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Thursday, March 29, 1973
By Frank Farrell
The election of
new SGA officers al
ways seems to foster/
the same ' question,
what will they do?
Much has been said
concerning the offi
cers philosophies and
major objectives.
However, I'd like to
point out just a few
things that affect
the everyday student.
These may seem minor
to many but they can
sometimes become
quite a nuisance.
The first is the
process of reserving
rooms for ■ meetings.
An attempt has been
made to centralize
room reservations
through the Student
Development Office.
However, many fre
quently used rooms
must be reserved at
different places. For
example. Fine Arts
144 must be reserved
through the Drama De
partment, Edna Moore
parlor in the Fine
Arts building must be
reserved through the
President's office,
and the Alley Door
must be reserved
through the CSM.
There are others we
could add to this
list. Many times
students will reserve
a room through the
Student Development
Office only to find
Letter to the
that when he gets to
the appointed place
someone else is using
the room. (This has
happened to this re
porter on several oc
casions.) ^is
I would like to thank those who
came to visit me while I was in
the hospital (Feb. 4-8) for an
appendectomy — for the beautiful
flowers; the stuffed dog, “Joey”,
the sweet and funny cards, the
laughs and the added help and
sound advice.
Out of Stitches,
Allicha “Al” Petrea
E 34 iL|
by terry kuykendall'***^
clearly points out
the need for an
effective reservation
Janitorial service
in the residence
halls on weekends
also seems to be a
problem. It seems
that students might
be utilized to clean
up the bathrooms and
halls during the
The curriculum
laboratory in the li
brary which seems to
be basically for ele
mentary education ma
jors and student
teachers is seldom
open at night. This
seems ironic since
many student teachers
do no get back on
campus until after
4:00, leaving them
little time to uti
lize the lab.
These are just a
few of the things
that frequently both
er me, there are many
others. If there's
something that rubs
you the wrong way,
write the Hilltop or
better yet, contact
one of your newly
elected SGA offi
This week students are being
bothered by having papers com
pleted before we leave for Spring
Break. Well, I have one more
added headache and that is
Frank Farrell, the editor of this
paper, bothering me to complete
this column. So for the tidbits
of paraphenelia for the composite
of the campus here are thev.
Now. I am going to take a
swing around campus to keep
you up with what has been going
on and what will be going on.
I will start with the Drama De
partment and end with the Stu
dents Government office.
The plays that were postphoned
two weeks ago were finally
shown yesterday. If you did not
got to the Owen Building last
night then you missed the one-
Of Dammit
With no small degree of alarm,
I recently stumbled across the
realization that most Mars Hill
students probably approach the
editorial page of the Hilltop with
a regular feeling of anticipation
of the negative. In considering
these attitudes, I am the first to
admit that the readers of these
opinionated articles have a
legitimate complaint. It is true
that the Hilltop editors, disillu
sioned by many of the inequities
and absurdities which abound at
Mars Hill, have taken advantage
of the Hilltop as one of the few
effective sounding pieces avail
able to the students, and in doing
so have unfairly swamped the
editorial page with a flood of
satirical essays, all of which
have been responsible for the
current aura of negativism. It
is with this in mind that I intro
duce this week’s profundity.
For those who would persist
in decrying the shortcomings and
hopelessness of Mars Hill Col
lege, I would point 4o the events
that culminated last Sunday af
ternoon at Tunnel Road Shopping
Center in Asheville. From Thurs
day morning at 8:30 till 5:30
Sunday afternoon, Randy Gib
son sat uninterruptedly in a
rocking chair, while dozens of
his fellow students proceded
to raise inore than $2,500 for the
Easter Seal Foundation. If
rocking for eighty-one hours
were not incredible enough, it
must be remembered that the
money was collected through
two days of rain, one of snow,
and a fourth of gale force winds.
Even more heartening was the
fact that although the event was
sponsored by a fraternity, many
Mars Hill students with no con
nection whatsoever to the frater
nity devoted hours of their time
in the rain and cold in order to
benefit the cause of crippled ,
children. The pictures of these
people will not appear in the
Laurel, nor will their names ap
pear in the Asheville Times.
Still, it is the fact that such
people indeed exist at Mars
Hill that gives this writer at least
a measure of optimism for the
future of our college.
