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tPUL 10, IMS ftm 3
The flye have captured the fly
paper • ao said John Steinbeck in
hla novel* "The Moon ia Doiro," in
deaoribine the eonditiona that exist
ed when Gernuux troops occupied Nor
way* yet were unable to oruah the
spirit and dete/mination of those
so-oalled oonquered people*
In an Aasocieted rreea report
oodiinj out of London this week was
the story of 65 Polish nen* women
and children killed by the nostapo
when that organisation found the un>
derground press* Glos Polski (The
Voice of Poland). After a short
break* Glos Polski appeared again.
While Steinbeck's story was oi^
ly a novel, the report coninr: from
London about the unbreakable spirit
of Polish patriots was far from fio-
ti on.
Those people prefer death to
slavery under the Serman Reich. Thej'
aren't fearless* aren't Eut>erhunan*
they are Just determined, as you
and I would be if the United States
had happened to heve been Poland or
Holland or 'Norway.
To feel sorry for yourself be-
eauee you don't like the weather
when people are facing torture*con-
eentralion camps and death in order
that they may hinder the enemy Just
a little and to keep the faith of
their people kindled deplete a very
small person Indeed.
A Ctecho-slovaVian printer said
in ths Af story* that were more then
200 underground newspapers in Nor
way* 60 in Poland* 30 in Delgium and
varying numbers in other occupied
countries. No one wlto works for the
undergroxmd press has the slightest
doult whfit is waiting for him if he
is caught.
.s havo a groat deal more than
ourselves to think about in this war
we have even more than our own coun
try to think niiout - we have all the
people in the world who ask only
that they be allowM to live a cloA
decent life* free of all tryants as
the Axis breeds* looking toward us
for help.
New Dignify
The old K.P., as a title* ia
to di^aopear* officially at least*
throug: Dut the Air Forces Technical
Training Coamand.
Hancefor*.h the title wiU be
"i!eas Attendant".
The idea ia to confer dignity
on what ia regarded as a necessary
duty, and to remove some of the
humorous reflection which has pre
vailed in regard to the most famil
iar issl^noent.
Pete was leaving Sator*
day* ha Imsw wliare be eae
going and 'eaoaaa Jane wee
eo worried* be told ber
Jane wee etilXwBrried bat
alao proud and ooold not
ba^ bragging Juet a lit
tle. Pete had quite a fbw
frienda? and it wea not
long before ipor knew wti*
m and where Pete wee go
ing — Juet one too neny
Oh yee* the trein left
on schedule all rig)it*biit
it did not arrive at its
destination* nor did many
of thoee on board.
Jane doesn't have to
worry about Pete any aora
beeauaa* there ie no Pete
to worry about.
If you know whare you
arw going* P0R(BT IT. If
aoaaona tells you where
they are going than* TOO
The thwarted fiend paced hia padded
A caged hyena. Bloodied hands he
l^on the cold* unheeding bars that
Hie Imbeeilie urge. A craven jell
That volleyed down the' foulest dei>-
ths of hell.
Escaped hie tortured throat* and
echo flayed
His punctured pride. Aloft a buss-
ard made
Its fateful rounds; and terror tol
led hia knell.
Accusing eyes of boob-tora bobies
His filthy soul* and ghosts of Po
les and Franks.
TTie victims of his heinous criasa
To crush his bones beneath his mon-
stroua tanks.
It fanned the lUiry of hia passing
That none was there to bow and bel
low "haU."
Frank A. Perry* 36th.
Twenty six years ago Imst TUe-
day President Voodrow Wilton wrote
his nans on the resolution declaring
a aUte of war with Garaany - and
the first American march to tha
Rhina began.
^day none can doubt that a
second march into Germany ia in tha
maJein by the United Nations fellow
ship to anaeh Hitleriaa and all the
evils it has apawned although the
how* when and where of it remain
for aventa to disclose.
Last Tuesday also maidced Axmy
Day* but the traditional celebrat
ions held afore years was not held.
Tha usual "open house" at post and
camps for Amarican public was not
held either.
There ia no need of that this
yvar* American troops and sailors
alike need no further introduction
to the folks at hums than their
deeds in far lands and aaaa afford.
They kept "open house" this past
Sgt. Alex Karanikaa
Here where the steel ia white with
ITm sky ia red with flame*
With guns in fiat we rear through
A eavage foa to tama.
