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March 12,1948
High Life
Page Seven
ANYWAY? You say, “Attending the
football and baskteball games and
cheering just as youdly as you can.
of course.” And you are so right.
But that isn’t all, by any means.
The picture above is a typical scene of the children as they play in the kindergarten. They are left to
right; Lynda \^iniams, Pricilla Miller, who aides Mrs. Love in caring for the children, Tara Dinkle,
Jeanne Bwwell, Jleredith McNeil, Ronny Jameison, Daisy Gene Farlow. (I’hoto by Dryzer)
Mrs. Thomas Love Heads Kindergarten
At Greensboro Senior High School
“It is something I have always
liked to do,” was the answer given
by Mrs. Thomas J. Love when the
HIGH LIFE reporter asked why
she became the kindergarten teach-
Green.sboro is not the only
place Mrs. Love has taught as kin-
tergarten teacher; there has been
New York, Kentucky, and also pri
vate schools.. Mrs. Love also stated
that she thought^ children of the
ages she is now in charge of are
the most interesting ones. In her
own family there are two grown
children and one teen-age girl.
After a morning at the kinder-
:arten, Mrs. Love has many hobbies
which she exercises. She writes
books for children and also illus-
S. T. Wyrick & Co.
Office Supplies and
419 N. Greene St,
If You Need
What You Need Is
trates the stories. Sewing is an
other of Mrs. Love’s interest.
To give a litle imformation of
how a morning at the kindergar
ten runs we will give a brief sched
ule of the daily activities.
The children'arrive between 8:30
and 9 o'clock. On arriving they are
checked by the Nurse to see that
none are sick. After this they go to
the room and look at books. At
9 o'clock the children have a con
versational period. From 9:15 to
10 o’clock there is a period called
the work period; at this time they
paint, colo4*, build with blocks,
work with clay and play in the
play house. At 10 o’clock they be
gin to clean up for fruit juice.
After having juice there is rhythm
work, skipping, playing toy instru
ments, or listening to records. At
times they sing or listen to stories.
They then have a sleeping period
from 11 to 11:30. On fair days
they go to the playground where
they wait for their parents to call
for them, or on rainy days they
stay in the play room.
On interviewing a few of the
children, we first talked with cute
little blonde haired, blue eyed Judy
Guilds. At first Judy would- say
nothing, but when we told her that
her name would appear in HIGH
LIFE she started to talk. Judy
likes to color, play with clothes.
313 South Greene St.
Carolina Theatre
and go swimming. Sitting in front
of Judy was Martha Ann Martin,
another blonde with browm eyes.
She also likes to color, but she said
she needed a new color book. Not
overlooking the boys, we also talk
ed with Trey Smith and Jimmy
Waugh. Trey had beautiful brown
eyes and a lovely smile that cer
tainly must win the attention of
all the little girls. Jimmy, who is
a performer on the “bars” in the
playground, has brown hair and
blue eyes, Another little girl with
beautiful black hair and eyes was,
Christina Burnes.
They were all as sweet as could
be. Everyone who loves children
should stop by and see what lovely
manners these children have. Sen
ior high students could learn a few
for themselves.
Who is that cute new Junior
that’s here this semester? Well,
girls, it’s Mack Trull and entirely
too cute to be alone.
• •
For Cokes and Snacks
Asheboro Sf. Pharmacy
420 Asheboro Street
For the
Between-the-Bus Pause
it’s the
Southeastern Soda Shop
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Greensboro, N. C.
Night 3-3020
Flowers Whisper Whai
Words Can Never Say
By Joan Klein
It is co-operating with the few
requests and rules of our school,
too. It isn’t too much to refrain
from running down the corridors
and to get to class on time: is it?
It is participating in all the
school drives as much as possible,
such as Community Chest, Red
Cross, W’^ar Orphan and many other
collections. It is attending school
programs, plays, and musical con
We can all agree that voting, and
voting seriously, is an important
activity. Keeping up with your
Dick Painter Elected
Head of Library Staff
At their regular Wednesday
morning meeting the library staff
elected oflBcers for the coming year.
The staff, composed of those stu
dents who assist Miss Herring in
the library, elected Dick Painter,
president; Betsy Smith, secretary;
and Rick Kidd, treasurer.
Others on the staff are: Jim Scott,
Annie Maude Harrington, Dot Bur
ton, Edith Trosper, Frances New
ton, Bill Qualls, Norman Gillis, Pat
Wagoner, and Barry Farber.
Orange Crush
In the Browit Bottle
studies to the best of your ability
is not only co-operating with the
school and teacher but is definitely
for your benefit, also.
There are so many various things
that are included in school spirit,
but after all when we boil it down
it could easily be defined with one
Excerpt from
Greenville High'News
Greenville, S. C.
A man and his wife were suffer
ing from seasickness, while their
young son seemed to be enjoying
the situation. Finally the mother
mustered enough courage and
strength to say:
“John, I wish you would, talk to
Willie.” The father, unable to lift
his head, said fefehly, “Hello Willie.”
Sedgwick: “Terribly sorry you
buried your wife last week.”
Wedgewood: “Had to—dead, you
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The Housewife’s Friend

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