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With the passage by the faculty of a
Proposal for an academic appeals
Procedure, Mars Hill College has once
PQain broken new ground in the area of
^fudent rights. The proposal was the
Culmination of over a year and a half’s
'*'ork by the faculty, administration,
Prid students. The Plans and Policies
Committee including Dr. Mary Ihrig
(chairperson). Dr. Jim Lenburg, Dr.
parley Joiley, Dr. Katherine Macoy,
Or. Frank Quick, Donna Robertson,
•^athy Maynard, and Emily Caldwell,
*ried to synthesize opinions from all
Segments of the college community into
P recommendation that would repre-
p®nt the best interests of aii those con
cerned. The debate was a long one,
fifty or sixty amendments being
ciebated before final passage. Some
faculty members objected to the appeals
Procedure altogether, for they said it
'yas a waste of valuable time and a
^mit to academic freedom, in the end,
however, the opposite view prevailed,
■host faculty members being convinced
that students should be able to
responsibly question their grades.
The academic appeals, according to
Kathy Maynard, is “a very solid docu
ment,” dealing quite specifically with
faculty and student rights, what may be
appealed, whose decisions may be ap
pealed, and the procedures for appeal.
However, according to the document,
“Only academic matters come under
these guidelines. Personnel matters
are handled by administrators: social
issues in student life go through Stu
dent Government Association judicial
procedures. Thus, the . . . document is
intended to clarify rights and respon
sibilities of faculty and students in the
academic areas of campus life.”
Should a student or an instructor
believe that he or she has verifiable
evidence for an appeal, an attempt
must first be made to resolve the issue
through informal procedures, such as
conferences between students and in
structors, or with the Academic Dean.
Should the formal approach become
necessary, the appeal must be initiated
in writing by the middle of the semester
Dr. Mary Ihrig discusses the new
academic appeals procedure with an
Interested student. (Photo by Kirk Hall)
following the alleged violation, and it
must specify the charges, summarize
the evidence, and request a hearing.
Both sides must be furnished with the
charges, and at the hearing, both must
be present and given the opportunity
to present their sides in detail. If the
affair comes to this final stage, a special
ly-formed Board of Academic Appeal
will judge the case, their ruling on the
issue to be in writing and to be final.
245 Recognized for Accomplishments
Showing academic accomplish-
["snts in their fields, two hundred and
Orty-five Mars Hill students have been
J®fed on the 1976 fall semester Dean’s
^onor List. To receive this honor,
■*iJdents must earn a quality point
^tio of 3.5 on a minimum of twelve
!®hiester hours and have no grade below
’ C. The following have met those
^'salifications: Jan Dirk Abbott,
'^arolyn Ruth Adams, Cheryl Ann Ald-
Celia Elizabeth Allen, Kim Maria
J|len, Rosemary Almond, Sharon
j'fh Anders, Cheryl Babbitt Anderson,
'!®rome Murphy Anderson, Lori Jo
^siderson, Richard Steven Anderson,
Robert L. Anderson, William Richard
/Siderson, Laurie Victoria Andrews,
^ha Diane Arp, Teresa Gail Atkins.
Timothy Martin Babb, Susan M. Ball,
^endy Mariette Balm, Mark Wilhelm
”9rbour, Angelia Bateman, Rex Marvin
K®st III, Jean Moleta Winston Bishop,
^®becca Cody Blankenship, Beverly
Bogart, Kurt Joseph Bomar, June
r'aine Brendle, Cynthia Lee Bridger,
^®bra Denise Bridges, Gary Leith
r'dgman, Richard Dodd Brooksbank,
j'hiy Joanna Brown, Linda Diane Brown,
K®linda Ann Brown, Rhonda Ann
b'Vant, Barbara Ella Buckner, Linda
b'srngardner, Aian Dwight Bunn, Carla
^'Jth Bunn, Patricia Leigh Burchette,
^'ssan Diane Burd, Carol Ann Byrd.
Teresa Allen Campbell, Craig Paui
^®nsler, Thomas DeVane Carr, Barbara
Carter, Lester Clegg Caudle III,
^^rin Ruth Christianson, Patti Sue
Haridge, Janet Lee Conneli, Albert
fj'^ssell Coram, Jamie Ann Cowan,
^brtis Lee Crouch, Connie Lynn Crowe,
Clifford Edward Cunningham.
Frederick Dean Dalrymple, Debra
Ann Davis, Robert Lyle Dean, Mark
Steven Denton, Doris Ballew Deyton,
Sharon Deyton, Michaei Stephen Dixon,
Charles Daniel Dockery, Jamie Claire
Doss, Margaret Elizabeth Doutt, Charles
David Dulaney.
Larry Craig Edmonds, Laura Kate
Edwards, Brenda Lynn Ennis, Carol
Ann Powell Evans, Joseph Odell Evans,
Donna Marie Everidge, Helen Louise
Farrar, John Patrick Ferre, Brenda
Fisher, Cynthia Sue Formyduval, Eliza
beth Falls Fortune, William Leland Fow
ler, Elizabeth Dianne Frye, Barbara
Ann Gilbert, Cynthia Ann Goss, Karen
Lynn Greene, Sharon Louise Greene,
William David Guice, Terry Layton
Kenneth David Hall, Nancy Lou Hall,
Brenda Kay Hamilton, Judy Echols
Harrington, Kay Harris, Rena Lea Har
ris, Diane Carol Harrity, Kevin Brian
Hartley, Debbie Hayes, Linda Hayes,
Claude Keith Head. Byron Lloyd Hedge
peth, James Walter Heine, Virginia
Caroi Hester, Michael Higgins, Stephen
Andrew High, Cynthia Gayle Hill,
Errol Seth Hill, Karen Leigh Hinton,
Thomas Russell Hinton, George Hol
land. Beverly Dawn Hollar. Christie
Patrice Holms, Carolyn Jean Holtkamp,
Judy Ann Houston, Vickie Susan Hoyle,
Joseph Scott Hughes, Barbara Lynne
Huneycutt, Roy Allen Hunt.
