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    Ko. 1 Vol. 40
September 18, 1943
-'50,000 p ^
. 20000'
With the Third W»r Bond Drive
already rippioc ttirmigTi the ranks
sd servlcemcB and dvlMans of jobn*
eon Field, the pies slda of ^Ihls
scale la rfalar te help enrtiyir
par HlUer’a Axle.
Bond Dance
Tonight At
USOGym a gala Bond Bally
r moe at tbe U80 Oym in Oolds-
boro tonl^t. a hefty program of
bMUl-promoUon Is in full awing on
and around the field these past
days. Sparked by units tnmcwtho
band and other talent, parades,
dances, and speeches have blank*
eted the fleld and nels^nboring com*
Tonight’s ■btnsig features the
Tech Commandos, sharp swing
outfit in an evening of dancing at
the U80 William Street Oym. A
parade by Air cadets will start
the festlvittes In the morning and
two other dances, one In Smltnfleld
and one exchislvely tor Cadets wlU
b-) held at the same time. Admit*
slon to all affairs Is free.
‘TravsllDg to Ral^h last week,
units if the 28th A^ Band pUyed
for a number of rallies and parades
and Sgt. Howard Brey’s dance or*
chestra played for a Bond Dance
last Wednesday at the Officers’
Effective Bfonday, 20. S^tem-
ber. IMS, the time for the first
evening show at nieatre No. 2
wlU be set forward 16 tnlnutes.
This aho« win start at 17S0 In*
stead of 1746.
Brother’s lofeg-awalted motion
picture production of the sut^ess*
nil stage revue, features a galaxy
of Hollywood stars Including Joan
LesUs. Irving BsrUm oeorgs
I'UTjrtiy, plus many star8*ln'khakl
from tiM original play. It has all
tbs song hits you’ve been singing
these psst months sad also soma
flashy, snappy danoe and skit rou
tines. ’There’s a plot in It, too, and
$75, OOOMark Passed
In War Bond Drive!
Higher and higher it goee . . . upward to the $100,000 quota and that's not the end
of it.
In the first eighteen days itc War Loan Drive, the field hos olready hit the three*
quarter mark in the drive to the top.
This week's soles, ending ot the sensational figure of $76,000, bring the start of the
home stretch. They were marked by large individual purchases and many organixa*
tions more than exceeding their ovm quotas.
Captain William C. Shorpsteen, Field Operations Officer, hit the bell with a $3,000
purchase of War Savings Bonds. A civilian employee ot the Sub-Depot, Mrs. Lenora W.
Younkins, bought $1,000 worth. Two Pfc's in the Medical Detachment. Irvin Miller and
Moris Heifitx, dug down for close to $2,000 apiece.
Tbs Air Cadet sdwol oo the field
has premised to finish the drive
^ 1th one bond bought for each
man In their organisation. With a
quota of $16,000, civilian employ
ers on the field have far exccMM
thehr goal and are still buying mors
bonds above and beyond their
igular 10 per cent pay deductloos.
To date, tbs following orgsnlxs*
tions have gone over the top in
their Indivldua] drives: The 666th
Signal Coras. The 76th Training
Wing, the Bq. and Bq. Sduadron.
the Medical Detachment, the Fi
nance Department. The llth Aca*
demUc Squadron, the tttd Air
Baas Qroup, both Band organisa
tions, the WAO Detachment, and
the 806tb Quartermasters.
WeQ satisfied with tbs progress
of tbq drive, Majtf X. W. Muller,
Rnance Officer, bsd thts to esy:
’’Aslds from the fsot that Mveot-
ment In these bonds Is vesentts!
for the successful prosecution and
conchulon of the war. represented
by, all the vast qualities at ma
terial that are so use ess ary at
this crucial time, It represents a
provision for ttie future, m short,
they are shares in America.”
A smashing number of turchasee
are being plannsd to posh the eiM
of the bond drive forward when
next payd^ rolls armihd. It was
discloosd. Vnth Finance oontnr. tag
Its policy of prompt Issuance m
hoods to owners, tbs effort
proeeod at Its prsssnt r s p i d
pace. Boods are ddhrered tato
their owner’s hsnds within M hours
of the purdtass ttms and no delay
has been encountered so far.
Post Band Featured in
Coast-to-Coast Show
Flashing over 200 radio stations of the Mutual Network this aftnr*
the 28th Air Force Band's Radio Orchestra will spotlight a
llfteen>mlnute program from Theater Number One.
Scheduled from 1746 to 1800, the program wilt be part of the M\i*
tual Network’s National Bond Day. It will feature the orchestra In
a series of symphonic dance arruigemente ot pcgiular melodies.
Warrant Officer 6(az StUenfeU,
Premiere Perfor/nance. ..
