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Deceifi^®' 1962
Tvardovsky, yes!
Joseph Stalin, no!
Solzhenitsyn describes the harrowing existence
in the camp, the soulless routine, the inhumanity
of the guards and the fight for life.
It seems that the poets, artists and writers in
Russia hove taken it upon themselves to see
that there will never be another Stalin.
Ignorance well shown
It has been widely suspected for some time,
but now there is no doubt in any wise, that
some of the students on this campus are unduly
immature and discourteous.
The exhibitions presented by some students
Dec. 4 on the eve of Basil Rathbone's lyceum
presentation was asinine and ridiculous. An
artist of any report who accepts an invitation
is due some degree of courtesy and those little
boys and girls who left while he was speaking
did no good for themselves, their college or
their reputation. But then to go and bong the
doors—ignorance should only be carried so far.
We hope and trust that such bad conduct will
not be repeated again.
f’ublished by the Students of Mars Hill College
Q*he Hilltop
Box 486-T, Mars HilL N. C.
Second-Class postage paid at Mars
Hill, N. C. Published 15 times dur-
ing the college year.
Volume XXXVII December 15, 1962 Number 6
Editor ’N Chief Walton Whittaker
Sports Editor Bill Freeman
Editorial Page Sally Osborne
Reporters Martha Midgette, Bootsie Wallace,
Marietta Atkins, Bob Kemp, Mary Mattison,
Pat Miller, Lewellyn Lovell, Caren Owenby
Typist Jo Wells
Distribution Ken Huneycutt
Advisor Walter Smith
Jleiie^ ta editafi...
An entirely new face is carefully being glued
on Russian literature. Khrushchev has found
that, by allowing a literary onslaught against
his predecessor Stalin, he con keep himself at
the top of the popularity polls in Russia.
Television shows, pamphlets and personal
appearances ore now being allowed in Russia
against Stalin. In Moscow's Sports Palace, a
group of over 14,000 young people gathered to
listen to poetry. On stage Boris Slutsky, a
youthful poet, screamed out his condemnations
against a God called Stalin. "He lived not in
the heavens. He was sometimes seen alive. He
was cleverer, more evil than one by the name
of Jehovah . . . whom he had burnt to ashes."
Another young poet, Robert Rozhdestvensky,
took on an entirely new mood when he asked
the crowd; "How was it in such a land of
atheists that all of us became servants of the
To the Mars Hill College Family:
My prayers and good wishes
are with the Mars Hill College
family at all times. At Christmas,
however, this interest becomes
more vocal. It is my desire that
each member of our wonderful
group celebrate Christmas in a
manner that will glorify Him
whom we honor at this season.
Christmas is a time for joy and
happiness but not for self-indul
gence and extravagance.
An elderly poet, Alexander T. Tvardovsky,
who is known as the "conscience of Soviet litera
ture," has urged young poets to show "boldness,
directness and truthfulness" in their work. As
editor of the literary monthly Novy Mir (New
World), he has printed many sensational novels
in serial form, starting new trends in the drive
to oust all remaining effects of Stalin from
It is my sincere wish that each
of you may have a blessed Christ
mas with loved ones and hos
pitable friends. When the holidays
are over and a new year has be
gun, I pray that each of you may
return refreshed and eager to re
sume your respective responsi
bilities on the campus.
Blessings upon you, one and all.
Hoyt Blackwell
It is because of Tvardovsky that a new manu
script is being published. He received this novel,
by an unsigned author, and decided to show it
to Khrushchev himself. Khrushchev, soon after
wards, permitted Tvardovsky to print it. The
book One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by
Alexander Solzhenitsyn, a grade-school teacher,
tells of one day in a Siberian concentration
camp. All copies of Novy Mir were sold in a
matter of minutes after it hit the stands.
Dear Mars Hill College Students:
As you fling aside the text
books with reckless abandon and
head for the places of spending
Christmas holidays, I wish for you
all the gaiety and happiness of
the season.
There will be travel, reunion
with friends and loved ones, ex
changing of gifts and the earning
of extra money. No doubt the
season will also find a few dia
monds exchanging hands between
swain and maid.
My wish for you is a joyous
and sane Christmas season framed
in an awareness that it is the
birthday anniversary of the Sa
viour of the world. It is yours
to determine the emphasis given
this season in the years ahead.
It is yours to set this pattern in
Merry Christmas,
John E. Roberts, Editor
I am happy to extend sincerest
Christmas greetings from the
staff of the BIBLICAL RE
CORDER, serving North Carolina
Baptists as their official organ
since 1833. We are proud that
Mars Hill are in the same “Bap
tist Family.” Both have had long
and honorable records of service
to the denomination.
Although there is much that
could be said about Mars Hill, I
think I remember most vividly the
experience I had speaking in
chapel in December, 1961.
All of us at the RECORDER
send our best wishes for the most
meaningful Christmas season ever.
J. Marse Grant
Christmas Greetings!
As the Christmas season ap
proaches we shall once again hear
the Christmas story anew in poem,
story and song.
Everywhere that Christ is
known people will give expression
of joy in art, music, and litera
May we rededicate ourselves
this Christmas season to spread
ing peace and joy and may we
reflect the light that came to
earth when the Christ child was
Mary Logan
Dean of Women
To the editor:
As one of the candidates in the
just-concluded presidential elec
tion, I would like to offer my
wholehearted support and con
gratulations to our new president.
Although defeat can be a hard
pill to swallow, I think both the
college and everyone concerned
with the election benefitted great
ly in many ways. Our school has
experienced new life and vigor
during the election, a positive
factor which I hope will continue
as the election becomes a memory.
