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£>he Avenue
The Parent-Teachers Asso
ciation of Central School will
meet Wednesday, December
13th, at 3:30 o’clock. All par
ents are urged to attend.
There will be no Sunday movie,
the Parent Teachers Association
announces. This change of plans is
at the request of the Roanoke
Rapids Ministerial Association. The
PTA had voted for a charity show
some Sunday afternoon with all
the proceeds to go to a fund for
underpriviledged school children.
They will announce other plans for
raising funds later.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Johnson
announce the birth of a daugh
ter, Loretta Irene, Sunday,
December 3rd. Mother and
child are both doing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Istrieko an
nounce the engagement of their
daughter, Pearlie Elizabeth, to J.
Fleetwood Sullivan, of Roanoke
The Drama Club of Gaston
High School will present the
comedy “The Love Merger” on
Wednesday night, December
the thirteenth, at eight o’clock.
Everyone is cordially invited
to come.
The following boys and girls
who are off at school spent the
Thanksgiving holidays here with
relatives and friends: Misses Josie
Chase, Pauline Brewer, Margaret
Long, Elizabeth Joyner, Gladys
Steinburg, Margaret Dunning, Lil
lian Bell Jenkins, Rosa Heath
Long, Messrs Eugene Cannon,
Jimmie Beckwith, Cecil Pendleton,
John Ogletree, Edwin Akers.
There will be a piano reci
tal Tuesday night, December
12th in the High School Audi
torium at 8 o’clock, given by
the pupils of Miss Evangeline
The N. C. C. W. Club Alumni
Asociation will hold a subscrip
tion bridge party on Saturday
evening, December 9th, at the
Woman’s Club Building at 8 o’
clock. The charges will be 25c per
person or $1.00 per table, and
tables may be reserved by calling
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| WHO IS HE? |
From the hundreds of answers
to the questions asked on the hand
bills showing the Minstrel Man, the
following were picked for free
tickets to Minstrel at the High
School this Friday night:
Mrs. Betty Dixon, Mrs. C. L.
Massey, Mrs. John Humphrey,
Mrs. Ida V. Rook, Mrs. Bob Gums,
Mrs. E. W. Elmore, Mrs. E P.
Hyman, Mrs. Mary A. Elmore,
Mrs. H. E. Dobbins, Mrs. P. H.
Hall, Mrs. P. E. Allsbrook, Mrs.
W. T. Acree, Mrs. Florence
Wright, Mrs. J. E. Kirk and Mrs.
Carl F. Murray.
It happened all those winners
are women, but it also happened
that nine out of every ten' ans
wers were from women, and they
were just better than the fewer
men who sent in letters.
A ticket has been mailed to each
of these winners with the compli
ments of the Kiwanis Club.
Hamilton Phipps, 19-year-old
colored man of Fitzhugh, Va., died
in Roanoke Rapids Hospital Mon
day of blood-poisining which re
sulted from an old gunshot wound
received by him in September of
this year.
Phipps was employed by the
Camp Manufacturing Co., at
After two wekes of intense
rehearsals, Minstrel Fashion
Plates, the annual Kiwanis Club
show, is ready for the approval
of the Roanoke Rapids public on
this Friday night.
Under the personal direction of
Arnold E. Dunning of the Rogers
Producing Co., the caste of 100
persons is shaping up in profes
sional style. It has been hard work
but those in the show have given
untiringly of their time and ef
No one has worked harder than
Mrs. Clyde Martin, the accompan
ist, who has had rehearsals every
morning, afternoon and night for
two weeks and much of the credit
for the show is due her.
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The most attractive Christmas
house and yard in Roanoke Rapids
will be awarded a prize in a deco
rating contest being sponsored by
the Kiwanis Club.
The idea is to get more homes
decorated during Christmas week
in order to beautify the city and
spread Christmas cheer.
Appearance from the street will
be most keenly judged, with em
phasis on exterior decorating. New
and novel ideas, along inexpensive
lines, will be rated high.
A first prize will be given the
winner in the form of a beauti
ful seven cup electric Chrome
Percolator. Other attractive homes
will be given public honorable
Franklin, Va., at the time he was
shot. It appears that he tried to
force entry into the home of a
fellow colored-workman, and was
shot in the attempt. It could not
be learned whether proceedings
had been instigated against the
colored man who wounded him or
Minstrel Feature |
A surprise feature of the Kiwan
is Minstrel this Friday night will
be a Monologue by Billy Burke, of
Richmond, Va. Billy is an old
timer in professional vaudeville
and was once a partner of Free
man Gosden of “Amos ’n Andy”
After being visited by a delega
tion of twenty or more merchants
who operate their places of busi
ness on Sunday at the meeting of
the city council Wednesday after
noon, it was decided by the coun
cilmen to alter the Sunday clos
ing hours. Hereafter, all business
houses will be closed from 9 o’
clock until 12 in the morning, and
from 7 to 9 in the evening. This
rule will apply to all business
houses within the city limits,
whereas before restaurants, serv
ing actual meals, were excluded.
The Sunday closing has been
in effect here for some weeks. A
resolution from the ministerial
association was read, in which the
aldermen were commended on their
recent ordinance, and urged con
tinuance of the practice.
Two major building projects are
now under consideration by the
City council, and actual construc
tion work may start within a short
time on a city municipal building,
and from 10 to 12-miles of side
walk, it was learned after the
meeting of the city dads Wednes
day afternoon.
A rough sketch of the proposed
municipal building or city hall
was presented to the aldermen,
and although plans have been
under way for some time on this
project, it was not until Wednes
day afternoon’s meeting that de
velopments have looked favorable
enough for publication.
Most of the money for the new
building would be obtained from
the Public Works Administration,
and it was pointed out the city’s
share of the expense would be
more than offset by the rents be
ing paid at this time for various
offices of city government.
The proposed building will be a
two-story structure. In it will be
housed the fire department, the
sanitary district office, in fact,
all city offices. As planned, it
win cose not in excess oi $LO,lniu.
In addition to saving the city
money on rents now being paid
out, there would be an appreci
able saving to property owners
on fire insurance rates.
The building will be located a
bout half-way between the two
business sections of the city. In
order to get the minimum low
rate on fire insurance, it will be
necessary for it to be located not
more than three-quarters of a
mile from either business district.
Several lots are now under con
sideration on Jackson, Hamilton
Streets, or possibly the Avenue, in
the neighborhood of Sixth Ave
nue. It is thought the town will
encounter little difficulty in ob
taining a suitable building lot when
they are ready to go ahead with
the plans.
It is possible that ten or
twelve additional miles of side
walks will be constructed shortly,
and the councilmen are working
on the plans.
If built, most of the sidewalks
would be located on side-streets
leading into the Avenue, and cross
streets connecting walkways to the
school buildings.
By far, the majority of the
costs of this project would be
financed by the Civil Works Ad
ministration. Most of the costs in
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Minstrel Parade Friday Noon

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