gesture, every
person present stood in a
pledge to carry on, working
harder and taking extra re
sponsibility whenever neces
sary, during Dr. Carr's absence.
Nothing to breathe but air.
Quick as a flash it's gone.
Nowhere to fall but off.
Nowhere to stand but on.
Nothing to comb but hair.
Nowhere to sleep but in bed.
Mothing to weep but tears.
Nothing to bury but dead.
; 3)
othing to sing but songs:
Oh, well, alas, alack!
Nowhere to go but out.
Nowhere to come but back.
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girls. The family know that
Miss Fox is a fallen woman.
One evening Frank and Angela
go up to visit her. To their
surprise they find that she
knows Arthur. He came to a
party once in a home where
she was working and borrowed
some material from her for a
masquerade. He broke one of
her dress forms. He was a nice
boy and later came back to
apologize. "It was only nine
years ago," she says.
When interviewed. Dr. Carr
said he had but one remain
ing thought to express: "I hove
always had a great faith in
Christ and in His way of life.
I hope that everyone connected
with Mors Hill college will
find that a source of strength
for himself."
Angela picks up Miss Fox's
old needlecase. There is a
picture of a young boy inside.
How old is he?" she inquires.
"Eight," replies Miss Fox.
Angela and Frank cannot help
noticing that the picture is pro
foundly like the photographs
downstairs of Arthur as a
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selected talented players from
all over the state. Sam and
Mr. Sebren, who has also been
invited to perform with this
fine orchestra, practiced with
the orchestra shortly before
Christmas. Congratulations to
Mr. Herbert Sebren and Sam
The Mars Hill orchestra is
working on new music and is
polishing up on old in prepar
ation for its spring concert.

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