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    ;c. 18, U
fling Thru The Snow
"• The Great Exodus
UPPLlE?rs. John Greenleaf Whittier and Irving Berlin shared
)ATS ng on Mars Hill’s Ladder of Unpopularity Decemher
S )ound” was a trifle too realistic to tickle even the
funny-hones, and dreams of “a white Christmas”
(EE > nightmares overnight,
rted Tuesday morning,
5 Go. .8, at 9:30, 26 and 1-2
■e Mars Hill collegians
O. ve been freed for
holidays. The weather-
CaroUnior once hadn’t got his
—hinted darkly at
hing blizzard. After a
-»ultation, the Adminis-
to send the stu-
heir way homeward
> remained clear.
few minutes after the
ent of the liberation,
d their boyfriend-
igan to gather around
ith hastily-packed bags
, ^f heartfelt thanks-
the early holiday. One
Jserved calmly packing
valise on the path be-
Man and the church.
- D / now started failing at
Amid premature good-
a lusty shouting of
reetings, the exodus ho
urly afternoon, most of
•f® Were bound for
HIIHII afternoon
many were
^e shifts now to the
us station, where Miss
aggers, Dean of Wom-
up the story:
^ clock Tuesday after-
got most of the girls
r* Pierce and I sat
ret our breath. A little
Uses began coming
® piled off the buses,
fearing their hair,
dispatcher call the girls
■We prepared to get
on the train. Nobody, it
^ny money. I lent
^n Dr. Pierce lent out
“Just before the train was to
leave more students returned, in
the same wailing state. I had the
train held up and sent the stu
dents to the depot.”
But at five o’clock the bus sta
tion was still a milling bedlam
of students, who had either
missed the train or who couldn’t
get home via railway. They were
rounded up and returned to
Mars Hill Tuesday night was
not the’ most cheerful place in
North Carolina. A few of the
more enterprising students made
up sledding parties. Many drowned
their sorrows in hot soup and
coffee at the cafe. Others went
wearily to bed to await the dawn.
Roads were still icy and
dangerous the following morning,
but all of the students were on
their way home before nightfall.
Miss Diggers, who later was
forced to go to the hospital as a
result of the December 18 or
deal, was besieged by calls from
anxious parents until she gave
a form message to the Mars Hill
operator for all inquirers.
The parents of one girl were
particularly worried. Failing to
get satisfaction from Miss Dig
gers, they put State highway au
thorities on the trail of their
daughter. The girl was traced
from Mars Hill through a bus
wreck (in which no one was in-
juried) and finally to a taxi
which was then speeding her to
her home in Winston-Salem.
The unidentified driver of the
wrecked bus was not the least of
the cooperative group of people
who made the way home easier:
he lent Mars Hill students $60
to buy train tickets.
■ -.■-.i-.
• King Returns
'^^ststant Dean
Rules Are Announced
For May Day Event
u • King, assistant
professor of history,
duties at the col-
“r ^fter an absence
^ which he
rate^^^^ HUl working on
been com-
^ 1-he State to write
f*' Selective Service,
to use as his
A'B. from Mer-
oll ^-A. from Pea-
and has done
University of
at Carolina.
4* Co-Eds:
»ttie RusseD
The Health and Athletics Com
mittee has drawn up the follow
ing resolutions concerning the
crowning of the May Queen:
That the queen and maid of
honor be of the sophomore class;
that there be a court of ten at
tendants, five of which are to be
elected from the sophomore class
and five from the junior class;
that every member of the court
must have demonstrated herself
as possessing the characteristics
of honesty, cleanliness, a whole
some personality and school loy
alty; that every member of the
court be on the first or second
honor roll; that the position of
queen carry with it four honor
points and the position of atten
dant two honor points; and that
candidates for positions in the
court be elected by simple ma
If to years, is re-
("'^ary 2?^;
fy. Where
« Wor^- do
are tn ^‘®tory. Her
b P’alf to-n for a year
jreturn to**M ^ doctorate.
M.A. from the University of
A going away dinner was held
for Miss Russell recently. Pen
nants from various schools gave
the room a collegiate look. Place
cards were megaphones decorat
ed with Duke stickers. Other
guests were Miss Underwood,
Mrs. Watson, Dr. Pierce, Dr.
Trammell, and Miss Gamer.
CThe Hilltop
Published By The Students Of Mars Hill College
Volume XX.
Number 8.
New Girls Dorm and Cafeteria Included
In Building Program Approved by Board
Plans Formulated
For New Semester
By Student Union
Plans for next semester’s work
of the Baptist Student Union
have been laid. They include: an
opening reception for second
semester students in the form of
an all-student social. Youth Re
vival, a Vocational Emphisis
week, A Sunday School study
course, a summer enlistment pro
gram. and a YWA study course.
Jones Howell Ends
Leave of Absence
Jones V. Howell is returning
to the college as head of the
mathematics department follow
ing a leave of absence during
which he served as a lieutenant
in the Na’vy.
Chapel Schedule
January 24: Dr. Blackwell.
January 25: Mr. McLeod.
January 28: Y.W.A.
January 29: B.S.U.
January 30: Music Department
January 31: Mr. Wood.
