North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol. 1 No. 29
July 3,1943
GI’s To Relax In EM Advance Rank
Style At Goldsboro Sport New Stripes
One o{ the moat elaborate liuUd-
. I of lla type la ttie aoutb, the
Ootnmualty EteUdtnt. comer of
Walnut * and WtlUam Streeta in
Ooldaboro. la being redecorated
prior to reopening within a abort
ame aa a reoreatloa center for ser*
▼Ice men aa well aa county real*
- To Include a large Inside swim
ming pod, gymnasium and dance
floor, dormitory rooms, snack bar
and miniature restaurant, showers,
stage for theatricals, private meet
ing room and ottMW faclUtlee, the
atnioture la now getting finishing
.* Changing of faclUties has been
, under way for more than three
months, tmt a shortage of labor
has slowed the job, officials said.
' The laiire buildli^ located right
across from' the Wayne County
^lourtbouse, the structure Is easily
recognlseable by Gts, many of
whom have used its dormitories-
- It was the first building of Its
kind In Uie United States to Ve
erected as a war memorial anil
Is dedicated to the memory to the
men of Wayne County who gave
their lives In the last wkr;
Tbe building Is headquarters for
recreational activities ^thln the
eUy and county Basketball, softball
playground actvltlea, swlmmlhg
» -^ftasiia, dramatic groups, musical
wganMailaM, 'aM'at ana-thne-have
aolipa^ from the center.
‘ The.'fovemmen't Oiought so well
- ^of the building and Ita prografb
Oiat vrtien an application for funds
i-lifraa made to Improve the building
0^ id as to better provide recreatimal
facilities for the men of Seymour
Jidmsoa Field, It as readily grant
ed- Funds have also been provided
through the Lanham act. The
structure Is U years old.
"You, as a man in the army,
ifill be expected to take advantage
of any.activlty within the building
that you ao deslip." officials wld
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79l8t T^S. Headfi
June Honor Roll .
Members of the 791st Technical
School Squadron are really on
the beam and proved It trtten
their commander. Captain Stan
ley I«vy was able to repmt no
ATiroifi for file month of June.
The 791st Is the first full-
strength tedittloal school squad
ron to be able to report no one
absent without leave since the
honor list ym started In the Air-
Other organlmtlons who had
DO KTTOitA during June were:
Detaebmewl Medleal Corps.
•Hth Slgaal Serrioe 9».
DMewlinient FfnaDce
Headquarters and Headquar-
lets Sqendren -
7Wfh 1
I SchMl Sqwsd-
Tttlh TeduSeal Bchoel Squadron
MMh Teekaleal Sebert Squad-
lllh ifadetulo Squadron
Fourth Of July
' Tmnmrqw , it the Fourth of
July. Not that we had to kx*
at our calendar to discover It.
but merely to remind you that
it's the greatest date In Amer
ican history.
Zt will pfohebly be tbe'quietest
Fourth e?ery sprat by me na
tion. The firecrackers and other
httarkRis sound bffeets wOl he'
missing. Hera on Seymow John*
son Field the day will pass with
hardly a thing to mark H from
But-let's ztot forget-that Peart
Harbor's date pales into lurig-
nlfleance when - stacked \jp
against July 4th. It was tbe
beginning. It marked our birth-
rli^t to ufe, liberty and pursuit
of bapptnese. '
And we will fight to see that
Its Importance does not praisb
from our llvc'a^r.. .the Uvee of
Johnson WA ACS
Are Promoted
*«ot to be left out of field-wide
promotions- of personwl
this week were the raroUees of the
Bism WAAO headquarters - eoni-
papy, ’^Geyno adTaneemehte wM
anniiupedd:- F -.
To Justor Ireader: Hatelle Na-
ton, Irene H; Omoertord,' Dolqk'^
R. Oglesby. Carmel R. Chirumbb-
lo and Ma:7 S. Mouser.
Tb Technician Fifth Orade: Min
nie D. Schram, -Ahne D. Johnston,
Thelma L. Weaver and Joan
Jute in case some of tbe above
grades are mystlfyiag to the a. 1.
a leader equals buck sezgeaat. a
junior leader Is equiValeiit to a
corporal and a tetimlclan fifth
grade is tbe eame as in tlM regular
Song Books
U ^'ve been having trouble
with tbe words to those sohgs the
rest of. tbe boys-are slngtag and
you'd like to know them, do^ wor-
ry — rau'U soon get tbe chance.
Special, pocket - steed song books
Will soon be Issued to every soldier
on Besrmour Johnson FlM. It-*to
entitled Song Book No. 1 and wlU
Include the words to ao different
songs. They are: .
