North Carolina Newspapers

    January 20, 193 3
Page Five
Local Matmen Win
Over Leaksville Team
Hamilton’s Men
Triumph 5-2
Jesse Moorefield, Local Boxer,
Scores Spectacular Knockout
When He Sends Opponent
Through Ropes.
Jenrette’s Men Have Slight
Edge Over Opposing Team
as They Battle In Foreign
In the first meet of the season Sat
urday night, January 14, in the Leaks
ville gymnasium, the Greensboro box
ers and wrestlers defeated the Leaks
ville men by smashing victories. Coach
Hamilton’s boxers won their matches
by a 5 to 2 decision, while Jenrette’s
matmen won, 21 to 18.
Hamilton’s men swept into the
fights with everything they had, and
as a result netted 5 knockouts. These
were made by Brown, Styers, Smith,
Riley, and Moorefield. Two of the
wrestlers. Bell and Douglas, won by
time decisions, while three, Koury,
Grundiman, and Gerringer, were vic
torious by falls. Benbow, of the lo
cals, lost by a time decision, and Gal
ium, a new man, lost by a fall.
The most spectacular match of the
night was put on by Jesse Moorefield,
Whirlwind boxer, and Morgan, of
Leaksville, when Moorefield sent Mor
gan through the ropes with a power
ful blow in the first round.
Brown (G), 105, knockout over Ed
wards (L), 104, third round.
Styers (G), knockout over Stevens
(L), 117, second round.
Smith (G), knockout over Barham
(L), 126, fourth round.
Riley (G), 131, knockout over Trox-
ler (L), 122, third round.
Lamor (L), technical knockout over
Jack Tuttle (G), 136, second round.
Moorefield (G), 140, knockout over
Morgan (L), 140, first round.
Gwyn (L), 158, technical knockout
over Gibson (G), 158, second round.
Bell (G), 105, won by time decision,
2 min. 40 sec.
Benbow (G), 115, lost by time de
cision, 2 min. 20 sec.
Douglas (G), 125, won by time de
cision, 2 min. 34 sec.
Koury (G), 135, fall, 1 min.
Callum (G), 145, last fail, 5 min.
50 sec.
Grundiman (G), 155, won fall, 5 min.
55 sec.
Gerringer (G), 165, won fall, 1 min.
55 sec.
Twins Defeat Locals
Soph Quint In Loop
Is Fair This Year
Senior High Sophs, Curry Junior
High, Central, Lindley Highs
Make Up League.
The Greensboro high school sopho
more class will be represented in the
Junior high basketball league this
year by a fairly good team.
Pour teams. Central junior high,
Lindley junior high, Curry high school
junior class, and the Senior high sophs
compose the local loop and a regular
schedule of games has been worked
cut with the contests to be played at
Mclver, Caldwell, and Curry high
school gymnasiums.
The complete schedule follows: Jan
uary 10—Lindley vs Central at Mclver;
Curry vs Senior at Curry; January 17
—Curry vs Central at Curry; Senior vs
Lindley at Caldwell; January 24—
Senior vs Central at Caldwwell, Lind
ley vs Curry at Curry.
January 31—Lindley vs Central at
Mclver; Curry vs Senior at Caldwell;
February 7—Curry vs Central at Mc
lver, Curry vs Lindley at Caldwell;
February 14—Senior vs Central at Mc
lver, Curry vs Lindley at Curry; Feb
ruary 17—Curry vs Central at Curry,
Senior vs. Lindley at Caldwell; Feb
ruary 21—Lindley vs Central at Mc
lver, Curry vs Senior at Curry; Feb
ruary 24—Senior vs Central at Cald
well, Curry vs Lindley at Curry.
Court of Honor Sits
Whirlwinds to Face Tough Battle
With Salisbury Yellow Jaekets Here
Ike Fesmire Leads Whirlwinds
In Scoring With 3 Points;
Wrenn, Shelton, and Critz
Follow With 2 Points Each.
I Coach Lester Belding’s Purple
Whirlwinds lost the second conference
I basketball game of the 1933 season to
the Winston-Salem five by the score
of 19-10 in the R. J. Reynolds high
school Tuesday night, January 17.
Pike, pivot man of the Camel City
quintet, led the scoring for the game
with three field goals and a free shot
for a total of seven points. Ike Fes-
mire, Greensboro center, led the scor
ing of the Gate City team with one
field goal and one free throw for three
The Winston five opened the game
with a driving attack that sent them
ahead of the Whirlwinds to lead the
visitors throughout the entire contest.
