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    Report Period Ends
Next l^onday
From the Gate City of the South and the Birthplace of O. Henry
Attend Asheville
Game Tonight
Michael Gets Sophomore Election
Homeroom Officers
Have Been Chosen
for This Semester
Home room officers for the first
semester have been released from
A. P. Routh’s office. The officers
listed below are listed by homerooms
and are in order of President, vice-
president, secretary, and treasurer,
Room 302 — L»eon Siler, Bob
Sample, Joann Scott, Bill Price.
Room 16—Betty Jo Benfield, Bill
Bass, Henrietta Bell, Lndon An
Room 12—Janet Greene, Thoiims
Hubert, Mar Hudson.
Room 8—Douglas Hall, Nancy, Beverly Hall, Donald
Room 5—Mary Lee Wells, Anne
Wrenn, Charles Wolfe, Rene Zapata.
Room 3 — Betty Ruth Rhodes,
Richard Routh, Freddie Rouse, Bil
lie Bitter.
Room 300—Bob Murray, Jack Og-
burn, James W. Norman.
Room 23— Don Tidwell, Frances
Waldrop, Pat Turner, Jane Thomas.
Boom 7—Lane McGregor, Clint
LeGette, Lena McGehee.
Room 317—Rebecca Phoenix, Bob
Poole, Jean Phillips, Connie Panas.
Room 24—Robert Stewart, Doug
las Tice, Julia Thomas, Bill Tut-
Room 303—Eli Attayek, Arden
Ashley, Nancy Beeson, Fred Ayers.
Room 100—Ann Edwards, Billy
Ferguson, Elaine Darnell, Anne Day.
Room 10—Ronnie Stanley, Sally
Talbert, Norma Jean Sparks, Joyce
Room 307—Billy Crowder, Jane
Edwards, Royce Garett, Margie
Room 315 — Ann Allred. Betsy
Bishop, Nancy Beeson, Gordon
Room 14—Betsy Wright, Barbara
Wilson, Jody Wilkinson, Jere Woltz.
Room 301—Billy Michael, William
May, Nola Miles, Meropi Meletiou.
Room 4— Betty Jane Davis, Tom
my Fesperman, Patsy Eanes.
Room 202—Jerry Bryan, Connie
Butler, Lilia Burgess, Jimmy Cock-
Room 201—-Norman Schlosser, Bill
Sartin, Lenlei, Herman Sapmson.
Room 204—Frank Matthews. Skip
py Montgomery, Betty Mitchell, Fos
ter Mann
The first major privilege
granted to the Sophomore class
is that of presenting and elect
ing class officers. During the
last two weeks, the presentation
of candidates has been made,
and the usual poster-making and
campaigning has gone on.
Sophomore class officers were
presented and installed in as
sembly Tuesday morning by
Sheow Pu Seen, senior class
Michael Elected Pi'ex
Elected as President of the Soph*
omore Class was Billy Michael, who
is also a member of the Student
Council. Other candidates for presi
dent were Anne Kearney, Mose
Kiser, Jr., Elliott Solomon and Dave
Pictured above are the newly-elected members of the Sophomore Council. They are from left to right; '
erly (lampbell, Virginia Sink, Lena McGehee, »Iai-y Lee Weils, Billy Mchael, Nancy Beeson, and Caro
Vice-President Given
Lena McGehee was elected vice-
president. Also running for the office
of vice-president were Sandra Sum
mers, Harriet Vaughn, Norma Veney.
Other Officers Listed
Carolyn Welch is the newly-
elected secretary of the sophomores.
Also seeking the position of secre
tary were Marjory Carter, Montez
Hobbs, Elizabeth Lucas Alice Mitch
ell, Martha Lou Pierce, Rebecca
Phoenix and Gay Williamson.
Edwin Pearce won over Tess Rus
sell for the office of treaurer.
NROTC Program Promoted
In Nation’s High Schools
A bulletin from the Naval De
partment in Washington, D. C., was
sent to A. P, Routh, Principal, in
regard to the Naval Reserve Officers
Training Corps. The bulletin w'as
a duplicate of ones sent to high
Boom 304—Alex Panas, Jimmy
Neal, Marny Perrin, Phala Perkin.s.
Room 203—Ann Kersey. Abbie
Keyes, Jerry LeGwln. Arnold Leary.
Room 200—Mickey Chamhlee. B.
G. Campbell, Beverly Campbell.
John Comer.
Room 106—Bobby Gladwell, Mar
gie Goldman, Martha Frederick, Ann
Room 206—'Kenan Neese, .Tohn
Nall, Jack Morris, Archie Morris.
Room 313—Bert Wade, Bill Wrenn,
Elinor Wrenn, Bill Zockerinan.
Room 6—Doug Kincaid. Ruth
Knighti Betty Lane, Joe Kirkman.
Room 306—Rebecca Frazier. Mil
dred, Hartgage, Jeanette Hester,
Dick Herbin.
Room 305—Rill Marshburn. Hut-
sou Moody, Jeanne Martin, Charles
Room 2—Don Johnson. Barbara
Holloway, r.^is Johnson, Dut Hus
Room .309 — Suzanne Sparling,
Carolyn Turner, Velda Sue Thomp
son, Boy Stanford.
Room 23—Mose Kiser, .Tr., Ronnie
Kreigsman, Joanne Krieger, Bar
bara Johnson.
Room 21—Bob Scott. Bill Self.
Beverly Shoaf, Albert Sharlmrongb.
