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Published Senii-AiiTiiiany by the STUDENTS OF MARY POTTER HIGH SCHOOI.
Mary Potter To Get New School Plant
Host To East Piedmont
Typewriting Contest Feb. 17
Principal Greets
New Teachers
Nearly 50 contestants from place. Evelyn Taborn of Mary
eight high schools in the East- Potter, Ida Durham o£ iicT^sor-
Piedmont District of the North son Institute, and Willa Jay
Carolina Teachers Association Walker of Hillside High won a
were represented in competitive three-way tie for third place,
typewriting contests Friday,
February 17, at the Mary Potter
High School in Oxford.
Before the contest got under
way, Mr. J. H. Lucas, principal
of Mary Potter School, extended
greetings to the group.
After the competitive con-*
tests, the business students of
Mary Potter High held a social
hour for the contestants and
visiting students in the cafeteria.
The group enjoyed music, a van
riety of games, sandwiches;
punch, and cookies.
In Division One, “one-semes
ter,” Frances Colbert of Mary
Potter High School won first
place; second place went to
Brenda Taylor of Hillside High
School. Maggie Thomas of Mary
Potter High and Patricia Bow
ling of Hillside High tied for
third place.
Annie Smith of Hillside High
won first place in the second
division, “two-semesters;” Mar
tha Williams and Cheryl Hen
derson of Mary Potter High won
second and third place ratings
In the Advanced Divisionj
“three-semesters,” Barbara Ad
ams of Ligon Junior-Senior
High won first place and Flora
Faison of Hillside won second
The contest material was fur
nished complimentary by the
William Penn Busines's Institute
of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
The following high schools
took part in the contest: B. F.
Person High, Franklinton; Hen
derson Institute, Henderson;
Person County Training High,
Roxboro; Hillside High, Durham;
Ligon Junior-Senior High, Ra
leigh; Hawley High, Creedmoor;
Shepard High, Zebulon; and
Mary Potter High of Oxford.
Mr. J. V. Turner, Associate
Professor of Commerce of N. C.
College, judged the contest. Mis^
Inez Currin, Secretary of Mary
Potter School, administered the
tests, and Miss K. Artenia Davis,
Secretary of Orange Street
School was the official tests
The winning teachers were
Mrs. L. I. Riddick of Hillside
High, Mrs. A. P. Harrington and
Mrs. Geneva Harris of Hender
son Institute, Mrs. Priscilla Cun
ningham of Ligon Junior-Senior
High, and Mrs. L. J. Solomon of
Mary Potter High School.
The 12 winners will compete
in the State Typewriting Contest
which will be held at N. C. Col
lege at Durham on Friday,
March 1?*
Gregory Wins
First Place In
Talent Hunt
Calvin Gregory, a promising
musician of the Mary Potter
Band, won first place honors in
the Omega Talent Hunt which
was held at the Person County
Training School in Roxboro,
North Carolina on Sunday,
day, February 12.
Calvin, the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Edward Gregory is a stu
dent of the Eighth Grade. He is
a lover of music and blows the
trumpet very well.
His winning instrumental was
Sabre Dance from “Gayne Bal
let” by Arom Khacturian.
On March 26, Calvin will
journey to Shaw University ac
companied by his instructor, Mr.
R. A. Anderson, to compete in
the State Omega Talent Hunt.
Bad Weather
Causes Saturday
Sessions Here
Due to the loss of school days
on account of bad weather,
school will be open on the fol
lowing Saturdays: March 18 and
Guidance Gives
Chance To
Solve Prohlems
Guidance services offer op
portunities for students to gain
rich and varied experiences in
becoming more self-directive in
solving their problems. Testing
is a vital part of the guidance
services. There can be testing
without guidance, but there, can.
be no guidance without testing.
Under the NDEA program.
School and College Ability Tests
(SCAT) and Sequential Tests of
Educational Progress (STEP)
were given to tenth grade stu
dents in October.
In early fall, juniors and
seniors took the Preliminary
Scholastic Aptitude Tests.
