loham 1 le* • sRMoim JOHRSoir rmj>, i. c. nwum tr» ims lUCKnONE^WOlLirsaKATEST MAGICIAN, COMES TO SEYMODi JOHNSON FIELD, SATDRDAY,FEI27 U4.0. Camp Show to Play Two PerformaMcs Hara Saymoar Jabiaoi Fiald to Nava Siigiif, Marcbia; laid, 150 Piocas Straay; Part af Mim Prasram Soymmir Johnaon Pi«ld will hava a aarehlnc band 150 piaoaa atrong la eonjxmetloa with the now ouaio pregran plaanad for thla poat* tha Spaolal Sarrlea Saction announoad thla waak« Lt. Oaorga S« Burrla, raoantly aaaigaad to tha Spaolal Senrioa Sac^ tlon la Buparrlalng tha axtanaiva aualc program* Tha anlargamant of tKe Poat band, which la now eonpoaad of 47 piaoaa, will inoluda davalopmant of ▼oeal trloa, quartata and glda ’eluba aa wall aa Tarioua klnda of Inatru- mantal groupa, larga and amall, to parform on and off tha poat* Tha new aualc program will not atop with tha band, but will ba ax> tended in all G« I. aetivltlaa.!lora alnglng will taka place within tha aquadrona, nuaie will be played in Maaa Halla during chow* Lt. Burria aald that prorlalona for more and batter ainging by troopa while mar ching ware being made. Extanaive radio programs, both nualcal and dramatical, aainating from the Pialo are being planned. New Sada FoHatiia Opaas la Service Clab Cafeteria A new liquid oarbonated aoda fountain ma ptit into operation Wadneeday afterorm at the Service C3.nb*a cafeteria* First enlisted mar. to purchase an ice ereea soda was Pvt* Aloysius S* Jablcmsky (correct), of the795th Tech* Sch. Squadron* Gushing wi^ enthusiasB over the virtues of the DSC soda fountain, Aloysius ferrenV ly told ons of ths ssrviosdhb host- sssss hs was iassnssly satisfied See '*.*>oda Fountain", Page 3 Watth TIwm Niiim: Seymour Johnaon Field nuraea would have put Adrian of Hollywood to ahame thie waek when they put aside their thermonetera for tewing needlea and aeiaaors to faahion the latest thing in ourtaina for their new Recreation Hall* In feet, tho eurtain-aaking feat was to succesa- ful that ^e 'iraea plan to make drapes for th«ir living quarters toon, according to Lt* Jaude Johnaoa The Recreation !{b11, located in the nurees quarters now boasts a lounge room, dance floor, juke box and soft drink maohinee. To keep the nurees on their toes sooially, rug cuttin* lessons beganthis week* FFH .'OR ICERS. ENUSTED MEN LEAVE AVIi^lON TRAINING Two ofxxcere left Seymour John eon Field recently for AAF PreFlighb (pilot) eebool at HaaisU FisId,Als. for ths purpose of pursuing ths pi lot training oourss there* They wars Lte. Harry J* Aloora See "Aviation*” Page 3 AERIAL GUNNER IS NOW PURSUING A. M. COURSE AT JOHNSON FIELD Proudly wearing a pair of sil ver wings, Sgt* Woodrow Thomae ar rived Inst week at Seymour Johnson Field to pursue' the A* If* course here* An aeeompUahed aerial gunneq so ff>od, in faet,he was an instruct or of gunnery at Ft* Ueyere, Sgt* Thcmae ie anxious to om^lete the aeehanies course so ae to get”over- eeae ae soon ae ie humanly psalbleY A 23*FV&r-old native Floridian the lanky buck sergeant enlisted into the Ar^y in Sept* 19A0 in Elk ina, West 7a., where he had been a student. Hoping to become an all-around erew-ehief when he graduatee the a. a* course, Elkins desires immediate cumbet action, eapeoially against Sea "Aerial Gunner," Page 3 Soldier Sosg Writers Os Poet Offered OpportinHy 0. I. song writers at Gaymour Johnson yield now have the opijortui^ ity to rise to fame end for.tuno thru a plan to have soldior-writton son/js dietributed and brought to the ettem tion of publishers worked out by tte !IU8ic Section, Special Service .div ision, in collaboration with Army Times. See "Song," Page 3 FhM BmvmimmmI Him 8iIi SMi-WHi PMMhHr State-wide publicity waa giwn this week to the methods of student goverment utilised at Seymour eon Field since last November* Formulated by the Army Air Foreev Technical Training Oomand, student goverrment on thie field has foiuid ready reeponso and coop - oration on the part of the oeibryc meehs* Placing the responsibility of goverTwieni