n^B!nnnin!mH33aiarasisHSffi!KS2aaE3na®saaaa!i3!saaM| j 31 PER CENT | | Of Halifax County Population 1 IN THIS TOWNSHIP | ..... NUMBER 19. TO LET BRIDGE CONTRACT TUESDAY NEW LOCATION 900 FEET ABOVE PRESENT SITE WORK TO START IN SEPTEMBER Commission Promises Aid In Pavirttr to Pleas ant Hill The contract for the new bridge over the Roanoke River will be let at ten o’clock a. m., on August 26th. next Tuesday. Word was received by Mr. Jack De Lysle, Director of Publicity of the Atlantic Coastal Highway Association too late for publi cation in last week’s Herald. The letters u. as follows: NORTH CAROLINA STATE HIGHWAY COMMISSION Raleigh, N. C.f Aug. 15th, 1930. Project 1702 ilalifax-Northampton Counties. Subject: General data. Mr. Jack De Lysle, Director of Pub licity, Atlantic Coastal Highway As sociation, Wilmington, N. C., Dear Mr. De Lysle: I have read your letter of recent date but due to my absence from the city have been unable to reply to it before. I am sorry this information wont be received by you in time for incorporation in your story, which 1 presume was published yesterday. The letting for the new bridge at ltoanoke Rapids will take place at 10:00 a. m., on August 26 in this of fice. Proposals and plans have been sent to a number of contractors and 1 believe we will receive nice bids. On the new alignment, we will re quire a bridge ovqr the canal of the Virginia Eleetric and Power Company, together with the main river bridge. These bridges will be about 900 feet upstream from the existing river bridge. The bridge over the canal will have a length of 153 feet, con sisting of nine 17‘ spans. This struc ture will consist of ereosoted timber pile bents with, ereosoted timber su per-structure. The main river bridge has a length of 1262 feet. On the Roanoke end, there are three 17* ereo soted timber spans followed by six at 140* through truss steel spans, then 11 at 17* ereosoted timber spans, one at 120* through steel truss span, over the overflow channel, with three at 17* ereosoted timber spans at the far end. The ereosoted timber spans arc similar to those on the bridge over ! the canal. The through steel truss spans are on concrete piers and have a ereosoted timbed floor. The width of roadway between hub guards for both structures is 20 feet. Hoping this gives you the required information, and with very best wish- ; es, I am, Sincerely yours, John D. Waldrop, State Highway Engineer. The Herald, in discussing this mat ter with Mr. De Lysle learned that both Mr. John D. Waldrop, Chief En gineer and Mr. R. A. Doughton, Chair man of the State Highway Commis sion, had assured him that the build ing of the bridge would be rushed to a speedy conclusion after the letting. “Both of these gentlemen,” stated Mr. DeLysle, “assured me that they,would bend every effort to get these two bridges completed in record time and they further assured me that if it was possible to raise the money, the nine miles from Roanoke Rapids to Pleas ant Hill wouuld be paved.” “The Federal Government, con tinued Mr. De Lysle, “has stated that it is going to release $117,000,000.00 at once to relieve the depressing con ditions that exist in so many sections. I believe that a trip to Washington and a conference with the proper au thorities will get some aid from that quarter. At least it’s worth trying. If this aid is forthcoming it should be a comparatively simple matter to find some means of raising an equal amount from the State Highway Conv r.iission. Where there’s a will there's a way and I have great hopes that in come manner this may be accomplish ed. In my opinion the coming tourist season is going to be one of the larg w (Continued on back page) AD BRINGS LOST SPECS Local Merchant Goes In Swim ming With Glasses On And Loses Them Jack Weissner, proprietor of Weiss ner’s Shoe Store, at Rosemary, is a firm believer in advertising—especial ly newspaper advertising. On Friday, August 8, Mr. Weiss ner was at Virginia Beach, Va., visit ing Mrs. Weissner, who has been spending the summer there, and like most of the visitors at the beach, ho « answered the call of the roaring sea and went swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. After spending a few hours in the j water he decided he had enough of I swimming for the day and was at- , tempting to leave when a big, tempt- j ing wave came rolling toward the 1 shore. Mr. Weissner forgot all about his eye glasses he was wearing an-1 j jived into the wave. When he came out of the water his glasses were missing. A search was made, but j the glasses could not be found. Five days later Mrs. Weissner was reading the lost and found column in a newspaper and here eyes were at traetde to an ad telling of a pair of glasses being found, stating that if the owner would describe them, pay for the