Sona of tha clash of thunderbolts
We live to do or die*
That life on earth m^r have new
Beneath a happy aky.
How long did freedom feel the terror
Of every planes that aoomsd
To drop with ire their tons of fire
'On towns and eitiea doomBd?
Kin of the flash and comet's flare*
How deep and great our glee*
To speed and strike to moke it right
For Nations to be free.
When lighting gleams on auoBBr nlgtt
In silence then it dies*
It may be ws on some wild spree
Beyond the traveled skies.
Tou may then pause to meditate
How boldly we flew high
In plane up far like falling star
To swiftly win or die.
Amy Day from Africa to Australia
and bade agadn around tha world -
keeping it fur the foe* proving
their mettle against seasoned Axix
veterans wherever they meet.
lien at Sejnsour Johnson fiald
must alao realiaa these facte. For
as already proven* the laet war was
not really ended. And this ia not
a new war* or the remarked World War
II* but the same war* delayed 20 or
more years.
Do we want another delay? Do
we want our children fighting an
unfinished war? Tou bet we don'tl
So for the country* a sake* for your
sake and for all those whom we love
and for God's eake - Let ua kfiMcle
down. Let's hold another " open
house" ons to the public* one for
post.and emapa...ons in peace*
One if the very ii^ertant dutie^
of the Chi^)la1n is visiting the gu
ardhouse* The porpoee of his visits
are mshy*
The Chaplain who makes inquirlea
and follnwe up the oaee of any par^
tieular man in the guardhouee doee
not do ao because he double ths Jus
ties mested out in the cass.Re does
this beoauss* pexhapa ons tias out
of fifty* hs may diaoover acme fav
orable factor that may have been o-
verlooked at the time of the eold -
ier'e eonviotioa.
The Chaplain visita the guardbou
ae primarily* however* bsoauee th
ere la ao oceaalon whan a man naeds
a friend more than at such a time.
TO know that there is someons who
still has a aaile for him* to rsal-
iie that thers ia aomaone idio will
paas out eitsrattea with a kind ha
nd* that thsre la aomeons who bring
s an encouraging word* mikea ths so
Idler unewrstand that thou^ he may
be down* hs is not out*
dome of the men in the fBardheu-
se are incurable* but many* given
the right eneourapunt* can be sa^
Id and made again into g»od seldlm's
All tha work and effort the Chaplain
puta into the guardhouse le well re
paid idien eeen ena man eomee out wl
th a new purpoee and a new way In
Chaplain Abrabai Goldberg
'■Xi' I i n’l mi 5 .Srvi \ i'
Ch^el 3 at C and D Streete.
OBOO - Holy CcHianion - Chap. Green
0900 • General Servlee- Chip. Green
lOSO - Qameral Servloe- Oh^^* Green
lAOO • Qanaral Servloe- Chap. Quick
1930 - Gansral Service- Chap*
0800 - Roly Cnmmiinion - Chap. Green
1330 - Holy Cfninlnn - Gh^. Green
Chapel 2 B and Fifth Streete,
0900 - Oaneral Service - Cbiq>.Davlc
1030 - General Senrlee • Chap,01eon
lAOO - General Service - Chap.Olaon
1930 - General Service - Cbap.Davla
1930 - Midweek Servloe - Chap.Davla
Chapel 4* Winth and 0. Streete.
103O‘8abbath Servloca-Chap.OcIdberf
1930>Sabbath Serrlcee-Ghap.Goldberg
0930-Sabbath Sarvloea-Ghap.Ooldberg
1030-8abbath Servioaa-Ch^i.aoldberg
153C>*iabbath ServloamOiap.Oeldberg
Daily lion, throu^ frl. 1000 - 1930
Chipel 1* t and Fifth Streete*
0700 - Masaaa - Father Oortiam
0900 - Hasaea - Father Kaima^y
1100 - Kaaacs - Ch^lain Talnter
1330 - Maaaae - Ghiplala TSdnter
Daily Servioea- 0730
Ch^l A* Ninth and G* Streete.
0900 - Ganaral Sanrlcaa -dergymsii
Bad Crcaa A»dltorl«
Sun^ - —
0900 - Protestant - Chi^lmia Olacn
0900 - Jewish (Annsx)GhiH>. Goldberg
lanw ssmcBs
Chapel He# 1 — Catholic
iM i&te Sermon sn^fDovotiona 1930
Chaplain Taintar
Chapel No. 3 « Proioatant

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