At the end of the first quarter, the
opponents led the locals 7-4, and in
S the second added six more points to
this lead at the half, while Greens
boro ran up its score with four hard-
fought-for markers. During the third
quarter, the Twin City lads led Beld
ing’s boys by four points, having made
six to the invaders’ two. Neither quint
was able to score in the final period,
and the game ended 19-10 in favor of
the opposing cagers.
In this game Coach Belding’s team
showed a marked improvement over
the exhibition of playing that they
displayed in the Charlotte game. Fes
mire and Wrenn played the most out
standing games of the night.
Greensboro (10) Pos. Winston-S. (19)
Critz (2) . . . . rf . . . .Caudle (2)
Shelton (2) . . .If , . . .McNeil (4)
Fesmire (3) . . . c Pike (7)
Wrenn (2) . . . rg . . . .Snead (2)
Breazeale (1) . . Ig . . Hutchins (4)
Summary: Substitutes—Greensboro:
Clements, Holland. Winston-Salem:
Fisher. Referee, Davis; scored.
Amos, Shelton, forward on the local
basketball five who failed to make his
letter last year, has been playing some
outstanding games so far this year. He
lias made a number of good shots.
Boy Scouts Receive Advance
ment and Merit Badges; 3
Star Badges Awarded.
A number of boy scouts were award
ed with merit badges and advance
ment in scouting at the monthly court
of honor of the Greensboro Boy Scout
council on Saturday, January 7. R.
D. Douglas, chairman of the Council,
presided over the meeting. Those re
ceiving awards are as follows: Sec
ond class. Garland Caviness, Wallace
Caviness, Ben Foster, Jr., Wes Jen
nings, Armstead Estes, Virgin Sineath,
Billy Stern, Ernest Illman.
First Class, Kendrick Vestal; cook
ing, Paul King; basketry. Jack Cheek;
first aid, Stafford Webb, Thomas
Smith, Thomas Woodburn; handicraft,
Bobby Moffett; painting. Jack Cheek;
public health, James Mansey; pho
tography, Paul Caviness, Hunt Han
nah; reading, Richard Davis, John
Hollowell; seascout advancement,
Lawrence Wilson; ordinary seaman.
Star, James Massey, Richard Davis,
John Hollowell.
Reidsville Five Ties
Whirlwind Cagers
' V ' "
One of the toughest battles Belding’s
cagers have fought this season was the
one with Reidsville, Tuesday night,
January 10, which ended in a 27 to
27 tie.
Throughout the game both teams
battled with everything they had. At
the end of the half, the score was 15
to 10 in favor of the Lucky Strike
boys, but at the end of the third
quarter, Greensboro led 20 to 19.
When the game ended the score was
25 to 25. Two extra quarters were
added, in which Wrenn scored for the
locals and Sharp for the opponents.
Greensboro (27) Pos. Reidsville (27)
Critz (3). rf . . . Garrison (8)
Shelton (8) . . . If . . . .Sharp (4)
Fesmire (12) . . .cc . . Dickerson (8)
Wrenn (4) . . . rg Terril
Brezeale Ig . . . Roberts (7)
New Basketball Rules
Increase Offensive Work
One of the purposes of the new rules
for basketball, which have been put
into play only this season, is to speed
up offensive play and reduce stalling.
Since these rules have obtained there
has been distinctly more offensive
play than heretofore in games
throughout the country. This, of
course, causes a marked tendency to
wards higher scores.
Because of this, it was feared that
the whistle blowing would increase,
but, on the contrary, there has been
less interference on the part of offi
As a result of the new rules and of
the fact that basketball games are not
being broadcast as they were in 1932,
nearly twice as much interest is being
shown this season. As another result,
this sport has developed into a paying
game. In colleges it is the only sport
besides football that pays its own way.
• “ ■ “ V '
But it was probably mice that were
found in a girl’s locker. She set a
trap on the cabinet’s floor, but a mouse
made merry upon the shelf. When
the locker door was opened, he escap
ed from his prison walls.
Did the girl scream? No, these
modern women “jest ain’t what they
used to be.’’
Coach Lester Belding’s Greensboro
high school Purple Whirlwind basket
ball squad will tackle the Salisbury
highs in the third conference game on
the locals’ 1933 schedule in the Y. M.
C. A. gymnasium here tomorrow night
at 8:30 o’clock.
