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1 «o. 9
mRCB 6, 1948
Red Crest War Find Driwe
Oa JobiisoR Field Predieted
Te Reach Geal At SIR^.
The Aaerican Red Croea War Fund
drive vdiich opened at Sejnaour John-
•on Field Survlay, Feb. 2B, ahowa e^
ery proaiae of being auceeaaful in
readying ita goal aet at |10, 000,
EdBund H. Evana, field repreaentat-
ive, atated thia week.
To date, $3#X00 has been donat
ed, Ur. Evans said. Although enlis
ted aen are not being solicited the
Red Cross representative revealed
that moat of the donations received
thus far have cone froa enlisted vn
who gave throu^ their squadrons.
all funds received in this can-
paign on the Post will be used loc
ally, Mr. Evans stated.
The slogan^Give Double" has be«i
adopted, iill officers and civilians
of the Field are urged to respond
Booths have been set in the
Poet Exchange and signs bearing tter-
— VOnoters Indicating progress of the
drive were erected at the Adams*
villa and Slocunb Street entrances,
ml at the Red Cross office by the
Post Headquarters.
Honorary Chairman of the drive
See "nED C^PSS", pe«.« S
Those towers being built on
Sevncnr Johnson Field are not place
to shoot crap on Saturday nights,
out observation towers for a drive
on fire control.
There will be a number of these
tall towers built at various places
on the field to serve as look-outs
for any fire that nay break out in
caar> or its vicinity.
According to Fire Chief Jones,
the towers will aid in keeping the
fire hazard down to practically nil
Capt. Bernstein First Red Cross Subscriber
Captain David B. Bernstein ^ who has aliaost equaled the acts of her^
1« performed by "Sergeant Yox4c," is shown contributing the first check
to be recieved at SejmoiuT Johnson Field during the current Red Cross
Drive.Recieving the check (seated) is Major Ralph M, Giles, I'oet adjutait
idwj has been appointed executive War Fund chairman by General Haltor J.
Twenty^three years ago, David
6randonBern8teln,a young Marine ser*
ving the Anny of Occupati.''a in Gex^
many learned that - as far as a Ish
sting peace was concerned World V/ar
1 was "unfinished business." Today,
a Captain in the Army Air Forces
Technical Gaining Command, he Is
serving as assistant Judge advocate
at Seymour Johnson Field as his
share toward finishing the Job.
For eight months after the Ar
mistice we were billeted in the tom
of Segendorf about 20 miles south
east of Coblenz," says Captain Bern
stein. "I spoke some German, and
used to ^end a lot of time talking
to the old folks and the soldiers
who had Just returned from the froil
It was the sane stonr everywhere.
The Germans didn't consider thenisc-
Ives deCeated. They said they could
have won the war if the- United
States had not come in at the cruc
ial moment and turned the tide.
"They were already confidently
talking of the 'next time',and even
hoped that the U.5. would fight on
Germany's side. After that I k.iew
we were not living in peace but ui^
der an armed truce.
See "CAP*". page 5
EisM Ofliem Pnmtwl
New proBOtione of officers were
announced this week by the War Dep
Major John P. Newton, a graduate
of Indiana University, was prcoioted
from Captain. He is General Mess Of
ficer as well aa officer of the 12th
Mess Training Grox^).
In civilian life lbOa> Newton was
a aalesan. He was first conissionsd
Jufw 13, 1931 in the Infantry Rasarve.
Captain Donald G« Coaar, Assist
ant Training Offlcsr, was proaoted
:rem 1st It. Hs was fonaerly Assist
ant Manager of the Consolidated El
ectric 4 uas (;orp. at dennams, Va. A
native of New Xoric he waa first eot-
■isslonsd in August, 1933i uvl cms
to this post from Lowry Field, Colo*
Lts. George S.Burria.Roy C.Mur-
ray, Gilbert Magaslner,George ff. At>
au, James D. MoQtguiMry,and Wllliea
B* Woolf were trem Second
to First Uei'Zena' ‘hia week.
Tu Depirtwt Tc Halp
PaziM G. Fa Oa Past
March t, 10, sH il
As the deadline for filing income
tax returns nears, all men who want
aid will be glad to know that two d»>
puty Inecne tax collectors will be
here March 9,10,11 to give advice.
Men are requested to have with
them their papers filled as completo-
ly as possible so that only problans
will be handled by the experts.
Officer's preference will be glmn
the morning of March 9, but for the
rest of the time enlisted men will
be taken care of. The two experts
will be on band al? day long.
Place for the interviews will ba
the Courts 4 Boards Room in the Area
Engineers Building. All men will en-
tsr by the rear door.
Much information about income tax
problsma has already been printed in
past issues of this paper. They are
available in the Air-O-llsek offios
in the Serrlce Club.
All returns must bs filed with
each man's local Collector of Inter
nal hevemie by March 15th.
lien of Seytnour Johnson Field
will really have something to sing
about when their vocal talent is
blended to«rether in a male chorus
being organized by Lt. George S.
Burris, of Special Service.
The Chorus will eventually
consist of 75 husky voices. Rehear
sals will be held every Wednesday
night at 7'.30 p.m. at the Band room
on 3rd and F Streets.
Anyone wishing to be a member
of this chorus need not be an expei^
ienced vocalist. All that is require
is that you be able to carry a tune.
The music which the chorus will sing
will be of all types including
Spiritual ballads, popular and mar
ching selections. Call 2k2 or apply
at 3rd and F streets. Both students
and permanent party men are eligible.
Programs and radio broadcasts
will be sponsered after the chorus
is rounded into sh'pe.
Orders sf
Effective Mireli 1
All airplane msohanie students
will be promoted to Privates First
Class, it was announoed at Ssymour
Johnson Field this week. auth
ority, which oane from Washington,
under date of Fob. 17, 1948, made
proiAOtions effective March 1.
Squadrons will make the advance
in rank Just as soon at they rsoeiw
direct orders.
If a student holds a rank higlw
er than PFC, hs will retain his raiib
In ths future soldiers will be
made PPCe before they are shipped tt
In ttis future soldiers will be
made PFCs before they are shipped
froa bade training centers to Arqy
Air Forces Teehnlcel Schools.
Another promotion will come to
the 6 tudent after he g raduates from
the AM course. Two days prior to
hit shipaent to a factory school he
will be made a corporal.
The badges will be issued to
the hundreds of thousands of man who
have graduated and are graduatlmg
from Technical Training Cans
Schools aa soon as the requirad
quasity can ba mada.
Seymour Johnson Field AM grad
uates will Kuon receive handsae
silver bsi-lges which will be worn
above the loft pockets of their
blouses and which will identify them
as AAF technicians.
The badges will be worn by grsr
duates of all Army Air Forces Techni
cal Training Command.
The basic badge irtiich will be
the same for all graduates regard
less of their epeeialtios ie appro
ximately one and three-eighte Inehot
square. It's design shows a gear
wheel, encircled by a wreath, sur
mounted by a four-bladed propeller,
the blades extending to the outer
edges of the wreath. Extending frem
the lower edge of the badge are two
small tabs frem which a bar, aa in
ch and one-quarter long, is suspen
ded. This silver bar will carry ths
technical qualifieatieos of the
wearer - such as Airplane Mechanie.
Men qualified In mere than one speo-
ialty will wear an additional bar
for each, the bars being suspended
one below tho otbor Xnjf silver links.

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