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december 2005
the stentorian I ncssm
Unicorns’ mysterious
history revealed
: Hamhf.n
U nicorns are a thing of
mystery, magic, and fas-
cinatioa Understanding these
. magnificent creatures is not
only important, but also funda
mental knowledge that anyone
who bears it as their mascot
should imderstand.
The first written account
of the Unicorn is thanks to
the Greek historian, Ctesia,
around 400 BC. Its description
was strange, saying
it had the body of
a horse, head of
a deer, tail of
a lion, and the
feet of a goat.
It also had blue
eyes, a purple head,
and its horn was 1
V2 feet, white at the
base, black in the middle, and
red at the tip. It was described
as being a very fast and power
ful mnner.
In Asia, the Unicornis known
as Ki-Lin, and is considered a
great omen of things to come.
Ki-Lin would appear near the
time of birth of a great and
powerful person or leader, and
was seen when Confucius was
bom Ki-Lin has been a major
part of Chinese mythology, as
one of the four auspicious
animals, the other
three being
the drag
on, phoe
nix, and
The K>
Lin was
a cross
between a lion and a dragon,
and had his horn growing back
wards, instead of forwards.
The horn of the Unicorn
holds magical properties, such
as curing diseases. It could also
neutralize poisons, so many
royal families had goblets made
from the Unicorn’s horn. The
oidy way to catch a
Unicom, would for a
young woman virgin
to go into the for
est, and sit
under a
tree. The
craves purity, would
come up and sit its
head upon her
lap. Poachers
and hunters
would use
young wom
en as bait for
Unicom, and spring out and cut
off his horn once he came. Of
course, if the woman wasn’t re
ally a virgin, the Unicom would
tear her apart.
The Unicorn appeared 9
times in the King James Version
of the Bible, once saying that
God had the strength of a Uni
corn. Unicorns can appear with
Pegasus wings too, in which it
is called an Alicorn,, or even
with leathery demon wings.
Although the Unicorn usually
travels alone, a group of them
is called a Blessing.
the north Carolina school of science & mafiiematics
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Etiie Norton, Rachel Shauger, Sara Wise
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Kvit, Melissa IHardo, John Kirk, Steve Jones, Sue
Ann Lewis
NCSSM Trivia Challenge
Happy Holidays! This is the special holiday edition of the NCSSM Trivia Challenge. Remember, if you would like to
submit your own questions, please email us at or or or liua@
Dr. Alina Hunt
Mr. PhiHp Rash
Christine Nguyen
Benjamin Reinhardt
What is the first
day of winter?
Uhhh... December
1 think it’s uhh...
December 21st.
0 jeez...sometime
in November...or
December... 1 don’t
The 21 St of Decern-
December 21st,
+/- 3 days
Fill in the blank:
“There must have
been some magic
in that
they found”-from
Frosty the Snow
Frosty the Snow
man... old top
Wait a minute...old
top hat?
‘thinks and goes
through song in
head*...old felt
Something old
hat... umm... ratty
old hat?
“old silk hat”
Name the location
of the 2006 winter
Olympics (coun
Ooh...l should
know this... Japan?
Ohh... *groan’*...
gotta be somewhere
cold... Antarctica?
0 gosh! I’m going
to say Norway...!
don’t know
What is the av
erage amount of
money a person
spends during the
*weird face*... $500?
Oh! 1 don’t soend
$700, +/- $100
Faculty Total: 2
Student Total: 1

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