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Octobei 20. ]
Story of Ole Miss:
belle of the brawl
Published by the Students of Mars Hill College
CThe Hilltop
Box 486-T. Mars HilL N. C.
Second-Class postage paid at Mars
Hill, N. C. Published semi-monthly
r/mii during the college year.
Volume XXXVn October 20. 1962 Number 3
Editor ’N Chief Walton Whittaker
Sports Editor Bill Freeman
Editorial Page Sally Osborne
Reporters Martha Midgette, Bootsie Wallace,
Marietta Atkins, Bob Kemp,
Mary Mattison, Pat Miller
Typist Jo Wells
Distribution Ken Huneycutt, Rick Williamson
Advisor Walter Smith
Men fight best when given a cause. An ex
cellent example of this feeling is the fight of
the students at the University of Mississippi.
Their cause is segregation. It must truly be won
derful to know within your own mind, however
narrow it may be, that you can be absolutely
correct in your stand. Such seems to be the case
with the students at Ole Miss. They feel that
the world was made for white supremacy, and
so be it forever!
According to news reports. Governor Barnett
warned that James Meredith should not be reg
istered on Sunday because "the people around
here are deeply religious." After these "deeply
religious" people had shown their true colors
for two days, two persons had been killed,
many had been wounded and the air was shat
tered by words and obscenities that would not
normally be termed "religious." These "true
Southerners" want a South, and a country, in
which the white man will, in all cases, be
supreme and stay supreme.
Once a document was written which does not
agree too well with these avid segregationists.
In this document it is stated very clearly: "We
hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men
ore created equal; that they ore endowed by
their Creator with certain incdienable rights; that
among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit
of happiness." Nowhere does it say that a man
cannot go to the public school of his choice
because he is not the right color. No people
ore called inferior; all ore called equal. This
document, of course, is the Declaration of Inde
pendence, something more so-called American
and Southern "patriots" should read.
The claim that the integrofionists were "Com
munists" is misdirected. The person who yelled
"Communist!" was reacting to integration just
like the Communist himself, with one difference:
the Communists are quiet about it. The Com
munists themselves could ask for little more
than some fools starting a riot in a democratic
nation. What better example do they need to
show other countries that democracy is not the
way to better things?
It is a shame that in America we cannot solve
a problem which will tend to always hold us
back from the point to which we are capable
of progressing. What Mississippi government
officials, citizens and students cannot do for
themselves, the national government had to do.
It is regrettable, shameful actually, that these
Southerners made armed enforcement neces
sary. Mr. Barnett would do his state more good
by trying to be less of a hero and a demagogue
and more of a man. He has apparently con
fused loyalty with stupidity. Nothing else could
explain the absurdity of his stand. One Southern
governor, at the governors' conference in Florida,
made on appropriate statement about Governor
Barnett's stand: "There is no courage in what
that fellow did."
Little can be said in defense of the students
at Mississippi. They reacted in on utterly shame
ful way, and the world is not going to forget it.
One word of advice could be given to them in
regard to the developments at their college: don't
sunbathe too much; you could be the next to go.
—Bill Freeman
NOW tell me
myJericho idea
is 'absurd/
©( ‘iii MadSkUtMj'
mutterings of
(In which m.g. campaigns for
the WRA)
After reading of the intramur
als for which M. H. C. is famous,
this Ace Reporter decided to do
an article on what the average
girl’s volleyball Intramural game
is like. I was met at the Gym
door, however, by a ray of rapidly
fired volleyballs and the scream,
“Shut that door!” There was a
terrible, terrible scuffle and
when I came to, the door was
locked and I was where I had
started. All I had to show for
my efforts was a black eye and
a huge sign on the door, ‘Girls
Only.’ The keyhole had been
stopped up with a cute little per
fumed hanky and Goofy was
guarding the fire escape.
Following my world-famous
motto, “35-22-34,” I began to
seek any way possible to finish
my job. All were failures: there
are no twenty-foot ladders in
Dear editor.
I was greatly concerned when
I read in M. G. Blunkle’s first
column that the Hilltop is two
box tops in the red. M. G. is ab
solutely right in urging us all
to work together. We must get
the Hilltop on a firmer stand.
Feeling it my duty to help the
paper, I searched through my be
longings until I finally found the
box top which I have enclosed.
If just one more concerned per
son will contribute a box top to
this worthy cause, the paper will
be out of its financial trouble.
Let’s all get in there and work,
and get our box tops in to the
Hilltop! Remember; a paper that
pays, stays!
Ann Freeman
I have already started putting
in my next application. I can’t
wait to see what basketball sea
son will be like.
Jokes to laugh at
THE ARMY has embarked up
on a new program for enlisting
recruits. They have gone all
out, raised their budget and hired
professional artists and pho
tographers. Their new slogan is
a catchy one: “Join the Army
and see the South.”
