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TO,. I Ite. It
sExuoDR JomiaiN field, n.c.
.■IML 10, 19L3
Promotions oi Enlisted Men Of
Headquarters Squadron Are Announced
KcadqntrUrw and HMdqmrUr*
Squadron amounood tha prOBotlon of
tho followinf nmod ai» affaetiw on
ifaroh 29th, 1943.
uA.aTM ratlnga mm
aoqull^ hgr T/Sfts. Horbart J.Karaa
and loa H. Sutar.
TO fflRCSAllTS; s/dgta.
Harold G. Fftulknar, Arthur A. Uwlor,
Richard P. Haynolda, Grajrdon 0. Ka»*
nita, Rajmond Lundgran and Hauban E.
H, Dodaon, John R. Cast, Woottroa )L
Uindhola, Alonso R. Parker, Robert t,
Prohan, yta. C. Kannada,Robert W* Hab
lay, and Gaorga Sullivan.
TO .smcFJ^WTS: Cpla. Paul A. Al>
•ansi, Holland W. Ayars, Gaorga H.
Balnora, Otto Uyara, Jr*, Gaorga C*
Grout, Henry C. Driver, Svaratt H.
Poord, John £• Grovae, Walter C.Kii^
ehaloa, John C. Owana, Alva J. Sale-
buray, Roy Souslln,Myron Thaikildaai^
Abraham Warahaw, Uiehaal E. Zenpara-
lli, George Angi, Jr.,Wallaea V, Bab
ar, Blvin B. Brown, Thonae P. Garay,
Gaorga Drainer, Jr., Ectaund W. Fits*
garald, Uarc H. Fortin, Alexander F-
aranikae,Howard Kimball, Lao J. Pat-
rona,Uichaal Schroll,Bruca F.TanpliA
aiUlaB T. Walah,Lawranoa H* Whitba-
•ora and Hobart G. Zargiabal.
Amatrong, FauiX. Boyar,Jaa* V/. Br»
own, Arthur E. BuUington, Joaaph P«
Saa *Troartic2r." page 3
“Room SenriM” PItyt
To Piekid Theatre
A three act eonedy packed with
laugha and humor and eepaeially
■taged for a real hilarious time*
played last night at the post thea
ter under the auspices of the PSO
Inc. The play will be put on again
tonight for a fiMl showing at this
CKip. I
The show entitled "Room Serriee*
is headed by Teddy Hart, who has
played in the show of the same nsma
See •• ROCU SERVICE" page 3
The War Departaent this week
announced astablishnent of the Judge
Advocate General Officer Candidate
The new ecbool will be at the
University of Itiahigan, Am Arbor,
Uich* The first claas of about 75
officer candidates will begin June 3,
with a ceeond elaae beginning six
weeke later*
All soldiere who eucceesfuUy
complete the course will be oomise-
iorwKl second liwutemnte in the Jud
ge Advocate General's Department,
and not to exceed fifty per cent of
See "Lawyere" page 3
Army Air Foreea headquarters
wee reorganised this week in an ac
tion that wae described as a stream
lining rather than a ahakeup, tha
War DeparbMnt ajinotiaced*
The reorganisation was designed
prinarily to tranefora headquartera
into an orar-all policy making body
and to transfer to field ccMsaiidert
rssponsibill^ for putting those pok
lioles into execution, the Jar De -
partaout laid*
According to tha Ar«y Tiaet
this redistribution of . dutlas and
responsibilities is effective laaed-
lately* from the organisational
standpoint, compotenta in the field
are not effected.
Results of the realignment will
Headquarters, Army Air Forces,
relieved of the details of execut
ion, left free to determine over -
all policy.
See "Reorgenlsad" page 3
Privates—it's clear sailizig a-
head for you cut offieera don't
have a chance in ATR-O-’^ECH's
race to see who'll be the first
GI to date a WAAC—after they
arrive here, in about a month.
Officers are not permitted to
date Auxiliaries, ao privatea,
do your stuff! Prise: a carton
of your favorite cigarettaa.
It's men like thsse that America la relying on to fight her battles—and win! They'll
do It, teo.*.*JuBt look at the concentration on duty expressed in their serious faces, the
precision of their marching manner. This crack drill outfit of tha 602ad Technical School
Squadron, led by 1st Sgt. Arnold Zahoraky (front and center), is an example of how serious
ly Seymour Jolmson Field men take their training*
Eh*akina Hawkins and hia "Tuxedo
junction* orchestra will appear
here at Seymour Johnson Field*
Tuesday afternoon at 1600 o'clock
at a show to be held at the Sports
One of the greatest colored
bands to dress the stages in the
country's best theatres, Hawkins'
band will rip loose with that "hep^
and "jive" that has made him so po^r-
ular as a radio snd screen band.
Hawkins has bean broadcasting
over the HHC network throe times a
week, and la a favorite Blue Bird
and Victor cpporder*
Tha '%how will consist of a
variety of singizig solo and instru
mental mothers.
Saa « JIVB IXAISSt" page 4
TwMty-Fht Lmw Ftr
Aviatits Gadal Traiaiag;
Six Re Te O.C.S.
L'ora anliated losn left Seymour
Johnson Field last week to attend
OCS and Aviation Cadet courses whe
re they intend to trade chevrons
for bars* Pvts Laurence L* Collier
and Robert C* Steraak of the lledical
Detachraent left to attend a Usdical
Administrative School* Yhile T/Sgt*
Richard F* Reynold and Pvt. Steven
P* Baldwin of Haadquarters and Hea
dquarters Squadron left for Air
Force Adninistratlve* Cpl Hillian R
Scott of the 795th Squadron also
left for Air farce Ad/^istrative,
Cpl Carl W, Hensler of the
802nd left to attend the Uiltbary
Police School*
A large group of newly appoint
ed aviation Cadets who Just recently
left to be classified are: S/Sgt
Kenneth T, Klell, Cpl Vernon E*At-
water, Cpl Elao (bcley, nt! Harold
J, Furlong, PFC Aurelio Gualtleri,
ITC Joseph U, Koffenberg, PFC James
C* Lanter, nt! V/endell E* Lol^,PFC
George R* Nowinskl, Arthur C,
Roth, PFC Hugh G. R^, PFC Hugh G*
Ryan,Jr* FFC WiUiaa P, Straueh,Jr,
PFC Uaurlce C* Verbin, PFC Jack B.
Welling, T/Sgt Robert L. Besser,
Sea "O.C.S." page 3
Mural Contest Offers
Chance For Fame
If you can take a fow pots of
paint - dip a brush Into any and all
—and C0M8 up with every dab nicely
placed to fora a picture - you're
in a contest, aoldlnrl
The Seynour Johnson Field Ex
change la looking for murals with
vrtxioh to decorate the walla of the
main exchange • they're sXter a neat
hMse-llke atnosphere similar to the
one the soldier le used to back in
tha old home town and that's where
you step in wit!) a picture of your
own creation. If you have artlet-
lo talent your help Is needed - yovr
ideas are wanted, and there's cash
priseo and IVar stains too for those
vdio do the beat Job of creating so
mething suitable out of a pelnt pot*
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