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    School for Non Commissioned Officers Gets Into Full Swing OnPost
WmIu t* G«. Beyc.
**FmI7>Two W«rics lo Go • -
ouch might kovo been the theme song of Seymour John*
son s non*comffl^ssioned officers this past week as they
launched into the first classes of Non-Com school: For cm hour
a day lor the next forty-one weeks, non-coms will go bock to
school—during “off duty" hours—to rehash the things they
learned in basic training and a little bit more.
Grumbling non-coms dug out leggings, reslung gas
masks to more comfortoble positions, wondered when they
were going to get time “to go get my laundry and a haircut"
—but nevertheless turned out in force: Then they swung into
formation with regular drill instructors hupping cadence. ■
Groups of Air Mech students watched amazedly as th#y
Mtw ranks of marching men which ranged from corporals'administrotion.
to master sergeonts swinging down roods throughout the^
Fiel^: ,
“New men?" shouted one PFC.
“No.* came the answer bmk, “old ones!"
Wisecracks were mcmy, but the non-coms bore them
with pain^ grins; The marching was net new to them, but
that they were going to take a new pride in it was evident:
The regular drill instructors found-them quick to respond to
A lecture period opened the firstiay's classes—on Mon
day—with orientation for the course briefed by Officers.
Purpose of the course, as explained, is not only to re-
fcn&liarixe men with fundomentals of military subjects which
they hove olready studied, but also to give them a rounded
knowledge of non-commissioned officers' duties and military
New Laundry Starts
Official Operations
Seymour Johnson Field’s nee
Uundry opened offlcUUy Thurs*
day of this week, with Lt- Den
Kelly, Jr., In chsrie.
Organisations on the field will
handle delivery and collection of
laundry, delivering it and picking
it up at the laundry building Five
day service Is planned.
Enlisted men's bundles, all hos
pital Unens and bedding, cooks
and bakers uniforms, nurses and
■ ■ will be handled by
the new laundry.
Vol. 1 No. 31
July 17,1943
Grab Your
Pool Is Open
Seymour Johnson Field OIs who
have been looking for a place to
swim DOW have the answer at the
Wayne County ICemorlal Commu
nity Building pool at the comer
of Walnut and William in Golds
Director Charles Stapleton a n-
Dounced this week that the pool
bad bem opened for the first time
on Monday, and that hours for ser
vice men wlU be from 1100 to 1390
nod from 1900 -to 4190 During these
hours soldiers and their girl Mends,
aasv take advantan of Swhniiilng
in the pool by psylng a charge of
19 cents. For Om 19 cats they
wrltl receive a towel andf^Msp.
Bxcelimt men’s and fwomen’s
shower and dressing room facU-
ittles are available
The ^1, which U phi^ of the
EM On Field
PFC. Jack P. Hickson this week
reach^ out for the title of the old
est enlisted man on Sesmiour John
son Field, and without doubt be
coiUd rightfully claim it. Hickson,
a member of the 339 Squadron, will
be 6! years old in October.
From Long Island, K. Y., Hick
son has snotner item or two In his
service record which makes it
stsmd out. He has put in a total of
23 years in the Army.
Now In charge of the SSSrd’s Or
derly Rodm Hickson gets a big
kick out of the bo3V tiling him
Be first Unlisted In July, 1918, at
Baltimore, llarylaiid, and was seal
with the AKP to Siberia, where be
served two years with the Infan
try. From there be was moved to
Manila. P. I., and from there to
Honolulu, arul back to the states
and discharged. He re-enlisted
KSr NewBowlingAlleys
ToOpenByA uyustl
WAC Cook Who Ritde Broncos In Westeiyi
Rodeo Circuit Now Feeds Women Soldiers
Wy. ixd WM Mn. back o
and it« shallowest two and «>e-
half feet.
75tli Wing Leads
Insurance Sales
'Ihe deadline for obtaining
National Service Life insurance
wMbout bavlog to submit to a
physical exanunatioo grows near
er. being only a day or two over
three weeks away. Midnight of
August lOth is the day and the
men m Seymour Jolmson Field
are making good progress in get
ting their full coverage taken care
The maximum amount of in-
The 75(h Training Wing leads the
Post in percentage of men insured,
•8.3. ‘The 80l8t T. S. S. arid The
Medical detachment have fine av
erages of 949 per cent and 94.6
^ cent, respe^vely. The 85Sth fectl\
Det.. maintaining only a handful * All
of men rings the bell at 100 per
The average amount of money
per man on the field is $8037.25
insurance, with the 75th Training
Wing again pacing the field with
89534.28 average for its men. Hie'
799tb T. 8. 8. has the average of
Its men insured for $8121-93-
but this time to
southern Islsuids. When he
again returned to the States, he
did tours of duty at Puget Sound
and the Presidio of San Francisco.
