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From the Gate City of the South and the tSirthplace of O. Henry
Beat Charlotte
T onight
volume XXex
Twelve Teachers To Supplement Senior High Faculty
Iransient Students
Represent U. S.,
Foreign Countries
Greensboro Senior High is grow
ing by leaps and bounds, for this
year we have of the 1465 enrolled,
seventy-nine transfer students.
These, our fellow classmates, hail
from many different parts of the
country; in two instances from
lands across the sea. They are, as
listed below;
Emily Bowles, Asheville, N. C.
Mark Brewer ,Tampa, Fla.; John
Burton, Carthage, N. C.; Charles
Clute, Chatham, Va.; Nancy Dale,
Fayetteville, N. C.; Connie Sue Dil-
linger, Bessemer City, N. C.; Ash
ton Edwards, Baltimore, Md.; Pat
Frazier, Salisbury, N. C.; Robery
Goheen, Memphis, Tenn.; Charlotte
Green, Louisburg, N. C.; Billy
Hawks, Bessemer High School;
Elliott Hale, Spartenburg, S. C.;
Frances Hood, Alma, Ga.; Harry
Jensen, Valdise, N. C.; Elmer
Knab, Rochester, N. Y.; Judith
Koch, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y.; James
McNeill, Broadway, N. C.; Bobby
Maynard, Jamestown, N. C.; Nancy
Ann Milloway, Curry High Scrool;
Barbara Mitchell, Sumner High
School; Martha Sue Mitchell,
Moorsville, N. C.; Naomi Pugh,
Bessemer High School; Pat Ray,
Baldwin, N. Y.; Barbara Rector,
Jamestown, N. C.; Marie Reid,
Louisville, N. C.; Bob Routh,
Gainsville, Ga.; Jeanne Scoggins,
Barnardsville, N. C.; Glenn Smith,
Goldston, N. C.; Rebecca Spauld-
ding, Abilene, Tex.; Betty Jean
Stamey, Sumner High School;
Angelene Walker, Lexington, N. C.;
Carolyn White, Pleasant Garden,
N. C.; Gail Wilson, Jamestown
High School; and Shirley Wyatt,
Greensboro, Ga.
Nancy Ault, Indianapolis, Ind.;
Eric Bemholy, Curry High School;
Virginia Brauns, Sumner High
School; Shirley Brookbank, Roa
noke, Va.; Jewell Byrd, Green
ville, S. C.; Drextal Collins, Pleas
ant Garden, N. C.; Gloria Comp
ton, Rankin High School; Martha
Lynn Fowler, Atlanta, Ga.; Fred
Gibson, Millbury, Ohio; Jimmy
Hayes, Guilford High School; Pa
tricia Helgeseh, Charleston, S. C.;
Mary Hylton, Curry High School;
Jimmy Jones, Rankin High School;
Betty Joyner, Charlotte, N. C.;
Johnny Lancaster, Bessemer High
School; Bertha Lucas, Munhall,
Penn.; Jan McGinnes, Shelby, N
C.; Nancy McGlamery, Curry High
School; Helen Mahaffey, Station,
Tenn.; Kathleen Phillips, Guilford
High School; Lylton Pinnx, Ala
mance High School; Jerry Shouse,
Graham, N. C.; Carol Smith,
Montreat, N. C.; Darlene Walker,
Fort Myers, Fla.; Delores Willi
ford, Kemersville, N. C.; and
Wattes Waight, Bessemer, N. C.
Mildred Alford, Rolesville, N.
C.; Patti Baber, Montreat, N. C.;
Harlan Blackwell, New York,
N. Y.; Bobbie Jean Brown, James
town, N. C.; Nancy Cooke, Fuquay
Springs, N. C.; Joyce Edwards,
Baltimore, Md.; Donnie Evans,
Myrtle Beach, S. C.; Patricia Ann
Giltens, Grand Rapids, Mich.;
Herman Jordan, Atlanta, Ga.; Bil
lie Kivett, Rankin High School;
Joseph Khuvi, Beivut, Lebanon;
Maxine Lewis, Walkertown, N. C.;
Harriet McCIuskey, Kemersville,
H. C.; Jerry Robinson, Alamance
High School; Gerald Sharpies,
Tonawanda, N. Y.; Lula Mae Sut-
Phin, Guilford, N. C.; Joan Wern-
ick, Bronx, N. Y.; and Johan Wray,
Rankin High School.
These new students were pre
sented in the second regular
assembly on September 23 by Ann
Carlson, vice-president, and Betty
Hell, secretary of the school.
A welcoming address was given
oy Mr. Philip Weaver, the assist
ant superintendent of the public
schools of Greensboro.
Shown above are the twelve new teachers who have supplemented Senior High’s faculty for the 1952-53
school term. Seated left to right, they are as follows: Miss Scott, English and history; Miss Hall, chemis
try; Miss Bogart, typing and business information; Miss Abernathy, English, journalism, and adviser
to High Life; second row, Miss Montague, business information and typing; Mrs. Siler, biology; Mr.