The Army Air CORPS, I Want A
Olrl, Notre Dame, The Technical
Training Oommatui, Praise the
Lord and Pass the Ammunltt(ttL,
I've Got Sixpence, Me the
Way To Go Home, Hap.y Days are
Here Again, Shine On. Harvest
Moon. ‘There's A Long, IiongltaCL
Darktown Strutter' Ball, Wplt "TO
tbe Sun Shines, Alexander's Rag
Time Band. Alouette, ^r Me and
My Gal. This Is the Army, Sleepy
Time Gal. Marine Hymn, Pack Up
Your Troublea, Stout-Hearted Man
and the Catesra Semg.
Sewing .beel Yeah, bowl 'But
sewing on nqx strh^ks. Here te
chuok,. of tbs lUrd, tacking 'em
He'll jnxlit Ba4ik:
bad. thte one, when you're
A (Newly MaM) John Saw-
Ip /tym Ros^, Pa.
Alex Velle, Native Of
Yugosittviaf Mech Student
Red-hekdbd Alexander Velle, a
student meA^dc of 79ftb te work
ing Industrtoutiy tbeep ^ys' bet
tering hte knowiedge of aircraft
and the sagllMi language, and with
Just cause.
A native Yugoslavian, Velle has
two brothers he bcltoves are wtttl
flgtittog - with dte Cktemiks. And
tbere te also a mother and a sister
aomewbsra In -YUgoalavla. Velle
hasn't' heard from any of them for
at least two years.
But VeUe has -a. double peeve
against Hitler. Oa tbe day -that
AdoliA'B armies were rolling
ship. That night, the vessel pulled
out of the harbor and sailed for
Alrtoa and finally America, where
Velle came to uve with an uoele
In' OalvestOQ, Tex. It was there
he was Inducted.
Tbe as-year-old Velle worked as
engiiieer on Yugoslavian
Merchant Marine, and later a Ytt-
goelavlan ships that went under
Panamanian registry.
It was on a trip from Africa to
Msw Yortr that hte ahlp was nearly
torpedoed. At 11 o’clock one ulght
the order came through to stop the
elites. Then Velle learned that a
torpedo obviously launched from a
S cargo ship in the harbor . of
Bbn^ea. -St^denly. out of the
through Franra, Velle was aboard-Nas sub has Just mased the ves
sel. Tbe ship sig-xagged for
hours, and experienced no. furtoer
north rokrOd die-ewasUka painted ^difficulty,
p&inee. Tbi^ pounded Marseilles- Asked If be thinks hte brothers
with iximtis,-' rad some, of th^ are atm with the Ohetnlks, Velle
struck.wlthln S fow feet of VeHe’sIsmlles. “Slveryone fight down
It wasn’t tbe butcher, the baker
or tbe'Candlestl^ maker that was
working hard this week because of
Seyuxnnr Johnson neld—It was the
tailor, and the EMs themselves,
sewing on newly awarded chevrons.
They were everything from one-
stripers to three above and the
same number of *Tocker8’’ below.
Mostly, the promoUens eame out
last week, but the stripes were being
issued bj supply rooms thte week,
and the aetitel Job of sewing them
on or having them sewed on was
in fun swing.
Promotions at Headquarters dfc
Headquarters Squadron were listed
in tbe Alr-OMech last week.
Other promotions on tbe field:
Tqatk SchodI 6ro«p
Te Tech. Sgt.
Gordon W. Bennett and Lowell
L. Stewart.
Te Staff Sgt.
Arthur D. Dunn.aeorfeC. Horton -
and Harry R. Locke.
Te Sgt.
Kenneth O Adams. Arthur B.
Oarbrecht, Harold S. Humj^ei,
Denver R. Thompson and Julius
Te CpL
Raym(»d K Adams, Michael r.
Cases, Stanley B. Compton. VTIliani
O. Cunningham, Salvatore C. Greco.
James Kerr, John P. MeOarthy,
Francis B. Melniighlln, Andrew
Itorts. Robert M. Orth. Bdward L.
Rodgers. Jr.. Tony J. Slilno. Bdward
B. Smallwood. Charles A. Slieara,
John L. Stalker. Bdward-M. Strae -
Ilk, Adelard j. Bt. Germain, Adplph
8. Biaslak, Stiu^ L. Trasks, Joui
o. thiger and Zaehariah Wheat
libitk Sdwol Gnap
Te Malt Sgt.
WlUlam O. 'VTamlKon. Raymond
A. Dupuis, Joseph j. Mlrti^e, Jav
D. Smith and Jamae R. Ruther
Te Sgt.
Patsy K Aiello, Boland V. Jean,
Albert F. R'endi, Jr., Bdwln C.
Zeller, Salvahm 'Ihmbaro, Barry L
aiavely, Bverett A. Loucks and John
Luekey. -
Te CpL
Marvin M. Dratch, Alfred Kaocy,
Brneet N. Sub^, Albert J. Oarlln,
Frank H. Hares, Louis O. Mtoco,
Joseph J. Nugent. Ptaaeto J. Mq>
Carthy, Clarextee J. Paredi. Barold
A. Wells, Bari R..Monk. Uaurtee M.
Chapman, dentin J. Webb, Wil
liam B. WUley, Mldiad J. Rlc-
clardl, Rldlard O. Despbloitiqin,
James J. Johns and Nfcbolas ML
Twslltfi NMt Gtmp
Te Tech. Bgt.
