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    DECEMBER, 1965
Seniors Begin Active Year
The three senior homerooms have
had active beginnings for the school
term with the election of officers
for the homeroom and the class, in
the participation of varied activities,
in ordering their robes and rings
and in presenting in October their
annual affair for the public.
The homerooms have elected their
officers which are as follows: The
12-McGhee officers are President,
Larry Hamme; Vice president, Lar
ry Young; Secretarj', Barbara Cates;
Assistant secretary, Marian Bass;
treasurer, E^mma Hunt; reporters,
Lynn Harris and Bertina Glover;
Parliamentarian, Carolyn Lawson;
and Sergeant-at-Arms, Donnell Ta-
The 12-McCallum officers are
President, Lazzlo Hester; Vice pre
sident, Carolyn Rogers; Secretaiy.
Jackie Umstead; Assistant secretary,
Juanita Puryear; treasurer, Charles
Kittrell; recording treasurer, Ella
Terry; reporter, Ida Johnson, and
Chaplain, Wilmer Small.
The 12-Hudson officers are Pre
sident, Marvin Strater; Vice presi
dent, Me Quilla Smith; Secretary,
Marie Hunt; treasurer, Carolyn
Yancey; reporter, Barbara Brown
and Sergeant-at-Arms, Alice Fields.
The class has elected joint officers
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to carry out the duties of the entire
class—one joint duty being the writ
ing of letters, and the choosing of
gifts and cards for the Judges of
the Miss America Pageant and the
assistants. These officers are as fol
lows: The President is Marvin
Strater; Vice president, Larry Ham
me; Secretary, Barbara Cates; As
sistant secretary, Mary Parham; re
porter, Barbara Brown; Treasurer,
Emma Hunt; . Sergeant-at-Arms,
Archie McNeill; and Parliamenta
rian, Alice Fields.
In football four young men will
receive letters for their active par
ticipation in football. ITiey are
Larry Hamme, Charles Kittrell,
Henry Burwell, and Wilmer Small.
In dramatics there are many gra
duating seniors. They are Emma
Overby, Mary Parham, Janice Por-
tis, Ha^rold Glover, Barbara Brown,
Annie Bullock, Marvin Strater.
Carolyn Lawson, Lenwood Flem
ming, Martha Daniels, Juanita Pur
year, Alice Fields, Edith Hawkins,
Mae Collins, Inez Cooper, Jacqu-
line Crews, Leola Falls, Ernestine
Hayes, Carolyn Hopgood and Lois
The seniors have ordered their
rings for graduation from the Medal
Arts Company in New York, and
their caps and gowns from the Na
tional Cap and Gown Company in
Many seniors have been actively
engaged in Student Council Affairs,
especially the president, Harold
Glover. From the FTA, many
seniors could be seen on the night
of November 11, at Open House in
celebration of National Education
week, escorting parents to and fro
to various homerooms to meet and
talk with teachers and to look at
their children’s work. Many F.T.A.
members have also kept classes for
teachers who had to be away from
the campus for various reasons.
Theresa Lynn Harris by a wide
margin in the voting was elected
as Miss Mary Potter for 1965-66.
Certainly the student body was a-
ware of Lynn’s high scholastic at
tainment, her personality and her
popularity by voting for her.
The public at large was certainly
overwhelmed by the very lovely
Miss .America Pageant given at the
National Guard Armory on Satur
day night, October 30. If the re
marks and compliments received are
indications of the enjoyment; then
the talent, the swimsuit, and the
evening dress competition was very
A panel of eighth grade students presented their views on the topic:
What does the 20th century teenager most want?
Members of this panel are Bernard McNeil, 8G; Raymond Hicks, 8R;
Gwendolyn Fields, 8G; Raymond Wilkins, 8V; Andrei Spells, 8W; Bette
Brown, 8D; and Shirley Daniel, 8W.
The panel discussion is one of the language arts activities under the
direction of Mrs. Bessie Redding.
M.P. Debaters Begin Activities
Library Serves Schooi and Community
Certainly under4 the leadership of
Mrs. Roberta Ellis Howell, the Mary
Potter Library serves a great need
to our school and community.
It is the center of the school’s
academic life, for students come to
this area for reading, to seek in
formation, and to do reference work.
Teachers find this center helpful
for recreational reading, for plan
ning their work, for finding resource
materials, and for viewing audio
visual material before class use.
Teachers also use this center to
bring their classes when they have
classes in English and other subjects
dealing with library work.
The librarian trains assistants;
and, in many cases these trainees
find jobs elsewhere. This training
also gives them thoughts about a
new vocation which they may not
have considered before.
The tasks of the assistants are
varied. They process and assess
books; they type cards for the card
catalogue; they arrange and clas
sify books on the shelves; and they
serve those who use the library.
They also assist in the compilation
of bibiliographies.
The librarian also gives library
lessons on the use of books and ma
terials in the library.
The librarian is now in the pro
cess of ordering new books in the
fields of pure science, applied science,
English, history, and fiction.
Special emphasis is being placed
on the literary departments. To
dissolve the problems of an inade
quate literary department, many
novels are being ordered.
Since the library’s major concern
-is -to increase students’ knowledge
of various things, students have been
informed that they may request a
certain book in the library.
The Forensic Society, under the
leadership of Mrs. Thomasina An
derson, English Instructor, has al
ready begun their activities for the
current year.
Although the final topic has not
been issued, it will center around
the general theme: “Whal Policy
in Labor-Management Will Best Ser
ve the People of the United States?”