Manzi, history and assistant football coach; Miss Bost, assistant librarian; third row, Mrs. Burch, busi
ness English and typing; Mr. Earey, biology, physical education, and assistant football coach; Mrs. Gar
rett, English; Mr. lllman, art.
Part-Time Students
Elect Club Leaders
Officers of the Diversified Occu
pations and Distributive Educa
tion classes have been elected for
the year’s term by members of
the part-time cooperative program
at Senior High School. Advisers
and teachers of these classes in
clude Mr. R. Thorpe Jones, Miss
Lucille Browne, and Mrs. Hodden.
Representing the second period
D. O. class under Mr. Jones are
Alton Hall, president; Kenneth
Barber, vice-president; and Jean
Barricks, secretary-treasurer. From
Mr. Jones’ third period class of
part-time students officers include
president, Milton Alderfer; vice-
president, Tommy Neal; and secre
tary-treasurer, Albert Vaughn.
From Miss Browne’s second
period class of D. O. students em
ployed in office practices, June
McClusky will serve as president,
with vice-president, Sylvia Shore;
secretary, Yvonne Bradshaw; and
treasurer, Duncan Mitchell. Head
ing various room committees are
Barbara Barrier, Jo Robinson,
Carolyn Walker, Pat Bobbitt, and
Joan Rearden.
Presiding over Miss Browne’s
third period D. O. class will be
Charlotte Evans as the chief execu
tive. Other officers of the class are
Glenda Cox, vice-president; secre
tary, Becky Hambrick; and treas
urer, Lora Ann Gregory. Shirley
McIntyre, Betty Cox, Jamiesanna
Lee, Mary Louise May, Bebe Hud
son, Jerry Robinson, Charlotte
Evans, Ann Smith, Barbara Coble,
Jo Hiatt, and Evelyn McCannless
will head committees from this
Representing Mrs. Hodden’s D.
E. class, senior officers include
Jimmy Clark, president; Bobbie
Jean Wray, vice-president; Virginia
Williams, secretary; Bob Gold
berg, Otis Davis, reporters.
D. E. junior officers are James
Lester, president; Carolyn Lowder-
milk, vice-president; Barbara Wy-
rick, secretary; Patsy Lewey,
treasurer; and Mary Jon Greeson,
Officers of Home Rooms
Named for School Year
High Life Pledges
To Be Signed Soon
Following tradition of the
school paper, the first issue
of High Life is distributed to
the students of Greensboro
High free of charge.
Subscriptions will be taken
later in the form of pledge
cards at a later date for fol
lowing issues. We ask for your
support and cooperation in
making ttie High Life of 1952-
53 better than ever.
The home rooms have elected
Uieir class officers for the 1952-53
school year. There are 42 home
rooms in all, consisting of 12
senior home rooms; 12 junior
classes; and 19 sophomore groups
Each homeroom has elected a
president, vice-president, secre
tary, and treasurer.
Senior Homerooms
In room 313, Bob Bell will act
as president. He will be assisted
by Jimmy Armstrong, vice-presi
dent; Ben Nita Black, secretary;
and Mary Henri Arthur, treasurer.
Officials in room 315 are presi
dent, Joyce Lee; vice-president,
Ray Lutz; secretary, Betty Lan-
ning; and treasurer. Bob Lavietes.
David Heinzeman will serve as
president of room 6; other officers
are vice-president, Ed Harris; sec
retary, Bobbie Holler; and treasur
er, Charles Hester.
Functionaries of room 21 are
Buster Jenkins, president; Joe
Keller, vice-president; Shirley
Johannesen, secretary; and Ann
Hunter, treasurer.
The following students of room
307 hold offices: Larry Emerson,
president; Jo Ann Eberenz, vice-
president; Dottie Crews, secre
tary; and treasurer, Mickey Down
Fullam Cashion will serve as
president of room 311; other
officials are David Carter, vice-
president; Ann Button, secretary;
and Jolene Carter, treasurer.
In room 12, president Margot
Hammond will be assisted by Gail
Glascock, vice-president; secretary,
Joanne Gourley; and treasurer,
Dan Haley.
President Robert Wagner will
preside over room 309. Other
officials are vice-president. Delaine
Turner; secretary, Walter Under
wood; and treasurer, Jimmy Tun-
Functionaries of room 22 are
Bill Walke, president; Alfred
Williams, vice-president; Sara
Walters, secretary; and Carolyn
Walker, treasurer.
Students holding officers in room
305 are Bennett Murray, president;
Judy Newnam, vice-president;
Jeannette Oliver, secretary; and
Buddy Orrell, treasurer.
In room 304 officers include
president, Gary Sheffield; vice-
president, Hugh Sample; secre
tary, Jackie Scott; and treasurer,
Alan Sharpe.
Virginia Redhead will serve as
president of room 302; other offic
ials are Robert Rider, vice-presi
dent; and Barbara Prago, secre
Junior’s Officials
Presiding over room 303 will be
president Frances Strother; other
officers are vice-president, Lila
Ann Tice; secretary, Marian
Thompson; and treasurer, Joyce
Functionaries of room 2 are as
follows: president, Bob Phillips;
vice-president, Martha Sue Ray;
secretary, Mary Ellen Rierson; and
treasurer, Pat Price.
