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    Wednesday, March 29, 1973
SGA Elections Held
Student Government elections
were held on Thursday, March
15, to the delight of some candi
dates and disillusionment of
others. The presidential race was
one of the more tightly contested
campaigns, with three candidates
for the position. Of the 687
ballots cast, Larry Pike received
296, Tom Davis collected 203 and
David Gasperson gathered 170.
Since a majority is needed to
constitute a victory a run-ott
was held on Monday, March 19
between Pike and Davis. The
run-off produced 608 voters
with Pike having the winning
edge with 393 votes campared
to Davis’s 213.
Ken Chamlee defeated Jim
Manchester for the vice-presi
dential position. In the only
other contested race Lloyd
Keller slipped by Sara Traylor
for the treasurer’s post. Origi
nally, it was felt Traylor had won
Dn a g®
ap return®*! I
t year
imy, llaf®'
B, Gord'l
ohn Allis®'
ffin, St®!
David Sini*'j
^ndy Gibson stands after rocking for
Rock RamlyRodc
% Frank Farrell
, Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity
their second annual rock - a
*hon on March 15-18 for Easter
This year’s goal of $2500
, surpassed by approximately
since the contributions
around $2,625.00
f^andy Gibson was the rocker
this years event. He began
•ng 8:30 Thursday morning
Continued until 5:30 Sunday
^•ng, a total of 81 hours.
"c main problem encountered
to be the weather. The
^*^®thers faced snow, rain, cold,
driving winds. A polyethy-
house was built around the
*’®king platform but this seemed
do very little good. At one
Jim Epting, President of Alpha
Phi Omega, stated that another
problem was keeping Randy
warm during the event. He
added that Randy held up very
well during the entire episode.
The amount collected was
boosted by excellent coverage
by the news media. The rock - a
- thon was covered by both radio
and TV with the slogan for ad
vertising being “APO” rocks so
others can walk.” Epting also
stated that considerable help
was rendered by Mars Hill stu
dents, expecially members of
Delta Phi Zeta sorority and Pi
Kappa Phi fraternity.
Epting ended by saying that
on Sunday on Tunnel Road, all
one could hear was “Rock Randy
the election by six votes. How
ever, Keller called for a recount
and 19 votes were found that had
not been tallied by those count-
ting ballots. Thus Lloyd was
announced the winner by 13
In other elections Susan
ReMine was elected secretary
and Frog Howes repeated as
Chief Justice. Anita Russell
was elected speaker of women’s
council and Bob Allen won the
speaker of men’s council by way
of a write-in campaign.
Ken Chamlee
Frog Howes
Sign-'Out Changed
(1^1. the winds were so fierce
( ? they almost toppled the
't® platform.
^^peration’ Planned
ler cor®
TOO is
nt to it®
. Take
f Swaf'
^ ^venty Mars Hill students
V spending spring break in
Beach, Florida, for a project
1^ “Operation Proclamation.”
students will be leading
Vero and the sur-
l^'iding county in a week of
W***'®” sharing and fellowship
the youth of the county,
Various other activities.
idea for such a mission
"H(l ^“tt-^ived by Dottie Minear
Hi friends in Vero several
Of ago. During the weeks
^^Prayer^ planning, and organi-
the project has continually
Fifteen churches are
% ■ with members
foj, ‘tg students in their homes
tite Week. An interdenomina-
effort in that the group is
*tg with at least seven dif
ferent denominations. A high
light of the week will be a joint
service, the “Celebration of Joy,”
which will be led by MHC stu
dents and musical groups from
the Florida area.
The seventy students partici
pating in the week at Vero have
been attending weekly training
sessions, and spent the weekend
of March 9 and 10 in a special
“retreat” to prepare for the
trip. They are looking forward
to a time of growth, fun, and
much learning.
Thousands of “Warm Fuzzies”
will be distributed to the people
of Vero Beach during the week
of the Mars Hill invasion. It will
be a week to rememberfor every
one involved in “Operation
By Bonnie Clark
This past weekend
marked a new era in
the history of
women's sign out pro
cedures. After the
Student Affairs Coun
cil passed the "enve
lope" procedure, the
final decision was
left to Dr. Bentley.
The procedure was
passed and as a re
sult, women residents
carried out the enve
lope method for sign
ing out.
As stated in the
past, each girl was
given some envelopes
that replaced the old
sign-out cards. The
envelope would con
tain the girl's des
tination and on the
outside the date and
time of her departure
and date and time of
her return. The en
velope would then re
mained sealed unless
an emergency situa
tion arose and the
girl needed to be no
tified or the girl
failed to come in or
notify the college
within one hour after
curfew of the day de
signated as her re
Violations of the
new sign-out include:
opening of an enve
lope by an authorized
person without cause,
opening of an enve
lope by an unautho
rized person, failure
to give proper desti-
History Dept.
Hires Lenburg
Dr. LeRoy James Lenburg has
been hired to replace Mr. Larry
Huls in the history department
for next year while Mr. Huls is
at Florida State University work
ing on his doctorate degree.
Dr. Lenburg comes to Mars Hill
from State College of Pennsyl
vania and specializes in Asian
studies. He received his B.A.
from Butler University in 1965,
his M.A. from Bowling Green
University in 1968 and expects to
receive his Ph.D. from Pennsyl
vania State University in June.
nation information,
failure to give com
plete information on
the front of the en
velope , sign-out to
an unauthorized des
tination as estab
lished under the
rules of conduct of
Mars Hill College and
failure to sign-out
The Communications Board
held a meeting on Tuesday morn
ing, March 20, to divide money
alloted to the student publica
tions media. The lump sum of
$550.00 was given by SGA to
the board to be divided between
the various student medias.
The Cadenza, Radio Station and
Hilltop had made previous
appeals to SGA for certain a-
mounts of money. The board
decided unanimously to allot
the money in the following
manner: Hilltop, $220; Radio
Station, $200; and the Cadenza,
$130. Needless to say all three
areas of the media were pleased
and satisfied with the board’s

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