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Giant Bond Rally Begins May 1
G®«l Set For Pert
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Syoqr Johnson first
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For Just s ysar sgo todsy, su^
Tuyors sere at soxic on tbs ground
shsrs this Pisld nov stands. Vhsrs
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buildings Bom stand ssro tobacco
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eonntry schools.
Althon^ aotlsatloQ of tbs
Plaid sas ssTsral aontha bancs. Lt.
Ssa PZRST BlRIIlDilTy Pago 3
in LT. IN LAn WAR,
Plfty-thraa yaars old. holding
ths rank of PriTsta First Class, is
Waltar P. Crawford. a.rplana oochai^
io studant and BBiBbor of ths 799th
Taehnloal School Squadron, who toI*
untarlly anllstad for sarwioa In
this war aftar bolding a eonalssion
as a first liautanant in ths Quarta*
■astar Corps in World War 1. Ba is
ballarad to ba tha oldast studant s
tha nald.
Crawford, who has ZZ yaars ax-
parianea as a earburatar. Ignition
and hydraulic naobanie. axplalnad
ha anliatad aftar watching a aaws
raal at a notion piotura thaatar.
Ha aald an araiy offioar nada tha
stataaant that a^y aaohanlo who did
not anlist in tho U* 8. Ax«y was
Tbs establlshwnt of a Post
lagal aasistancs offica to prowlda
fpaa logial adalea to nilitary per-
aonnal in tba conduct of thalr per
sonal affairs was boing ouillnad
bsra this m^k fcUosing raeaipt of
ja War Dapartosnt diraetiwa author-
lising such sn offica on each post.
'Ca^> and station within tha Q^tad
Prasant plana call for tha aa-
siatanea af any Angr offleare idto
are lieansad attomays and possibly
tha asaiataoea of ciTilian lawyers
to ths
Navs frcB Cisq> Grant
affect that gruntaothara i
Joining ths WLACs nsad not psrturb
you i^iatlsiit GIs. 3uA cass was
really ons In a thousand and baald*
as said graaqr la only a young AO
and her aiatar WAACa are aoooo auA
nearer the sweet sixteen stags.
Where there's a WAAC there*a a way
A aimppy. terse talaphons dir- )
ectory has been issued by Signal i
Sarvioa fbr the use of field oarao-
Saa ilTl I BOOKS. Page 3 I
Is Pursuit Plane Ts Be
Spousoreil By Johnson Field
BUT A STAUP AND UCK THE OTHER SIDE! A giant war stamp rally at
Saynour Johnson Field got underway Saturday. The goal of a pur
suit plana to whip the Axis has bean sat. Tha plana will ba sponsored
by this field and also naosd by this station. It is baliavad to baths
first such plane ever purchased by a military organisation.
The drive, which is sponaorad by tha Alr-CVUeeh, part of tha Spa-
clal Sarrlea Section, Is being conducted on tha belief that every per
son at this atation.would gladly contribute to help sand another plana
on Iti way to help defeat the Axie. A pursuit plane coate $75,000.
The drive officially opened at noon, April 30, whon Colonel Janes
W. Hurtt, Post Exseutive Officer, unveiled a mock P-AO, of plywo
od In front of the Alr-O-Uech office in Building T-30 (across from the
post office). The Poet Band played and the Conaanding Officer's entire
staff was on hand to watch Colonel Donald B. Smith b^ the first eta^>
and paste a section of colored paper on the P-AO.
Ths motto "Buy A Stamp And Uek The Other Side” has bean adopts d
by the Alr-CKUeeh and will ba tha alogan used throughout the entire »•
^ai^, which will officially close June 1,
The plane is sectioned, and as atuig>s are bought, colored paper w-
ill be pasted on the ship. Each day the colored p^>ar, representing the
stains purchased will be blocked off so tha prograaa of tha drive can
ba readily determined. Only $1 and
$5 ataiw>* *111 be sold; but any ou-
■bar of tha two danominationa of a-
tampe can ba sold.
Aftar tha last stsmp has bean
sold, coi^Iatlng ths $75,000 pro
ject, an anoouneamant will ba ma
de of that fMt.
Tha $75,000 will than ba sent
to Washington togsthar with a liat
of contributors.
Saa RAUJ, Page 3
Soldiers to O. C. S.
Four veteran soldier raaidenta
of Saymour Johnson Plaid left thi s
week for Officer Candidate school
at Ulami Beach, Fla.
Saa O.C.S. , Page 3
Ion; Distasee TelephoiM
Center Is Opened
No longer do soldiara have to
"sweat out” long distanos calls in
uncomfortabls surroundings at Seym
our Johnson Field. A large attended
to talsphorM canter, in back of the
Service Club, beautifully decorated
and equipped with eight telephone
booths, has been built and has .ta-
rtad functioning already.
Built fbr tha oonvenlanos of
sarvloe men by tha Southern Bi ll
Talaphons and Telegraph Co., tha
Saa 1EL. (39ITBI, Fags 3
ftm first rmvtmw before Comment
lag Offlow, Colenal Dooald B. flklth
M held Saturday with all military
pvaooDsl of Saimr Sohaaen Field
pertieipetlng. The rarview wma divi
ded into two aectioos with one seet-
loo peaeing in rsvlaw in ths morn
ing end the other section in ths
Ocl. Smith conBisntsd that toe
ing into consideration the fact that
most of ths mm had but litU.s pre
vious ao^erienes in pertieipetlng in
a Baview. it was mood.
The aqiiedroae merehed do« on
to the ^pren« Ibe ebove picture wes
taiMn when tha Oolondl eirived on
the raagi. nie oommud ■Opmx ranks”
See FIBST HAVUR, page 3

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