North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol. 1 No. 27
June 19,1943
Post Welcomes
Four New
Four now cbapUlna r^rtod for
duty this week et Seymour Jotm*
eoo Field Captain Jamea B. Tafiit-
er. poet anaqiuDeed. Xt
was made known simultaneously
th^ a oomidete change In asiSiD-
ment of chapels has been made so
that all (dtapels will be used by
all denomlnatkins of faith.
Tl» chaplains that arrived this
week were Captain Sdward J- li^
Oormlek, Catholic; Lt. Lance Man*
Ue. Presbytertan: Lt. Edmund Me*
Qrath. Catholic: and Lt. Earl R.
L. Lantioop, Baptist.
Chaplain McOormlck oame to Sey
mour Johnson Field from Fort Dlz,
he had prevknisly served at Pecoe
Anny Afar Field. Be has been In
the Army Air FM'ces since March,
IMS. Ihe Captain oennes from the
Little Rock, Arkansas diocese and
halls from Brockton, Mass.
Be-Mteres Servioe
In active servioe lor the sec*
end tiwi^ Is Lt. ' Lance Mantle.
Mio served 10 months overseas In
Ambulsnce Company K of the
Seventh Division. Ot^laln Mantle
served a pairlab at t^clnnes, In
diana before re-entering service.
Re attended St. Dunstan's. London,
(Conttnued On Page Three)
Hold Your Hats, Gang,
All-Girl Revue Is Here!
Who Was This Guy York?
New Firing Range Set Up
Those rough - tov^ marines may
be expert marlcsman and have cer*
talnly earned their reputation for
spotung Jape, but men of the Army
Air Forces aren’t going to confine
their to knockmg down
Zeros and Messersdbmltts.
That became known here this
week with announcement that men
on this field will fdlow up their
prellmlnaTy instruction In small
arms Icy actual proficiency tests
on. the range.
The range — brand new with
facilities for use M all types of
small arms — has been construct
ed here by Army Bigineers. and
the sound of firing will soon be
added to the drone of airplane
eglnee at Seymour Johnson a se*
rious reminder that the Technical
Training Command Is part
nation at war.
Tbe program is under the super-
vlsimi of 8-3. Plans call for bl-
vouaclng utxler conditions closely
simulating Conditions closely
simulating codltlons In the field.
Tbe men using tbe range will live
In pup tents, eat from mesa kits
and when not engagM in firing
will receive Instnicuon In com
mando tactics and other combat
methods and exercises.
First Lieutenant Rixford wlU be
range officer. Tbe canm wlU be
In charge of second Lieutenant
Keimetb Adams, and specially train
ed non-coms win supervise tiring.
New Way to Send Lettere
Home Launched On Field
A sew way of sending letters,
hone wat'lMMbed at Seymouri
Jdmaoo field ttils week when a
recording was Installed at
the Servioe Chib and began cut
ting slx-litoh dlscB of sokUer's
roieea. Tlwre Is no charge to the
Operated as a free service for
men la uniform by a soft drink
company, the equipment Is In
cbMBv of David B- Man^um, who
saya be finds tbs vrork about “tbe
moet interesting X have ever
- The soldier talks Into a mlero'
pbone and his voice is transcribed
to the small record. The record is
than played back to him for his
O. K., and la than mailed by toel
oompaay to his sweetheart, wife, I
atother. father, or to wiiomever|
tbe eoldier wlsbee.
sveraM g|
k en-fito i
coe proposal s w^k 4.
ords,^’ ssanghAw^ saM on arrival
here. “Some sbldlers say It ia the
only way they actually have nerve
ehouidi to pop the question. ”
Tbe records can be played by
tbe redplent on any onlfaiary
Sixty Per Cent Jm Meihers
Wives and mothers draw most of
the records on tbe “Voice of Tour
Mm In Service” program, receiv
ing 60 per cent of the recorded let-
(OontlDued On Page Tbree)
AlTMJfTlOW 0.1.*e
Want to Uvef WML Wen
t^page three and flni enl
A new weekly feature en
flaging starts BUs week.
Honor Roll
Tbe following squadrons of
Seymour Johnson today are on
the Alr-O-Mech’s Honor ReO.
