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    Johnson*s EMs Go Strictly GI
Seymour loluuon Field went •trictly GI this
past week, «nd the boys were getting in/the groove
“or else.”
An officer riding in a jeep halted in front of o
group of EMs waiting for a bus. crawled out. The
EMs snapped a salute and be returned it.
“Let me see your dog tags, men/' said the
The Gls pulled 'em out—some of them did. Two
or three didn't hove any dog tags. Another hod
his togs tied together at the bottom of a sring.
The officer took their names, rank, serial number
and organisation. Delinquency cards were for-
worded to the Commanding Officers of the re
spective men.
But it wasn't all just dog togs, either, al
though men were being warned ond warned
again that dog tags must be worn on the person
at all times except for the neessity of removing
them for purposes of personal. sanitation. The
tags are to be separotely fastened,, and from two
a half to three inches Q>art.
Other soldiers were being osked to show their
individual poy records—form No. 28. And in the
squadrons men were informed that they would
also be expected to carry, attached to their pay
rcords. their immunisation records, or Form 81.
and a half to three inches opart,
records, their immunisotion records, or Form 81.
Also required on the person—ah yes, one
more thing to remember)—is a gos identification
card. Thees moy be folded and carried in bill
Soa Hclaiets
Gls sporting sun helmets without proper
pins on the front were also getting in the dog
house—and fast. Those caught wearing the sun
helmets in off hours—those NOT between 8 and
5, or wearing them during formation, faced quick
reprimands and possible penalties.
long hair—strictly un-GI. was a target for
And saluting. Gls were also saluting officers
and doing it properly. And Officers themselves
were subject to proper saluting regulations.
There ore a lot of other things to remember,
too. For instance;
Ca Belts
Belts—should be GI, and the extension be
yond the buckle should be not more than one and
one half inches.
Civilian shoes—plain toed. Should not be
worn in formations.
No Nixfaig
Mixed uniforms—Gls caught wearing khaki
hats ond fotigues took refuge in the dog house
faster than Rover ot the sound of bis irate mos-
ter's voice. In the same connection, fatigue hats
of the “sombrero*' type were being worn brims
down, and that woy only.
Pins—Their misuse was to bring punishment
Only permanent party memben were to wear per
manent party pins. These must be outhentic in
Gls got onother warning about traffic rules
of the field. They were to walk on the left-hand
side of the road, the “right" side. ,
Vol. 1 No. 28
June 26,1943
Only $30,000
Needed to Readi
War Stamp Goal
Seymour Jt^insoo Field needs
MO.OOO to meet its focd of s to-
lU wsr bond ssles of $75,00(r, the
price of s P-40 pursuit plsoe.
Ibe drive wlucb beSsn the first
ef May will definitely close July 1.
Dumg the pest two months OIs
on Seymour Johnson Field have
dug deep in their pockets to inveat
In the nstkii’s best paying Invest
ment In s manner that will
warm the' hsaH of Uncle Bam.
The drive3which .began 'two
fn«v**>** agomhs been cgiducted by
Ibo «Alr^Me^ dl>dslon of the
Special Service flection on the the
ory that Seymour Johnson Field
personnel would be more than wlU-
mg to' Band together to buy enough
war stampa end bonds to equal the
price of OHS pursuit plane.
Ihe iOlnd. Technical School
. at present leads q)l or-
os Ja ttie sale of s^a r
• with sales amounting to over
gt.000.: Beedquarten and Head-
qoartem Squadron is second wlth[
approximately glSOO and the -- ■n.Li
*. a. a. la third with about $im
War atampa and bonda are oh- ^
talMbto at jUl .,_u«lr«. and «-gSSSd SS
Poilez Vous?:
More Than 400 Gls Study
Foreign Languages Here
More than 400 Midlers on at
tachment pay tables.
Hey, Goldbriek!
COa To Single
\Out Hard-
Working Ema! -
No Incsntlve, beb? Afraid you
won't be rewarded, buh Forget
n, Ooldbrlekl The Anny Is looking
for m^ who are willing to do Just
a Uttle bit more, to woric Just a
UtUe Mt harder —^ longer.
* By order of . Ool. Donald B.
flndth. Oommsmdlng Officer, a
iiiiiwnatMimw that 'iden
tifiable accomplishments of tndl-
vldualB” be reported to Eeadquar-
ters, this wedc went out to Com-
tp^niWThg oCflcers -of all wings,
proupe, squsdnnv, and de
tachments on Seymour Johnson.
