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High Life
April 11, ;952
in iHemoriam
The loss which we here at Senior feel
at the death of Lulu Belie Morrison can
not he adequately expressed. We shall
miss the cheery smiie and kind words that
she always gave us. Hers was a monumen
tal task—cleaning up our debfis. But re
gardless of the job to be done, Lulu Belle
always did her best. She loved this school
dearly and took a genuine interest in the
students. Ail through her recent iilness,
and up until the last moments she spoke
of them as her “chilluns.”
Hers was a simple faith, the kind that
can not be bought or given, but earned
only through an understanding of God’s
Here We Go Again
The hinge of the gate of the seasons has
swung open again—revealing the maiden;
Spring. She is clad, of course, in the fa
miliar garb—the filmy covering which is
adorned with the petunias and little birdies
floating around her. All is happy and gay
and wonderful and merry and so on.
Yes, Nature has done it again. The nation
wide disease of Spring fever has reached
its astronomical figure and you’re satisfied
in a drowsy sort of way . . . Provided:
That that little blond in English smiles at
you or the brunette that sits next to you
in chemistry lets you help her with the
complex problem of Na (oH) plus H cl
equals Na Cl plus H20. You’re floating in
the clouds and the weather man says that
there is clear sailing ahead. But hold, for
now the villian enters—ol’ devil Grades—
with his Simon Legree smile. He casts a
pall of dread on your happy spirit and his
icy fingers choke your merry bubblings.
The idea comes to you that the only way
to win against so awesome an opponent
is to just let him have his way. Let him
steal your A’s, B’s and C’s and leave D’s
andF’s . . . Sure Spring Fever in its worse
stages. Alas an alack, you were so near
too. Maybe you can keep your course steady,
for only two more months and then—
Don’t let Spring Fever become Summer
Schoolosis . . .
Time Marches ■ ■ - Where?
Have you sophs and Juniors noticed the
changed look upon the vestiges of the
present Senior class. Yes, they hpe that
thousand-yard-look as one who has just seen
the promised land. When ever these proud
beings gaze upon a calendar, they become
encompassed by delicious envolutions.
Yep, they are going to graduate—most
of ’em at least. The coming summer shim
mers with delightful dreams. They will be
in that long dreamed of time—Summer of
the Graduation—and then on their separate
paths to college or to the world of busi
Yes, they’ll try to get in the ivy-clad in
stitutions of the land. Most of them will
succeed, but for a few there will be no door.
Piiblishisl Semi-Monthly by the Students of
(iireeiisboro Senior High School
Greensboro, N. C.
Founded bY the Class
of 1921
Revived by the Spring
Journalism Class
of 1037
Filtered as second-class matter March 30,
1040, at the post office at Greensboro, N. C.,
under the Act of March 3, 1870.
Editor-in-Chief Henry Ferrell
Associate Editor Steve Leonard
Feature Editor Janet Frederick
Sports Editor Dick Ledbetter
Girls’ Sports Editors
Lois Pond, Barbara Barrier
Exchange Editor Mary Lee' Wells
Business Manager Beverly Shoff
Circulation Manager Bill Whedbee
Art Editor Bobby Gladwell
Photographer David Carter
Proofreaders Patsy Eways, Ann Fullton
Make-up Editor Martha Moore
Reporters . Anne Fordham, Marion Osborne,
Jane Pike. Grey Egerton, Gay Willamson,
Joyce Strother.
Adviser Sam J .Underwood
Art Adviser Mrs. Grace Faver
Financial Adviser Mr. A. P. Routh
Spring’s Play
Brings Graduation’s Delay
They will have to answer questions
concerning personal traits, and
characteristics. Scholarship looms
as the big problem to some, but
others may have trouble with
“What special abilities has the
student shown, and has she assumed
a position of leadership in the
school?” (This taken from W, C.
admission questionnaire) Many
things rank with this question of
acceptance. Emotions, morals, and
initiative count . . . Most of the
Seniors will pass—But when its
your turn, will you?
Of Hen and Mice
Wanted for What????
The act of forgery is a criminal
offense, punishable by fine and-or
imprisonment. Here at G. H. S. we
have several criminals of this type.
They have done the aforementioned
offense by forging instructors names
on the permits used for excuses and
such . . .
Now these criminal acts have been
brought to the attention of the ad
ministration. The results have been
rather omnivorous. No one is
allowed to go from one room to the
other without a signed paper at
testing to the time departed, the
projected time of arrival, the name
of the student, the place to which
he (or she) is journeying, and the
teacher allowing the release.
It seems a shame that the group
should suffer for the individual.
These desperados are to be sneered
at, are they not? . . . For we have
never done such a terrible thing,
have we?
1952 or 1,000,000 B. C.
On Tuesday morning, April 8,
the Senior High Orchestra present
ed its annual spring assemWy. The
program was well prepared and,
under excellent direction, executed
with a show of fine musicianship.
