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If you haven’t heard of “PQM,” you soon will. “PQM” is
short for Product Quality Management. It’s going to change
the way most of us handie our jobs. I believe it’s going to be
worth it.
Let me tell you why.
Customers always set quality standards, no matter how
good a job the manufacturer thinks is being done. When you
or I go shopping, we’re looking for the best value. We may
sometimes fall for a low price or a sales pitch, but most of
the time we’re going to be careful enough to get our money’s
Our customers shop the same way. That’s why we can only
be secure in our jobs if we offer them the best value for their
dollars, and that’s the way it should be. Every discussion
with our customers reveals that consistent, reliable quality is
their number one demand. We enjoy a reputation for meeting
this need; however, the decade of the ’80s is going to be dif
ferent. The needs of our customers are changing, and R&D is
developing new products to meet their needs at a rate that is
taxing our ability to handle. Jhese new products are requiring
a whole new dimension Tn controlling our processes, raw
materials, and sampling.
After looking at various approaches to making the required
improvements, we have selected PQM. It can best be de
scribed as a computerized way of statistically assuring that
we have all the numerous process and raw material variables
under the best possible control.
Setting it up and making it work is going to take time, ef
fort, and understanding from all of us.
I believe it has great potential for improving quality, con
trolling costs, and meeting customer needs. That’s why it will
be worth the effort.
In the near future you will learn more about this approach.
We will continue to count on every person to perform the job
with quality in mind, to participate in this effort, and to help
find the answers to meet the challenges of the ’80s.
N. H. Alford
Assistant Plant Manager
belts worir
Photo Products
.Brevard, N.C.
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VOL. 15, NO. 2
FEB.-MARCH, 1982
'V V
YOU WERE THERE when Columbia soared into history. Every weld
of the three liquid-fuel rocket engines had been checked with DuPont
CRONEX NDT film, our product.
The engines were built by Rocketdyne Division of Rockwell Interna
tional. The company makes over 15,000 radiographs each month to
detect defects and contaminants in engine components.
Chuck Magness, Quality Control Manager of Rocketdyne, says “We
use CRQNEX films because they provide ultrafine grain, very high con
trast and clear images.”
Rocketdyne is using the same quality assurance procedures to
meet strict NASA requirements for other space shutties now being
buiit: Challenger, Discovery, and Atlantis. When their time comes
to roar into space, Brevard people can share the pride of accom
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Box 267, Brevard, N.C. 28712
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Brevard, N.C.
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