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Friday, April 20, 1973 Friday,
by terry Kuykendall
by Frank Farrell
students have any
While trying to
decide the subject
for this issue's edi
torial, it occurred
to me that there were
a mrmber of things
that bothered me.
Thusly, I plan to ask
questions concerning
a number of issues.
Hopefully someone
will answer these
questions for my in
formation and for the
benefit of the stud
ent body.
Why is it that a
Baptist affiliated
school such as Mars
Hill has its spring
break two weeks be
fore Easter and does
not allow any time
off over the Easter
weekend? (Friday or
Monday) Is this a
necessity of sched-
voice in these decis
I'JTiy don't the ten
nis courts have
lights on them to af
ford playing time at
Why weren't the
treasurer and chief
justice of S.G.A.
invited to this
year's Christmont
meeting? Why wasn't
it open to all stu-’
These are just
questions that I
have, there must be
others. For the an
swers, ask the people
who should know. Dr.
Bentley, Dr. Gehring,
or Larry Pike.
Today I have some
good news and some
bad news. First, the
good news; there are
only fifteen more
regular class days.
Now for the bad news;
this means only three
weeks to write all
those papers that you
have been putting off
all semester long.
The Bible is for
the government of the
people, by the peo
ple and for the peo
-William James
Many s tudents
have been approach
ing me about my com
ments towards Mr.
Phil Weast. For
those students who
may not know or have
forgotten who Phil
Weast is, he is the
Director of the Col
lege Union Building.
And one of his prin
ciple functions is
to bring entertain -
ment to the college.
Well, like I said,
many people have been
talking to me about
my comments and are
reacting to Phil
Weast the same as I
am. But justifica
tion should be made.
During this long in
terval, between en
tertainments , Phil
Weast has been plan
ning a fantastic
Spring Weekend (that
is my title, they may
call it something
corny like Spring
philosophical profundities of dammit
uling or an over
Why isn't the Col
lege Union building
going to be opened
during commencement
exercises? This re
porter was told that
this is due to con
struction problems.
Were these problems
Why were two stu
dents who were caught
with drugs on campus
Immediately suspend
ed? Hasn't the pro
cedure been in the
past to suspend a
student only after he
was found guilty
through the proper
What will happen
to faculty offices
when the faculty va
cates them to move to
Cornwell Hall? What
will happen to the
student center? Did
Perhaps the mos t
noteworthy event of
the present school
year occurred last
week when two Mars
Hill students were
arrested for the al
leged possession and
distribution of ille
gal drugs. It is not
the purpose of this
article to ascertain
either the guilt or
Innocence of these
two students. Rather
it seems necessary
that some important
questions be raised
as to the manner in
which the situation
was handled by Pres
ident Bentley. More
over, it is time that
the controversy con
cerning the exact ex
tent and limitations
of his executive pow
ers be determined and
the results be inter-
Thls fifteenth issue of the 1972-73 HILL
TOP was put together by:
managing editor
editor emeritus
business manager
feature editor
sports editor
frank farrell
bonnie dark
terry kuydendall
tom beyer
billy stair
david mcconnell
joe franklin
Steve walker
marty sanders, jean barton
Stephen harrls, marllyn reid
Steve garvin,eric garner, mike macon
^visor jack willis
The HILLTOP is published by students of
Mars Hill College, P.O. Box 486, Mars
Hill, N.C. 28754. Telephone: 704/689-
1250. Advertising rate is $1.50 per
column inch. Subscription rate is $2 per
year. It will be published 17 times dur
ing this college year on a fortnightly
basis. Second class postage paid.
preted in a distinct
manner to the student
The initial event
which sparked this
writer's questioning
of the college 's
presidential author
ity occurred approxi
mately a month ago,
when President Bent
ley informed the
Hilltop that the
typewriters of the
Administration Build
ing would no longer
be made available to
type-set forthcoming
editions of the pa
per. Although to my
knowledge no com
plaints of any nature
had been rendered by
any member of the
secretarial staff,
the order was issued
with no apparent rea
son or justification,
thus costing the
Hilltop an additional
$130 per issue. To
the average student
the issue is perhaps
trivial, but the sig
nificance is magni
fied when placed in
conjunction with e-
vents that transpired
last week.
The two students
arrested last week
were held in lieu
$2000 bond, an amount
which neither could
accumulate. Conse
quently, an offer was
made by a member of
the faculty to sign
for the bond in ex
change for their tem
porary release from
the inhuman condi
tions at the county
jail. Intermittent
ly, however, it was
announced by Presi
dent Bentley that no
faculty member would
become involved in
any fashion with the
proceedings. Thus,
the offer for the
bond was recinded,
and the students re
mained in jail. It
is at this point that
the question of the
presidential exten
sion of power must be
Obviously, one is
not naive enough to
assume that the col
lege could be run on
a democratic basis,
with all issues of
importance arriving
before some conglom
eration of faculty,
students, and admin
istration for a vote
of affirmation. Con
versely, it is imper
ative that affairs be
manipulated by a sol
itary individual,
firm in character and
broad-minded enough
to perceive what the
students want and
Nonetheless, even
in consideration of
the direct personal
and emotional involv
ement evident in this
particular incident,
the president appears
to have supercided
his authority. Re
gardless of the image
of the institution
and other factors
which are admittedly
present, all members
Cont. on pg. 3
Fling). This is the
Homecomeing of the
Spring; where we have
Derby Day, a dance
and a concert.
That sounds all
fine and good, but I
can not help but
think that all that
money is going for
one weekend. For one
weekend that Mr. Phil
Weast is going to try
to retain a favorable
position in the stu"
dents'eyes. For
those of us who are
veterans of Mars Hill
the whole situation
seems like another
play to show students
that the administra'
tion is looking after
our money.
It (the Bible) is
a history of wicked'
ness that has served
to dorrupt and brut'
alize manking.
-Thomas Paine
Speaking of mon
ey—I am not going to
talk about money
in this section, but
I needed a transition'
and this seemed about
the easiest way to u'
chieve it. I woul^
like to send notio®
to all the interns i"
far-off places liK®
Greensboro and Gatli'
nberg that you
not missing out oi
too much of the o"
tertainment this sem
The dogma of th®
infallibility of th®
Bible is no mot®
self-evident than i®
that of the infall^'
bility of the popes-
-T.H. Huxley
Besides there
really not too mu®^
else to say that hs®
not already been sai
in this paper.
writer friend Dammi*"
is commenting aboU*-
a very interestin'^
topic — that is
Bentley. The
Hatter at the Hil^
top, Frank Farrell’
is trying to 1"^ ^
another subject th®
has been pushed un'
the rug for a 1°*'^
time out into the
en. And I am killi’’^
time trying to 8®
entertainment at
Hill or Mr. Wea®
The Bible nowhet
prohibits war.•
though war raged
the world in the tin®
Cont. on pg. 3
by Be
fort hi
and ev(
and 20
a full £
Vents i
to marl
turn oi
The '
naane Le
Will b£
by Thi
, Paul
*^*'ing se
0 t
u'"" elec
■ ° Among

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