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The Panama Canal has been in heated discussion in the media
today. Many American citizens have expressed concern over our
image if we follow President Carter’s decision. If we are to ever
gain the respect of other countries, we must first allow them to be
independent, running their own cities and waterways.
Several leaders, such as former Governor of California, Ronald
Reagan are seeking to block the treaty Senate ratification. They
feel that this would lose our respect from other foreign countries.
The other conservative opponents also fear that Communists could
seize control or that the Panamanians would seize control before the
year 2,000 and refuse the U. S. use of the canal.
We are, however, going to supply economic aid and canal
defenses to Panama. This would assure of us of an open canal.
We must allow the treaty to pass in order to keep our relations
healthy with other nations. President Carter sees this as a test of the
“character and will of the American people to do what is right, de
cent and fair, to treat other nations with respect and at the same time
to enhance the security and wellbeing of our own people.’’
We preach democracy and then practice imperialism. We must
keep our promises to other countries and allow them to practice the
freedom we so cherish.
Letters to the Editors
Fellow Students,
A few weeks into the semester brings
with it a feeling of permanence and the
comforting adjustment to college life.
I trust that you are on your way in a-
chieving the goals you have set for
Your S.G.A. is once again engaged in
being your voice and providing service
for our campus. Also, once again the
S.G.A. is providing legal assistance for
students. Bill Barnes, Attorney in
Weaverville, will be on our campus the
last Wed. of each month (from 2-5:00)
to provide free service for any student
seeking legal advice. All people inter
ested may contact the S.G.A. office at
689-1254, or drop by the S.G.A. office
suite located on the third floor of the
Wren College Union.
Career Day, which offers students the
opportunity to consult with profession
als in their major, is scheduled No
vember 2nd in the Wren College Union
Lounge. Also, we still have a few of the
older refrigerators: anyone interested
in renting one of these may contact the
S.G.A. office. The rent is $25.00 plus
a $5.00 deposit.
A few students from our campus will
be representing M.H.C. at the Fourth
Annual National Conference on Student
Legal Rights in Kansas City, Missouri
during October 14-16. This Conference
will give us the opportunity to discuss
with fellow collegians, progress in the
area of student's legal rights in schools
over America.
If any of you have a problem or would
just like to talk, please feel free and
welcome to drop by the S.G.A. office.
I am usually in from 3-5:00 each after
that he did not recommend that the
movie be shown because of “reper
cussions” that the Board would not
prefer to handle. The members then
voted in favor of Dr. Gehring’s recom
I am one student who appreciates
The Exorcist for being a well written
horror story. I saw it as a battle be
tween theories of medical science and
theories of the Catholic Church. I agree
that the movie is explicit and may not be
sutiable for some eyes that reside in
Edna Moore, but I could not find any
requirement in the catalogue (if you can
believe that there is something in the
competency curriculum that you are not
required to take) that states that one
must attend the movie.
But speaking of explicit movies, you
can enjoy Clockwork Orange October
4, at 8:15 in Moore Auditorium. It
makes The Exorcist seem like Captain
Kangaroo. (Sorry Captain).
Then keep in mind that The Outlaw
Josey Wales brings to life more violence
and blood than both of those movies
combined. I am not against showing
any of these pictures. I feel that we
should present the best, but if we con
tinue to object to all material that may
cause repercussions, we may find our
selves with a schedule like this;
In Retrospect
by Wright Culpepper
swallowing half of the Atlantic Oce^®
as soon as I hit the water. I was scare'
As the boat sped out towards the At
lantic, I felt the adrenaline begin to
flow through my body. This was my
first time in the Bahamas and, likewise,
my first time to snorkel. The combina
tion of apprehension and excitement
sent a lump into my throat that I had
never felt before.
Just as the boat stopped, I looked at
the water, and saw how magnificent
it all was. The different shades of blue
and green appeared as if God had as
sembled a giant puzzle that reached
for miles amd miles. I thanked Him for
the beauty of it all, and began to pre
pare for the dive.
After donning my flippers, mask, and
snorkel, I sat down on the side of the
boat and stared at the clear blue water.
I knew not what awaited me in the
waters of the deep. I envisioned myself
I took a deep breath and flipped
wards off the boat. I saw rock forms
ions that stretched out for miles. T*’.
tropical fish gave me the sensation tns.
li j
I was in a giant aquarium. I wat*-- ^
them as they appeared to play “hide
seek” and “tag” among the coral-
saw so many things that I had neve^
dreamed even existed. I did not waS
to leave.
... As my friends and I were rid
back to the house, I thought how aim'
lar this day was to the Christian
So many times we feel satisfied with th
things around us. We feel as if we kno
everything. However, there is so md
more that God wants us to experied*' j
We do not know half of the things th
are around us. There is only one
we can take hold of the wonder of * ^
Christian Life— we must dare to
little deeper.
Steve Webb
S.G.A. President
Sept. 11 -Bambi
Sept. 18 - Willie Wonka and the Choco
late Factory
Sept.25 -Lassie Come Home (Freshmen
not allowed)
-The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
-Robinson Crusoe on Mars
-The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
(Faculty only)
Nov. 13 -H. R. Pufnstuf
Then towards the end-of the semester
we can quit worrying about reper
Oct. 2
Oct. 9
Oct. 30
Nov. 6
Dear Editors,
Dean Gehring led the way to the can
cellation of the October 2 showing of
the Academy Award winning movie The
Exorcist. In a meeting of the Wren Col
lege Union Board, Dean Gehring said
Nov. 20 -That Darn Cat
Dec. 4 -Flipper
Dec. 11 -Jesse/ames Meets Franken-
steins Daughter
Thank You,
Bobby Burnette
Associate Editor
Sports Editor
Member of the
Debbie Cla*'^
Janice Tayl®*
Bonnie Sha'^
Wright Culpepper, Cn
Cunningham, Trudy Goodria '
Phillip Ray, Lehman Stiles, 0®
Swan, Robin Turl®y
Cheryl Aldridge, Mark Barbo^^
Dale Blevins, Melia*^^
Brown, Donna Enochs, Sat®
LeFever, Ellen Peterson, Phy^'
Sledge, Linda VanderBroc '
Nancy Whi*.'
Kirk Hall, Sam Tuns‘®‘'
John H. Campbell')
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