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    Page Two, The HILLTOP Wednesday, November 5, 1986
A Man’s Column
by Mike Maschenik
Staff Writer
MAN (man) N. 1 One having pro
nounced masculing traits and virtues.
This being the third column some
may still ponder the baffling ques
tion. Am I a man? Well don’t slam
your face into a brick wall. I have
made things easier by giving you this
manly quiz.
1. What kind of manly breakfast
would you like to wake up to?
A. Fresh Fruit
B. Oatmeal
C. Fruit Loops
D. A slap of beef so bloody that
the moo is still in it.
4. What’s manly patio decor?
(something the neighbors can enjoy)
A. Pretty roses
B. Any flower that’s pink
C. Posion Ivy
D. A pink vase
5. If someone picked you up by the
front of your shirt, you would?
A. Apologize for being so heavy
B. Thank the man for cracking
you back
C. Return the favor by punching
him in the midsection
D. Cry
‘What Would You Do If?”
2. What’s a manly game?
A. Checkers
B. Hopscotch
C. Badminton
D. Ice Hockey
3. Who’s the manly star?
A. Mr. Green Jeans
B. Rambo
C. Mr. Rogers
D. Richard Simmons
6. If you want to be more of a man,
you should?
A. Start to wear makeup
B. Read this column every issue
C. Pick flowers
D. Put lotion on your hands
The answers are; D,D,B,C,C,B.
(0) Welcome to the club
(1-2) Close, but keep reading this
(3-4) Read more Conan Books
(4-6) Consider a sex change
.... John Anderson
Katherine Mann
.... Chris Chandler
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Lu Goodrum
Gerry Girard
Roger Whitner
Merry Burgess
Ed Hix
Mike Maschenik
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Jon Diego
Carrie Smith
; Cal Coniff
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Pam Megathlin
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Mike Maschenik
.... John Campbell
Letter To The Editoi
On December 15th, 1791 the first Ten
Amendments to the Constitution were
ratified. They are known as the Bill of
Rights. Over the past 195 years the validity
and soundness of these Ten Amendments
have continuously been challenged. These
amendments, including the Fourth
Amendment guarantee us our rights as
citizens of the United States.
Approximately two weeks ago an inci
dent took place on Mars Hill College cam
pus which in my mind questions the validi
ty of the Fourth Amendment in relation to
the code of student conduct, and the
dominancy of the school administration.
The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Con-
sitution guarantees to all citizens the right
to be secure in their persons, houses,
papers, and effects against unreasonable
searches and seizures; It also guarantees
that warrants shall be issued only upon
probable cause, that a particular crime has
been committed. This incident
concerns a student whose room was sear
ched. The student was not foretold that the
search would take place, nor was he pre
sent during the search. According to the
Constitution of the United States, and the
Code of Student Conduct of Mars Hill
College, the actions taken by those'
members of the administration were not
only a violation of a man’s rights as an
American citizen but also an obstruction
of justice.
First of all under the Fourth Amend
ment, students have a right to be free from
unreasonable searches and seizures
because they do not forfeit their constitu
tional rights merely because they are atten
ding school. Yes, even though the Supreme
Court has declined to rule on the validity
of searches and seizures made by school
officals, the acting persons in pursuit must
have probable cause.
What is probable cause?
Probable cause cannot be established
rumor alone. It must be based upon fa
and circumstances that justify the belie*
a law enforcement officer that a crimed
been committed or that incriminati)
evidence might be discovered. An S
formers tip must provide a description^ OVI
Staff. Writer
the criminal activity in adequate detail j
many cases, including the situation
discussed, I do not feel that probable by Terry Bro
was present. I believe that within the M)-
Hill College community, probable caus*
based on hearsay evidence, prejudice^
the “old school” concept of setting an*
Secondly, under the Code of Stud*
Conduct, and I quote, “Every reason®
effort will be made to have an offici®
the Student Government Association P* recognitic
■ •■“‘super --
sent when searches are conducted and
ensure that the student whose room •** ^^-Obeginni
The original
‘ueMars Hill fc
■■ualized that i
There is a nai
’’"ud the Lion
athlete is
ensure mai me siuucm -wnosc iuun* - - ucgmm
ing search is also present.” This policy* shoulder tha
violated. f‘"^t Carson-
The key words of the Mars Hill Con* sv a strong, c
Search Policy are every effort and enf of the
The Thornolike Barnhart definition of ^sical educati
word ensure states; 1 Make sure or ceh® J'®!. but the ii
2 Make sure of getting; secure once ag^ ^ur in profe
John Doe was not present during ' ^ Renting abi
search. However, the accused was iu *,L?^uds on how
cessible reach. If the member of ho
>us^^.'^urrent sea
had played by their own rules, they *
have easily waited until the accused ’j 'ud with a v^
available. They did not. Jaho'f
I realize that as a student entering , *uel that sd
Hill College agrees to abide by the
the Student Handbook. But what I
understand is why the people who P‘>shment.’
Now why didn’t I think of that! For
those readers who are too young to
remember hippies, it should be told that
the word “hippie”, where peace is con
cerned, is positive. Those who were
teenagers and young adults during the
hippie era know that hippie friends: wore
way-out clothes that more than adequate
ly coverd their nakedness; wore flowers in
their hair (even the most masculine);
spoke freely of love; lived in peace with
each other; and sought a higher value
system for America than the one where
money rules supreme.
If I ever have problems, that I cannot
handle, on the Mars Hill College campus,
which is historically unlikely, I will call
one of my hippie friends to my rescue. I
still prefer banquets over bullets.
Sue Wright Barron
UllUClMOiiu rMfOrh 1 **■
the rules do not abide by them. The year a
conducted by the housing staff
unlawful. Once again, the accused was other teams
granted justice. ^ homecom
In closing, I would like to make it
that my intentions in writing this artid^ij^ ' ^ayne See
not to merely attack and claw at the ^'Uod in fi
of the administration, but to addres5,|^^^l homecor
unresolved conflict that exists in this ooi
try concerning the Fourth Amendmeal that it
students rights. For example, accordii* ^ Hos6 of F
the Fourth Amendment, an individU'-^^^Vne Scott
afforded protection against unreasoi’^Jtij^ ® to play
searches and seizures anywhere he
has a reasonable expectation of ® the
This includes hospital rooms, uui - —
include a dormitory room? Even have the
But *hat I wa:
Supreme Court is uncertain of this. I **^ctly whj
fbi? J^mightiyb
it is about time that as students of *hightiy b
education and citizens of the tJi* Pattoi
States, that we examine our right* from th
simply for ourselves and our children^
in the name of the morals and princip'^
which mankind survives.
David Meier
no 1
will Pi
Wji] ® the doct(
Mathematics in Raleigh on October 1 the
The award recognizes the outstandi^ ^|^bered;
achievement of college/universitl
students in Mathematics Education.
1ot7°®fed as
'Od ct
% ^ in th
Archie has a degree in Psychqlogy- ^^nuld be
served as Assistant Manager of BoO** Was conve
Archie E. Benton received a Cer
tificate of Commendation at the Six
teenth Annual Conference of the North
Carolina Council of Teachers of
C Hill has
Store/Textbooks before resigning -*»• nas
work toward a major in mathemati**j de^j^i^'^nship
His present aim is to become a teacher
mathematics in the Secondary School*’
to tl

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