North Carolina Newspapers

    Vol. 1 No. 37
August 7,1943
: I
Jn Our lime Of Trial Give Us Strength...
9 *
Rifle Range
Sunday Rites
Draw Throng
Th« sound ol firing diod
owcry on tho rifla rccngo. Th«
stooatto benk ol a sorgoont
stiilsd. A G1 leaning his la*
ligues ogainst a tree put
oway a fountain pen used to
write a letter and struggled
to his feet. Eren the noise in
this odptMA ttiUed. It was
*‘dburab eerrioe time'* on the
. A Uttie knot.sf mm huddled neer
•n eltar under the pines, emUe off
through the. trees m omer olesr^
taigs two other groups at men were
prepertng for ^Ir hour ot worship.
. ererr Sendsr erwlug the socme
fa repested. At the IMI hour
• hdt fa eeasd to sB scthrUy
«■ the mage, sad ehsptelos
at the OsMifa. Fmtestsat sad
jOTTfah fsHlii eendeet tadeieaal
seertoes. sttmd la
peeks sad etoer egulpmeal whiA
ther amt laj wide.
■ Two months sgo tt wss proposed
Oat Sc^iDOttr Johnson cbsplsins
aoaduct serrloes tor men bivouac-
log on the rifle range, where CscU-
ittee oC any lod} WP* were lack-
tag. lbs response was immediate.
wtU these flundays find Officers
and Bilistod Men to regular at-
We Don’t
Believe It!
Sound the buglest Break out
the bunting and the flags! Look
up a medal—that rarest of all
soldiers has been found!
It happened . at the Senriee
Club where Corporal Joe Santee
—U single, by the way—set a
record by being the first OX to
turn down a certain Job.
"Ba was adced by a hostess to
tske a truck to ICinwton and pick
up a load of glfla for a danoe,
thanks,” said' Joe. *l’«w
bad amugh troidde wtta
women!-” - *
“Ibere’s no more sertous group
of church goers anywhere than at
tbs range,” says Cbaplata Talnter.
in charge of tbs Protestant sendc*
ss. *'lbsre is. something about the
natural'surroundings s^ tnelr
beauty, ths fact Ibeae men are
tratataf for war fronts, and their
etncertiy that make the services
like no otaer 1 have ever conduct-
CMdd, Ofaob, McOratb.
and MeOonnldk feel the same way.
**Ibs sange services,” they ex
plain. “is one of the hlgbli^ts of
our service here.”
U I 4gmt tar flt.N worlh
al gnaoMMal kmaan hfj
Aiifwt IM rai
Wanta Bowl,
Bub? Alleys
Nearly Set!
Those new bowling alleys
will open this coming week.
That assurance come from
the Special . Service Office
after oontroctors turned the
building, located on the cor
ner between Cha^l Ko.. 1
and Pbst bchcmgie Brandh
Ner/ .l, Air
A complete sidiedule of bowUn
times hss not been announced, but
aloctg with' the opening will be
annouooed through the Dally Bul
letin, and (Ks are Instructed to
watm the Bulletin for that infor-
Flaas are to ha'
> bewllu
West Coast
Net Pro Here
Private tkm B. Thompson —rat
ed as of the leadins nrofee-
skmal tennis playeracntae' West
Cosst — is a new arrival at Sey
mour Johnson Field, gnd one with
a main objective, attmance at a
Usiaon pitot's proeedtirs. school.
Ihompson, iH)o is alreafy a lia
ison pil^ hiu taught siieh pamon-
allties as Shirley Temple, Noni^
Shearer, Ctory Cooper, Claudette
Colbert, Pat DeCim. Wayne Mor-
'Tls. Robert Taylor, Barbara Stan
wyck, Howard. .Hughes, and the
family of Donald Douglas, builder
of some of Uia world's best a1^
bo bapm -to teach Offtakre
and wnuaw lioQ aP this fUad any
thing I ean about tennis." Thomin
son suld.
“'•IhSps5r^*bSn In
more t^.two years. He served “21,12^
ef saMtorS ettfsillny cifaiess to
aemre that - every Ol gefa a
shawm .to bevl. Ona sr twe aDsys
way be eel asWie fer efftoer esa.