ad, they could recover them. Mr. Weissner was notified and Wed nesday he went to Virginia Beach, called at the home of the finder oi his glasses and recovered them. They were found near the Cavalier hotel, three miles from the Pinewood hotel, rear where they were lost. They were in perfect condition. The cost of the ad was 25c and the finder refused a re ward. And still some people don't believe in advertising. _i—i__ W F fCIMH VV « I-:* S7 f Y M F p A '! .1 W iL \1 l—i 1 •<. i i. Loc-ii Business Man Dies At Rosemary After Paralysis Attack Funeral services were held this af ternoon at 2:30 o’clock, for the late William E. King, 71 years of age, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. E. Morn 1 of Rosemary, whete he died suddenly Wednesday night about 9 o’clock following a stroke of paraly sis. Interment was made in the old King cemetery, near Thelma. The services were conducted by Rev. V. j if. Grantham, pastor of the Rosemary | Christian Church. Mr. King had been a resident of j Roanoke Rapids and Rosemary and j identified with the business life of j the Twin Cities for several years. At one time he conducted a blacksmith shop in Roanoke Rapids and until a few months ago was engaged in the mercantile business in Rosemary, operating a store- near the Brickell Motor Company. He is survived by the following: two sons, Paul and Robert of Rose mary; and four daughters, Mrs. V,7. E. Morris, Mrs. Jack Matthews, Mrs. Buck Taylor and Mrs. Brooks Baker. Elect Martin President Merchants Association j Alfred N. Martin, popular Rose mary druggist, was elected president of the Rosemary Merchant’s Associa tion at the regular annual election last week. This will be Mr. Martin’s second term as he was the first presi dent of that organization. He suc ceeds Frank Wilson of the Roanoke Hardware Co. Walter Crowder was 'elected secre tary of the Association and II. H. King, terasurer. Means of getting ad ditional members to pay the night watchman and other expenses was discussed, as was the formation of a credit association for the two towns. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Cullom and Miss Kate Hockaday, of Rosemary, motored to Little Washington and Greenville, Wednesday. TAX RELIEF BOARD HAS MEETING Halifax County Execu tive Committee Holds First Session The recently elected Executive Committee of the Halifax County Tax 'Relief Association held its first meeting in Halifax on Wednesday morning for the transaction of such business as the chairman deemed ex pedient. C. R. Emry of Rosemary, chairman of the Executive Committee, called the meeting to order and stated that it was time for the’ Association to have the services of the various com mitters which arc provided for in the by-laws of the A ; • elation. A motion •vas made .and carried that the Execu tive Committee be made to constitute the finance committee and the com mittee on economy and government. B. B. Everett of Palmyra, N. L. Stedman of Halifax and W. R. Ncvitl o? Heathsvide were elected as a com mittee on legislation. The newspaper editors of Halifax County were namde as a committee on publicity with J T. Madry of Scot land Neck, chairman. The Executive Committee passed a moti-m that Chairman Emry request the various county boards to allow a committee from the tax association to meet with the boards in their regu lar meetin, the committees to be ap pointed by Chairman Emry. A large committee on precinct or ganization was named to get the peti tions of the State Association signed. Chairmen of precinct committees who were absent at the meeting Wednes day are being asked to select their assistants in getting the petitions : : igned in their own precincts. The fol- ] lowing were named: TIobgood—R. C. Shields, chairman; W. P. White, and W. L. Bailey. Palmyra—B. B. Everett, chairman; C. N. Andrews, J. R. Stevenson, j Roseneath_T. R. Whitehead, chair man; It. P. Bradley, A. C. House. Ccrmcnara—J. E. Park:;, chairman; Tom 1 Banco •!;. J. E. Martin. Enfield—Waldo Whitaker, chair man. Ringwood—Hugh Bloomer, chair man; I). S. Moss. Bi;t«orwood- - 3. T. Thorne, chair man. Littleton—J. R. Wollett, ehi.jnnan. Roanoke Rapids No. 1—Wells I). Tillery, chairman. Roanoke Rapids No. 2— C. Id. Em vy, chairman; W. L. Manning. Hollister—W. J. Galloway, chair man. Fauectts—W. R. Nevill, chairman; W. C. Dickens. Halifax—Arthur Gregory, chair man; N. L. Stedman, John Bass. Weldon—H. V. Bounds, chairman; \Y. T. Whitehead, J. A. Johnson, Jr. A motion was carried that the oc cupation of the signers be listed by the names on the petitions. The Halifax Association voted to ten d$25 to the State Association as (Continued on back page) CHANGE IN LOCAL FIRM Celling Cleaning: Company Now Operated Tty Fuller and Fowler The Collins Cleaning and Dyeing Company, of Rosemary, made the an