Erection of a new dormitory for girls, conversion of the din
ing hall into a cafeteria, and construction of a faculty apart
ment house are part of an emergency building program an
nounced last Saturday following a special session of the College
Board of Trustees. '
Construction of several small cottages for faculty memherfi
and enlargement of the sewage disposal plant are also included
in the program, which will be a continuation of the one inter
rupted by the war.
Moral: Silence
Is Golden When
A Smile Suffices
“We are trying to get Dr. Bill
Marshall, of the Southern Baptist
Foreign Mission Board, to spend
a week on the campus sometime
in April,” reports Tommy Staple-
ton, BSU president. “He will
speak at the chapel periods and
hold private conferences with stu
Under the sponsorship of the
BSU, Mr. J. A. McLeod spoke last
Tuesday in chapel on the neces
sity of strict honesty in college
for a secure future.
Disillusioned students watched
Miss Caroline Diggers, Dean of
Woman and paragon of propriety,
breakfasting with an elderly gen
tleman in an Asheville cafeteria
the day Christmas holidays began.
Accosting Miss Diggers later
at the bus station, the students
chided her gently but firmly. The
Dean admitted that the gentle
man was not of her acquaintance,
but assured the students:
The Ministerial Conference
elected Lamar Brooks as its presi
dent at a recent meeting. He will
be assisted by Roy Young, vice
president, Norman Merrell, secre
tary, Bill Re-vis, reporter, and
Tommy Stapleton, pianist. The
Ministerial Conference had
charge of the watch services last
week. Those taking part includ
ed : Lamar Brooks, Ed Dunlap,
Leonard Rollins, Roy Ryan, Wen
dell Witt, Boyd Sutton, Tom
Capell, Lynwood Lennon, Nor
man Merrell, Joe Miller, and T.
W. Nelson.
“We did nothing* more than
smile at each other during the
Mars Hill Squad
And State Group
Clash in Debate
The Mars Hill Forensics team
has had its first clash with an
other college. On Monday night,
January 7, under adverse con
ditions, they had a direct clash
debate with students from North
Carolina State College.
The debate was carried on with
split teams, some Mars Hill stu
dents and some State debaters on
the affirmative and the same for
the negative.
The query for the debate was
as follows:
Mr. Howell, whose wife is head
of the home economics depart
ment, received his B.S. from
Carson-Newman college, his M.A.
from the University of North
Carolina, and has also studied at
Asheville Teachers college and
Wake Forest-Meredith Summer
Resolved: That the foreign
policy of the U. S. should be di
rected toward the establishment
of free trade among the nations
of the world.
Mr. Paget, the coach for State
college, gave the instructions to
the debaters and told the audi
ence how the debate was to be
carried on.
The affirmative was allowed
six minutes for the first speech.
Leon Mann was the first speaker
for the affirmative. He gave what
the affirmative considered basic
issues and their definition of the
Next Gilbert Gray was given
six minutes on the negative side
for a constructive speech out
lining that they considered the
basic issues. The negative agreed
with the affirmative on the defi-
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The new program does not em
brace the features of the long'-
range building plan announced by
President Hoyt Blackwell in the
December Quarterly, but is morfe
of a temporary measure designed
to meet an acute heed for in
creased facilities on the campu^.
The new buildings and im
provements will be completed by
the beginning of the 1946 fall
semester, under present plans.
Bids will be opened to contractors
as soon as blueprints are sub^
mitted by Henry Gaines, Ashe
ville architect. Actual work is
scheduled to begin early in the
spring, possibly in March.
With erection of a girls’ dormi
tory near Edna Moore and Ne'w
dorms, Bro^wn and Melrose will
go back to the men next year.
These buildings were turned over
to the girls when the draft ciit
male enrollment sharply.
There is a strong possibility
that Spliman Dormitory will bo
entirely renovated and turned
over to the men next year. Actiort
on this proposal will depend on
the increase in male enrollment,'
Town buildings now being use4
by men will remain in use next
Conversion of^ the Oscar E.
Sams Dining Hall into a cafeteria
will mean the elimination of seC'-
ond-shift meals. This will be a
temporary measure ■ and original
plans for a new dining hall wilj
be carried out.
At the call meeting last Satur
day, the Board of Trustees passed
unanimously the recommenda
tions made by the Building Com
Attending the meeting in the
Wall Science Building were Mrs.
E. N. Carr, Hickory; W. T. Duck
worth, Asheville; Mrs. Rush
Stroup, Shelby; E. F. Watson,
Spruce Pine; Julian A. Glazener^
Brevard; John G. Carrier, Gas
tonia; Robert O. Huffman, Mor-
ganton; Mrs. C. M. Palmer, Albe
marle; Roy Wall, Mars Hill; A.
W. Whitehurst, Marshall; the Rev.
J. B.' Grice, Biltmore; the Rev,.
J. R. Owen, Asheville; Dr. Bruce
Sams, Mars Hill; Dr. L. M. Cald
well, Newton.
Frank Jarvis, Spindale; Dr.
Oscar R. Mangum, Lenoir; Grover
H. Jones, High Poi,nt; Myron
Gordon, Marion; Mrs. L. P. Frans,
Hickory, all members of the
Board of Trustees.
Also attending were Dr. Hoyt
Blackwell, college president; Dean
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