Susan Faith Israel, Christopher
Howard Jarrett, Harvey Wayne Jenkins,
Ramona Gale Grant Jordan, Susan
Aleta Jordan, Sharon Louise King,
Joseph Carroli Knight, Ursula Kunisch,
Marilyn Kunzweiler, Ruth Bennett
Labdon, Julie Lynn Lackey, Gloria Jean
Latta, Karen Ann Leal, Linda Letherwood,
Robert Bryan Ledbetter, Gerald James
Ledford, Rebecca Diane Ledford, Keith
James Leggett, Kathy Sue Livesay,
Patricia Ann McCauley, Michael Mc-
Courry, Geneva McCurry, Claudell
Brooks McKenzie, Dixie Marsha Mc
Kinney, Patricia Ann McKinney, Karen
Janet McKinney.
Susan Jeanine Maney, Mary Elizabeth
Marlowe, John Horne Marshall, Kath
ryn Louise Martin, Susan Elizabeth Mar
tin, Mary Kathryn Maynard, Elizabeth
Helen Meachum, Danny Lee Metcalf,
Larry Howard Miller, Patti Denise Mil
ler, John Charles Mitchell II, Suzanne
Conley Moore, Marc Stephen Mullinax,
Sandra Dean Murray, Roger Harrison
Myers, Gary Alan Nance, Oleta Nelms,
Sandra Jean Nester, Kenneth Delane
Overcash, Janice Lynn Owens.
Lucille Pack, Barney Rufus Pannell,
Paula Fran Parham, Debra Lucille Parks,
Beverly Ann Parrish, Mary Lucille Pat
terson, Sharon Lorraine Peek, Salley
Dee Phillips, Mary Jane Pickens, Tina
Pippin, Barbara Poole, Robert Pritchard,
Linda June Pruitt.
Betty Jane Ramsey, Frank Ramsey,
Paula Lynn Ramsey, Waverly Reddish,
Sharon Renea Reed, Don Hugh Renfro
Jr., Jonathan Wayne Riddle, Charles
Lynn Robinson, Linda Kay Robinson,
Michael Lloyd Robinson, Rebecca Faye
Robinson, Robin Lois Rodgers, Anne
Bennett Rogers, William Kyle Rogers,
Jon David Rountree, Mildred Ruth
Towland, Mary Anne Rutherford, David
Philip Rutledge.
Ronald Edward Sawyer, Sharon Elise
Scales, Sharon McClellan Shook, Martha
Brinkley Singleton, Michael Randy
Albert Long
To Visit
It’s Happening on the Mars Hiil Col
lege campus February 21-23 when the
college chapter of the Fellowship of
Christian Athletes will sponsor Happen
ing ’77. The three-night revival will
be held in Moore Auditorium, beginning
at 7:30 each night.
This year’s guest spfeaker is Albert
Long, a supporter of national F.C.A.
chapters. A life long resident of Dur
ham, N.C., Mr. Long is a graduate of
the University of North Carolina —
Chapel Hill where he participated in
varsity sports. He has the distinction of
being one of two men in Carolina his
tory to obtain letters in four major
sports. After graduation, Mr. Long
became a successful insurance execu
tive before he feit led into full-time
evangelistic work. Since that time he
has spoken at high schools, colleges
and churches nation-wide. Because of
his avid interest in sports, Mr. Long has
become a much sought after speaker
for athletic and F.C.A. organizations
and on several occasions has conducted
pre-game devotionals for national foot
ball teams.
Coming with Albert Long will be four
members of his evangelistic team.
These include Randy Atcheson, a
graduate of Julliard Music Schooi, who
will provide the services with music:
Lester Matte, a karate expert with a
black belt standing: Donna Stephenson,
a singer with the New York Metropolitan
Opera: and Debbie Bingham, a former
Miss Congeniality in the Miss North
Carolina beauty pageant. Also partici
pating in the services will be the Chris
tian Student Movement Choir — a volun
teer, student-oriented ensemble.
Sitton, Tom Gresham Small, John Luther
Snell, Amy Berry Snipes, Sabra Louise
Sprinkle, Barbara Flowrine Starnes,
Arlan Lee St. Clair, Mary Jeqn Stines,
Ray Clifford Strickland, Glenna Sue
Sturgill, John Mark Sutherlin.
Janice Elizabeth Taylor, Thomas
David Tedford, John Cameron Terry,
Barbara Carroll Thomas, Betty Thomas,
Charlotte Marie Tiencken, Betty Tipton,
To Shek-Cheung, Debra Lynn Todd,
Mary Kathryn Tomblin, John Charles
Trammel, Ronald Gene Trammel,
Jeffery Allen Treadway, Donna Louise
Turnipseed, Peggy Walden Underwood,
Roger Dale Underwood, Sara Catherine
Underwood, Karen Kim Vereen, Sarah
Martha Vickery, Susan Rebecca Vickery.
Kathy Lou Waldroup, Keith William
Walker, Marsha Holmes Walker, Nancy
Morgan Walker, Jimmy Wallace, Cleo
Morris Ward III, Robert Gregory Wein-
spach, Linda Karen Welis, Susan Jean
Wenkstern, Deborah Carol Wheeler,
Leslie Renne Whitaker, Michael Daniel
Whittener, Margaret Elizabeth Whit
mire, Virginia Caroline Wiggins,
Amanda Caudia Williams, Rilla Marie
Williamson, Jeanne Eiizabeth Wood,
Judy Young, and Cindy Marie Zoll.

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