5Z^£: c:A/[E±±iali
by Wes Evans
Clarkson College
“Young man,” said I
“Where do you go in such haste?”
“I have a message for mankind”
he said,
“But not the words to express it!”
“Learn to write,” said I.
“I shall,” he said.
Time passed. He learned to
“What is your message?” said I.
“I forgot,” he said.
GARY POWERS, upon his re
turn to the United States made
this brief comment to anxiously
awaiting newsmen, “U-2?”
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
a full-page novelty picture of
a man who had gotten too close
to the cage of a gorilla while
visiting a zoo. The gorilla had
grabbed the man around the neck
and the two were engaged in
mortal conflict At the far edge
of the picture was the zoo-keeper
running toward the cage and
shouting, according to the cap
tion, “Now, now gentlemen ...”
Ruff! ruff! oh, n
equality for dog
You think you're having problems v
Old Miss and higher taxes? What
the poor naked poodles running aroui^
This is the problem considered by ;
Society for the Improvement of Naked '
An agency which campaigns for tht . , „
of animals, SINA claims that this sc“^^
only be equalized if equal rights ars^°^
our fair-footed friends. They have
troduced a bill into the legislature mAct® ct
criminal offense to harbor "indecently"
animals," and plan to continue th®®
through further legislative and miss!
gcmizotions. hove
One of these groups is in charge of
mobile and SINA-cycle. The SINA-mob
traveling across the country, from 1 jj^ov
to San Francisco, distributing clothes t nighi
in what SINA calls "disaster areas." lability
cycle is for situations in which speedby q]
Mars Hill; no size 40 girl’s gym
outfits; and the roof turned out
to be lined with barbed wire.
Dejected and hurt, I gave up all
my ethics and received permission
from the coaches to cover my
first girl’s volleyball game. Given
the standard volleyball watcher’s
equipment (face mask, ear muffs,
chest guard and other protective
gear) I was seated on the bench
to watch.
Soon ten girls swarmed onto
the court to begin this harrow
ing game. Out of 200 girls, only
10 were able to pass the rigid
1) MUST be able to pick up
standard sized volleyball.
2) MUST be between 4 feet
and 7 feet tall and weigh
between fifty and two hun
dred and fifty pounds.
3) MUST be able to walk long
distance between place of
residence and gym.
4) MUST classify as a female.
The game was very close with
one team being given 10 extra
points for getting the ball over
the net. The contest was final
ly called a draw when each team
had made an equal number of
Included in their program ore nuitf^^™*
rades with fully-clothed animals ond^ ctrmi
of human voices singing the SIN/^
which includes such verses as ". . . north
every pet and animal. Whether horssnt, v;
ig to I
cow .
'©n Id
The strange thing about this entir^j.^'g^^
that for thousands of years men hc^jjjjgg
noticed that animals ore, indeed, I’q
Stranger yet, neither have the aniri^^^'y'
according to SINA, scientific investigati^^i
that animals who are clothed seem t('
pier than those who aren't.
J. (Br
Should SINA succeed in its campaW
our four-footed friends, we can look
the day when there will be equal opp
even for our canine compatriots. Imaf
terrier, draped in a tux, enjoying lunch#
Or a coyote watching the Indians knc^^l
Yankees in a baseball game in Clevf
better yet, a greyhound teaching an®d fro
chology at Harvard. And if he's |
enough, he might even run for presi!^ stim
think, a barking legislature with fleas* tl
Heart dog food! Instead of Elvis Presle’sition
be Rockin' Rover and his Canine Thi
Chihuahuas singing that ever-populaft Quic
"You Ain't Nothing but a Human froh°sitiv(
Now we don't wish to claim that
•ys he
program is ridiculous or anything lik^ sjjju
their motto, "Decency tomorrow meoniors i
today" is very commendable, and ev^tion.'
for it, just like everybody is "against
there comes a time when we humans t
up for our rights. At any rate it's nio
that someone considers we mere h'
being on the level with the dogs.
Something is wf
with foreign po\
Something is wrong somewhere. ' „
is wrong when we put on a show of ■
the satellite of Cuba and then go P
turn over to them American tax mone)
finance Russian military bases.
Something is vyrong somewhere, t"*"*"*"
is wrong when our "allies" such aS"H’4"
(better known as the country that v/
be as long as there's a United S*
Greece give military and economic 5
a country which threatens the very !
of what has taken this country 5O0
build. They claim to be "for us" erf
them but have no qualms of trading ^ian
supplies to them so they will be rf
position to threaten us.
Something is wrong somewhere. '
is wrong when American soldiers in
very people who claim to be the most
in the worth of human dignity and
by while East Berlin puppet police ^
an unarmed and free West Berlin yd
Something is wrong when a ofa
country exhibits putrid, back-bendiif\
and backs dovm for freedom and ‘
stomp it into a cold, bloody and mufl

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