Room 27 —Ernest Brown. Joe
Brown, George Brown, Jack Bluster,
Room 1—Ed Hudgins. Coilan Hur
ley, Barbara Jackson, Alton Ingram.
Pictured above is Miss Diana Dar
den, retiring school secretary.
“Whirligig’ Is Chosen
As Name for Annual
The contest to haVe a new name
for the annual at Senior t.lii. year
has ended, and a name has been
chosen by two members of the staff
and tw’o faculty members.
Jerry LeGwin submitted the win
ning name, “Whirligig.” as name
for the annual. The three reasons
for this title are as follow.-'^:
{1) Greensboro’s famous son, 0.
Henry, W'rote a story of that title.
(2) The title is a play on the word
‘Whirlies,” which is our team’s
(3) Definition of “whirligig” Ls
pivot” — the South's pivot is
school principals throughout the na
tion. The purpose of this was to
interest boys of high school age in
the training program and to further
acquaint them with its advantages.
llie fall of 1050 will mark the
enrollment of the fourth group of
over tw’O thousand competitvely se
lected young men in tifty-tW’O
NUOl'C colleges and universities
as stulents in the Navy’s Offic-er
Candidate Training Program. They
will be appointed Midshipmen.
T'SNR, and provided with tuition,
fees, books, and a living allowance
of .^600 a year. These students will
be required to take one course in
Naval Science each term and to
fulfil certain minimum requirements
in English, mathematics, and phys
ics. They will participate in two
six-to-eight-\veek summer cruise.s
and one eight-wt^k period of avia
tion and amphibious indoctrination.
Otherwise tliey may in general pur
sue at college the academic pro
grams of their own clvace. Tpon
graduation, they will be commis
sioned as officers in the Navy or
Marine Corps and serve on active
duty for a period of two years.
Thereafter, many will have the op-
portunit.v to become career rfficers;
others will transfer to the Reserve,
where they will be trained and ready
for service in the event of a nation
al emergency.
Council Has Info.
Desk in Main Hall
An information desk, located in
the main hall, is a new attraction
of Senior High this year. Under
the direction of Miss Dorothy Me-
Nairy, student council adviser, the
welcoming committee of the student
council put the desk *in operation
during the second w’eek of school.
Repres^tatives Reported
Carolyn Beaver, Nancy Beeson,
Beverly Campbell, Beverly Hall,
Lane McGregor, Virginia Sink, Mary
Lee Wells, and Anne Wrenn are the
eight class representatives. Others
presented but not elected to office
were Katherine Bobbitt Nancy Bir-
gel, Betty Lou Cresdy, Betty Jane
Davis, Patsy Eanes, Barbara John
son, Bets.v Jones, Barbara Jones,
Catherine Mcl^an, Mary Jane Mor-
ing, Connie Panas, Emily Sowerby,
Martha Stokes, and Carol Stroud.
(Continued on Page Eight)
Miss Blackmon Lists
Assembly Programs
Miss Blackmon has announced the
li.'it of assembly programs for the
first semester.
Qualifications Are Given
In order to qualify, a ciindidate
must be an unmarried male citizen;
of the United StatCvS, l>etween the i
ages of 17 and 21. He must be!
physicall.v qualifed in accordance,
with the standards for Midshipmen. ■
Any boy wishing detailed infor
mation may obtain it from his local
Naval Reserve Station. It is the
belief of the Navy Department that
the program, by enabling deserving
young men to receive a college edu
cation, is beneficial not only to the
Navy and the cause of national
security, but ‘also to American edu
cation as a w’hole. The selection
of NROTC students i.s conducted on
a merit basi.s, executed democrati
cally and nationwide in scope. The
deadline date for receipt of appli
cations in Princeton, New Jersey,
is November 12, 1949.
I'icfiircd above is (liilftcri Mun>li.v.
North Carolina IJItrary Assf>ciation
Flower Clinic Is Held
At Senior High School
A Flower Arrangment Clinic is
to be held at Senior High October
18. Mrs. M. Cochrane Cole from
Rronxville. New York, will be the
Tlie clinic will be divided into two
periods. The morning session, 10:00-
12:00, will be devoted to flower
arrangements. The afternoon ses
sion, 2:00-4:00, will be concerned
with mantel and table settings.
The Sunset Hills Garden club is
sponsoring this meeting with the
cooperation of other garden clubs
throughout the city.
Assemblies will be held each Tues
day morning unless otherwise desig
nated. First, second or third i)eriods
alternately will be omitted.
The assemblies are listed below:
Oetol)er 4—Oi>en Council meeting.
October 11—Athletic prrOgram,
October 18—-Senior forum.
November 1—Open.
November 9—Social Standards.
November 35—Play practice.
November 22—Thanksgiving pro
December 1—Choir and or*chestra.
December G—Glee club.
l)eceml>er 12—Christmas program.
Local Station Presents
Program on Television
A program about television and
the local television studio was pre
sented in chapel on Tuesday morn
ing, September 20. it was spon
sored by the Greensboro station.
Dale Kellar, director of audio
visual instruction in the city schools,
introduced the speakers. First on
the program was Bob Currie, Pro
duction Manager, wffio explained
briefly the process of telecasting a
program. Mr. Currie stated that
much more manpower was required
than in the radio field, and there
fore jobs would be available for
high school students who wished to
train for this line of work.
Speaking after Mr. Currie was
Norman Gittleson, Promotion Man
ager for the station. He talked to
the students about the advertising
and commercial side of television.
Following Gittl#son’s speech, a fea
ture movie on televisioi|^as shown.

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