Aa Offtoer Mfaht fa atoa esoaM-
«ed* wMsi eltleers aad thefa
wives, aat' anraes> may beerL
Hw alleys felt the first trundle
of balls this wesk wbn CcL Don
ald B. .dmltb, Oommaodtag Officer,
demonstrated bfa prow^. Bowling
Bgahiat hbh wu..a talvate, Wif
Uam McCready, ertiQ nbd b s s n
woiki^-en'tbs tUeya.
“•^ts ten aUsys are''oow
to every detaU, and the oonstnic-
tion Is. new throughout. Officers who
a year to the infantry.
Thompson -received bis start by
studying instnicUon technique un
der Pat O'Bara, Australian n^
sta^ at the Beach and Temds Club
of »>tel Del Coronado, Coronado,
Calif. Bis newt sistgnTnent was the
Hotel Dm Mar where he served the
exclusive clientele of Bing Cros
by’s TW Club.
Don next was sivointed as head
profeastonal at the Desert ton st
Palm SprtngB, CahZr; vdlere he ca
tered to the greafa of -the movie
colony and socialites from all over
the world. - -
Prior to his taductlou into the
armed forces he was st' the historto
Annadale Country Club, Pasadena.
Calif. At the club hS supefvtoed
the building of his own tennis, club
in conjunction with the golf 'club.
According to Don, bis OMSt inter-
csttng astognment' was ' ooe ' to
which be w»a employed as a pri
vate tennla tastructor to Norma
flbearer. Be al«o was a idmpan-
Ion for her tww chlldrm.
tb^ ***f! ■««*„ •
Looker rooms will be avsilsMe
for both men snd women. A bat-
cony and bleachers will provide for
OXs may be given opportunity to
make qiare money-te spare time
by eettmg pins at the aUeys.
Gas Non-Coms
Alt^d School
Band Concert
Slated Again
This Thitrsday
Tbe iriace is the bindsisnd be
side the-8parts-Arenartbe-tlms is
1900 next Tburadgy eve. and-the
event fa'the weekly oql^ door ogn,
ge^of..tfae BeitoKint. JefaBSop Field
tOeottnoed On Ps^
Open Houae
Do you know all about what
an aircraft mechanic studies in
clsosce at SeynuMir Johnson
TtoJeae you’re a student, you
probably don’t, and so the Office
^ the DirectX of Training hai
announced that an Open House
for ell Seymour .Jtduason- person
nel will be held August 10, be
tween the hours of 1000 and 1700
In H»«g»f 4.
All phasea of general class
work will be demonstrated.
Those intrestod In a further
itudy of daasss mqy obtain
passes and a guide for s tour of
the hangars.
Officers Get
Extra Brass
■Promotion of seven more
taihe to inajortties were- reveaim
this week -Ihrough orders received
from the war departoient. Tbe sev
en and their home towns are ss
TniUam L. Oatoss. Jr., Anniston.
Ala.: Jeans D. Malone, Orayson,
Ky.; 86km B. Coleman, Fredericks
burg. Va-. Harold N. Elliott, Oreene
H. Y.: John RusseU Mltdidl. Bed
ford. tod!: William LTOibson.
Buntlagton. ■ W, v.a.: and WlIUam
P. Barnes. Jr-. Chiesgo.'HI.
First Meutonanlj promoted tocap-
tolM wbre: -
QMM Pramsted
Buseell Z. Baker, nsemont, O.:
Jolm A. Me^gaa, ittusvlUe, Pa.:
Zdward T. RUey, RusaelviUe. Ky.;
Main A. OuilcL Oeveland- O.: Josn
D. Tedford, Ft. Wayne. Ind.;
Ralph C. Adams, Minneapolis. Minn
sad Henry Merritt Zscne, Oiarles-
W. Vs.
May Get Out
Under Ruling
Thorw are going to bo no
more "limited serviee" men
in the Army.
Such men will either be
discharged or.plooed in gen
eral senriee otter re-exon^-
That iM Thd amsaemeMnhf
br the War Department,
which, Indiooted that enlisted
men who do hot meet the
current phrsioal standards
for general military service
will emitinue to be accepted
in ooBtrqlled numbers.