Students taking the Coopera
tive Intercollegiate Examination
in Henderson in November in-i
eluded Carolyn Bibby, Katrinq
Carroll, Robert Davis, Maxina
Glover, Selena Harris, Samuel
Henderson, Delaine Jeffers,
Barbara Jones, James McDougle,
Maggie Thomas, and Mrs. Artelia
Pritchett. As a result of this test,
Carolyn Bibby and Maggie
Thomas have been awarded
scholarships from Bennett CoL
There was more testing on
March 7. Tlie National Educa
tional Development Tests were
given to ninth and tenth grade
students and the National Merit
Scholarship Qualifying Test to
the eleventh grade.
The High School Placement
Test will be given on April 25.
Tests give a picture of the
student’s performance in rela
tion to other students through
out the nation in the same grade.
The results are helpful to teach
ers in planning classroom in
struction for students and to the
counselor for guiding students in
choosing careers for which they
show interest and aptitude.
April 22. The other days lost
will be taken from the spring
Our new teachers are working
in the area of French, Physical
Education, Social Studies and
the Seventh Grade.
Miss Bernice Bullock, a native
of Henderson, North Carolina
i's teaching French I, II, and III.
She is a graduate of Henderson
Institute and North Carolina
College at Durham. Upon being
graduated from the North Caro
lina College at Durham with a
B.A. degree in French and Li
brary Science, she received a
Fulbright Scholarship to study
for a year in France.'While in
France, she studied at the Sor-
bonne in Paris and the Univer
sity of Caen in Normadie. Aside
from teaching French, Miss Bul
lock is the adviser of the Mary
Potter Chapter of the National
Honor Society.
Mrs. Myrtle J. McNeill is a
native of Pender County and
was graduated from C. F. Pope
High in Burgaw, North Carolina
and North Carolina College at
Durham. Prior to coming to
Mary Potter, Mrs. McN
taught at Palmers’ Memori
stitute, Sedalia, North.sjC
and Mickens High Sch;
■ -
City, Florida. She ser^
brarian of Lincoln;|l“
menta^'v School'ii!^
North Carolina. Mrs.
a Seventh Grade teach
Mary Potter.
Mr. H. J. Drew is a^'
of Virginia State College
cently taught at West Mor _
Junior High School, Danvilldf
Virginia. Mr. Drew coaches our
Varsity basketball team and
teaches in the Social Studies
Early in the school year, the
members of the Oxford City
Unit of the North Carolina
Teachers Association entertain-,
ed all of the new teachers in our
We feel that our new teachers
have much to offer us and they
have varied and wide-spread ex
periences. They have joined
with the other members of our
staff to help to make this a suc
cessful school year.
,r. J. H. Lucas, Principal, is shown greeting our three new
They are left to right: Miss Bernice Bulloek, Mr. H. J.
d Mrs. M. J. McNeill.
GoGu vOilCepIS,
Potter Counselor Urges
Frank P. Scott
Pilots Student
Council Activities
Under the leadership of —f'
Paice Scott ti-*- oit**.ient Council
^vaged many activities.
The council projected through
the school the giving of gifts to
needy families of our commu
nity. Several baskets of food
were prepared and delivered to
these needy families.
On January 26, the council
held its annual installation exer
cise in the high school audi
torium. Mrs. M. W. Gant, ad
viser, was guest speaker.
Officers for this term are
president, Frank Scott; first
vice president, Evelyn Taborn;
second vice-president, Annie
Ruth Terry, head of the Junior
high department; secretary,
Barbara Jones; treasurer, Clif
ford Gregory; parliamentarian,
A1 Lewis; and Lonnie Peace,
The class representatives for
1960-61 are as follows: 12 Lucas-
Maggie Thomas-Reginald Lea-
therberry; 12 Scott-Juanita Har-
irove-Ellis Latta; 11 Solomon-
J’lora Jiggetts-Warden Webber;
11 Boston-Arcelia Taylor-Dom
Royster; 11 Bass-Annie Moore-
Calvin Hester; 10 McNeill -La
New Building To Be Erected
At Cost Of $300,000
Facully Members
Present Many
Surprise Gilts
The members of the faculty
enjoyed surprising several of
their co-workers during the past
few months.
In a December meeting, which
was termed “An Ideal Pro
fessional Meeting”, members of
the faculty presented the princi
pal with a Christmas gift. This
gift consisted of a white shirt,
a sweater vest, and initialed cuff
In February, faculty members
held another meeting and pre
sented two-co-workers who
were married during the year
with wedding presents. These
were blankets given to Mrs.