“Recognition by appropriate au
thority, of outstanding perform
ance ot duty of whatever nature or
fanportance, Is necessary to the
preservation of high Individual mo
rale and also constitutes a means
W rdMlng 'tbe espliit de corps of
the entire command," says the
TO Bcpert Oaad Men
"It le dliected that Squaadron
and Detachment Oommandws re
port all casea of IdentiflaUe ac-
oompUehmcnts of IndivlduaB. par-
tlcirilarly on the part of military
perewtnal not in key poaltloos. to
Us nsadqpertere M order '
condng we^.
Ihe classes, In Spanish and
Fresoch, will be augmented Mon
day by courses In German, Itallsa
One fourth of the men taking
language lessons have stodled lan
guages before," said f^. Joeepb
PlsOnger, bead of the group of m-
structors teaching OIs. *‘Fw scwoe
ot the men. they Just want to brum
up on imat they have previously
studied. Others want to leam
'Zhe classes are conducted
squadron day rooms and sf ttte
Service Club Clsssroom.-
With the arrival of aL_ .
texts and phonograph records for
.Oermsn, Xtallan a»yi . BtssUIsb,
Most pt^Mdsr Isngnage,. said the
Oorporal, Is ^wtnlsh. "Tbs OIs
seem to believe It will be of the
greatest he^ to thsm In ‘the lobs
mn." Phwlnger added. "They are
especially strong for PaD-Amer^
canlsm." Another fact vrtilch has
drawn men to the language flaimm
Is the College Specialised lin
ing Program, where languages
msy be needed by some students
~ 1 prerequisites.
The classes are without charge,
and texts sad pbonogrsift reeords
are furnished by the government.
The Instructors, Plsringer, and
Pvta. Slsear liareau and Paul
Bmnnan, on have pry
vlded sddltlMial texts which tl^
snroD for • ttie
.. Instruotora . Immediately
set out to determine how much
they slready know of languages,
those classes will be added to the and place-them in• su) of three
OI curriculum Monday. New class-'student categories: beginner, hi
es will be started for nursesr end j termedlate or advanced. All oouzs-
otfleers. More than M officers have ea stress tbs spoken word, and
already enroUad for the claseet, regular discasslons ta the languag-
Plntnger said. 'es ars oarriod on ta die elasarooma
796th Leada Field.
|/r Honor
To the TMth Technical Sdiool
Squadron goes the honor of hav^
tag the latest number ol.^hon-
-eg gra^uatpsT- dqribg Ita-IUsteriy
«t Seymour se-
oordliig to a
ta tills
made by the AJr-O-Meeh
Toeing all oontctaden, the
796th has sent forward as
Its oontrilmtion to the honor
roll, a total of S8 students. They
werb Meetqd. having - the
highest evBnge grades of their
Xkunher?up to* tbe 766^ .im thh
aOknd Tbtanicel Bbhool Sqai^-
-rita. whl^ oQotrtauted 'Sl hqaqr
sttMentsl 3SM-liitfe Jtantrtaupiif
tb '^.oew tatb^ioilBta’otAlrj'
ermlt mechitalfes was~tii6 ‘Mnn
Tedtnkdl Sdiocti Squkdiun. It
-had 27 htstar students.
' Next In'Itas was the 796th.
with U honor graduates, and
:tben came the S6th TSA with
Id men who had Won honors for
thfir talent -ta iean****g Oie mata-
tSBsnoe of ammfi. Hie other
squadrons wtjh 9 bonpr grad
uates eacta were the 79Mh and
the 799th. '.
An- honor student has the
WiyhRwt grade average Rw bis
entire class. The next ten high
est men-graduate with disttno-
to tadlvkhtaTeffOri above^nd be-
yond normal expectations new
Ideas resulting In Increased effi
ciency or substantial econoniics. or
tireless and unltmlteA purposeful
application to duty inm conunen-
surate beneficial resulte to the mil
itary service. Matters thus report
ed must be taherently superior and
not merely above average.*'
New Loeationa
Seymour Jobnson Plaid offices
were being mdved to improved
quartere again this week. Among
them were the ^leclal Service Of
fice, transferred Bum Theater No.
