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For A Better G H. S.
J Vol I
No 9
G. H. S. Continues Victorious March
Making Ten Straight Games Won
G. H. S. 27; GUILFORD 22
On Tuesday night, Peb: 8th, G. H. S.
defeated Guilford Highs at Guilford by
the close score of 27-22. This victory gives
G. H. S. a total of seven consecutive vic
tories. During the first half G. H. S. ran
away with their opponents, Poole getting
four full goals in the first few minutes of
play, and the score at the end of the half
was 20-9 ill favor of the locals. However,
in the last half Guilford came back strong
with Smith and Ferrell, B., getting two
field goals each. But with Ballard and
Koenig guarding in .old time form during
the last few seconds of play, the locals
managed to stop Guilford’s scoring:
Poole L. P. Ferrell,K.
Britton R. P Smith
Daniel C Ferrell, B.
Ballard L. G Kendall
Koenig R. G Ferrell, G.
2; Guilford, Ferrell, K., 3, Smith. 4, Per-
Pield goals, Poole 5, Britton 4, Daniel
rell, B., 3; foul goals, Poole 5, Prerrell, B.,
2;. referee, Frazier, G.
In one of the best played and cleanest
games of the season G. H. S. defeated the
Asheville Highs oh tlie local “Y” floor
26-17, Saturday night, Peb. 12. The game
was exciting from the first whistle to the
last, with both teams trying to prove their
superiority. However, G. H. S. seemed to
have more ability to shoot field goals, while
Asheville missed considerable close shots.
The visitors displayed some superior pass
ing; in fact, the best seen here this season,
but on account of their inability to follow
up their passing with the much needed
field goals they had to be content with a
The first half started with a rush for G.
H. S. Daniel tipped to Poole, who shot the
first goal. Britton and Ballard then fol
lowed in quick succession and the score
was 6-0 in G. H. S. ’s favor before Ashe
ville could score. However, the visitors be
gan to realize what had been taking place,
and with Floi-enee and Estes shooting two
goals and one goal respectively, the score,
stood 6-4. Here both sides began to fight
for victory, each displaying splendid team
work and superior passing. The half end
ed with the score standing 12-10 in favor
of G. 11. S.
The last half was decidedly in favor of
G. 11. B. At no time did the visitors tie
the score, and the game ended 26-17 in G.
11. S. 's favor. ' For G. H. B. the guarding
of Koenig was exceptionally good. Daniel
played a good game at center and seemed
to be in his old time form. For Asheville
the work of Hayes and Florence was a fea
Poole L. P Florence
Britton R. P .Motley
Daniel C Estes
Ballard L. G Cheedle
Koenig R. G Johnson
Feld goals, Poole 3, Britton 5, Daniel 3,
Ballard 1, Florence 2, Estes 2, Cheedle 1,
Johnson 1 ; foul goals, Daniel 2, Florence
3, Hayes 2. Total, G. H. S. 26, Asheville
17. Referee, Stuart.
G. H. S. 28; TRINITY 26
G. H. S’, basket ball team won their
eighth straight game last Friday night
when they defeated Trinity Park 28-26 on
the latter's floor at Trinity College. The
ame is no doubt the best and most excit
ing the locals have played this season. Both
teams played superior basket ball and
passed v'ell, with the locals having the bet
ter shooting eye. Time and again the
score was tied only to be broken by one
side and then the other until in the last
few seconds Britton broke the tie with the
last field goal of the da3', leaving the score
28-26 in G. H. S. ’s favor.
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A good suggestion has been made *
that the editing of “High” Life be *
put into the hands of the Senior *
Class for one issue, the Junior Class *
for one issue, and the Sophomore *
(,’lass for one issue. If satisfactory *
to each class, this idea will be car- *
ried out for the next three weeks, *
and a faculty committee will judge *
as to which class puts out the best *
paper. . ■ *
Preliminaries Held For
Triangular Debate
Holland Hartsell, Stainback and Hendrix
Chosen to Represent G. H. S.
On Thursday evening, ' Peb. 17th, the
preliminary to choose the debating team
was held in the High School auditoriuiu.
The following students tried out .for the
team: Gladys Holland, Doris Stinnette,
Estelle Mendenhall, Myrtle Ellen LaBarr,
Margaret Hartsell, Katherim; Grantham,
James Hendrix, Bryan Barker, anti Allen
Hoyt Boone presided over the debate
and Evelyn Albright acted as timekeeper.
The speeches were well written and the
contestants showed a thorough grasp of
the subject, and a fighting spirit that aug
ers well for our coining contest i’n Ashe
ville and Winston..
The judges, Messrs. Bagle.v and Way-
nick, and Dr. W. 0. Goode, chose Gladys
Holland, Margaret Hartsell, Allen Stain-
back and James Hendrix as' the team, and
Doris Stinnette and Bryan Barker as al
The finals will come the last of March,
and our affirmative team vdll debate the
Asheville negative here, while our nega
tive will debate the Winston affirmative
at Winston. The contest will be a good
one. Asheville holds the- Aycook cup, and
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Fathers’ Night Held
By Parent 7 cachets
Interesting Program and Enjoyable Re
ception Given by Parents.
Early in last week attractive invitations
were sent out inviting manc' to attend a
receiition given by the High School Parent-
feacher Association. In response to this
invitation nearl.y three hundred fathers,
mothers and faculty came and enjoyed a
most delightful and profitable evening.
Receiving at the door were Mrs. .Poole
and Mrs. Stamey, and officers of the High
School Parent-Teacher Association. Every
guest was tagged with his own name, to
assist those whose memory for names is not
the .best. After each person had been
properly tagged. Miss Edna Tyer directed
them to the auditorium, where the exer
cises of the evening were held.
The first part of the entertainment was
given by pupils of the Junior High and
High School under the direction of Misses
Clement and Wilson.
The Girls’ Glee Club, composed of ex
cellent voices, delighted the audience with
three selections. Then the following pu
pils of the Expression Class gave verj' in
teresting and entertaining readings:
Boys’ Bights—Billy Ridenhour.
Courting Under Difficulties—Estelle
Under the Back Seat—Bvljui Donald
The High School Orchestra gave several
selections. This orchestra is under tiie di
rections of Miss Clement. It is composed
of pupils from both of Junior High School
and High School pupils. This is the first
time we have had an orchestra in a long
time, but we feel safe in saying we are to
have a good one from now on.
The second part of the program was pre
sided over by Mrs. Poole, the president of
the. High School Parent-Teacher Associa
tion. Mrs. Poole introduced Mrs. 0 G.
Jones, who made in her usualy way a most
interesting and appropriate address of
welcome, and stated the purpose of the'
meeting .
After the welcome address Mr. N. A.
Hewitt took charge of the meeting and pre- ..
sided in a very abje manner. Tiie follow
ing men responded with enthusiastic
Mr. Mendenhall, Dr, C. T. Lipscomb,
Mr. Sellars, Mr. Clarence Cone, Mr. Chas.
Gold, Mr. W. J. Simpson, Mr. J. D. Wil
kins and Mr. Charlie Hudson.
The meeting adjourned to the hall,
where a very attractive scheme had been
used, namely, to have five tables, each one
representing one class in High School and ,
one for the Junior High School. Around '
each of these tables the parents and teach- '
ers of each class assembled to have'hoife'C; '
tea and sandwiches, and to have a soeiaP ',
hour together.
Taken all in all, the reception was a suc
cess, and the most enjoyable meeting we’ve
ever attended.

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