nouncement tins week that W. E. Ful V»r and H. M. Fowler had taken over the management of their plant and will operate it in the future. i John W. Collins who established the ■ ine business three years ago, coming! here from Williamsburg, Va.. and op- j crated it until last Monday, when the new managers took charge, will leave the first of the week for Henderson, N. C., where he will enter the laundry business. He recently closed a deal for the purchase of the Ideal Laundry there, it is understood. Both Mr. Fuller and Mr. Fowler are well known here and have had wide experience in the cleaning and dye ing business. Mr. Fuller has been as sociated with the Collins Company for the past two and a half years. Mr. Fowler has been connected with the firm for a few months. No other changes in the personnel of the firm has been made. G.N, TAYLOR MEW MAYOR To Fill Vacancy I-eft By Resig nation of Dr. Long—Kidd Commissioner George N. Taylor was chosen May or of Roanoke Rapids by tho Town Board of Commissioners at its regu lar monthly meeting this week. Mr. Taylor, who hns served several terms as Commissioner, has been acting Mayor since the resignation nf Mayor Long was accepted two months ago. C. T. Kidd, local contractor, was chosen by t!)e Board as Commissioner to fii! the vacancy left by Mr. Tay lor’s promotion. In the last city elect ion. Mr. Kidd was next high man in number of votes received Besides transacting routine busi ness, the Commissioners appropriated funds to put signboards at Pleasant Hill to direct traffic over Federal Highway 17-1 to Roanoke Rapids and Rosemary. A similar board will be placed on tho Littleton road leading j into Rosemary by the Rosemary Me.-- j chants Association. LEGION TO PLAY KIWANIS American Legion Circus At Simmaps Park September 3 The local -Legion '2ost has challeng ed the local Kiwaiw"* Chib to a base hull game to be •Wednesday. a&V ternoon, September 3. In addition to the game a Legion circus will be put on at Simmons Park, if plans work out. Business houses of the Twin Ci ties will be asked to close that af ternoon. Ned Manning was elected Post Com r\andcr of Damask Post 1-17. Ameri can Legion, at it; regular meeting and election of officers last Friday night. He succeeds George N. Taylor, first Commander of the new post which row has over seventy members and i striving for one hundred members by 1931. The important office of Service O' - ficer, which has been filled by Leon M. Hall for the past year, went , • j Carl Churchill. The importance of • this office war. shown in a report by i.VIr. Kali c£ the work he has done for {ex-service men during his tentrv j of office. lie has handled more tr. ’ *50,000 in insurance, disability, pen sion and hospitilization claims. All ex-service men who have any prob lems of this nature are urged to tufe them up with Mr. Churchill, who will be assirled in the work by Mr. Hall. Mr. Churchill can be found at the Rosemary postoffice where he is em ployed. Alfred N. Marten was reappointed i Post Adjutant and Curtis -C. Shell was reelected Finance Officer, as the de tail work of these offices is now fa miliar to these men. Tom Bush was elected 1st Vice Commander of the Post and Car roll Wilson 2nd Vic* Commander. W. J. Norwood was elected Post Chap lain and E. B. Reynolds, Sergeant-at Arms. A. N. Martin and J. C. Bissettc were chosen delegates to the State Convention at Winston-Salem with W. A. China and W. J. Norwood as alternates. The management of the Peoples Theatre gave n percentage of tickets sold to Damask Post of the American Legion for the picture “With Byrd at the South Pole,” which showed here Monday and Tuesday. Despite i the short notice, members of the Le gion and the'r friends were able to dispose of quite a few tickets and ihose who saw the picture were well repaid. It was a dramatic, epoch making film which was all the more entertaining because it was real and showed the cave, methodical attention, dangers, hardships of the Polar trip. It was a thrill not to be forgotten to sit in a theatre in Roanoke Rapids and actually fly with Byrd over the South Pole. Honors for ticket selling go to Mrs. acorpe Taylor, wife of the Post Com mander, who disposed of an even hun dred. The Post wishes to publicly thank the Peoples Theatre and those who purchased Legion tickets. I CONNECT New Substation Addi tion and Circuit Break er Here Completed The Virginia Electric and Power Company has just completed at a cost cf approximately $350,000, a physical connection with the power system of ; the Carolina Light and Power Com pany, at a point just out of Littleton, N. C. This interconnection is of 110, 000 volt construction and built cf the v/ood pole frame “H” design. It in cludes a substation addition and oil circuit breaker installation at Roa noke Rapids. The lire