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(Aire(‘r Wt^ek
Observed At
On Monday, April 4, 19.5.5, a
series of Career Week activities
began at Lincoln High. These
activities were continued t.hrough
April 7. The purpose of these
activities was to aid Juniors and
Seniors in choosing a vocation
that he or she is best suited for
and to furnish additional in
formation on the vocation. Ca
reer week was opened only to
Juniors and Seniors.
Contributors to Monday's dis
cussion were Mr. E. F. Corbett,
Director of Public Relations at
A, and T, College, The courses
offered at A. and T, College
were explained very well by
Mr. Corbett. Much attention
was given to tJae ROTC pro
gram. A. and T. College is lo
cated in Greensboro, N. C.
Mr.s Lanthe Harris, assistant
professor in the School of Nurs
ing. A, and T. College, pointed
out the numerous opportunities
for those who go into profession
al nursing both women and men.
Dr. Rose Butler Browne.
Chairman of the Department of
Education, of North Carolina
College, Duriham, North Caro
lina stressed the importance of
preparing one's self for the com
ing generation through educa
Speakers for Tuesday were
Mr. E. W. Hill. Durham Busi
ness School. Durham, North
Carolina. Mr. Hill pointed out
that the chances of employment
for those who attend business
school are just as good as those
who attend college for business.
Dr. Ray Thompson, Counselor
Trainer, North Carolina Col
lege, Durham, North Carolina,
explained the importance of one
knowing himself before choos
ing any vocation.
Mr. C. C. Spaulding, Jr., North
Carolina Mutual Life Insur
ance Company, Durham, North
Carolina, explained the mechan
isms of insurance and pointed
out the opportunities for ad
vancement in t.he insurance
The Wednesday discussions
were opened by Mr. E. W. Phil
lips, Professor of Commerce at
North Carolina College, Dur
ham. North Carolina. He ex-
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l{. E. L. Is
(piKLSl Speakf'r Al
Asseimfily Pro«[ran?
Mr. R. E. Bogue. a worker un
der llie United Nations for tlie
World Health Organization in
Egypt and ten other countries,
was guest speaker at the Lin
coln High assembly program on
Friday. March 11. In his very in
teresting and informative speech,
he stated that people can talk
about health when they fail in
all other subjects. He further
stated that he enjoys .his work
for several reasons, of which
getting to know people—their
likes—and dislikes is the most
important. There is no difference
in people except for color of
skin stated Mr. Bogue.
Another phase of the Assem
bly program was the speeches
given by four of our students on
‘ World Peace.” Bertha Headen
wa.s chosen by the decision of
four competent judges. Ida
Battle received honorable men
tion. The two ot.her speakers
were Doretha Merritt and
Milissa Farrington. Each of the
speeches was quite interesting.
How Is Your
School Spirit?
To have good school spirit one
does not have to be a cheerlead
er, or be in the band, but one
must be co-operative and create
some sc-hool projects that will
make school life more enjoyable.
To know whether or not you
have any school spirit ask your
self the following questions:
Do I stay in line in the cafe
teria without breaking or push
Do I direct the visitors, or lost
students around thee school?
Am I courteous to visitors?
Do I offer to help clean up
after school parties?
Do I lend a helping hand?
Do I participate in at least
one extra curricular activity?
Do I belong to at least one
committee to help clean up a-
round the school building?
Do I behave myself well at
all school programs?
An affirmative answer to the
question will help acquire the
right school spirit.
Fra sH*cs 11 ar »:ra\ es
Wilis Oralorica!
On April 17. 1955 the Bene
volent and Protective Order of
Elks of the World sponsored its
annual elimination Oratorical
Contest at the St. Paul A. M. E.
Church. Frances Hargraves was
t.he winner.
The Elks sponsor these contest
annually. Under the direction of
Mrs. R. W. Milteer. four seniors
participated. They were: Gloria
Vickers speaking on the subject,
‘‘The Constitution and Citizen
ship;” Alberta .Jones. “The Con
stitution, Oui Way of Life:” Bar
bara Burnette, ‘‘The Negro and
the Constitution," and Frances
Hargraves, ‘‘Abra.ham Lincoln
and the Constitution,”
As a result of winning this
contest. Frances Hargraves will
compete on Sunday, April 27 at
the Community Center for the
district winner.
Each student is to be com
mended for the fine speeches.
Alberta Jones stood second place.
Spring Brings
iVIany Activities
A baseball team has been or
ganized by Mr. W. D. Peerman.
They have eight games scheduled
already, the first one was play
ed April 5. in Reidsville.
Bertlia tt(‘a(ieii
Wins Irip Fo
New York (litv
Speaking on the subject, 'The
Role of the United Nations in the
Building of World Peace." Ber
tha Headen. a senior, was win
ner of the world peace speaking
contest sponsored by the Univer
sity of North Carolina.
Under the direction of Mrs.
M. D. Turner, four students par
ticipated in the contest, they
were: Ida Battle, who won hon
orable mention. Malissa Far
rington, Doretha Merritt, and
Bertha Headen.
As a result of having won the
contest, the teacher advisor, and
student winner were given a
trip to New York. Some of the
highlights of this trip were: A
visit to +he U. N. Headquarters.
There, they were given a tour
of the building, they visited the
gene’-al assemblv room, confer
ence room, and many other in
teresting parts. They visited al
so the Statute of Liberty, the
Bowery, Chinatown, Rockefeller
Center, the Empire State Build
ing, Radio City, St. John’s
Cathedral, and Greenwich Vil
lage. In Washington, D. C,, the
winners visited the Capital, the
White House, Washington Monu
ment. Lincoln Memorial, and
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The Freshmen held a joint
meeting and selected yellow and
green as permanent class colors.
They're also choosing a perman
ent motto in the very near fu
All the students of t.he Driver
Education Class successfully
passed the test to get learner’s
I have observed that for the
month of March, our Student
Council President has seen fit
to select representatives to the
Student Council from all four
classes to serve as patrolmen in
the lunchroom.
Our juniors and seniors are
getting themselves ready for the
fabulous Junior-Senior Prom
that’s coming up very soon.
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7B Class Visits
In our class we have been
studying the Solar System. We
learned that a person who stud
ies the stars in an Astronomer.
We enjoyed the study of the
Solar System so much until on
Thursday, March 17, we decid
ed to go to the Planetarium.
T.he show was about the Solar
System. Our trip to the Plane
tarium was very, very interest
ing because it helped us to bet
ter understand what we had been
studying. After the show we
toured the building to see all of
the exhibits on display. The one
most interesting to us v/as on
rocks because we have studied
and collected some rocks.
We were not able to get back
to school in time for lunch,
therefore we ate lunch at one of
the local restaurants.

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