2 to Building T-SO, and Personal
Services (war bonds, -emergency
irilet snd-lttsttranee) to T-90 from
Building T-22. Pubita SteMtisns;
vtaldi formerly Occupied the neW
Bite of the Special derrice Office,
moved to another -wing of the
building. Ihe Oadit Boa^ former-
located ta the Ares * Boglneer’s
Building, and the Rad Oroes, fcv-
meriy ta T-M, have moved to tiie
newly eonetrueted buUdtag near
More Stripes
Handed Out
To Field EM
tS to. State Serspabt; 16 to
jfeantj and 82 to OocporaL
Ot)iir. pronMUona on tae field
were not available at the time Air-
0-Meta went to press, taut will be
j. Beek,.Reriben ».'So-
_ rtar A. InWIsr,
' T. OEDhaa, -VtiUaiB O.
Oeqirge J. SuQivah. M. ;y.
^ Alonso R. Psiltar.'Bsr-'
bert BlBerlanda.
To *
RoDsnd W. Ayers, BdwsM 8
Oroet,^Mkurlce Holloway, Prank
J. K(^i^ Robert K. Monroe, Les
J. Pe|rane, Ai^ile T. Stone. Rob
ert o. Herglebel. WaQaoe W. Bak
er, Bdsry BWnmebdlager. Howard
KlmbaU.- James H l^ioet. Jote
p. OSites, Leo A. Beboelder, Wll-
Uam TjWalsh.
Merle Agnedo. Hubert A. Bfn>
ley, Timothy B. Oamll, Leon ZX
Oory. Jr., Oeom B. XOis. Irriai
M. Fbmeoker, Thomas W. Hawks,
Jr.. Qbarles H. Hughes, Will'
N. McKee, Robert J. loaer. ,
ome P. Qulter, James A. Sofa
der, J^ w Stone,' Thomas 8.
Tandefotd. Karl P. Weber, Boherk
J. Wood. George R. Arthur, John
(Continued On Page IhrN)
, Jeih
Solid Say GI’s
tb s t
reoagnHtas for snrii duta may be
* > .^iiiraixtata authortty-
' I wiu be cooftaed to es- ohw smiirwinniu pnt ofi by the
acoempUahmenta -due gtrls.
Ada Leonard and her AU-ONl
Revue wblob appeared here at Sey
mour Johnsan Field, Met wertc,
WM enjoyed mere tiiah wei Wtief
by the asayVMIsrs who orowdod
the Ttwstre to .aee ano' of . the
Tbir^ Grakaaie In Finf
Special training Glass
Supply Officer ..
Pearl Harbor Vet •
Bonb,' nJned down fran ds*
ptasea — the flrat raorderetM raid
on Pearl Harbor was mdsrwey.
Amid ^ dcvsetation that feOoiwsd
to mark qpe^.tfae mostj
berpd dafligdlr Amerloen
Lt. Bart A.'Stibcker. now t—
at Seymour Johneon. Pl^
watchtag and yeiUng.lfaat aome-
dey “we’n give It 'ell hack and
aome to bebt."
Staring ee a book eergeeat a|
Wheeler Plaid (or'- '—
Men .at- Seymour Johneon Plaid with ■ Jtjptted edi
grounde ere being given the chance for speclel tretaittg to
thetr scope of knowledge which Mo ohty pseitam them for more
effective mttttary.seHlee tati adds enjoiyment to their dally Uvea.
The first group of aoMlere rectaved dipksnas this week after
noaiftiTfjr pene^ tbe War Department AOI Aefalavament tat Iha i
DumbsKid thirty. . ■ .• i .... r' ' •
The eompaebeotve * aoademic ^ andspelllnf.
, t the TQSCh
under .tfae -dlsartloo ef ■ Lu
Hairy V-^McIlalfl,-SOD. la con-
dusted I-- by- tbs hpeotal- Train-
Ing.tBatt, settt^ a.aohool fag grl-
UMoy reirltag urittag, sHttsns
portanMlai "hi eMUan Ula^ or are durhur 1
taralSDtaath with ittUs knewlsdts mTk
isD^j^Hs^ Soma aftte
from Paail- Barttor>. Staokar saw
the first wsbs of* Jap ptanes pitas
drop 'tiisir aggs r-
' *'id. HP was a t
. ttaM'dktat
khn to 'iakd picttirss 'dtfttg tbs'
htal titaf^^b^lstartad- ^
Aa he Minetirt ’htan.
irvud tat Wwatt frOttOotahar «d*
1IS9 up tai^aarly part of IPtt, Ha.
ratuf&i^4e tita atataa said aS^
tended dOB. Vpr-

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