Harry W. KltteL
Te: Staff Bgt.
pafptii Home, Anry A. Starks
and Bailey Patrick.
Te: Bgt.
Nathan Kantor, Lowell D. ^dvei;
Peter A todloe ana Solomon Moe-
Te: CpL
George B. Balian, Rldtard J.
Doran, Joe^ Theberge and Mas
Te: CpL
George B. MershaH, Carl F.
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Ex-Marine, PX Work^, Wounded At Guadal
Tbe boys have been HrftUng 23-
year-old Wilson W. Parker, a shy,
slow-talking native of Smlthfl^
who works In Poet Exchange
Brrahh No. 2 that be "ou^tto
be In \dilform.'’ They say a heal
thy. strapping fellow such as he
■ ^Tasting hte time seU^ noo-hr
:kbig goods in the supply room,
oey tlBik be would make a good
s*dler-or an airplane mechanic like
The fuony pan of it te, or tbe
peri, is* that Wilson W.
Pancer naa already done hte bit t-
and perhape a little bit more. B
be hhsn’t. then Uheie Sam te wrong
' the goveramrat has awarded
the' Orde
' Order of the Fniple
• We give you NHsoa W. Parker,
late.oC Amertoa's ace fighttogoorpe:
. the United States kCarlnet.
' . Puker eidteted In tbe Leatber-
Aug. ff, ISIS. -AlaophlHo.
becatise. of wOutids. receive.^ on
lOuadalcraal. And 4 grateful Umt-
ed States government te giving him
the Order Of the Purple. Heart.
"I'd like to be back In that green
uniform," Paricer. agid. thte week.
"But I-guess they can’t have me.
It takes zoujgh. tou^ men now to
staqd fhe life, and xny shoulder
doesn't fuDcton U)o veil. . ."
Rough, loiMb -^en It takes all
And us you paJj^lly,. bit by
bit, extract Parkerte ^ry of Quad-
alunal,‘yoa’B see what It means;
but left's start at tbe begkmlng.
' When Pajker In the. faU,
of '40, he vas'eent to Parte ^
for .toot tmlnlhg; latw '
years later to the day/on Aug. 7,
1043, Partar - BcramMM out of a - - ...
Bggias landing boat off the sborea Mver a^ to Ndtfolk, Va
of puudalcanal a:spoC that *■" — .• »-
was to beootneanodter -.glorloos
diapter tax American* htetmy.
Exactly two years and • months
after hte cnltetment, on April S,
tola pear.'-Paskeri-VM'-dkMoarfed
vua w swviixtm. wume
be svas'attohbed'to the fleet Ma-
. fine' Corps:'On May 17.*'Purker'a
. aatfii iwued out of NorfoL With
^t,S0B nther Ifsil—i. 9mkbt -WM
Btow«d away ou a traop transBprt.
It arrtvad ut'WatlhMtoiL HevZute
land, and shortly after hte BCarlnes
made their last "Dummy Run'' to
tbe Samoa Islands. It was a prac
tice landing operatiras. But tnls
time it was a little btlt more, be-
oause "someblng big wag ahead."
Then, it came.
The Higgins boats were loaded
and r^y. and placed on board.
iTbe tmsporta wore Jammed w 1 th
troops. Transports, warships and
^axM merged into a convoy and
moved out. '
Northward, aUU three days
awuy. AmericanV planes werei
I pounding Guadalcanal, a JapJMidj
'island in tu Solpmocs that was!
so rraiote few of toe folks back
home bad eyn heard the name.
Os board tbe tiunqiorte; Marine
qfllDdrs were 'euplaining to eoltet-
■ed men what was up. ’nut Marlnea
iwere-to nmve in, mop up tbe Japs,
taka HeodunMo Flald, the total alr-
pect. Than tbe Army woteii talos
over. Each- Marine was Issued A
small map of the island.
One day away from tbe landing,
tbe chow call sounded aikl Ma
rines rushed to line up. They sat
down at crowded tables and gasped
in amasemrat —they were served
a turkey dinner equivalent to
anybody's Thanksgiving meall
"R was kind of funny," Parker
says. "We sat there looking at ooa
another, Sura, they were being
especially niee to us —rad we were
'afraid we knew why. It waa sort
lof like the condemned man eating
a hearty meal, or so we tboughL
'And not a lot of us could enjoy 11,
When tha convoy arrived and the
Hlfflns boats were fUtod, they
i la a llyliig wudga tor s
near Longoa Btver. PUbm
aklee sad funs vara

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