North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol. XLVIII No. 5
Mars Hill, North Carolina
Monday, December 10, 1973
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Ben Sprouse
Two new officers to the SGA
have taken office and a third
will be sworn in after Christmas
break. These are Susan Perry
Brenda Hale, and Rick West.
Susan Perry, a junior from
Raleigh, N. C., is now serving as
SGA Treasurer. Susan is an ele
mentary education major and is
presently doing her internship
"'ith the 5th grade at Glenn-
Arden Elementary School. Be
fore becoming SGA Treasurer,
Susan served as junior class sena
tor, intern treasurer, and house
council member.
Brenda Hale, a junior from
Hgerville, S. C., is our new SGA
Secretary. Brenda, a history major
hy Jonathan Riddle
The Freshman class has just
recently elected officers for the
1973-1974 school year. These
r'cw officers, bringing with
ihem the enthusiasm of the class
fhey represent, hope to add
•resh ideas to the business of
^udent government at Mars Hill,
fhey are: Steve Yacobi, presi
dent; Benny Sprouse, vice-presi
dent; Patty Mills, secretary; and
Lillian Lightsey, treasurer.
Steve, a political science major
from Greenville, S. C., has hopes
of going to law school in the fu-
Tet, he also has goals for
he present, especially in regard
o the role Freshmen will play in
student government. First of all,
e hopes to be instrumental in the
oitg range idea of liberalizing
?ocial policies at Mars Hill. More
•rnportant though, his goal is to
Set Freshmen involved in student
has high hopes of attending
graduate school and becoming a
high school teacher. Brenda was
class president in high school and
has worked with several student
Due to the graduation of Frog
Howes, Rick West will undertake
the duties of Chief Justice after
the holiday break. Rick, a junior
and a biology major, is from
Marble, N. C. Rick has served as
a justice for three years. Rick,
himself feels that his past ex
perience will play a vital role as
he undergoes his new duties.
The Hilltop Staff, along with
the student body, extend to these
new officers the hardiest wishes
for success as they step into the
spot-light of leadership.
Rick West - Chief Justice
Brenda Hale - Secretary
elect new officers
government, believing that once
the spirit of cooperation starts in
the Freshman class it can continue
throughout the three succeeding
years at Mars Hill.
Benny, an accounting major
from Forest City, N. C., hopes to
further his education at the
seminary, eventually working
through the Southern Baptist
Convention’s financial services or
simply becoming a missionary.
Benny enjoys working with
people, as shown by his rank of
Eagle Scout, and hopes to play
an important part in helping the
Freshman class become a strong
unit in all phases of academic
and social life.
Patti, a political science major
from Fort Mill, S. C., has high
ambitions in the field of politics.
In fact, she hopes one day to be
come governor of her home state.
South Carolina. Patti knows no
strangers because she loves to
meet all sorts of people. Her goal,
as secretary is to help make it
known that there is a Freshman
class by helping all its members
get involved in student affairs.
Lillian, a double major in Art
and Home Economics from Green
wood, S. C., hopes someday to
become an interior decorator.
Lillian is a lover of people, truly
interested in all the members of
the Freshman class. Her goal, as
treasurer, is to help bring every
body closer together through
school spirit.
All these officers are concerned
about the wishes of the students
they represent. They are pledged
to making their government more
responsive to those wishes and
more effective as an instrument
of progressive change on the
campus. The staff of the Hill
top welcomes them.
When You Wish Upon a Star
Marcia Cope
So far in this century, there
“''e been very few spectacular
^oniets. Comet Kohautek, of-
ically called 1973F, will be cross-
"8 the earths’ orbit during the
^nstmas season. Scientists
ready know a considerable
^Wount about Kohoutek and its
nuiy. -phe comentary nucleus
li ®*'*rially alot of frozen gas, a
Water, possibly some complex
ydrocarbons, but mostly methane
rn 1, with small bits of
r:k and dust. Combined, the
eus is probably only a few
' across and weighs, perhaps,
® trillion tons.
Generally, these big space
int^ hang together in
V space about midway
Q "'een our sun and Alpha
^ntauri, recently named Oorts
to°K^ Since Oort doesn’t seem
sid ^ anywhere, it is con-
cb awhile, one of the icy
and f ^ cloud
falls towards the sun. Solar
radiation melts the ice, liberating
the frozen dust and hydrogen
gas which the solar wind blows
backward forming the bright
tail, millions of miles long.
Kohautek will make its closest
approach to the earth on Januaiy
15. The best viewing time will
be January 10-20. Until New
Years, Kohoutek can be seen near
the horizon in the southeast sky
before dawn; then in the west
near the horizon after sunset.
Kohoutek provides a host of
interpretations on almost every
Susan Perry - Treasurer
Exam Schedule
Dec. 11
Dec. 12
Dec. 13
Dec. 14
Dec. 15
Dorms close at
SGA Senate Report
By Valerie McNabb
The regularly scheduled senate
meeting was called to order by
Vice President Ken Chamber.
Treasurer, Susan Perry led in
David Robinson, Senior class
senator, brought up a point
recommended to him by one of
his constituents. He suggested
that the senate recommend to the
administration that the original
exam schedule be moved back
one day. This was recommended
due to the recent gas shortage in
light of students with Sat. after
noon exams. This suggestion was
sent to the administration and
Larry Pike is good-looking,
intelligent well-behaved, wonder
fully considerate and well-
mannered. This motion failed
Class allotments in the pro
posed budget were distributed
accorduig to the number of stu
dents at $1.50 each per class.
The Senate wants your involve
ment in SGA. Let your oppinion
be heard by voicing your views to
your class senators.
Proposed Budget for S.G.A.
Received: SGA Dues
1406 Students at S4.00 each
Class Allotment:
1406 students at $1.50 each
287 Seniors $430.50
306 Juniors $459.00
350 Sophomores $525.00
463 Freshman $694.50
Officer Scholarships: $200.00
President $100.00
V. Pres. $100.00
Publications: $750.00
Operating Expenses: $2,565.00
Total Budget $5,624.00
Respectfully submitted
Susan Perry
S.G.A. Treasurer
level. It has been labeled with
religio - metaphipic connotations -
being our closest replay of the
star of Bethlehem in recent times,
to premonitions of some sort of
doom. Premonitions aside, if
the tail formation proceeds as
hopefully expected, it should be a
spectacular entrance into 1974.
Scientists estimate that comet
Kohoutek is on a clearly parabolic
orbit that will not bring it back for
at least ten thousand years. Look
closely then, it could be the last
unmolested comet in this century.
GKAPiyJQ rGm lasHr ncv/. "

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