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English I Class
By Janice Bynum 9-2
The Freshman English class is
having a wonderful time for their
first year in high school.
They have learned many things
this year and have enjoyed them.
They also had a discussion on
Juvenile Deliquency. Think to
yourself about this question: Who
is to blame for Juvenile Delin
quency? you or your parents?
Juvenile Delinquency, which
means bad behavior among young
people, ranging from truancy to
really serious crime, is an ever
present problem. It shows great
increase in wartime, of course,
but there are always bad boys
and girls.
The Scientific Facts
The eight-two class has studied
the chapter. Your Body' at Work.
The major topic includes the
Brain, Heart and the Eye. We
have learned quite a few things
too. We learned that we hear and
see with our brain. The brain is
divided into two halves.
There are three parts of the
brain, the Cerebrum. Cerebella,
and the Medulla. Each has dif
ferent functions. Our heart is
divided into four chambers. We
have had to trace the blood
through our bodies, and it was
something we all enjoyed. The
reason we see with our brain is
because the eye is a kind of
camera which picks up light.
There are six parts of the eye. The
whole class thought this was a
very interesting chapter so we
thought we would tell you about
By Brenla Jones
- Social Security-
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I social security number (exactly
as shown on your card) and the
I amount of your earnings.
Your social security number is ,
important because it is your iden- ■
tification of an insurance policy
i with the Federal Government.
The social security tax which
your employer withholds from
your earnings represents your
premium payments on your pol
icy. The Bureau of Old-Age and
Survivors Insurance will keep an
individual record of your earn
ings based on the reports which
your employer files. This record
will be maintained by the Social
Security Administration along
with rriillions of others. If your
name and social security number
are reported correctly by your
employer, you will receive credit
for your earnings. You will not
leceive credit if his report does
not contain this information. This
credit is extremely important be-
: cause the amount of benefits
which you, vour parents, or your
future family will receive in later
years depends on your earnings
If vou are olanning to work and
do not have your social security
"ard, contact your nearest Social
Security District Office or secure
an application for a number
i (Form SS-5) from your local post
office. The Durham District Of-
i fice, serving this county, is locat-
' ed at 1433 Broad Street in Dur
Teenage Love
By Beniamin F. Lindsay
• ’ C
III gCllCiai 11 It-r-•
reeling experienced when one is
strongly attached or deeply
voteu '0 another, but at Lincoln
teenage love has five meaiitngs;
to the Junior High it meui..» ti '*■
certain feeling: to the fra=hman
it means having a good time: to
the sophomores it means free
rides: to the junior it means a
"t^ange in life: and to the senior,
a more dignified group, teenage
love is nothing but a lot of ‘‘junk’*.
But don't let that discourage you.
Go ahead and have your fu:. and
free rides, and feel that certa-'
feeling, for that is teenage Ip-®^
Went' jrtF*^ Sloan
vV atches — Gifts
Chapel Hill, N. C.
64 Years of Pharmacy
Chapel Hill, N. C.
Suits Made To Measure
Press While You Wait
406 W. Franklin St.
School Supplies
Chapel Hill. M
Honor Roll
Christalena ur. -*!-
Rena Headen
7- 3
T^iornri'- T'or-'!n CT+nn
Charlene McDougle
Thomas Alston
Sandra Weaver
Sylvester Bynum
8- 3
7- 1
Carrie Webb
8- 1
Betty Bumphus
Edith Mason
Ann E.. Young
Mary Mason
Esphur Foster
Marcia Williams
— Contestants —
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On April 17, 1957 at 4:30 p.m.
we left Green.-boro, N. C. en-
route to New York City. We had
supper in the Richmond, Virginia,
Bus Station an", arrived in New
York at 6:00 am. We registered
at the Hotel Piccadilly, had
breakfast in the Hotel Piccadilly
Restaurant and went on a tour of
New York City. We had lunch at
the Down Under Restaurant of
Radio Center and dinner in Rock
efeller Center. At 8:40 p.m. we
went to see a Broadway Theater
Production. “Tie Diary of Anne
Frank’’, at the Ambassador The
ater. On April 19th we had break-
last at the hotel restaurant and
went on a tour G The United Na
tions Headquarters. We had lunch
in the Delegates Dining Room of
the U. N. Heacquarters and af
terwards had a briefing by Dr.
Frank Graham. At 4:00 p.m. we
left New York for Washington,
D. C. We stayed overnight at the
Hotel Franklyn Park. April 20th
we had breakfast at Shell's Cafe
teria, a tour o: the Capital, a
tour of WashHgton, lunch at
Sholl’s Cafeteria and the tour of
guard ceremony at Arlington Na
tional Cemetary Then we left
Washington for North Carolina
and arrived in preensboro. N. C.
at 11:30 p.m. wrere my parents
met us.
It was a very erjoyable trip and
I hope someone from L'ncoln will
win next year.
Joseah Burnette
May Day Program
Theme; May Day Around The
I. S.u’-ts—Ath’>tic Department
11 o’clock
II. Froc'red by Quee-
fd7iiowed by ot'ier participants
III. Crowning of the Queen—
President of Tudent body
IV. Dances:
1. Sweden - - 9-1
2. American Flag Drill-.- 8-1
a. SquaE Dance 9-2
3. Poland - - 8-2
4. Germany 7-1
5. Mexico 8-3
6. Russia 7-3
7. England 7-2
8. Lincoln Twirling Corp
9. France 10th & 11th
10. Spain 12th
11. America 10th & 11th
V. Wrapping -f May Pole
7th, 8th, & 9.h
VI. Soft Ball frame
April, 1957
Let's Gossip
Here I am again with my crys
tal ball steadily flashing, ready
to give you the latest happenings.