Ruel Solomon and Mr. Roy
Anderson. Mrs. B. L. Parker, our
secretary who resigned her po
sition the last of January, was
presented with a lovely pink
negligee set. A short program
was planned for this occasion
with a poem and song dedicated
to each.
Mr. J. H. Lucas presented thq
honoree gifts. Mrs. R. E. Howell,
Mrs. C. E. Gregory, Mrs. M. H.
Scott, Mrs. B. E. Dunn, Mrs. T.
W. Anderson, and Mrs. B. P. Lu
cas were in charge of the ar
rangements of this program.
ary W. Gant, Counselor
ary Potter High School, ad
dressed the student body during
a recent assembly program
sponsored by the Student Coun
Mrs. Gant called to the atten
tion of students the importance
of forming a good citizenship
mental image considering self in
the light of: Who am I? Where
have I been? Where am I now?
Where am I going? And what do
I have to take with me to help
me to get where I am going?
Some basic elements of good
citizenship were presented by
Mrs. Gant. Included were a
knowledge of the theory of de
mocracy, feeling of law and or
der, intelligent respect for law
and order, intelligent respect for
authority, increasing self-direc
tion, leadership and follower-
ship, cooperation and morale.
The discussion pointed up a stu
dent participation approach to
civic education.
Others on the program in
cluded Miss Bernice Bullock,
sponsor of the Honor Society;
Lonnie Peace, student council
chaplain; Mrs. B. B. Redding,
Junior High School Chairman;
and Mr. J. H. Lucas, principal.
Frank Scott, president, presided
and introduced the guest speak
er. Randolph Lockett, a member
of the Junior Class, was in
charge of the music. The pro
gram was planned by Annie
Moore, Arcelia Taylor, Don
Royster, Theodore Bowden and
Annette Anderson, Chairman.
Delta Sorority
Provides Milk
For Students
The Oxford-Henderson Chap
ter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorori
ty has established a free milk
program at Mary Potter which
has enabled various underprivi
leged students to have milk
Principal Speaks
At Hawkins High
Mr. J. H. Lucas, principal oJ0
Mary Potter High School was
guest speaker at the annual Na
tional Honor Society Induction
Services which were held in the
audit: rium of the John R. Haw
kins High in Warrenton, on
Monc>\y, February 20.
Clarke Scales, a senior and
president of the Society, gave
greetings. Mr. J. E. Byers, prin
cipal. introduced the speaker.
Mr Lucas gave inspiring re
mark. to those who had suc
cessfully fulfilled the necesary
requ ~ments to claim member
ship i.i the most outstanding or-
ganiz; tion in the school.
Foi’jrteen students were in
ducted into the society and
twelve sophomores were made
proba.ionary members. Others
were encouraged to develop the
neces.ary requirements for ad-
missic n into this organization.
The Board of School Trustees
met January 20, 1961 and adopt-*
ed a resolution calling upon the
Board of County Commissioners
to make avail-'*--- xunds neces-
o--./ to initiate two buildingf
projects for schools in the Ox
ford district.
School Superintendent, Mr.
C. W. Duggins, said initial steps
have been taken and the Oxford
Board, headed by Mr. Hugh M.
Currin as chairman, has em
ployed Haskins and Rice of
Raleigh as architects to prepare
plans for the projected newl
high-school building.
Plans which Haskins and Rice
drafted for class-room and other
facilities at Mary Potter High
have already been approved.
When the Oxford Board is as
sured of funds, bids will be
sought and an April ground
breaking date is envisioned by
Superintendent Duggins. The
construction for Mary Potter
will be two stories and will in
clude classrooms, administrative
offices, library, counseling de
partment, science facilities, and
home economics department un
der a single room. The cost is
approximated at $300,000.
National Honor Society Taps Six;
Mary Potter
Teachers Battle
The Books Too
Mr. J. E. Byers Gives Address
In an impressive installation
exercise, the National Honor So-
c.:ety, under the direction of
Miss Bernice Bullock, i-ducted
six hon'r students into the so
Mr. J. Estes Byers, Principal
of John H. Hawkins High
School, gave an impressive in
stallation address to an appreci
ative audience. Mr. Byers mes
sage was centered around thq
topic, “An Old Word for a New
Year, IF”. The address was very
informational and well deliver
ed. The society and student body
were greatly impressed by Mr.
Byers’ message.