The Salisbury team is considered
one of the best teams in the Western
conference this season, and Coach
Belding’s five will have a tough battle
on their hands when they tackle the
Yellow Jacket quint. In the first con
ference tilt for the Salisbury five, the
Rowan county team defeated the
strong Gastonia quintet by a large
score, and the Yellow Jacket five will
battle hard to take their second vic
tory from the locals. The Gastonia
game proved the Salisbury quint to be
one of the strongest, if not the strong
est team in this section. A number
of veterans are back from last year’s
team and the Yellow Jackets have a
smooth working combination this sea
Coach Belding’s five has been play
ing some good basketball games at
times this year, but the local squad
is much weaker than last year’s cham
pionship team. Elmer Wrenn and Ike
Fesmire, the only two lettermen back
for the local quintet this season, have
been playing the most outstanding
games of any of the other members
of the local five in games played so
far this year. Amo's Shelton and
George Critz have been showing good
form at the two forward positions this
season, and Belding is counting on
these two men to add a considerable
amount of strength to the local five.
Shelton, the more promising man of
the above two, may not be able to
enter tomorrow’s battle because of an
injury to his foot, suffered in the
Charlotte game last Saturday night.
Fesmire is the best center man at this
time, but Payne has also been play
ing some good ball at times. Wrenn
is the best guard, while Breazeale and
Rolland-are running a close race for
the honor as the other guard. Hughes
Clements and Charles Leonard are a
couple of good forwards also and are
ready for service at any time. Floyd
Rees and Dwight Dixon, two reserve
guards, have shown some good stuff
on the second team, and Belding plans
to promote them to the varsity in
time to be used in the Salisbury game
if necessary.
The starting lineup tomorrow night
for the locals will probably consist of
either Shelton or Rees, and Critz or
Dixon, forwards; Fesmire or Payne,
center; and Wrenn and Rolland or
Breazeale, guards.
Cagers End
Basketball Boys Win Three o1
Six Unofficial Practice Tilts;
Whirlwind Cagers Beat
In Game With Charlotte
Are Ready
For Schedulet
Reserves Make Good Start
Senior high’s reserve cagers won the first of their scheduled games last
week from the Belk team. That’s a good start for the Reserves, and we hope
they’ll continue to be victorious, for the Whirlwinds are sadly in need of
experienced men, and it won’t be so long before practically the whole varsity
is chosen from these men. If they keep up the good work they have shown
so far, we are assured of a winning future varsity.
Junior League Loop Organized
A junior league basketball loop that has not existed prior to this season
has just been organized. In it, at the present, are four teams, the Senior
high sophomores. Central junior high, Lindley junior high, and Curry junior
high schools. The first scheduled games played ended in the sophomores
being beaten by Curry, and Lindley by Central. Before this, our sophomores
had been beaten only once.
Keep an eye out on those sophomores. They may prove to be a winning
team, but, even if they don’t this year, this is a good way of training them
for our future varsity quinteet.
Famous Humorist Spbrts Writer
Did you know that Ring Lardner, one of the best contemporary
American humorists, was for a long time editor of the Chi^^go "Sporting
News?” He also wrote a sports column for a well known New York paper,
and through this started the use of slang phrases among sports writers, which
has stuck since then and is still going strong. Lardner has since given up
his sports writing but scattered through his books are evidence of his past
Quint Games Being Played at “Y”
Because of the great disadvantage in going all the way across town to
the Caldwell gymnasium to attend basketball games, the court has been
changed to the one at the Y. M. C. A., which is near the center of town
and is much more convenient to reach by the majority of students. The
court at the "Y” is much better than that at Caldwell, for the latter has
the baskets too near the stage. This sends the ball on to the stage if a shot
misses the basket.
- This arrangement seems to have been satisfactory so far, with the one
exception that the girls have been rather hesitant about going to the Y. M.
C. A. . This, however, should soon be overcome.
Good Baseball Season Prophesied
Coach Stanley Johnson should have a prize winning baseball team this
spring with seven of last season’s letter men back. The nine will suffer, of
course, from the loss of Red Whitt, Bill Wharton, and Red Riley; but this
depletion is well made up with the return of Buck Peak, first string pitcher;
Lee Wall, catcher, and Amos Shelton, Charlie Carroll, Ed Clements, Hughes
Clements, and Ernest Remmy.
If this doesn’t turn out a record-breaking team, we’d like to know why!
Our tennis team has suffered greater losses from last year than any of the
other spring sports. Only one letter man. Jack Staples, is back. Waldo
Porter and Speight Bird are lost by graduation and Carl Carlson, the other
letter man, has left the state to attend school.
