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by Dragon Djukic
The leaders of Mars Hill College have
always tried to attract students and faculty of
diverse backgrounds to come and help make
everyone’s stay here a greater learning
experience. Such heterogeneity of the
population benefits all who are exposed to it.
This summer, Dr. Kathleen Donald, a
Mars Hill College professor of
psychology, swapped teaching
positions with Mrs. Gwenda Schreiber
from Australia for the duration of the
Fall 1994 semester. This switch is part
of a college faculty exchange program
similar to the student exchange
Professor Schreiber taught
psychology at the University of
Newcastle in the state of New South
Wales in Australia, where Dr.
Kathleen Donald is now teaching.
This is a state university offering the
highest degrees in various fields of
study. The University of Newcastle is
attended by approximately 16,000
students. Academically, it is
considered a highly competitive
institution of higher learning.
Professor Schreiber, a native of
Australia, received a four-year
psychology degree with honors, ^ter
which she proceeded to get her
post-graduate degree in counseling.
She further explored the science of
psychology in England, where she
received a Master’s of Science degree
in health psychology.
Recently, Schreiber submitted her
doctorate study for evaluation by an
international committee of ex|jerts in her area
of study. She spent five years resecU'ching the
subject. She has special interests in
adolescent, health, and family psychology, as
well as therapeutic applications.
Schreiber also has a private, part-time
therapeutic practice in Newcastle.
Australian college professors are allowed to
hold jobs other than teaching as long as that
job does not interfere with teaching.
Schreiber believes that her occupation as a
therapist has been an advantage to her
teaching of psychology; the practice
The Mars Hill College Lions stunned the Carson
Newman Eagles, ranked 10th nationally, 36-32 in
the most exciting game of the year Saturday in
Meares Stadium. The Lions had not beaten their
Tennessee opponents since 1989 and had not beat
en them at home since 1980. CN had leads of 25-
14 and 32-22 in the fourth quarter but the Lions
refused to quit. The game seemed over in the
fourth quarter when Craig Bost kicked a perfect
on-side kick which was recovered by Pat
McCarver. On the final drive, the Lions had to
convert two fourth down plays before QB
Abernathy pitched left to Gerald Wright who
scored the winning TD. A two-point conversion
was also successful. The Lions are now third in the
SAC, behind Lenoir Rhyne and Carson Newman.
compliments her academic background.
Schreiber is married and has two
children. Her son remained in Australia, but
her husband and daughter are accompan3ing
her during her six-month stay in the U.S. Mr.
Schreiber temporarily works fora local
company as an architect. Mrs. Schreiber is
studying fine arts at Mars Hill and
The Schreiber family are enjoying their
stay in the U.S. They have visited this country
before, as well as having been exposed to the
American culture in Australia, but actually
living here has helped them understand the
culture much better. They spend much
time sightseeing, hiking, and camping.
The Southern Appalachian landscapes
are quite different from those of eastern
coastal Australia. Professor Schreiber
finds the change of fall foliage fascinating.
Schreiber is also learning a great deal
teaching at Mars Hill. Teaching methods
in Australia are very similar to those in the
U.S. The students here are giving her
additional insiglits into the American
culture. She is impressed by the amount
of support and attention the staff at Mars
Hill give to the students. This is not the
case at large universities such as the one
where she regularly teaches. Schreiber
also thinks that, for its size, MHC offers a
wide variety of extracurricular activities.
She was amused by the first home
football game. The players’ uniforms and
equipment were especially interesting to
her. Schreiber admits that next time she
will need an interpreter to explain the rules
of the game to her. She is more familiar
with baseball, which has recently gained
popularity in Australia.
So far. Professor Schreiber has
enjoyed her stay at Mars Hill, and is
looking forward to learning more in the
next three months. This visit to the U.S. is
contributing both to her professional and
personal knowledge. She highly
recommends travel and exchange programs
as a good way to expand one’s horizons.
Vol. 68,i»ue 1 Student Soufefi

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