In 1929 he was given
ment to Cbanute Field,
took a general mechanic’s courke.
Lat^ he received a special
aignment to Chanute Field. He —
listed again in March of 1941. Since
then he has been assigned to. duty
in Panama and, as be puts it,
"way ixilnts,’’ and on returning
was forwarded to Jedmsori Field
in February of this year.
Headquarters announced this
week that the Army ^ Forces
Technical Training Command and
the Army Air Forces IVainlng
Cpmmand had been merged, ef-
'“itlve July.
U1 personnel and equipment of
both commands has been trans-
ferrM to the Army Air Forces
Traming Command. Headquarters
"Olt along, Olt Along. L111
DOGIE8 Olt Alorigl. .
It was only Corporal Nellie "Tex’
Tveit huituning to herself this
weeb as she stirred the soup on
the WAC kitchen range, wtp^ a
perspiring brow sol in a Itaas
drawl wished she had tersdf *’i
bc^ and a -rodee - ohl'*
iMy, BrotiMi ■
This is Oon>oral Nellie "Texk
Tveit, cook for the WAC’s of Sey
mour Johnson, as she cute a nut-
brown cake. For nine years, Cpi.
Tveit followed the western rodeo
on a good ridtn’ show round beab
And that's what she thought
talked about. From Saa Xitoalo,
home of many a famous western
rodeo circuit performer, Tex Tveit
looks back on- 9 years when she
followed the ’’loop’’ — tnm Pen-
dletea Oregon, to Ohyenne, Wfo
sung, w 8aH Imke/Otty* Utslw
tsd sob|«p.of etbgr Ronite
in the west.-
iBhe rode bfoooos, rode Brainha
bulls and locoed steers, she shmg
hash on the side for bimary. boo&
ed. sun - dsrkened bands of the
rodeo srenea. She s cookhig again,
but this time it's for s crowd of
performers who are out to put (he
spurs to Hitler and Blrohlto snd
ride them to a fare-thes well.
'TXmt know bow I got in this
beah WAC outht,*’ says Tex.
“Seems like I Just walked up the
stairs to the recruitin' office back
home and first mmy i *kDow, beah
J ami They found out I could
oook a little—and brngol Jus’
Uke that, I’m/ cool^' fir the
Tex Tveit wrestlers a big pot on
the range Uke she might bulldog
s steer, and rope It. but the smells
that arise from the WAC kitchen
make a soldier hungry for die food
"that mother usta' make" — Ttx
Tveit knows her businms.
"I’m gittin* kinds’ hungry flr a
horse,” Bsys Tex. "but 1 don't
mean to eat it, either.”
“Set 'Bn up!”
That cry will soon echo in a new
teUding Bolng up on Seymour
Johnson Field —end it Isn’t a bar
It’s those new bowling alleys
you’ve been hearing about.
air, Major J. B. Muir, head
or Special Service, announced this
week that the new alleys, ten In
should be ready for operation
by August 1.
The allM are located near the
omer betv^ Chapel No. 1 and
njuT Wm axcbaSige^BfaB^ Ms. . .
;JINor Uan sttt the alien wO
■Witt* 08, ready by Aug. 1 ‘Tirorld^ we
don’t encounter a shortage of some
tnAteriats or other difflcalties.’’
