North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol. 1 No. 30
July 10,1943
Heyi Fella
•Got Enoiigli
It you were in « imc bole _
New Quinee would you Uke to hove
9iot full Slt.oeo oorenco et Ko>
tloool Bervloe Life tnouroncer
You bet yoar oweet Ute you
would! And thot’s wby Bnllated
Mod of Beymeur Minoon PMd
tbio week were r^iUnded that ttiey
may take tbe laewraaoe or addlt*
teal laeijraiKe up to tbe $10,000
^jdnMin up uptU mldtiigbt ta, .mle year.
, it the plgwleal ei
OPpUee mieo to the tick and wound
-Oftlcera remind you that .you
abpuM take out tosuraace-now be
cause later H may be difficult.
it not tmpoeetbte to find the time
later oc.'
Need J'er laouraaoa Oreo teg
. Tott, Soldier, may have cone la-
$S tbe Army before Dee. T. ZMl,
when tbe need for tnsuranoe eov-
erlnc all war eveatuallUes. w a $
' BOt'M apparent aa it is now. Or,
you may not have applied for the
(nil amount of $10,000 to which you
are enUtled. U you do not now
have OfO.OOO —■ now is ^tbe time
to pet-It'— at this' field, where it
oan all he arranged without un
due haste. Tou are reminded that
you won't have to drop the' old
policy. For example, suimoaa you
DOW have $6,000 In Insurance and
are entitled' to $6,000 more. You
can obtain this by aiH>lylng for an
additional poUcy ot 06.0M and- mak-
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Write Ptipen
-If yeu plaa oo writing your
home town paper about te army,
don't do:^ T- until what you are
famproved by tbe PubUe
■ lhat hijbM -aootber warning that
you cant wnte tor puUkmtion with
out approval by tbe Public Rela^
tlons Office- — no matter wbatf
No, and you can't make speeches
*'or ccnctet any other military
de^lngs ef any diaracter which la
intended for, or might be ussd for
publicarldkr. except thro\igh the
nbUc Relattes OffiLce."
' Soldiers and officers are direct
ed not to contact editoM. radio
station directors or any.perpoo that
is In poettte to deal mw ^ pub
lic. directly or through letters or
any other means unless it has been
approved hf the Public Relations
office — negardleas of tbe nature
of tbe cOBgoits.
Soldiers are requested to be par
ticularly careful marrltlng person
al lettera net to Include dy tn-
activlttes connected with tbe war
effort, the training program or
any matertal that Is restricted. Sol
diers are urged never to give out
figures, whether it involves men
or material — regardless of how
harmless it may seem.
The recent story of Bmest Fred
erick Lehmis. sealous air • raid
warden, waiter and operator of a
sailor’s boarding house, who was
arrested by the P.B.I. In Staten
Island last week for espionage, is
grim evidence that enemy agrats
are still very active in the United
Think before you write. A care
less pen is more deadly than a
G1 Wash-Day Blues To End
Forty-three Medics Earn
Good Oondnet Medals
Forty-three members ofv the ICedlcal Det^rtlTtent on Seymour
Johiweb Flekf haVei been awarded Deod-Oendiset medals, and with
•adi presentation a letter has gone to the noarest-of:^ notifying
them of the honor. ^
A typical-letter .follows:
(Station Oomplement)
Seymour Johnson Field, North OaroUoa
t July loa
Mrs. Angellne DeLarco,
1010 South Mason Avenue
Chicago, nunota. ‘
My Dear Mnr. DeLarco:
' Tdiir sob, MAster Sergeimt Eugene J. DeLarco. ASN SOOtflSt, '
has been awarded a “Oood Oonduict Medal" for exen^lary be
havior. efflciehcy, and fidelity.
The awArdlntf of the "Cfood Conduct Medal". Is la compHsnce
with. Executive Order Nd. sdOO dated M June. IMl ae anteded
by Executive Order No. ftSt date 4 May, 204$.
Aa Commanding Officer, Detadunent Medical Department, kt
me congratulate you for. the honor which has been beetowed
upon your son.
Yours slncerdy.