^ ^ predicated on
CSD. .»Wlhy, «>«clAl akIUs, Intel-
35 relation to
***** their physical abiuty. Initially soeo
am wm not be juitslgned io com
bat mUte or ReMacemsot,-Train-
Centers of the Army Ground
fSMral esrvtos tssefaiWuwfa wll
W M -egamtiisd, lalsbs whs fafl
to toes* ths pvsseribcd adalaBM
stodgard tor MMttaw wIB bs dto-
>^iyd- TxBBfttolto ais peavU-
ed hi toe eaae at a man wha fa
phTsfeally qsaUOed topertofm
Me preeeto Jeh aM wheae eem-
mandir dealraa hfa retantfan.
Bvery measure win be taken to
plaos individuals to posMons where
their particular ■mm and ability
wifi be of the greatest me. Cam-
manders wlU mrrrrrlsfi nnrsisuil sii
perviskm to' this end.
Sec^ Ueutanants itromoted to,Few Pfaehargea Zxpectad
first UeotAsots were: s fiokfiers not mtotosd beoduse of
Fsul Bf. Carper. Blacksburg. Va. 'physical disability wm return to
Zdward Z. Cox. Hartford City, I we Jurisdiction of Sdeettve Ser-
Xnd.: James Z. Cairo, P(wt Chest- trice after their dlsch^e.
er. N. Y.* Harlan F. Daniel. Bhaff No great number of dlseharges fa
Bcfftogs, hi.: Michael J- Del Oa- «tpected to result from the order,
stooTBro^lyn. N.-Y.r WlUlsm M.las Army standards have not.bees
Morrow. Altoona, Pa.; Jiton A.|chaaged apiweclaMy stoce tbs be-
Kley, Tarrytown, N. Y., jidd Mau- gtoning of Selective Serlce.
rice L. Bequlieu. Oldtown. Me.
AA Begmour Johnson Plaid gas
non - coins have attaded- a gas
s^Kxd the ISJrt two. weeks to bet
ter qualify them for their duties,
sad while to eeestr-' were vfaltod
by CoL M. Z. iHpuser, cbemicsl
waili^ Officer tor the command.
Ttfade who attoixied regularly A
waived passing- grades- r***
cqive oerttfloates of pM.
signed by the post oomssaodor.
Bttojeoto tauAt were chemktal
agents, tespetolou and adJutonwK.
of tbe —pro
cedures. first fw* caaolattes-
duties of tbe.aonwom and rsiated
stttdl^.. .
|ll^tow^^twh Are lastnwtotg
Tbe. school was tostruetqd .hy {A.
. Ook Bdiaser vnu aiififimpsnlsil by
Victor y. Mar&i. chsmieel-Mflcsc
(pr lbs ■ first dlyict. • Tito. Qolnnel
■■" 'iSffWs
alsroi eygWns.'
It was sald-thst tbs purpose for
dlsehargiag certain ef the Uihlted
service men Is .to.avoid the. pay«
ment of costfy pmslona for servlee-
eggravated maabllity. Some men,
for tostance, have had undetected
lung weakness which became re
vealed after Inductieo. Otbera have
Iprogresstve deatoass which would
ied aw who failed to grow worse in the Atony or to «M1-
their Avtetton Cadet 8creea-.lan life. If such men were held to
senriee the result mlgjBt be tbe ■
payment of veterans' * peiisiens
whan military ssrvtos may not
have eontrlbutod .to ptuntom dfa-
No. i-a
After Aug. 1 all nxen accepted
tor service will be' clsislfled of
ficially aa l-A. Heretofore the prao-
pogjijjj to
EntUted Men
Urged To Retry'
Cadet Exama
by .lO pdnU.or lem are'
' urgpd to reapply and re-take, tbe
examteatton atace rsqolrements
have been towered and the
tests - are toss right. Tbe walttog
period has been aborteoed, 'the
AvlatloD -Cadet HoaM. said this
wett, and qualified applicants wait
an average of three weeks.
rAsnff rmsft. sound
Lt OoL i-B--Bai]ghif.plyasoalh. Army
gfl^, tootoitual dfreo*pr of ths
hfiH plaaw dttve at> gm-mOae par
boor —faster tban*noand»--tta Cai^
tice hM been tar draft 1
clssslto aeleetosa m toA; angr^
Army to re claaitfyihsmAflsr plT-

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