I urge all Freshmen to rally
to the support of LaMont Albert
son, our new president, and to
work with him toward the com
mon good of our school and
class. LaMont is a fine person,
a capable leader, and he possesses
all the qualities needed to carry
our class through a highly suc
cessful year.
Next, a word of thanks to all
who supported me in both cam
paigns for President. You were
just great and I’ll always be grate
ful to you for it.
Finally, if you don’t know La
Mont, meet and get to know him.
He’s a great guy!
Dave Gillspie
Dear editor:
The students of Mars Hill paid
an activity fee at the beginning of
the school year. Part of this
money was to be used to bring
entertainment to Mars Hill. It
seems to us that since the stu
dents are paying for the enter
tainment, it should appeal pri
marily to the students.
We feel that the committee in
charge of inviting these guests
should make an effort to invite
someone who appeals to all, and
not just to a minority. It should
be taken into consideration that
from time to time the students
might appreciate something a little
less formal so as to be more ap
pealing to those of us who are
paying to have these performances
brought here.
At other Baptist institutions
such as Wake Forest such per
formers as Peter, Paul and Mary,
Ray Charles, and Dave Guard’s
Whiskeyhill Singers have ap
peared, but Mars Hill’s entertain
ment continues to consist of high
brow programs not appreciated by
the vast majority of students. We,
too, enjoy entertainment and feel
that we have the right to have
some of it here at Mars Hill.
Bill Nixon, Barry McFarland,
Burley Mitchell Campbell Jr., Cur
tis Pitts, Mike Farrell, Gary
Brookshire, Ben Floyd, William
Clark Jr., Dave Gillespie, Ed
Smith, Larry Groce, Jack Cham
pion, Rocky Transou, Dan F.
Finch, Bill Cannady Jr., Bob
Payne, A. D. Frazier Jr., Lewis
Severson, Jim Epps, Reed Fick-
ling, John Davis, Rick Williamson,
Allen Mabry, Eddie Elliott, Will
iam F. Gallasch, Jerry Henson, La
Vern Wright, Craig Greene, Bobby
Harrison, Lynn Mayfield, Bill
Reid, Sonny McGlamery, Harold
Honbarrier, Don Gibbs, Dennis
Palver, Bob Rood, John W. Ober-
holtzer III, Larry Cordell, Robert
Watkins, Kim Fletcher, Steve
Boone, Steven Anthony Young,
Mack Keller, Frankie Garrett, Nat
Coffin, Bill Fordham, Robert
Hughes, Otis Broyhill Jr., Joe
Prevette III, Raymond Stuart
Baliles, Donald Rothwell, Fred
Day HI, Johnnie Seagle, Randy
Arney, Lemuel Oates.
Dear Santa C/irt as
don’t forget m
little people
■fought and vn
reat war wi
nable St
Why not? After all, it is Christffl
if he is going to be good to evei
why not to us also?. Therefore
"Santa Clous" not to forget the stu
faraway mountain resort and to pi
us a few things.
For instance, when we come back
mas holidays we would like to find,
and Gold Christmas tree: heat for Sc
fountain for Brown, less greasy food
teria, better movies — that is to s
legions instead of the children in
nursey — entertainment, more vcJ
speakers, more work on the new
faster lunch lines, benches around
walks cleared of snow and ice am
student government.
...The Snowm
leader was
descend Prorr
mountains bet
gifts for our
young... Ah
If Santa would be so kind to
little problems, which indeed are ^
on most campuses, we would gpori ~
What’s in a na^
s raid
Now that Teddy ("He Can Do M‘^^ E-CLSl
scichusetts") Kennedy has made Cavallini
Washington, the inevitable ques.
What "image" have the White Hoi'® Wesleyan U.
concocted for this latest addition to said -to Eve, “T1
The junior senator from Massad
not be the cool-headed, omnipotent,®^
a-minute, war hero type; Big Brotherk chimneys,
that. He cannot roll up his sleeveSod,
cuss out newsmen, or be righteous!: clouds
or even throw guests into his swiHgj^^^
these are privileges reserved expre ’
Attorney-General. “ Saturns,
He certainly cannot sustain the
the repentant, self-accusing school-f ’
full tenure of his office, and he's to
kicked out of Harvard again. tenements,
g j*0nts
Salinger's squad must be frantict^
At any rate. Father Joe is happy. >r defense,
has witnessed the realization of tl.g j.aces
Triumverate. Or should we say .
intic living paces
—The Dailyo Adam, “This is
We are no fool
down with all j
Eve together \v
ehind them the m
of today.”
Down M'ith Christmas! One of
dicrous holidays in the calendar V
which there is no justified meaniniJ^ /• 11, ,
worth—that ridiculous season—is bi^ °
When will supposedly rational P®^,.
and realize the waste that is pei1>jlVE HER
cause of December 25? It has becO
more than a sounding horn for FRAGR
chants, another rest day for piogH
opportunity for exploitation of the ,
p * f n T ^ ?he adore
neview it carefully. Today men ‘
gather around a pine tree that, more
not, is a fire hazard; sing religio-pd®®^^ v gi't-tnn
called carols; celebrate an even*"®®®/ lor Chrisfn
posedly happened 2,000 years a4
to convince their children that a fat Erne,
white beard in a red suit, that do®, . /n •
is good to everybody on "ChristH^
society complains because of juV*
quency. i ^'"’7 3-50
Dusting Powder
One good item manifested in th^. 2.00
system is the extraction of absurdit' Not shown:
cans, however, have not reached t! To'let Water ....2.00
of realism. They exist in a wintry
by 8 tiny reindeer led by a bright ^
You are college students. Act t
cause of Xmas you get two weeks
but for goodness sake do not be S;
to continue believing in the "sanC*
"holiday season!" Men with masts
who inspire their children to wrik
Santa Claus must, of necessity, be t
Compounded by Coty In the t

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