Once Gloomy Prospects For ’33
Team Are Clearing as Quint
' V
Coach Belding’s basketball five play
ed a total of six practice games this
year and finished the pre-season series
with three victories and three defeats
for an average of .500.
Alumni Defeats Cagers
The Whirlwind cagers met a num
ber of strong teams in the practice
tilts, and one of their defeats was suf
fered at the hands of a team compos
ed of the high school alumni, with a
number of former stars appearing in
the lineup.
The initial game was held December
13, in the Caldwell school gymnasium
with the Curry high school quintet
furnishing opposition. The Whirl
winds captured this tilt by the score of
31 to 22 with Fesmire, local center,
taking honors for high scorer with 16
points. John Caldwell, pivot man for
Curry, led his team with 12 points.
Amos Shelton also played a good
game at forward and made 11 points.
Locals Down Curry In Second Tilt
December 16, the locals played their
second game, meeting the Curry team
again in a return contest at Curry
high, winning this one 24 to 12,
Hughes Clements, Greensboro for
ward, led the scoring in this tilt with
10 points and played an outstanding
game. Shelton, for Greensboro, and
Holden, for Curry, were next high
scorers with 5 points each.
December 21, the high team met the
Southern Public Utilities five on the
Caldwell floor and won the gamfe by
the score of 26-23. Tippett, Servicer
center, led the scoring with 10 points,
while Fesmire and Shelton were high
men for Greensboro with 8 and 6 re
Drop First Game to Meyer’s
Greensboro met the strong Meyer’s
department store quint December 28
on the Y. M. C. A. floor and dropped
their first game by the score of 28-12.
McCabe, Meyer’s forward, led the
scoring in this game with 9 points,
with Fesmire leading the /nighs with 7.
The locals suffered theitr second loss
December 31, as the Y. M^ C. A. Cubs
gained an overwhelming victory of 47
to 8. Lewis, Cub center, was high
scorer with 15 points, while Norman,
Cub forward, followed him closely
with 12. Payne, with 7 points, and
Shelton, with 1, were the only high
school players to score.
Pre-Season Games Close January 2
January 2 Greensboro lost then-
final pre-season game to the alumni
team by the score of 21 to 17. Jack
Burroughs, star of last year’s team,
led the old grads with 6 points, while
Fesmire, Critz, and Breazeale led the
students with 4 each.
March 24—Sanford at Greensboro.
March 31—Salisbury at Salisbury.
April 7—High Point at Greensboro.
April 14—State meet at Chapel Hill.
April 21—Winston at Winston-Sa
April 29—Western Conference at
High Point.
May 5—Civitan meet Pending.
School Athletics
For Spring Term
WeU Under Way
Coach A. P. Routh, Head of
School Athletic Association,
and Miss Kate Robinson to
Supervise Coaching.
Preparations for coming spring
sports are well under way under the
supervision of Coach A. Paul Routh,
head of the school athletic association.
Golf, track, swimming, tennis, and
baseball will be the main participa
tions of the boys and baseball for the
girls, with Miss Kate Robinson coach
Prospects for a winning golf team
are not very optimistic, for only two
of last year’s letter men are returning,
Carl Jeffress and Ernest Remmy.
Those lost are Bill Venning, Bill
Bonkemeyer, and Frank Causey. L.
C. Belding will again coach this group.
Tennis, to be headed by G. C. Cobb,
has only one letter man back. Jack
Staples. Carl Carlson, Waldo Porter,
and Speight Bird who received letters
for the ’32 season will not return.
Coach Routh’s track team loses five
of its best men. Bill Elias, Jack Bur
roughs, Jack Brown, Jack Nowlin and
Powell Banner. The letter men to
come out this time are David Miller,
J. T. Coleman, Elmer Wrenn, and Joe
McDonald, manager.
The Whirlwind nine is unusually
lucky this season in having seven of
its letter men returning. These are:
Ed Clements, Hughes Clements, Buck
Peak, Lee Wall, Charles Carroll, Amos
Shelton, and Ernest Remmy. Some of
the best men, however, were lost;
Ralph Riley, Red Whitt, Bill Wharton,
and Eugene Bullock. J. Stanley^ John
son will coach the diamond men'.
No letters were awarded for swim
ming last season, but it has been
definitely decided that a swimming
:eam will be formed.
Driving Attack
Wins 38 to 8
Buck Brady, Peter Mullis of the
Queen City Quintet, and El
mer Wrenn of Greensboro
Are High Scorers.