(SigwMir ■
Snd Lt.. MAO.,
Detachmmt Commander
Besides DeLarco. those who received tbe medal were Anton
Jobason, Edward W. .Oeilerich. Max D. Nell. Edxhond Bigelow. Mar
vin L. Jones, Norman T. Ootone, Jdm J. Ryan. Lester O. Bwanher,
Frsncls. Mayer Simon, Peter CastiglU, Bphrlam H. SMokson,
rwwigi— BaywBTd, Oecar F. Maystorsvte WilUam Slavlneki,
Arpold B., Anderson, Benbard W. KesU, William A. Morey, Jack
Rodell, Leonard Wells, WilUam Sereday, Arthur B. Querdagrossa,
Robert A. Unnell, George V. Wrl^t. James R. Moody. Lscm B.
■ — ^ *-
virtw o. Oolim,
Nolan B. Walt. Melvin Dtogel, Bmte F. Meinken, Frank (fodrl^a.
VInal J. Smith, Pete Bdl, Curtis B. Christenasn,. John T. LovaDette,
Carl Ernst Frank J. Paxdera, William A; Gotf, Edward J. Bratol-
idi. Steve Potucefc, John E. Btefanlck, Ohartes W. Carter, r—
L. Partin. George J, Busdieker, l^array Bdekdnk, Ernest If.
Arthur J. Martin. BemArd W. Rowe. James Wdlls, JoseiA Gi
Frank A. Mlnnella, Clifford N. Peterson, Obarlee Starmer an^
Harold W. Eelly. i
Had 4 Weeks ! New Laundry
Basic? Hope
So, Soldier!
To Open On
have h. or te equivalent, then you
be transferred until you get
This Intormatte Js contained hi
aa order from Biig. Gen. Jones
of Headquarters First District.
Ckeemboto, n. C.
The order states that as a guide
to determine whether a sohUer has
received the equivalent of four
weeks besk training, tbe soldier
must demonstrate proficiency in
close order drill, extended order
drlQ, milUaiy courtesy, dlspla of
equiteent for tntpecUon. haa^
defenses and camouflage. Interior
gxiard, manual of arms aixl de
fense against chemical warfare. He
must also have seen tbe following
training films: "Instruction of tbe
Soldier, Dlsmounte. without arms
^teps and Marching,” •'First
Aid," "Personal Hygiene," "Sm
Hy^ene," "Military Oourtesy and
Custmns of the Service." "Articles
of War." "Safeguarding Military
Informattn," and 'Organlxatton of
tbs Army."
this, the soMler wUt havq
One of tbe largest laundries of
IS Ooun^
Did you have four weeks of basic
training? That is what tbe Tech- its type hi tbe Counts win wtm»
nlcal Training Command wants here MXt Sunday
to know before it transfers you to Quartermaster Detachment's 8sy-
another command. If you didn't mour Jteson Field koulry starts
— ^ratte, offiomw revealed tbk
Tbe laundry will be handled
■rough squadrons and organka-
ons, which Will deUvm* fo and
from the laundry, and make pay
ment on delivery.
The laundry will bandk all en-
Uste men’s bundlae, all hoeidUl
linen’s and bedding, all cooks ite
bakers unilfonas, all nurses uni
forms snd all offieer's ekthte.
Five-day sendee Is planned.
Machinery and equipment of all
types has already been Installed
it was added.
Laundry upon delivery from an
organlsaUon wrlU be pk^ In him,
and from the blue will go via con
veyer to modem eketrie marking
machines. Fitmt here they wlS
proceed to tbe washers, and from
tbe wasBers to extractors and
tumblers. Flat work will go
through a rcdler press, srhUe other
types of clothing and material will
go another way to be sorted and
ressed. Laumky will than go to
te_ e^ tbs estabUabment. They wUl work
to the foregoinf,
Hsted man must have entered in
hls'^rvlce Record the followtng;
Army specially, reading of Ar
ticles of War. semorallt^ lecture,
quaiUicatloD in arms, soldier’s
Baiglbook issued and reading of
Amendment to Natteal Ufe In
surance Act.
«««• *«
SemsJU Crew Chief
Monday every non bomtnistlon-
ed Officer on Seymour Johnson
Field starts back to 8cho(>r on his
own time.
‘me sboolmasters will be other
Non-Coms, and tbe books wlU be
— and the aMUty to Impart them
to others.