:6lifiS||Kfe^ow ^Ippin^
|ng social and
the el^|^^M|pfficers for the
scho6l-^8H®96I-62 which will
culmihat^-their-major activities
of the year’.
Annual Career
Day At Toler
Interests Many
Ca. eer Day for Granville
Counr/, which included Hawley,
Mary Potter, Shaw, and Toler
High Schools was held Wednes
day, March 1, at Toler High
Scho' >1. Dr. Charles Ray, Chair
man of the Department of Eng
lish f North Carolina College at
Durh -xm, was the guest speaker.
Ar. array of consultants were
pres( nt and discussed career op-
portv nities in many fields. One
hunc I'ed and fifty students of
the ' unior and senior classes at
Mar Potter attended this pro
gram Mrs. C. H. Broadie, Coun
selor at Toler High, was the
Cart-ir Day Chairman.
School Secretary
Resigns Post
After eight and one-half years
with the Oxford City Schools,
Mrs. Bessie L. Parker has re
signed her secretarial duties to
accompany her ministerial hus
band and family to a new Pas
torate in Ambler, Pennsylvania.
Mrs. Parker served five years
as secretary at Orange Street
Elementary School and ' three!
and one-half years at Mary
Potter High School under the
leadership of Mr. J. H. Lucas,
She was a very active church
and community worker who will
be sorely missed.
Reverend T. E. Parker, Jr.,
moved his family to the Phila
delphia area on February 2.
Louis and Thomas Parker HI
will be severely missed in nu
merous school activities. Gwen
dolyn Parker attends school in
Tennessee and frequently re
turned to the Oxford Area. The
influence of the Parkers will be
Granville' County’s loss and
Philadelphia’s gain.
The new members are James
McDougle, Selena Harris, Max
ine Glover, Arcelia Taylor,
Gloria Bullock, and Thomas
i V- -- - ■
Annie Mae Daniels, Catherine
Jordan and Demetrias Daniels
were recognized by the society
as probationary members. These
students were encouraged to
maintain good scholarship, lead
ership, character, and service
in order to hold active member
ship in the society next year.
The officers of the Society are
president, Carolyn Bibby; vice-
president, Vivian Hunter; secre
tary, Ella Mallory; assistant sec
retary, Ruth Eaton; treasurer,
Clifford Gregory; reporter, Mag
gie Thomas.
Several teachers of the Mary
Potter faculty are busily en
gaged in advanced study and
training in a variety of areas at
nearby colleges. Mr. Fred Mc
Neill, Mr. Roy Bass, and Mr.
Samuel Cox, instructors of our
science and mathematics depart
ments, are receiving training at
North Carolina State College in
Raleigh in the area of Radiology.
This program is co-sponsored by
the Atomic Energy Commission
completion of this course, each
trainee should qualify as instru
ment instructors in the radiation
’monitoring field.
Mrs. N. E. Boston is conclud
ing- advanced study in the area
of Physical Education and
Special Education at North
Carolina College at Durham;
Mr. Roy Anderson is attending
North Carolina College in the
area of Music; and Mr. R. A.
Lewi's, teacher of Agriculture is
studying Agricultural Education
at North Carolina State College
in Raleigh.
AKA Sorority GiveiScholarship
A scholarship in the amount scholarship is to be awarded to
of $50 has been received by Mr.
J. H. Lucas, principal, from the
Durham Chapter of Alpha
Kappa Alpha Sorority. Thii now.
an outstanding girl in the senior
class. The recipient of the scho
larship has not been named as of
Former Grad Becomes Secretary
Fisk Jubilee
Singers To
Appear In Oxiord
Under the sponsorship of the
Mary Potter School, the Fisk
University. Jubilee Singers o^
Nashville, > Tennessee will be
presented in.' concert on Friday,
April 21, 1961, at the Oxford,
National Guard Armory at 8:00
P. M.
This group has received praise
of fame nationally and interna
tionally and is directed by Mr.
Matthew Kennedy of Fisk Uni
Currin, a former graduate of Mary Potter and recent graduate of
Shaw University, has replaced Mrs. Bessie Parker as secretary of
the Mary Potter School.
Miss Currin received her Bachelor of Science degree in Com
merce at Shaw University in June, 1960. Prior to this, she com
pleted her student teaching training at the Mary Potter School and
has also done secretarial work in New York City.

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