Dribble Down Court for Field
Goal By Boren Was Best
The Whirlwind cagers suffered the
heaviest defeat of the season in the
game at the Y. M. C. A. Saturday
night, January 14, at the hands of
Coach Skidmore’s boys, the final
score being 38 to 8.
Starting a driving attack in the first
quarter, the Queen City quintet con
tinued throughout the game to pile
up an overwhelming score. They scor
ed 12 points in each of the first three
quarters and 2 in the last, while
Greensboro made only 1 in the first
period, 2 in the second, 3 in the third,
and 2 in the fourth.
Buck Brady, star center for the
Wildcats, was high scorer of the game
with a total of 10 points, while Peter
Mullis, visiting guard, turned in 8
points. Elmer Wrenn, Whirlwind
guard, was high scorer for the locals
with 4 points.
Skidmore’s men were chiefly vet
erans, while Coach Belding’s were in
experienced. Many times throughout
the game, the Gate City boys had
what appeared to be easy shots but
were unable to make the basket on
their throws. The best play of the
locals was a dribble down the court
for a field goal by Captain Wrenn.
For the local quint, Wrenn and
Shelton played the best games while
Brady, Ruth, and Mullis starred for
the opposing team.
Greensboro (8) Pos. Charlotte (38)
Critz (2) . . . .r f . . . . Ruth (5)
Shelton If Bell (4)
Fesmire (2) ... c ... . Brady (10)
Wrenn (4) . . . .r g . .. . Mullis (8)
Rolland Ig. McCrachren (7)
Substitutes: Greensboro—Clements,
Breazeale. Charlotte — Morris (2)
Sims (2), Newman, Beam, Isenhour.
Reserves Lose Battle
Camel City Five Downs Locals
22 to 16; Reeding Is Star For
Winners With 12 Points;
Rankin Best For G. H. S.
Whirlwind Quintet
Defeats Bessemer
Only One Veteran Back for Tennis
This looks like a very skeptical season for tennis, but perhaps with
Mr. Cobb and Jack back on the job, a pretty good team can be assembled.
Hats off to G. H. S.’s boxers and wrestlers! They won a more spec
tacular victory over Leaksville last Saturday night than any of the other
high school athletic teams have been able to do this year.
Boxers and Wrestlers Outstanding
The five knockouts handed to Leaksville by Whirlwind boxers in this
meet was unusual in the boxing history of Greensboro high. Our matmen
won equal laurels by taking five out of seven of their matches. Coach
Jenrette, the wrestling mentor, is new to this school, but he has certainly
won the approval and following of all the students interested in sports, and
we knew Hamilton could bring the best stuff out of the boxers. You have
the support of the whole school, boxers and wrestlers!
Five Track Lettermen Back
Five of the nine men awarded letters for track last year will be back
this time. This is not a promising number of veterans, but there will
probably be a large group of candidates out, for this sport seems to be the
second most popular of spring sports. Bill Elias, Powell Banner, Jack Nowlin,
and Jack Burroughs are the lettermen not returning.
Coach Routh may have a tough job developing the material into a win
ning track team, but it might be a good one.
Opening the 1933 cage season Sat
urday night, January 7 at the Y. M.
C. A., the Whirlwind quintet won a
22 to 12 victory over the Bessemer
George Critz, of the locals, led both
teams in scoring with a total of eight
points. Following closely behind Critz
with a score of six points was Amos
Shelton, Greensboro forward. Pete
Boone, pivot man of the Bessemer
quint, led his team in scoring with a
total of six points. Collins and Price
also played a good game for the op
posing unit.
A heavy loss to the local boys was
that of the services of Ike Fesmire.
His position at center was held down
by a promising pivot man, Payne.
Greensboro (22) Pos. Bessemer (12)
Critz (8) . . . . rf. . . . Briggs (2)
Shelton (6) ... If Huckablee
Payne (4) . . . .c Boone (6)
Wrenn (2) . . . rg Collins
Breazeale (1) . . Ig Price (2)
Summary: Substitutes—Greensboro,
Rolland, 1. Bessemer—Costener, 1;
Maness, and Lenning, 1.
Referee, Johnson; Timer, Causey.
Scorers, Beacham and Fleming.
The Winston-Salem high school re
serves swamped Coach Lester Belding’s
Purple Whirlwind reserves 22 to 16 on
the Winston court last Tuesday night
in a preliminary to the regular varsity
game. —
The game was featured by the play
ing of Reeding, Twin City forward,
who led both teams in scoring with
five field goals and two free shots to
lis credit for a total of 12 points.