Orchids to Joseph Burnette for
winning a tr'o to the United Na
Onions to the Senior boys that
didn't stay for afternoon practice.
Aren't the boys at Lincoln fine
enough for D. E.. A. B.. and
M, W.? It doesn’t seem they are.
From what I gather they have
some S P’s around the city.
What’s happening to the daily
chatter between J. A. and R. W.?
Is R. E. laying down a few laws
of her own or has W. J. gotten
Orchids to R. W. for coming to
school once more before it closes.
Onions to the continuous gum
Has A. B. finally given P. S. the
axe? It looks that way from whvre
I sit.
Wonder what will happen to
the romance between H. C. and
M. B. now that L. J. is in town’’
V/ill J. L. be around if M. B. is
put out in the cold?
Orchids to those who helped
decorate for the Spring Ball.
Is M, B. moving B. J. B. out
with J. A.?
It seem.s as if V. C. is giving up
B. N. and so J. H. might not
have anything anytime soon.
Someone seems to be squealing
>n P. J. and C. A. Is what they're
• ving true?
P. S. is slowly but surely mov-
i L. S. out of th(' picture with
' C. F.
What's all the talk between
A. B. and R. H.? Is it real or is
he only playing games.
F. d^’K. was sharp as a tack at
the Prom with her $5.00 orchid
from. M. M.
It seems as if F. W. and C. B.
are too happy.
Woi'der ■'■h}’ M. W. v.’asnt
sure if W. F. was going to take
, L-.' the ‘^hG '’i h.,’' ncim
Lu,worry though because W. N.
was her escort.
T. C. is watching every move
, W. O. makes.
Did W. H. really take V. B.
! serious when he received the note
i with her name signed to it?
I will be signing off now. Don’t
: forget to look for me in the next
' edition.
Calendar of Events
By Warren R. Jones
Da*e Activities Place
Mav 1st—May Festival. School
Mav 2nd—State Band Festival,
Greensboro, North Carolina.
May 3rd—Choir Festival.
May 6th—Band and Chorus
Concert. School Auditorium.
May 8th—Senior Trip. Raleigh.
North Carolina.
May 17th—Annual Awards Day,
School Auditorium.
May 24th—Senior Class Night,
School Auditorium..
Mav 26th—Annual Senior Ves
pers School Auditorium.
May 28th 29th & 30th—Final
Examinations School.
June 1st—End of 9th month and
end of school year at 10:30 A. M.
First Semester
In Literature
By Emma Louise Minor 8-1
During the first semester we've
had a very interesting lesson in
literature. We learned about fif
teen beautiful paintings. One of
my favorite pictures was Deborah
and Nietzche which was a very
beautTul picture. The painter was
Gladys Rockmore Davis.
We al.=:o 'earned fifteen quota
tions such as, “Three may keep a
secret if two are dead", which is
a very true quotation.
We’ve also read stories from
text books which were very
interesting but the story I liked
best was The Kiskis bv May
Vontver. This story was verv sad.
Open 7 Days Weekly
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Records and High
Fidelity Equipment
207 E. Franklin St.
Chapel Hill,N. C.
124 E. Fnnklin St.
Chapel Hill. N. C.
Real Estate— Insurance
410 We^jfc ranklin St.
Chapel lill. N. C.
Is School Really Out?
By Teddy R. Morrow
So I don’t have to worry about
lunch money and getting up early
in the morning. I can go swim-
m'ng, fishing, and sleep. Take the
radio outside under a big tree and
listen to some music and drink
icewatsr. Don’t have to worry
about my sister calling me, now
I can have peace.
For Mothers Day Give A
Portrait Gift Letter to used at her
— Seniors —
It’s time to make an appointment
for your Graduation Portraits
Ask For Our Specials
H. J. Edwards
420 ’W. Franklin St.
Phone 9-9913
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Treasurer; Mr. R. D. Smith
Pariiamentarian: Rev. T. P. Du-
Histor'an ■ '’'T- " T’ n T’i?-nr-r
In order that the officers may
have an easier job next year,
here are five splendid ways that
the parents may help.
(1) They can show active inter
est in what the school is doing—
teaching methods, administra
tive policies, teacher-selection,
financial problems.
(2) They can be open-minded
toward change, inquiring into the
•chool’s reasons for adopting a
particular policy or method be
fore jumping to conclusions bas
ed on rumor or partial facts.
(3) They can provide the school
with information about the child
which bears on his school pro
gress and adjustment.
(4) They can recognize the fact
that the home, rather than the
school, must assume major re-
SDonsibility for certain aspects of
the child’s development—moral .
and spiritual values, discipline,
health, sex education, extra-
school interests.
(5) If they disagree with school
policy or school rules, they can
refrain from encouraging their
children to ignore these rules.
There are appropriate channels
for effecting change, and until
change is effected, a youngster is
more secure if it’s clear to him he
is expected to abide by the rules.
W« hope the suggestions above
will prove helpful for better
school-community relations. The
child’s caught in the middle when
such relations are not the best.
It is hoped also that these sug
gestions will enable the PTA to
be better next year than any
other vear.
Call 9-1461
Serving Your
For Pick-up And Delivery Service
Cliapel Hill, N. C.
SINCE 1899
Chapt" Hill- ^•’rrboro—Glen Lennox
Member F.D.I.C.

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