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    FROM TH£ CLf9SSROOM.... TO THF L/N£ .—
1 Vo. 11
stnotm jonisov nsu), v. c.
Col. D. B. Smith Assumes Command of
A Ou Alart Propn nnMr th*
■u|»rTl.lon of ttw Foot Chooleol
Mrforo Offleo liu boon inougumtod
ot So,BOur Johnoon Flold* Hoodffaor-
ton hoo dooipiotod oooh TtonrodOF
ao Ooo Alort Doj, offootioo Dam-
doy, lUrah 2$, 1943. U1 allltanr
ponooMl undor tUo eaauM oUl
boTo ttaolr goo aoiico with than ot
oU tlaoo botoooDllio houn of OSOO
ond 1700 on Ooo Alort Doyo.
Foot Ooo Alorto oUl bo glow
friB Uao to tlM on ono of thooo
dooi^iotod doyo. Ttw Ooo Alom vill
bo ginn on tbo ]>roouooion alomo.
oliioh oro dlotrlbotod In tho oqnod-
ron ond voclouo doportaont orooo th
roQ^iout tho poot. Tho tlao ot idi
iok thooo Ooo Alorto oro to bo
gloon will not bo onncnmood. Ihon
My bo only ono alort or pottiapo ao
aoay ao aix and on tho othor hand,
thoro aay ba no alort at all) ao It
niu bo idaa to ba on tho alort tho
oBtlro day. "Ith your gao oo**Mw
dy and your oaro opaa.
Mwn a alhdlatad ^ attaok la
glma ooo proottoalon gao alai* id-
11 ba aovadad. Thla ^a attaok aar-
-1-g will bo plckod ig> at tho nort
noaroot alam. In thla ny tho gao
Saa "Qaa Alort DrUl, pago 3*
FiaM To Cot World
Nows Doly By Wire
Ijist ainutw world bwwo will bo
wlrod doilj to Soywour Johnooa Plold
bocimlBC oomotlwo ttdo Bonth, It
WM onouMod by Iho fpoelea Sorwioo
Thlo oowo oorwlco oonoioto of o
1000-oford oMWifcry of world nows ond
li bolas oont to troopo boro oad «-
brood. Tblo oorwieo woo
ott tho theory that o well-lnfoi^
ooldler lo o wore offoetlTO flshtlic
Tho DoBootlo Vowo Sorrloo,
whloh will bo tho typo oont to Joh»-
■oa Field, will utilise ell tho roe-
ulor newt oeureoo oudi oo Aoooeiot-
od Prooog DBltod Prooog ihtor&otioB-
ol Vowo Sorvieo and Traaoradlo.
This Dowo will bo rowrlttoB with
^ aoodo and latorooto of aoldloro
Icopt partleularly ia aiad. Thoro
will bo wore facta about ouoh Wilasp
ao torraia aad taotleo than lo
fowd la tho aworaco olTllioa per -
aoo oworld Vowo Dally”, Paco 3.
M OiMS OmsHom
At tho and of tho third nook
of tho Aworloan Rod Crooa War Fund
DrlTO on Johnoon Fi.ld.approxlaata-
ly t8,600 haa boon doaatad. Thla So
loot ilW abort of tho |10,M0 goal.
FloU Urootor Itead 1. goano az-
praaoad tho bollof that tho g^
would bo roaohod by tho tiwo
drloo halta on Maroh II.
New Commanding Officer
All Claan A pay naoroatlona
for tho pnrehaao of War Savingo
Bondo iwn In forea for allltory pop-
aomwl will ba toralnatad nith tho
liBwh 31 puytlay. aeeordlng to Info-
iMtlon roeatfud froa tho Adjutant
Oananl'o Omoo la Waahlngton.
unitary poroomwl nlahlng to
eontlnuo tholp pay alletaonta op
BOko out now allotaonto will nako
out a nan Claao B allotaant. Foroo*
nnol can bagin Baking out thooo
allstannto laaadiaUly, but thay
eannat bo aada offOetiTo aarliar
than April lat.
Iba naw Claaa B allotaonto win
bo oont to a now Aray War Bend of f-
iea at Chicago, Ill., whoraao tho
pnoont Claao A aUotnnta haro b^
an fUad la Wtahlngtoo, D.C. Thlo
will probably gltn tho Waahlngton
offleo a ehaneo to catch up on ito
back dalliwriaa whlla tho naw Chic
ago offleo will bo Ohio to atart
out IToa acratch aa of April lat.