squarely on the should ers of every etudent-eoldler, the See "student," Page 3 New Coirvc in ObMrver Training Now Offered A new eourae of observer trails Ing is now available to a limited mudber of enlisted men end warrant officers of the Army Air Forces who can qualify and be accepted for att endance at an officer candidate e^ hool, the Army Air Forces has enn^ uneed* The course includes 12 wei^a of training leading to a coamiselon at an 0*C*S* of the Army Ground Forces* After eomniesioning, gradu ates receive ten weeks of officer training in grade at the Observatloi Aviation School, Brooks Field, TSx* Sueceesful completion of this trai ning leads to the aeronautical rat ing of Observer and an aaalgnMfc to the Observation Squadron of tho Amy Air Forcea* See "Course," pa7« s The werld*B greatest living mag- ieion, BtACKSTONI, will appear in person at Seymour Johnson Field,Se^ urday, Feb* 27 With e large contpeny of talent ed assistants, mostly vivacious fe males, BIAClSTOlfE will ploy at two shows, one at 1900 and the other at The show, which will be pree- ented at Theatre 1, promiees to be one of the best presented by USO- Comp Shows at this post. (Ntost se ances, spirit writing and experi - ments in the occult will be indulged in. Such world famed illusions as "The Girl and the Tree," "The Olrl and the Bush," "The rater Fountain," "The enchanted Garden, "The Girl tm the Trapeto," and many others will be presented. ?rone of his exhibitions will be worked with mirrors, BLACKST0N5 em- cihatieally stated. Nor does he re quire trapdoore to be cut in the stages on which he performs. If he did require such cutting, it is afraid he wouldn't find oqy G. I*'a willing to work on the detail with the Guard Rouse staring them in the face. In addition to the magician,t)m See "Camp Show," page 3 MEMO: TO CL’S When the Dnlted States Air Corps has the misfortune of wtrecking a plane, a financial loot ie marked in ths books, but not a total lost* Moat of the oten of this field have noticed wrecked planee at var ious places at Seymour Johnaon Fid* These planee have come from all parte of the country, with the big- er percentage from fielde located in the eaat* Whan they arrive here,they are unloaded from the train by Sub-Dep ot* (eoaetimee they arrive by truclO Then are tuzTMd over to the men wto work under Master Sergeant Ralph Keene* Tlwee men, all ejqperieneed aircraft meehaniea, diomatdle the ships and repair the weeked parte* If a plane ie wrmcked to badly, they remove the parte that remain Intact and bum them over to the schools from which A.M* students learn practical mork* But thie job ie not near aa easy ae it eoundB,einee oany parte of these wrecked planee are burled See "Memo" Page 3 AIR^MECH INTERVIEWS RAYMOND I Games for Post Bisketbail Ghampioisliip Got DiJorway Pour fMt tmllf uid T.r7 duic. i. Sajaoni Piero., of tho porter'. •t*tt of PI (let's b. fo™.!, n.ld Exohjui,.) no. 1. Reiieond, uho 1. a. black m the ooal h. puts into the .ton. of the weehan,*, is the cl.M»p-njp.r idio lik.., as h. .11 Midlers, -ftit; h. uolaljMd axelu.inlj' to Ali..O-ltoeh this uMk, -There's a 3ae "Hayaond." Pa,a S With the current bMketb.ll aehadule eoopl.tM, the Kliminetion Tourney cue into it. eun at th. Sport. Aron.,Fridaj night, whu six nuKlrona battled fiemly. Making to nelntain the pririlags of furth er play in this niee-Md out affaln So*. tmnty-tM qulntMs han uno- unoM their da.in to pwtieip.t. li the PoM - SwMn playoff., which will enotually dwb.r*ios tha *Chiyi|»* of Saynour ilohiuon Field. The crean of both leaguae will be pitted egUnet ewh other, a ipeetael* long awaited by the aan haakatball enthuciMt*. It ie eq). ected that prcMut leadara will t*M roughly should othur aquadrona eonU inua their preMnt rat* of laprnre ment* Seeded nueber on. wd nabw two, due to their high eCibr. of play during the pMt esBaign. 7n ud 797th hen bMn plSId% tta eapart. to ant in the titla-dseld. See "Basketball," page 6

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