They are the squadrons whlA
struk a blow for the Allied
cause during BCay. For the en
tire memtb they were without
s slnsie AWOL.
Tbe squadrons:
aivd Bass B«. * Air Bass 8q.
Tth Air PM BM
•HOi SigMl Oe,
G. 1.S Can Have
Eighty Dozen
'inkers' Hooily
A apsclal dogbnut sbob capable
ot turning out a total of 90 &nan
douflbnuto an hmir has been set up
In tne main VX Cafeterto. and
week b^nn making tbe n u t-
brown goodies.
Two dou^mut-maUng
ere placed In production this
week mrough the services of Fred
Xuchlln, repressntatlve of
doughnut concern.
“Tbe shop Is without doubt one
of tbe most attractive in tbe ar
my,’ said Kuehlln- wbc aald be
had helped establish similar shops
la 17 states.
Bach of the two mnefatnes is ca-
paUe of turning out 40 tosen
dou^muts eadi hour, said Capt.
David A 8M>erstone. Poet Sx-
change Officer-
Not only will the shop provide
doughnnts for tbe cafetem and for
retM sale at the shop Itself, bu*
will aUo sui^ly all other outlets
on toe field.
Really Wanfod
To Sw Brother
Using money earned delivering
telegrams after school for toe 1000
mile train trip, Gerald Wayne Tay
lor. 12 years old, arrived here
from Mobile. Ala., to visithle broth
er, Pfc. Rutherford O. Taylor, 10.
at this AAF Technical Training
Command station.
First member of the fainily to
visit Pfc. Taylor since be
In tbe Army October 17. 1042, Ger
ald made tbe trip atone arriving
bare lajrt Saturday after a 3-day
train ride. Tbe boy’s sister, Miss
June Taylor. 18. le aq>ectod to do
the same tolng* ohortty, when Ger
ald returns home*
A seventh grader. Gerald saved
toe money for bis trip out of earn
ings ftom about Jluw w«^ of
afternoon work. ‘Xbe parents are
Hr. and Mrs. V. B. Taylor. 423
B, slahama VQlitge. Mobile, iya.
As soon as be la old enouob.
0«ld follow his brother
kM^wwniiy. «i>n ^Boi.
46 YMr-014
PFC Wasls
Ts Sss Action
to M ^ ^aya. .4»geu>oM
Lawrenes- due — a private first
* |W graduate of- toe AM
~~ to leave Seymour
for some place
“work on tbe une."
hoping that It won’t
he can cross toe
40 toe same thing —
^And he’s
be long
ocean to
for toe second time.
For PfcBiawrence Case, former
ly of Sale^L Mess., enlisted in De*
trolt, Aug. 17. 1917, and saw 17
months and a days of service
overseas Mto toe 60th Air Group
durl^ toe' First World Wsr. When
tbe Armistice was signed. Case
was s 0e|MSBt first clsss, equlv-
aleUt to aTSOb Sergeant of today.
Overage .,
“Sure," ,Oaee aayn “I know I'm
over age.iand maybe they won’t
let me gofback across, but I want
to. 1 enlisted because I want to
go back and see stoat It’s all about.
Maybe I can help a little — can’t
be a guzmer, but X ean help keep
those planes to repair.”
And don’t think the air bases of
World War I were “safe pla^.”
Case tells tbe story matter • of-
factly. but you learn that tbe 50tb
Aeco Group bad its share of action.
It lost “something like” 83 of
ficers alone. When tbe outfit
moved Into tbe Champagne sector,
tbe Germans spotted Its location,
and soon bad it under direct ar
tillery fire. “No bombings,” sasrs
Case, “but we got plenty of she^
—and they weren’r nice things to
have falling around.”
Trained At Kelly Fleid
After enlistment In Detroit, Case
an shipped directly to Kelly field
ex-, and there with a unit under
went his training with an outfit
which was made up of DH4 Mar
tins. planes for strafing and reoon-
nalsance equipped with Packard-
Llberty motors. “Tbst Is one thing
that’s a lot different,” says Case.