Boo ■niar Bond", Fago 3.
Ntw OwM Mtak
0i FwRth Slntt
Optu Ftr StaSMto
The newoet building on the
Field, ono daalgnnd aad oqulfpad to
li^moo tho phyateal condition of
tho BOB, wao put into oporatlono on
March 8th. Thla ia Dental Clinic No
I, Bldg. #1264, located In tho nldA
of aAlTitloo.
Story aad pietarao of Dental
Clials aeidlaMd on page 6 of the
•iMplq; Tit Lms”
Sttnd Day ParftnMtw
Htn At Tlaalrt No. I
"Looping the Loop," tho glitt
ering, glanopouo and gay OSO Coi^
Show which made Ito appearance at
theatre No. 1 l*8t night, will re
peat ito porforaanceo Saturday at
1000, 1300 and 1900, to be the firi
DSO Show to give a two-day run of
Its porforaance here at Seywour
Johnoon Flold*
Tho ohow which wao produced In
Chicago for US0-Cai|> Showo eonoiato
of an all-Otar eaat, and tho adalo-
alon lo oboolutoly free.
From the flrat aoaah curtaliH
going-ti^ dance routine by a lino of
high stopping lovolloe, to tho col
orful grand finale, tho ohow never
lago. It hao plenty of comedy, oongo
and plenty of novelty In tho opeel-
alty torno.
See "Looping tho Loop", Pago 5.
Ntw C.O. Stites We
Most Striwe For New
Idees, Improvements
We must strive to improve
and to look for x»ew idoaa, Colonel
Donald B. Smith, who assumod eomaaid
of Seymour Johnoon Field on Ifaroh 13
stbwed at a meeting of offlcera at
the Sports Arana Wednesday.
New ideas nay emanate from any
one within the organisation. Col.
Smith reyealedc He explained that
many times enlisted men, ineludiog
privates, who are doing minute de
tails are able to make suggeatiom
that improve the efficiency of the
entire unit and thus contribute ma
terially to the overall performance
of the station.
Tha new Coassanding Officer vrtm
has been is the Technical Training
CoaBsand for four yeare, stated he
had seen very little of tha Field
Smm "Commanding Officer, Fogo 3*
Post Goes On Field
Rations To Save Food
With civiliano being required
to take a rationing notch in their
bolto, Sojnsour Johnoon Field aa a
part of the Aray Air Forces Techni
cal Training Conmand iodoing its sh
are to aid tho national effort to
conserve food without stinting tho
healthy appotitoo of ooldioro in tr
A stop in this direction has
been taken by the switch from ^rr-
ioon to field rations in all poot
mass hallo, a change dictated chie
fly by tho increasing shortage of
eoffoo, tea, sugar and cocoa, ^oh
must bo li^rtod throu^ depleted
and diverted shipping facilities.
Growing demands for food and more
food for st^pment overseas also wore
o contributing factor.
But Air Force Trainees who th
ink of tho field ration in torao of
hard-taek and boAly beef are wrong.
In fact they will have to be sharp
to note any change in the quantity
quality of food served them*
See "Field Rations" pago 5*
RoviRg Reporter Friises Work of Air MeehiRies
At AdvaRced Bases In North AfricaR Theatre
ly Qnited Press
Proof that tho motto of the
Amy Air Forces Technical Training
Comaand, "Sustinoo Alas—I ouetaln
tho Wings" ia no idle boast ms pr-
oosnted dramatically to nowapaper
readers throughout the length and
breadth of Amorica last week in a
front line dispatch from the North
African theater,
A factual, vivid, eyewitness
account of the super-human deeds of
a crew of air meehanies, all grad
uates of Technical Training Ccmsiand
schools, written by United Syndlem-
te*s nationally famous roving wepo-
rtsr, Ernie Pyle, from a forward T-
unisian airdrome, appeared in the
eolusns of daily newspapers throu
ghout the United States lliarwday ,
Uaroh 11.
Air Uschanic students as well
as the thousands of other technic
ians in training throughout the wet
network of Technical TrainiJig Cowm-
acd schools derived new inspiration
from Pyle's sUtsmsiit that "Svsrr-
See "Bo^dng Reporter", page 3.

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