Rankin, Greensboro center, played a
good game for the locals and led the
Whirlwinds in scoring with a field
goal and a free throw for three mark
ers. Neal, another Camel City for
ward, also played a nice game and
shot three field goals to count six
points. Floyd Rees and Ed Cockman
played well for Greensboro and scored
oiu- points each.
The Winston victory was the first
defeat of the local reserves, the Whirl
wind seconds having defeated the
Belk’s department store five of this
city in a well played game on the
Caldwell gymnasium floor during the
Christmas holidays.
Lineup and summary:
Greensboro (16) Pos. Winston (22)
Rees (4) . . . . rf . . .Reeding (12)
:>ixon (2) . . . . If . • • • Neal (6)
Rankin (3) . . . c. Hatcher
Williamson . . . rg . . • . Dise (2)
, Cockman (4) ..Ig . . . • Deese (2)
Summary: Substitutes — Greensboro
Leonard, (2); Thorburn, (1). Win
ston—Hatcher, Bennett, Reed. Ref
eree—Davis; Scorer—Wicker.
Girls Lose Initial Games
Miss Kate Robinson’s basketeer girls lost their first two scheduled games
of the season. In the first game they were' defeated by Winston-Salem’s
Black Bison girls by the narrow margin of 36 to 33, but they were com
pletely outclassed by the Walnut Cove aggregation, the final score being
30 to 15.
This season, there are only two of last year’s, regulars back, Katherine
Ellison, and Eugenia Hay. In the Winston game Ellison was the only
regular, since Hay was unable to play.
Two Golf Lettermen Back
The ’32 golf team, coached by Lester C. Belding, has only two of its
lettermeh returning, Carl Jeffress and Ernest Remmy. The ones not re
turning are Bill Venning, Bill Bonkemeyer, and Frank Causey. This makes
the coming season look pretty cloudy, doesn’t it?
Lacy L. McAlister
(^iven High Award
The meeting of the Greensboro
Council of Boy Scouts on the night
of January 9 led to the re-election of
all officers. Special tribute was paid
to President Paul W. Schenck and
Henry W. Johnston, former scout ex
ecutives. 'The silver beaver, the high
est award scouting can give to an
adult volunteer worker, was awarded
to Lacy L. McAlister, scoutmaster of
troop number four.
The meeting was held in the Jef
ferson Roof restaurant and was well
attended. The officers were elected as
Paul W. Schenck, president; Hill
Hunter, Lunsford Richardson, Herman
Cone, and F'. A. Whitney, vice-presi
dents; W. M. York, secretary; E. C.
McLean, treasurer; Ed P. Benbow,
scout commissioner; R. D. Douglas,
president of court of honor; John E.
Ford, R. M. Mitchell, Guy B. Phillips,
Bart Leiper, C. W. Phillips, J. D. Wil
kins, Dr. C. I. Carlson, directors. New
directors of the council chosen were
Allen T. Preyer, Prank D. Shaw, Rev.
D. D. Holt, Ben Cone, E. H. Strick
land and W. G. Wharton.
Frank W. Barden, who recent
ly arrived from Birmingham, Ala
bama, to assume his new duties as
local scout executive, spoke about the
prospects for the expansion of scout
ing in Greensboro.
A. C. Awards Letters
To 16 Football Men
The Athletic Council consisting of
Coach Belding, A. P. Routh, C. W.
Phillips, and Sidney Ogburn, awarded
letters to 16 members of the ’32 foot
ball squad.
The players who received letters
were: Captain Elmer Wrenn, Horace
Breazeale, and Lawrence Wilson,
guards; Hilton Gerringer, Arnold
Dempsey and Tom Roland, tackles;
Oka Hester, center; Ed Cockman, J.
B. Payne and Charles Norcum, full
backs, and Ed Lee, Bill Boren and
Bill Elias, halfbacks. Several players
failed to receive letters on account of
injuries; these were given honorable
mention. They are: Ike Fesmire, Lee
Wall, Charles Elder and Sam Rees. Of
the 16 lettermen, Wrenn, Gerringer,
Pittman, and Wilson will finish this
season, while O’Brien and Elias are
now out of school. Harry Kuykendall,
manager, and Coach Belding were also
awarded manager and coach’s letters.
Paul Martin and J. T. Causey were
named as joint managers for the 1933
team, but no captain has been elected.

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