“We were trained as s tmlt with
toe planes we were to serviee- How'
ever, I believe this way of special
izing may be better.’^
The SOtb Aero Group shipped out
from Hoboken, N. J., to Xiverpool,
England, wtoere-Case arrived on his
birthday. For four months, tbe
group stayed In England, preparing
for front Une duty'“Then we got
it — all over France,” Case ex
la Majer Adlans
Tbe outfit was in almost every
major, action fialnt-Mthlel Meuse
Argonne and “are even found
tbe famous Lost Battalion and
dropped food to it," says Case.
Job of tbe SOtb Oroiq> eras to direct
artillery fire, pour mcblne gun fire
on enemy troopis, and see was
going on bMitoq toe Unes. Case
worked as a wi^dianut, a ebauffeur
for toe commanding eOtoer. and at,
(OonlliHwd On >aga Tlk«a>
Ada Leonard
To Play Camp
For Two Days
Whoopee girlsl . . . Whoo
pee music! ,.. Whoopee gagsl
. . and, well, lust plain
niat’s it. Gang. Slick back your
hair, see that tooee inspection
khakis are creased end fitted,
bring almg s magazine to read
while you stand In lins, and mske
way to attend tbe Ada Leonard AU-
Amerlean Girl Revue, opatlng at
19M tonight at Poet 'Tbeator No. 1.
A cast of stellar, sightly, mu-
sieal and “simply dellsh” gals will
perform throu^ four shown o n
Seymour Jdmeon as part d tbe
USO-Camp Shows program to keep
OXs happy by revealing to them
some of tbe things they find worth
fighting for. Other pmnrmeTicen
are s^eduled for 8016 Saturday,
and 1600 and 1980 Monday.
Frae AdmMan
Admission Is “for rfree.”
TTie pulobritudlnsat Mias Loan-
ard's career sad background
^ auM ia forowm for
OIs. flbs boasts of havlnt^Di^
Indian blood in her veins. Is proud
.of toe fact that her ancestors
fought In tbe American Revohitlan.
and that her girl musicians come
from no one section of the coun
try, but ball from an ovew. tba
Her band Is strictly la toe
groove and Ada bersMf plays tbs
piano and cello. Supporting act# Im
elude btg-tlme theater and nltfit
chib iierformers. teniytUmg Oatb-
erine Westfield. Key Taylor and
Maude HUton * Co.
Seventeen Oals in BmA
There are IT gals to Ada's band,
and It has idayed such clreults aS
Warner’s. Xtowe’s, and RKO, plus
bookings for tbe blg*^e
It spots. Tha outles tourad na-
tlMiwlds last winter for USO-Oamp
Shows and scored
Ing so
of toe novelty acta Is that of
Catherine Westfield, a puMeteer,
who has played theatres to tbs
New York ares, and clubs through
out toe South and Canada. She
operates a troupe of six almost
UfeHBlse dolls, fashioned after the
celebrities whose mannerisms they
Tap Dsnoew
Key Taylor le a talented and at-
tracUve young tap .dancer who has
plcyed BO many clube they are dif
ficult to name, and was featured
to tbe Broadwmy produetton, “Too
Many Girls.”
Aztolber corpuscle exciter Is El
inor Sherry, p^. pretty and more
than ^t popular wrlto OIs. ss toe
thrusnes songs done to tbs heart.
She came directly to tbe Camp
Shews circuit from tbs Roosevelt
Hotel In New Orleans.
Then toeit Is Msude BlHon k
Co., a comedy act Miss HStm
has toured the world sa. a stogie
, Act) and has Just returned from •
ten-monlb tour to Austria and tbe
Tivoli Circuit
The Idonard band plays bit
tunes. Instrumental apecUSltiee
an,! I«d hot vocals.
Home town of ICas Leonard,
wttoae beauty is renowned to the
atre circles. Is Lawrtan. O^labo-
Qumge in Sun.
Movie Schedule
O. X.S will now have sa addition
al movie SB Sunday aftemooBB.
Theater Officer IA. Dwl^ Mc
Cracken announced thin week
Thera trill be a 1889 shew at
Theater No. 8 on Bimgaya onlyt
Tha anr sehadula wfllBO into «f-

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