wire are aili n'i nun steel cored conductors. The line is al; oequipped with radio carrier current telephone equipment, located at Roanoke Rapids, to facili tate prompt exchange of power over • his interconnection in cases of em ergency, and otherwise. This interconnection with the sys tem of the Carolina Power and Light | Company, together with another through Rocky Mount, both of which j can be operated simultaneously, af fords sufficient capacity to relay any | one of the largest generating units chat might be out of service for re pairs or for any other reason. The company now operates similar interconnections with the Virginia Public Service Company's electric power system at Roanoke Rapids, N. C., and Occoquan, Va., near Alexan dria, these connections serving to in crease the reliability of electric ser vice on the Vepeo sycstem, as well as to effect economies in operation. To further facilitate the dispatching f*f electric power over its transmission system the company has just install ed at a cost of approximately $30,000 ladio carrier current telephone equip ment at its Hosier road sub-station, in Suffolk, and also at its Manchester substation in Richmond. This enables the system operator located at Richmond to talk by radio over the 110,000-volt transmission line as a carrier channel with the Suffolk sub-station and also the sub-station l i.V; nolle Rapid.:, X. ( ., or directly into the sub-rtatic.n of the Carolina i' wvr and. Light Company at II n t.1 u’son, X. C. i me < ana rover an: l in gin Gom j i'-riy is, in cum. connect..! through uiio carrier telephone cmnmurMua tion with the Appalachain system of ; tin American Gas and E.’v-trie Com ;p:m\, which has a private r:i:lh> te!e I shorn' system extending through to . ! vein lid. Oliio and Chicago.. lib. The C:r«)i:na Company can ah o commu nicate south as far as Coluinlmt, S. C. The company has also installed in its Suffolk sub-station metering equipment on the line leading cowards Roanoke Rapids with a graphic i'O corder, which shows the amount and direction of power flow through this line lend which also shoves voltage .-urges and their duration, as well as severity. These two meters are known as quick trip instruments, which at times when voltage surges greater than « pre determined amount, will show on a chart very accurately the amount of the surge, due to the fact that the chart is speeded up at the time icf surge, 3,60h times normal speed, so that one inth of 'chart rep resents one second of time, making the record of happenings so that they can | I.e visioualized even though their du-, ration is for a period much less than a second. -n— W. F. Joyner Honored j W. F. Joyner, Waldo Whittaker and | Newton Sheperd represented Halifax j County at 'Che N. C. Association of \ County Commissioners convention at Wrightsville Beach last week. Mr. Joyner, commissioner from. Roanoke Rapids township, was honored by the appointment as chairman of the Exe cutive committee of the Association. -n Former Pastor Here David F. Tyndall, Christian minister of Savannah, Ga., and a formre pastor tor of the Rosemary Christian Church will be a visitor in the Twin Cities Saturday and Sunday.and will preach in the morning and evening service 1 at the Christian Church Sunday. -n Mrs. Frank Horwitz is spending this ' week at Ocean View. I IE AT | New Business Manager Takes Takes Charge of Local Hos pital This Week A. W. Peace, of Fayetteville. N C.. brother of 3. T. Peace, president of the Roanoke Mills Company and the Roanoke Bank and Trust Company assumed the duties of business man ager of the Roanoke Rapids Hospital Monday. He succeeds W. L. Medlin. who has hold that position for sever? 1 months. Mr. Medlin, a resident of Roanoke Rapids, has accepted a posi tion with the Roanoke Mills Company and will be located at the company’, local offices at Mill No. 1. Mr. Peace has been a resident cf Fayetteville for the past 20 year--. For 1G years he has been engaged in tne real estate business there, and has been closely identified with the business life of that city. He expects to move liis family to Roanoke Rapids in the near future. Although he has not yet become very well acquainted with his new surroundings, Mr. Peace seems very favorably impressed with the Twin Cities and from his conversation it is gathered ho has much faith in the future of Roanoke Rapids and Rose mary. r—l ETHERIDGE AT BAKERY Former Owner Welcomed Back! To Focal Business Fold The New Bakery at Rosemary, war purchased from M. Iroe by D. W. Eth eridge. well Tc:v»\vrf Toeal bale.':’ the first of this week. Mr. Etheridge took charge of the business Tuesday, and the bakery v ill ho under the manage ment of Mrs. Etheridge who cnj'ys almost} the same distinction in the baking indu-ury as does her husband. Mr. Iroe, who came here from Wo. h mgton, D. <a few weeks ago and nurchased the bale y fr m Mr. Eth >-ridge, has nut mo da- known his piai. • lor the future. The repm.'