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the north Carolina school of science and mathematics 1219 broad street, durham nc 27705 may 2003
Changes to Bryan Lobby
Christine Fang
I n 1954, Bryan lobby was
built as an addition to one
of Durham's hospitals
founded by philanthropist
George Washington Watts.
Watts cared for many patients
and earned an excellent repu
tation in the triangle area.
Watts hospital was construct
ed with the help of generous
grants from the Watts family.
George Watts Carr was the
architect of the brick addition
to the hospital which was
built for $2,577,000. Since
the dedication on December
20, 1953 the lobby has
remained essentially
unchanged over the years.
The dedication of Durham
County General Hospital on
October 3, 1976 marked the
end of the legacy of Watt's
Hospital when all of the in
patients were transferred to
the new facility. The lobby
remained dormant for four
years before the opening of
NCSSM in 1980. Currently,
in May of 2003, the building
is imdergoing its first large
scale renovation.
The citizens approved
3.2 million dollars on
November 2, 2000 for the
Higher Education Bond pro
gram designed for capital
improvements in North
Carolina's public schools.
Due to the fact that these
bonds were specifically des
ignated for improvement
projects, they could not be
used for expenditures else
where in the school. The
Bryan Lobby received a con
struction bid of 2.3 million
dollars which is $715,796
(24%) below the designer's
estimated construction costs,
and $124,000 (5%) under the
budgeted costs. With this
allotted amount, major
improvements to the electri
cal, mechanical and plumbing
systems, as well as major ren
ovations to the building itself,
are possible. The object is to
create something welcoming
and light similar to the main
entrance to the auditorium to
blend in with the Spanish
Eclectic architecture found
throughout the rest of the
school and the ETC.
During the time which
the Hospital was built,
asbestos was used in con-
seen with the naked eye.
Once inhaled, asbestos can
lead to a buildup of scar-like
tissue and eventual loss of
lung function. Due to these
risk factors, the renovation of
-cewa Ci.
cep«c« cut
SMttww ran I
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-y,- nect$^
wr CtXOKt
Peterson Associates
A 3-d view of the future Bryan Lobby area.
struction. Asbestos was used
in building materials because
of its resistance to heat and
corrosion. Asbestos fibers
can become airborne when
the materials containing it are
disturbed but they cannot be
Bryan lobby also involves the
safe removal of the hazardous
All of the offices in the
lobby are undergoing
improvements, while an
extension on the current
lobby is built to bring it clos
er to the curb. Designed to
have a series of curves and
turns, the aim is to create sev
eral smaller areas within the
lobby to accommodate stu
dents. An overhang from the
current lobby to the main
entrance of the auditorium is
also being constructed to
shield walking during
inclement weather. The cur
rent circle is also being
reshaped to promote better
traffic flow. Other additions
include a school store in place
of the former MFC office and
a coffee bar in place of the
magazines in the library.
The projected date to
finish the project is January
31st of 2004; however, few
actually expect the construc
tion to be completed by this
date. The construction affects
not only the appearance of
Bryan lobby but also the resi
dents of Second Bryan. The
Bryan renovations are yet
another chapter in the history
of Watts hospital.
Presidential Speech
Vice-Presidential Speech
Jeff Sibrack
To the student body:
I am your new president.
My name is Jeff Sibrack
(See-Brack). Thanks to
everyone who voted. The new
Student Government and I are
very excited about next year.
As a group, we are finally
beginning to get to know one
another, and we are beginning
to see some interesting things
Our focus is to keep SGA
from seeming like an elite and
distant body from the rest of
the students. This year, I
believe that many times when
SGA felt strongly about an
issue and began to discuss it
with administration, the rest of
the students were unaware and
unsupportive. I think this was
very counterproductive and
really stopped a lot of the
changes we wanted from tak
ing place. I believe the lack of
productivity was due to lack
Dane Emmerling
of communication on the part
of SGA and probably a lack of
trust from the student body. I
worry that this lack of trust
may have been due to more
personal reasons than an over
all concern for the benefit of
our community. The chal
lenge for me next year will be
to put personal issues behind
us and examine issues from a
jjerspective that will benefit
everyone. I hope that the rest
of SGA and I will be trusted to
uphold this ideal. As I am
already learning this year, this
means I will have to sacrifice
certain things to insure I will
represent our school well.
At this point we have nine
of the twenty five elected
members of next year's
Student Government. As
president, I could not ask for a
better group. We have five
males and four females, who 1
think represent every faction
of our school. This year the
lack of representation in SGA
from the Hunt Dormitory was
a constant source of com
plaint, but this does not appear
to be a problem for next year
with Justin Fleming and
Kamil Faridi dedicated to
Hunt. After much struggling,
I decided to live on 1st Hill
next year, but Hunt boys
should not worry about me
selling out. This was a com-
See President
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Justin Fleming
H i. Everyone here
tonight? Let me take
attendance. Raise
your hand if you're not here.
Pause> Oh, great. All right,
well, everyone else is here to
decide whether or not this will
all be just a popularity contest.
Right now, every last one of
you has had a friend or
acquaintance come up to you
saying, "Oh, yeah, you're
gonna vote for me, right?"
Half of you have already
decided who you're going to
vote for, and have no interest
at all in what the rest of us
have to say. Pause> If
you're not one of those people,
my name is Justin Fleming.
I'm up here tonight so that
you can judge me, to decide
whether or not you want me as
part of a group that will be
your voice and your power
with the administration next
year at Science and Math. A
lot of you don't know me, so
these five minutes we have
together are pretty much it.
While I'm up here, I have to
answer one question, for those
people who haven't had their
minds made up for them by
peer pressure. That question
Dane Emmerling
Vice President
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