In room 306 Burt Ozment will
serve as president with Jean Mon-
nett as vice-president; Marilyn
Park as secretary; and Joyce Owen
as treasurer.
Tommy Kirkman, president, will
preside over room 300; other
officials are David Lambeth, vice-
president; Mary Ellen Kaelin, sec
retary; and Bob Jackson, treasurer.
The following students will serve
in room 106: Wallace Freeman,
president; Gloria Gilmore, vice-
president; Edna Freeman, secre
tary; and Stuart Frye, treasurer.
Betty Bell, president; Kaye Ban
ner, vice-president; Kitten Bar
ringer, secretary; and Fritz Apple,
treasurer, will act as officers in
room 24.
Student officers of room 202
are Johnny Carroll, president;
Stewart Cass, vice-president; Lu
cille Childress, secretary; and
Delsie Butler, treasurer.
Functionaries of room 16 are
Marian Cornelius, president; Char
lie Davis, vice-president; Mary
Louise David, secretary; and Phil
Crockett, treasurer.
Barbara Massey will preside
over room 1; other officers are
Rudy Marshburn, vice-president;
Tommy McDonald, secretary; and
Martha Leonard, treasurer.
Officials of room 204 are presi
dent, Mary Ann Hill; vice-presi
dent, Larry Holland; secretary,
Pat Harrison; and treasurer,
Jimmy Griggs.
From room 7 officers are Henry
Turner, president; Bill Turner,
vice-president; Rose Wharton, sec
retary; and Kay White, treasurer.
Barbara Sharpe will preside over
room 3 with vice-president, Wad
dell Solomon; secretary, Frances
Stafford; and treasurer, Burdett
Sophomore Officers
Jerry Lee will preside over room
100; other officers are Jimmy Jor
dan, vice-president; Rachel Kin-
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Women Outnumber Men
By Nine-Three Count
This year at Senior twelve new
teachers have replaced or supple
mented part of last year’s staff.
They come from all parts of the
country and have had some
amount of previous work teaching
in other schools.
Mr. Manzi, who has taught for
two years in Burlington, is doub
ling as a history teacher and line
coach of the football team. He is
a veteran of World War II and
has served in Europe. Football
and education are his primary
interests. He attended Elon Col
lege and is now working for his
master’s degree there.
Another new arrival is Mrs.
Gerry Burch. She graduated from
Woman’s College in Greensboro
and is now teaching business,
English, and typing at G.H.S. Her
special interests are bridge, golf,
and music.
The Misses Abernethy and Bost
(Paula and Cathy if you’re really
good friends) are two of the new
teachers who have joined the staff
this year. Miss Abernethy, who
teaches English and journalism,
graduated from Westhampton Col
lege in Richmond, Virginia; and,
after a year of graduate work at
the University of North Carolina,
she spent a vigorous two months
teaching at Appalachian High
School in Boone. She is very much
impressed with our school, and
most of all, with the friendliness
of the students and faculty.
Bost from Wilmington
Miss Bost, who graduated from
Appalachian State Teacher’s Col
lege in Boone, spent a year down
in Wilmington and came to G.H.S.
this Fall. Although her home is
in Kannapolis, she likes Greens
boro very much. She is greatly
pleased with the library and en
joys her position as assistant
Garrett from Greensboro
Mrs. Garrett, a new English
teacher, is a native of Greensboro
and a graduate of Woman’s Col
lege and the University of North
Carolina. She taught in Rocking
ham last year and has taken a
place on Senior’s faculty. When
asked if she had a comment for
this article, she said that she
would like to put in a "plug” for
the sophomores, who, in her
opinion, have done a wonderful
job in acquainting themselves
with Senior’s customs.
Woman’s College Graduates
Miss Ann Hall, who is taking
Mr. Lutrell’s chemistry duties over
this year, hails from Charlotte,
North Carolina. She graduated
from Woman’s College and taught
at Curry for one semester. Gen
erally interested in sports, she is
also interested in student govern
ment. She compliments the band,
and appreciates the friendliness
shown her.
Another graduate of Women’s
College, Miss Penelope Bogart,
has had teaching experience in
Robersonville, a town in the east
ern part of the state. She is in
terested in photography, but her
favorite pastime is water sports,
mainly because her home is located
on a river in Washington, N. C.
Scott Attended Vassar
Another new English teacher,
also a native of Greensboro, is
Miss Scott. She attended Vassar
College in Poughkeepsie, New
York, where she majored in Eng
lish and minored in English history
and philosophy. She did graduate
work in English at the New York
State College for teachers of the
universities of the state of New
York and at the University of
North Carolina. She has been an
instructor of English at Syracuse
University and at Woman’s Col
lege. Her principle hobby is col
lecting dolls,
lllman from Greensboro
Mr. Ernest lllman, who makes
his home in Greensboro, attended
G.H.S. and graduated from the
University of North Carolina. He
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