.ti-vi ■ tb ■ Rtnevioges j as bakers is v. V. i. They came, to Roanoke I':.! - rd ui eight years < {•go and estuM! i eh a email bakery I | m Second S'. . . V:v- hu >.o?k ;;i ew , ■ ran idly, and a • years later they erected a new building at Rosemary | iihd moved^^^ffitHisiness tbereflfrom | ! - LocpI Tree Sitter Passes 500 Hoor Record Tomorrow Afternoon Andy Gump is still up there. Sit ting away in the big tree on the Ave nue between Coburn’s and Tillery'.: stores, Andy is out to make an a'l time record and now seems well on the road to victory.* He went up in the tree August firry and has been there now for three weeks lacking one day. At 6:30 this afternoon, the local tree sitter had been up in the air for 4S0 hours. To morrow at that time, he will have passed the 500 hour mark by four hours. Until recently, 500 hours was the record, but a report comes from Nor folk this week that a tree sitter is going into his fourth week now. How ever, Andy’s manager, Hubert Collins, will begin tomorrow afternoon claim ing a new record which will stand un til disputed. So far as is known, Andy has no intention of coming down yet. -D Messrs Elizabeth Williams and Eu genia Rook have returned from an extended visit in Elizabeth City. SENTENCE OF AGREE 5-10 YEARS ’-oral I.aw Violator?, are Deal? Wi*H Heavily At Court T/Ocsl lew violators felt the heavy hdnd of the law as sen tences were meted out in Hali fax Superior Court this week ranging from six months to ten years, with Raymond Acree, youthful rum runner, catching the top sentence of from 5 to 10 years in the State peniten tiary. Hinton Faison, pal of Acres,' received a two year sentence with a two year suspended pen itence to start when the first two ! years have been served, j Paul Massey who told on the [above two as well as himself, [coming clean with a confession .that included his own misdeeds, received a six months sentence. Joe Williams, who was out un der a suspended sentence and violated it by being caught drunk and in trouble again, was sentenced to nine months. Pick Skinner Malone, negro, who assaulted manager R. B. Purdy of the Eastern Carolina Service Corporation while in a drunken rage, received a total sentence of two years. Young Atree, who received the sen tence of from 5 to T^yoors. was found guilty of assault with a deadly wea pon with intent to kill. This ease was the outcome of his capture on the Avenue last month when officers sur rounded his car. which was found later ! lo contain 34 gallons of liquor. Aeree sprang from his car. gun in ! hand, and threatened the officers, par i th-.ularly Sheriff Fell, who was in 'hi.-.- ’v.'.h. When the smoke cleared ! • was on the ground shot jth; ugh tin leg. Two of the officers. Jin th. c.fired at Am. He was |i:i 1! i ' il for sever-.il weeks as | a result of the wound. j Tv.' ' years were added to his sentence growing out of liquor charges but these two years will run concurrently with the assault sen tence. Acres is said to have been the j • f i1. Fairway Filling Station. Y.,an Tn was in the car with ! Acrce ard he also faced other charges j prior to the capture. Faison almost * ny.Y y oJ 1 F ecape but was tackled . sheri f Ke t er as he cross led the d.Y.-h on the West side of the 'Avenue. He will serve two years and ‘after that ancthc-r two year sentence j bangs ovv-v hie head subject to his igcod behavior. Malone, better known here as Dick Skinner, and very well known since his drunken attack on Mr. Purdy last week, faced charges of assault and driving an auto while intoxicated. It was brought out this latter was his third offense of the kind. Ke receiv 'd guilty counts on both charges and was given a total sentence, of two years. The negro had become peeved at the manager and entered the office of the (ompany with a gun in his pocket. Mr. Purdy was seated at his desk wheir confronted by the negro who threaten^ «'d him with the gun and then struck I him. The negro escaped but was cap j cured later by Sheriff Bell after a j chase through the woods. Robert L. Harris Funeral Is Held This Afternoon Funeral services for the late Robert J" Harris, 75 years of age, whose death occured Wednesday night, about 7 o’clock, at the home of his son, W. F. Harris, on Jefferson street follow ing a Strok eof paralysis, Were con ducted by Rev. Fountain, pastor of the Weldon Baptist Church, from the Har ris home at 3:30 o’clock this after noon. Interment was made in Cedar wood cemetery. The deceased is sur vived by three duaghters, Mrs. Ethel Clary, Mrs. Mary Bateman and Min Pattie Harris of Hillsboroy and one con, W. E, Harris. ■St

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