The Student Body, did not react
as seemed fitting to the finer things
of life. Perhaps it was the spring
weather that caused the ape-like
screeches to exude from the as
sembled students, or perhaps the
average pupil does not comprehend
the music of Mozart.
If it was appreciation that the
audience was trying to show at the
completion of the program, it
ceased to be so when the vice
By Janet Frederick
Congratulations to Andrew McGlamery.
Hear he dated Barbara Massey the other
night. {This one on request)
Billy Michael and Judy Newnam seem
to be getting along real well these days.
Attention Girls! On the eighth through
tenth of June the Order of De Molay
is having, a State Conclave in Greens
boro. On the ninth there will be a
swimming party in the afternoon. There
will be approximately two hundred boys
here and dates will be needed for them.
Did you hear that? Two hundred! Well,
it you are interested in helping their
worthy cause and have not already
signed up, please see or call Tommy
Neese, 8200, or Bobby Clark, 32334. Just
think, girls, you might meet someone
real cute.
Tess Russell has knitted the only pair
of socks in the world with a private en
trance for each toe. (Holes, that is)
Tell me, why doesn’t the school make it
a regular policy to give out Beechnut
Chewing Gum to the students? Every
one seemed to really enjoy the last con
The Band ought to start a fund raising
campaign to buy P. D. an air foam
According to Tommy Fesperman there
is a positively unequalled disk jockey
who is on the radio every night. His
name is Barry Kaye so be sure and listen
some night when you’re burning the mid
night oil.
Did you know that Larry Russell has
the most wonderful voice? He really can
By now everyone has surely seen or
heard of the new student teacher in the
history department. Bet the girls’ in
terests in history will really increase
Guess that’s about all. Bye for now.
president of the school called for
order and there was none. It ceased
to be appreciation when howls are
included, not to mention whistles
in the noise.
If Mr. Harrisman never presented
another program before such a
group, he would be entirely justi
fied. As a student body, collectively
and individually (if such be the
case), we should offer our deepest
apologies to the orchestra for such
aforementioned behavior
Your Opinion
Most of us don’t realize the fact that
we are attending a school which is vir-
tually without a name—that is a specific
and definite name. Greensboro Senior
High is a place name and signifies only
that the school is located in the city. This
is uninformative and sometimes mis-
leading since there are other high schools
in Greensboro. If you had the job of
giving our school an appropriate name,
what would you name it and why?
In the article to follow, I have main
tained a completely impartial discussion
of this vital question of christening this
school anew. The views expressed with
in are entirely my own and not neces
sarily those of the paper.
At the outset of this endeavor intended
to inspire, the pros and cons should be
discussed, among other things. Moving
away from tradition, I shall discuss the
cons first. On the cons’ side there are
many names to be consideBed. After much
ponderance I believe, in view of recent
events, that the name of “William Sutton
High School” is the best the cons can
offer. As for the pros, “Samuel Sneed”
seems to show a big rise in popularity.
He wields a mighty driving iron.
In the “among other things” class the
name of “Harry S. Truman High School”
should be considered. A move to name
this school in honor of this noted pianist
would certainly bring monetary ' “fair
deal” help for the building of a new
gymnasium. However, I .have decided on
the original name which struck me when
first asked about my opinion on this
To lend atmosphere, dignity, and
reverence to this institution of learning
and teachers, diminishing personal pre
judices to none, I think that this high
school should be hereafter entitled,
“David C. Wright High School.”
O. Henry High School—ever heard the
name before? Most of you probably
haven’t, for you see, there is no such
school in existance. O. Henry High
School could, however, become a reality,
if you the students of no name school
wish it to come into being.
I think that 23 years is long enough
for a school to exist without a name, and
when one comes to face reality, Senior
High School is not fittingly dubbed for
a school such as ours. I cannot think of
another school in the state that has such
an unimaginative calling as Senior High
I am of the opinion that O. Henry
High School is an appropriate and fit
ting name for our school. It would be
a living attribute to William Sydney
Porter, the great master of the short
story, whom Greensboro claims as a
native son. The name would be unique
for our school, because no other school
outside of Greensboro could use such an
appellation, and an out-of-towner would
immediately know where one was from
if he had been told that the name of the
school attended was O. Henry High
Bain Alexander
Our school is widely known as Greens
boro Senior High. We students speak of
our school as “Senior” when conversing
with close friends. Away from our home
certainly most of us attach Greensboro
to “Senior.” This avoids the confusion
about which many of the “pros” argue.
Why do people want to change this
established name? Do they desire to con
fuse our fellow North Carolinians hy
altering our school’s title? Tradition has
been broken several times before this
at G. H. S., but it seems completely un
necessary to change our school’s name-
If this situation becomes opressing,
will be faced with the problem of se
lecting a person worthy of receiving
Anne Fordham

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