It would be inconceivable to
neglect this opportunity to thank
Randy Gibson, Ken Sherill, and
all who sacrificed their comfort
so that others might walk.
Enough said.
and the night of silence
Now, I do not know who’s faul D^g ^
it was that you were not thert
but I enjoyed the program fOio movies to
those who were not. tweekofAp
Moving along the campus ' Lgjy gj^g^
find that the fraternities and ll*iiannp r.r
soroities are keeping busy. ‘TSg^^Xss,
the season to raise money * le reviews are
seems and Alpha Phi Omega h«n|jg
raised the most so far. In thei^sj
Rock-a-thon last week the)
raised over two thousand doll^tran^ releasee
for Easter Seals. Also DeW rjj
Phi Zeta raised an unreavel«l Kigj,(,|as
source of money by selling somCtafy
thing called a Krispie Treat f°'lcholas, and f
some unnamed purpose. ot forget Ras|
From the Greeks 1 only thin*‘jjag fg^ture
appropos to move down to tl«ttors
athletic department. I unie'(j
stand that Coach Claude ha*
some system called the “Golda" Acader
Girls”. 1 have been told what tl>' ^
guidelines are but question the"- n pg^son
Now, I would be the last to su? j ^
gest anything fishy in fact
wish I was coming to MHC a*
. I awards for
football player in order that __
might cast a line into that po> «pporting actc
Swimming right along the ne“
stroke is to the College Uni>% the award fi
Building. After reading the Co^ ^ress in the
stitution of the CUB written W
^Le. I think tl
For best
Liza Minnell
*hink the A(
Dianne R
i^tl year for s
other pick
are Joe C
the student’s friend Phil Wca^
I only have one thing to say a"*^
that is the student better put '
his hip boots and go find a shoV^*'
From what I understand when *' f\
rains, it pours.
Running between the '^»baret) and
drops up to the SGA office ^ jpHiverancp.
will find an office made up
new officers. Yes there has b „
a changeover and only time
tell whether it is for the bet*
or worse.
^^nated, Gra
^ of Porno
e over $7
sal ^risiong whe
this column I should like to
that this week’s No Doz AW*
goes to me for staying up
till !]o
^ Fair Lady
Carolina Coed
wee hours of the morning ^
finish this column. If you b*
an objection you can meet m*
the football field at 4 a.m- ,
Saturday. The Outstan^ljj
Student Award goes to
. tnillion in 9
‘he Art Fill
Pike, III. I always believe ,
•' • leC'
^^e\v black'
he released
Q. Dear Carol,
Why can’t the guys in Gib
son turn over the ceiling tiles
to make checker board
C. D.
A. Dear C. D.
Because your checkers
would fall off the ceiling. Is
that what yous guys in Gib
son do? I thought they made
babies. Just kidding K.
Q. Dear Carol,
What’s this I hear about
coed living at Mars Hill this
A Dear John,
Well, not exactly coed liv
ing. The administration will
allow “Men and Women” to
live in the same area, that
being boys hill. However, we
are already living is the same
area, that being Mars Hill.
I put quotes around men and
women because it is question
able in my mind if the admini
stration really believes that
we are. They seem to treat
us like children with 18th
century rules.
Q. Dear Carol,
Who is Brother Red on
WMHC, really.
a new student body prei
should receive praise at the
ginning because he will
not hear any at the end
The food for thought this
Xty years 1
^ be looking
X of black
jjbotyped blac
jJbe same crit
Andy get.
Cont. on Pg. 3
comes from Plato when he
“He was a wise man who
vented God.” Think about i‘’
‘‘f the groi
This fourteenth issue of the 1972 - 1973
HILLTOP was put together by
managing editor
editor emeritus
business amnager
feature editor
sports editor
frank farrel^
terry kuykendal^
tom beye^
billy staff
david mcconneJf
joe franklf**
Steve walk®f
staff marty saunders, jean bart®^
Stephen harris, marilyn t®*
eric gamer, mike mac®**
Steve garvin, john hoppie, bob kra®®’^
advisor jack will^^
The HILLTOP is published by students of
Mars Hill College, P.O. Box 436, Mars
Hill, N.C. 28754. Telephone: 704/689'
1250. Advertising rate is $1.50 per
column inch. Subscription rate is $2 P®f
year. It will be published 17 times dot''
ing this college year on a fortnightly
basis. Second class postage paid.

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