No Bxeeptfoos
From the kwlimt Corporal to
tbe moet Important Master Ser
geant on the Field, there will be
no exceptions. School days are
.w « .. For one hour of each day
tbe Soldier’s Handbook and other |for nya gay, out of every week.
War Departmmt publications. The the Non^k^ wlB drill and nfody.
clamrooms will be the great out
doors on variouj areas of Bey-
mour Johnson. Tbe rewards will
thorough knowledge of ttie
thtnya that go to make a soldier
course is to last 4i weeks.
Times for tbe various classes
and where they are to be held are
left to the'diBcretkm of the squad-
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Handle With Gare!
Soldier, when you finish foat
drink, set the bottle down mure-
fully—evoD if you don’t take It
‘?«ck where it belongs. If you
Jont there may nut be another
That V was the warning that
.:ame this week from the *Po8t
Exchange as bottling weeks re
minded that not only bottks taut
some types of drinks were being
Generally, a bottle for-bottle
exchange Is required when the
PZ ebtatats drinks of any kind,
ainoe bottiee are ratted die-
trteton wlU not sell unless as
sured of an equal return of tbe
This uTMif said title PX. that
oalMB soldkrt peevent bottk
breakage they soon find them
selves going thirty.
There k a real Soldiers’ Chorus at Chap S ttmee
days tader the dlrectte' of Chaplain Lanoe A.
Mantie. tnth Chaplain Bosrard, Davk. In charge
of tbe a^vlpf,, and Sgt. Theodore the
Mh Academic leading the Oborua, the Chapel takes
on a real bon^Uke aknoaitere. There are even
WAOi to tbe Chorus, composed of more then SO
voloee. Pte. tlnoent Marguloe k the eeooMpsBkL
i j
,i 1
„i !
^ I
eMbltahment. Ttiti will work
in three shifts, officers aakL
Laundry Officer wlU be Lt. Dan
F. Kelly Jr.', a recent graduate
of the Quartermaster Oorpe of
ficer candidate achool at Gamp
Lee. Lieutenant Kelly bad civUlan
experience .with laundries in tbe
Chicago area.
"When they told me I ^ going |er of tbe Purple Heart. Upon ar-
to be sent back to the United- rival to tbe atates he was amt to
States, I dldn t believe it at first, so army hospital where he
It was like a dream that I thought covered from fals wounds He ar-
could never oome true — but It rived at this poet ^
did," relate T-Sgt. John Dorosln- awaits further IcstrucUons. Re
sky, new member of the SSSrd Air served as a Crew Chl^ for a flyina
Base Bquadrm who has just re- Fortress oversees,
turned trmn Africa. I More than six years ago. Doro-
T-W- Dorpeinsky was woiteed sinsky gradukted frtm Nesquebon-
Id action and waa givm the Ord- ing High School in PmnsvlvanU
j (i^pr Allentown) and U wasn't
many months later that be de
cided to enlist in tbe U. 8. Air
Force. Dorozlnsky was stationed at
many fields throughout the coun-
try, including Randote, Langley
and kiarch.
Go To England
' A few days before Pearl Harbor
was bombed, Ooroslnsky and hk
bomber squadrons were on a boat
soroej^bere in tbe Pacific and head
ed for the harbor. When they re
ceived news that tbe Japs n a d
struck, they turned around and re
turned to tbe United States to re
organise. Later they went to Eng
land. Missions over occupied coun
tries followed. With the Invasion of
Africa, John shipped to Ahforla.
"It waa hot as hell there," con
tinued the modest Sarge. "Ger
man bombers passed over often aiMl
they bombed many timed. We
didn't have time for anythin but
work — We di^'t even have tiin»
to mise anyttting." Crew Chief
Doroxinsky was working on a crip-
Ided Fortress when the Buns pass
ed over loaded with tons of dsv-
astation. He continued to work,
despite the bombs whte were ex
ploding all over. Suddenly be felt
a sharp pain and found himself on
the ground, a bomb fragment had
entered his back. Many of bis bud
dies were hit during me raid.
Takew to Field ■sspHal
Dorosln^ was taken to a fMd
hospital. & -eondltte was ae-
rfops and be waa WanMened to
a number of hospitals In Atbea.
Hi was awarded the Order of the
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