To broaden their knowledge on the
theme, two squad members Harold
Glover and Marvin Strater, accom
panied Mrs. Anderson to the North
Carolina High School Debating
Union Discussion Conference held
at the University of North Carolina,
on October 10. This trip contributed
considerable information and varied
techniques for future debates.
In addition to the Annual Spring
Debate Triangle Run-offs, the De
bating Society plans to attend an
other discussion conference on De
cember 4, at the University or North
Sophomores Organize For Year
Five sophomore homerooms have
helped to increase Mary Potter’s
student body. They began the year
by electing their homeroom officers,
and taking part in various activities.
The homerooms have elected their
officers which are as follows:
The 10-Shepard officers are pre
sident, Brenda Joyce Fields; vice
president Lafayette Moore; secre
tary, Yvonne Peace; assistant sec
retary, Doris White; treasurers.
Tommy Leatherberry and Iris Tay
lor; student counsil, Jeanette Wil
liams and Tommy Leatherberry;
reporters, Renette Corpening; Ella
Louise Umstead, and Velma Petti-
The 10-Parker officers are presi
dent, John Kerney; vice president,
Lawrence Edmonds; secretary, Caro
lyn Greene; assistant secretary, Mary
Fields; treasurer, John Hart; stu
dent council, Rudolph Bass, and
Carolyn Greene.
The 10-Scales officers are presi
dent, Marshall Yancey; vice presi
dent, Ella Carter; secretary, Omega
Peace; assistant secretary, Jacque
line Faucette; treasurer, Charlene
Anderson; Chaplain, Steven Powell:
reporter, Stella Haythe.
The 10-Howard officers are pre
sident, Delores McNeil; vice presi
dent, P^gy Hunt; secretary, Emma
Russell; assistant secretary, Laveme
Young; treasurer, Lucy Speed and
student council, Delores McNeiL
The 10-Ellis officers are president,
Alvin McGhee; vice president, Al
bert Pulliam; treasurer, Clarence
Watkins; secretary, Joyce Lewis;
reporter, Linda Falls; and student
council, Alvin McGhee.
Mary Potter Has Ten Replacements Juniors
at >n——in > o
Ten teachers have replaced those
teachers who resigned at the end
of ^he academic year of 1964-65.
These replacements are Misses
Gloria Hester, 6th Grade; Helen
Miller, Special Education; Joyce
McCullom, French and 9th Grade
Homeroom; Evangeline McCallum,
Business Education and 12th Grade
Homeroom; Peggy Hudson, Social
Studies and 12th Grade Homeroom;
Mrs. Barbara ElUis, Science and 10th
Grade Homeroom; Messrs. Chalmers
Bankhead, 7 th Grade; Harry
Brown, 6th Grade; Clifford Phifer,
Mathematics and 9th Grade Home
room; Clark Scales, 10th Grade
Homeroom and Science; and James
Paige, Industrial Arts.
Miss Hester is a native Oxford
ian, and an Alumna of G. C. Haw
ley High School. She is a graduate
of Winston-Salem State College.
Miss Miller, a native of Mount
Olive, attended Shaw University and
North Carolina College in Durham,
and Miss Joyce McCullom, a native
of Raleigh, is a graduate of Living
stone College. Miss McCallum, a
Durhamite, graduated from Merrick
Moore in 1961 ^and attended Lane
College, Jackson, Tennessee, gra
duating in 1965.
Miss Peggy Hudson, a native of
Forest City, attended Barber Scotia;
and Mrs. Barbara Ellis, a native of
Lumberton, attended North Carolina
College. She taught in the schools
of Louisa, Virginia, before coming
to Mary Potter. She is married to
Mr. Clarence Ellis of Wilson.
Mr. Clifford Phifer, a native of
Kannapolis, attended Livingstone
College. He taught in Concord be
fore taking the position of mathe
matics instructor and football coach
at Mary Potter. Mr. Chalmers
Bankhead, a native of Kannapnilis,
is a graduate of Winston-Salem
State College. He is married to
the former Patricia Miller of Kan
napolis, and is the father of a
son, Chalmers Bankhead, III. Mr.
Harry Brown, a native of Annapo
lis, Maryland, is a graduate of
Winston-Salem State College. He
is married to the former Eleanor
Elaine Frazier. Mr. Dark Scales,
a native of Warrenton, graduated
from North Carolina College in
Durham in June 1965. Mr. Scales
did his student teaching at Mary
Potter under the supervision of Mr.
George Angus Tyler, mathematics
and science teacher; and Mr. James
Paige, a native of Prentiss, Missis
sippi, is a graduate of Alcorn A and
M College, Alcorn, Mississippi. In
addition to their class activities, Mr.
Phifer coaches . football, Mr. Scales
supervises the student council, and
Mr. Bankhead coaches the J. V.
Football team.
All of the teachers interviewed
believe firmly that if students study
hard, obtain the basic skills, ob
serve good study habits, and par
ticipate wholeheartedly in class ac
tivities, they will get the basic foun
dation so necessary for meeting life’s
Science Club
Makes Plans
The Junior Science Club has met
to make preparations for the school
The activities are intended to be
varied, and in order to do a
thorough job the officers for the
club were elected to begin their
yearly duties.
Those elected are as follows:
Wilhemenia Bass, President; Sandy
Glover, Vice President; Joann Smith,
secretary; Cinda Lalta, Assistant
secretary; and Sandra Spells, trea
Some of the plans for this group
are having one project from each
member, going on a field trip and
writing it up, and giving a chapel
There are thirty active partici
pants in the club.
Reporter Wilhemenia Bass,

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