Plans are to have the aUen ojh
erate at times most tevorable to
soldiere on the field, so that work
ing or study shifts wlU not pre
vent their full use. One or two al
leys msy be set sslde for oHIcer
Sicily Invasion Spotlight
Of Week’s Global Warfare
interesting outcomes in fdobal
strife niled the newspapers and
flooded the air waves this past
week. The savage onslau^t of the
Allied forces against the A x 1 s-
held Island of Sicily was of out-
Major General Barton K. Yount i standing menUan with the Yank
has been designated as command- drive on the vital Jap base of Mun-
National Service Life Insurance
affords complete protection for the
eoklier. It Is the cheapest type of
inaurance possible,
lasuranoe — ASK FOR ITI
GI Movies Arrive
The first Issue of the new lemm
movies for off duty programs on
Seymour Johnson Field arrived
bere this week, and Lt. William
Severs, Theatre Officer, said they
would be shown at the Service
Club and possibly at the Station
While the title of the new film
was not announced, the eervlce
officers novelty short subjects,
travelogs, qiecul foreign films,
song sborte. sport sbofte and In-
fonnatloo fUms procured throu^
ctvlUan producers. Also included
Is the new Special Service current
informatioo serviees, *Thc War,”
sad ether WD productkxis.
running time for a typical
ijjow I* 4i mmute,, ud aU a«eb
■mma Ml k, Miown traa, ■
log,, officer of the Army Air FVirces
Training Command. Headquarttfs
will continue to be at KnoUwood.
Colonel John P. McConnell will be
acting chief of staff for this por
tion of the new command.
801, 791, 794
Win Song Banners
Exhibiting with pride the ban
ners awarded tor utoging this past
week were the 79lBt, 794th and
801st Technical School Squadrons.
The 80l8t squadron lead all other
groups being rated with 96 per
cent, the 791st rated 94 1-2 per
cent and ‘nMth came in third with
98 1-3 per' cent.- These ii*titiiay
squadrons received strong compe
tition from the 799th' squadron who
rated 92 2-3 per cent. The 798th,
788rd and the 79Tth squadrons tied
with ratings of 87 per cent.
Squadnms are JudM on their
■ingitiy while marchnig to chow
school classes and (he drill fMd.
steghig is Judged by the Post Dl-
reotor of Music seetkm ahd lusty
vnhmru and spirh hsad the Itet ol
Ugh ratfeif. , • ,s > . i
da in the Southwest Pacific bat
tle theater and the tighten^ of
the Russian lines against the isc-
esi Nasi offensive spotlighting the
The figbing rni Sicily saw
British Eighth Army sweeping in
to the open plain before the large
port of Catania, already aflame
from Allied air anu naval bom
bardments. The American troops
K re meeting sttffer resistance In
ir sector. The Amerlan spear
head moving through the cltlee of
Oela and ucate have fought off
numerous counterattacks. Air arm
operations are held to be largely
responsible for the rapidity o f
the AUlrt advance *T>d the taiabil-
Ity of tbe enemy to muster strong
resistance more quickly.
Several towns, ports snd airfields
(lave, already fauen to the deter
mined 8ee(»d -Prontera Bxpeota-
tions are bigb that soon, maybe
lees than 8 weeks from now the Is
land will be under Allied oonM
and then i(te flgbt wfU be carried
to the Italian jnsdnlaad..
^ RAP and the Eighth'TJSAAF
operate oo deotruottve
■OSS; Em. 4
Europe 1
vast and badly batter^ German
industrial area. Communication
systems are taking a stea^ pound
ing almost daily.
Munda on New Georgia b.i*nd in
use, and one night a week may be
designated as Officer Night when
officers; their wives, and also nnr-
» will bowl.
Squlpmeint throutfuMt Is new
and modem, wlih best grade maple
alleya. Locker rooms are available
for both men and women. An up
stairs. baloonv. and bleachers wul
be provided for spectators. At'the
pit end is located a handball
court, and still -another room will
be used for boxing.
Charges will be Just enough to
pay for maintenance and depre
Plans were also announced this
week by Special Service for an ar
chery range to be located at the
Borrow Pit. east of A. between
4th and 8th Streets, and for a
miniature golf course. Both of
these will be free to OIs. A driv
ing range for golf bugs is also
the Southwest Pacific is perilously
close to being taken over by the
American Jungle troops, suf^orted
by the rain of bomibs from tbs
sky on the Jap base. Enemy po>
Ocotinued on Psge Three
“Joss” *’EMbt” (rabbis butssd of msehins ga» st tM AAP
OumeiT Settdol ULkrMif Arte Atf MaU. *|- I iiihhm
•w*cM om au tWnioilBa LHkhMdTfaidMn tupanr ttataMk iMH
au nlfht kat, pntartat UMa lot th* ■MxtdiTr'te-tMiraiEi'aE
-— Kan at Ottm aaihaika u*' Tkrtalal Traaiia OoaakM
anil a lannT »>ooi pmrtaaa _

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