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> I,
MAY, 1952
'•'■'!> V.
r ■’tr»'r -t—• .'■'t.t.; ,' :-
,0 The 'Lincoln Echo Is‘ published
ever Jr six weeks by the studejits of
(Jloria MasoJp ■L'-,^.j:dltot-in-Chief
Wlllfarrt Bunifett^'iw2i..Buslness Mgr.
Bessjrhe Wardj^-iJ/C Staff Reporter
John Clark.;Ui>i;fflL:V...Sports Editor
'•Velma, Bell ...;.i!tia;i...;.;....;.;Secretary
Grace. NevlU^-uS—Asst; Secretary
Frank Robinson __5.f?..Bhotographer
Ernestine Powell,rj;...JBxchange Ed.
Delores Walker:.>tAsst. Exchange Ed.
Alicia Jones...;.._u;-.Clrculation Mgr.
Ada Marie, Edwardsv-Asst. Clr. Ed.
lola Baldwin '..j..; .Society Editor
Faye Atwater..;..'.Asst. Society Editor
; Advlsorjr Committee: Mrs. R. A.
Smith, Mrs.’M.: G;.Frazier and Mr.
Othellians End Year In Pianning
A Course Of Study
itorlSpea ks ^^At.
1^-V End A 6,f ^Tlie •;¥ ca r
.Once- again another year
has ' cbnie«to - itS^ end.; Many stu-
dents are happy ([because the year
has tended,, while-others' are sad.
I'i'^rJ^^- tWhen^ the' word ■ §ad is mentioned
fe^ /ft^?^pne‘generally, thinks of the grad-
‘k;^>i-^r^’>h®tlng‘''Class; cTQ^that particular
. clas^i emphasize
Ti’‘r&^r;v thisi tact;'^'‘leave‘,?with the idea
.oirive. Lu- uyttiiii a,, v-wixcgc
i tion.!,C To^thoseS remaining one
' ,aphasizes ;thi& 'Tact^.^think back
■four :r4cord|t^d,-progress. Has
peen’. good-’o^rpoof^'slow* or
_ i».si?\If your .'^progress has been
goodsay,'^[Vr5,^iil ,ao; even better
^ ^next ,year.” 'if progress, has' been
' :sayr^.l ,WU1; make up; for
Uitop-loSt and do^better than ever
I' -i- ’• ■’'
One will learn that the Othel-
liahs are not only amateur actors,
but they also study and learn as
the average high, school scholar.
' For - the, past' six weeks the
Othellians of ■ Lincoln High
School, have been planning a
course of study; in dramatics and
speech for the next year. They
have been divided into three
groups..They have used as guides,
Th§ Ameriesn Spepeh and State
e0ur§§§; Sreup nuthber ene eeti-
sists 'of . Bessyne 'Ward, Robert
"Winston, Inez Alston, and Prince
Taylor. Group number two con
sists of Marion Galashaw, Gloria
Mason,' and William Burnett;
Group number. three consists of
Barbara- Campbell, Rebecca Fra-
izer, John Clark, and Ernest Cor-
dal. .'V '
[Florine Williams and Ida Bar
bee are studying debating.
■ In a recent 'meeting the Othel-
, . 8th Gi'h.cliB News
- • i^,. Not'^ very- lorig^ ago P had a
V'Very unusual assignment, I made
an obseryation pf the.9-A class in
- J-t [>■ order to report,Jo.'iny 'dass. just
I.'' V what The. 9th:‘grade is doing and
;ij,^..^,^'what; 'we can expect; to dp, next
Thanks To
Cariee Edwards ‘ i
■' The'members of the Echo Staff
believe'in giving credit where
credit is due. Cariee has done
much this year in helping with
the; busiriess end of our school
paper. Each member of the staff
wishes^ to give him proper thanks.
lians elected officers for the year
1952-53. They are as follows:
president, Bessy ne Ward; vice
president, Inez Alston; secretary,
Barbara Burnett; and treasurer,
Ola M. Farrington.
Gloria Mason
, !! Thanks!!
The Student Council wishes to
§xpr§§@ it§ extreme gratitude for
the 100% cooperation exhibited
by all classes in putting over its
first Softball League.
We would also like to congra
tulate Mrs. M. D. Fulford upon
being Lincoln High’s first com
missioner of softbaM 7.nd for her
splendid support and cooperation.
We are sure that this softball
league has helped each person
who participated to be better
mentally as well as physically.
Participating has helped to
give us a sense responsibility,
cooperation, and respect for
To the Sophomore boys, the
champs, our heartiest congratula
tions, and we hope that they
have achieved more than just
winning a game or two. For them
we hope success untold in all of
their efforts.
John Clark
french;; A CINCH?
* observed; the home'economic^
.M*|;v,*-‘''^class which is. .thught byMiss
>^'^r|)VJ’^' 'Pppe;'mathema{ics'class i-which is
taught'.'by Mr.. .Lowery; English
,'- '.class ;Which isxtaught by'..Mrs.
!!'. .’if'4j[’Hicks; Health' which is taught-by
y7ivIJp:. Mr» kornegay and.-’civics.Which is
' taught by^ Mrs. Smith;
"'..I' .' I noticed th^'.conduct of the
y! y by James Pendergrafi
;■' You . think French is quite a
pinch, ';but I say P is'quite a
cinch: “At first it looked like Greek
to me,, but I tried until ! gained
a certain degree of skill in Tead-
irig it. '
>'vDoes “Merci” look more strange
than “Thank You?’* Both look
all right to me. Some students
say, “You have to be heavy in
English to take'French.” But that
is not-trufe.*; French helps one to
understand' his English better.
I never did understand person in
English until I had studied
French. You don’t know what
.students as they passed from one
(class ;,to another.' With a few
J • exceptions their conduct'was very
^ -’-'good. They were very;';interested
I i'l-''-;-'' in-- their ■ work; - y'ly- yV,■'
r,;; We have learned much ? about
I /^JV^itthe,’:!'requirements ,, for entering
I ’^IL.high' school and the qualities
‘v*'!-;) which a freshman should possess.
'-V-V^r Carolyn.Bte-wer-SA
pleasant reading you are missing
when you don’t khow the beauti
ful stories in French.
: ' by Betty Dooley
French is really easy when
You know all the hooks and
But, boy! it is a killer.
When you don’t read your
French books.
by Rebecca Partin
When first I began French I
It was a Must for me.
But when I began to master it.
By studying hard, you see.
It became just like a melody.
Senior Smiles—Freshman Fmwns
Fifth Period Honor
Roll Announced
The following students made an
average of B plus or above for
the fifth weeks period at Lincoln
High School.
12th Grade: lola Baldwin, Glo
ria Mason, Sophia Minor, Edwin
Caldwell, Ernest Cordal, and
Frank Robinson.
11th Grade: Ola Mae Farring
ton and Wenzo Thompson.
10-A Grade: Ernestine Cole and
Annie Jones.
lO'B Grade: Margaret Bessyne
Ward, Robert Winston, Jean
Wright, Ernestine Powell.
9-A Grade: Druscilla Clark.
9-B Grade: Faye Atwater, Ka
trina Baldwin, Barbara Burnette,
Betsy Ann Cordal, Frances Har
graves, Arnold Harris, Bertha
Headen, Betty Hogan, Carolyn
Hogan, Alicia Jones, Martha
Norwood, Beatrice Robinson,
and Gloria "Vickers.
8-A Grade: Rufus Bynum, Al
len Mason, Ida Battle, Carolyn
Brewer, Delores Mason, and
Peggy "Vickers.
8-B Grade: Thomas Booth, Her
man Burchette, Wallace Perry,
Malissia Fearington, Doretha Mer
ritt, and Ethel Jean Riggsbee.
7-A Grade: Mary Mason, Napo
leon Jones, William Nunn, Helen
Walker, Thurman Edwards,
Roosevelt Sanford, Annie Burn
ette, Napoleon Neville, Ernest
Leak, William Farrington, Espher
Foster, Nathaniel Jones, Betty
Jones, Joseph Burnette, Delores
Edwards, and Preston Smith.
7-B Grade: Jimmy Mitchell,
Leo Leak, Pauline Edmond. Lula
Jones, and Hilda Pendergraft.
Senior Smiles-Freshman Frowns
- * by Rdss Farrington '53
Whil^ the seniors smile at !> ■
years of the past, the freshiuf!?
frown at their future tasks; they
work and toil ■'li.hout any pay.
.but that will make them very
to quit fro?'7 stress and strain,
and feel tP;’* iheir efforts are all
in vain. But, again they take
Courage and try it once more,
■ ind some day theY’ll march as
happy some day. They’re ready I have classes o^
We Hofe To Go
The Senior class under the
guidance of Mrs. M. D. Fulford
brings to a close its most, success
ful school year. This is the year
that every student looks forward
to but this is not the case with
the present Senior class. Many
of us are in a state of grief be
cause of the fact that we are leav
ing such a wonderful and loyal
It is indeed a great honor to
be the first graduating class of the
new Lincoln High .'^•-hool. We
wish to express our gratitude to
all the faculty members who help
ed make this a most joyous school
Thomas Bynum
:l‘' *

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