AER Gets Proceeds From
Army Movie* Tickets Sold
The premiere performance of “This IB The Arw/’ ‘Tectolcotor
musical hit, arrives st Seymour Johnson Field and Ooldsbore this
coming Wednesday evening. September ». Wth
proceeds frem this Initial performance will be turned over to the Aimy
Emergency Relief. ^ —
“This Is -The Army,” Warner
It’s one that wUl have you laugh
ing nnm start to flnlm.
iUtogether, a colorful evening Is
scheduled lor tols coming Wsdnss*
day. a mlrtb-fest well worth the
prtae. Shown at the Paramount
Theatre to Ooldsboro. edmlwiton
will be by advance tioket only.
Tickets, DOW on sale at tte Ser
vice Otab. range In price from
I..10 to $11.00, tax taeluded. With
all proceeds gotag tato AXR’s cof
fers, s capacity crowd Is expected.
director of the band, has planned
s program tnchwllng “In the Blue
et Xfenitv,” Rhyme With
Everything That’s Besuttful.” ”Pa*
rsde of the Wooden Soldiers.” i
s .solid Jump rendition of ’The
March of the Toys.”
Men with free hours st this time
ere urged to sttmul the show and
demonstrate how the field backs Its
members iq» on s nation-wide
broadcast. Channeled t h r o u gb
WOBR In a4dsboro, the program
will be picked up all over the
cAmt^, with large olUec like
New Ymk, Chicago, and Loa An
geles sa outlets. X,et's show the
whole country what kind of turn
out we can ^ for this ln^portsht
Salerno Battle Won as Clark
And Montgomery Merge Forces
Tkh im Aasy •! U. G«si.
Hoik W. CloTk ad lha Brlt
i.a a-—, « -1 ihaivLmade by ADled Headquarters
Ish flghth Axvy taaad “•‘^fSiortly after a communique hsd
IffanU wfik aatobliskMrt ol
eoBtocI batwan pertnb M-
a nOXthwCOd
watrli «l aaoity 200 mllai
oUa t9^ br Gan.
Sir Bamcnd L. Ilanigaanarr's
OBOvnead Friday.
The Btghth Army also made con
tact wjto British- forces beating up
the Italian east oosst from Thranto.
a ocminunlque tr^n Od. Dwl^tt
D. Kbenhowerh. headquarters an-
Dounjed.' Ad three of the Aided
beschheads on the west, south end
east thereby were welded Into a
stagle front.
Cata Nata Bing Of Steel
The etmtaet oetween Gton. Moot-
gmnery's speocUng warriors and
Oen. Clan’s Amwlcan and British
troops, who for sight days had
fought the greatest engagement of
toS'Medlterransan war In order to
matnratr. tbelr west oosst fooUmld.
was made somewhoxe ta or near
the southern end of the Sslamo
tJT^iny of the two armies broke
1$ enemy’s rtag of steel around
Oen. CAajA’s Thmmlss sad dough
boys and appeared , to have ended
tbs erltleal period of tbs ‘
TTtan armored diylelons on the blood
stained beaches.
AnnouDoement of the contact was
shortly after
told of Montgomery's capture of
Vsllo Dells THwanls, only 18 mfles
from AgropoU, st the southern sod
of the 27-mile front held by the
Fifth Army.
Clark’s Men Attaek «
At the same time Clark’s army
struck out trmn its hard-won shore-
line mud recaptured the mountain
Village of Albanella, 10 miles Inland,
smashed three German oounter-at-
tadEs and flattened out several Ger
man saUenta that bsd been driven
into Allied Dosltions.
(An Algiers broadcast by NBO
Monteoorvlno, 8V4 miles Inland
and 11 mUes east o' Salerno at the
sozthdin end of the bridgehead,
also was captured In the repulse of
one of the Oarmsn attacks
(London dlowtehea said selsnrt ot
Moatacorvlno would be one of the
meet significant Allied vletories as
the town Is EUderstood to be the
site of oneof the best airfields slang
the whole lower stretch of icsUsn
west ocMot, mth an airfield to Al
lied nands there the scope and ef
fectiveness of fighter plane pcotee-
tlon tor (ien. CAaik's base of oper
ations would be greatly extended.
(A British broadcast from Algiara.
reoordqd tar CBS. said the Fifth and
B^th-AiBF patrota mat ahowt half
wj liMsswi Agrepstt and TaDo
Della Lueania, or texs-ihah 10 orilss
loughs against four or mors Oer- trom the bseohhesrti)
Situated oetween tbs Guest Bouas and tbs ^orts Arena, tan
field’s new putting course has esu^ the fanc^ of many OTs. Ten
can see them any time of day. carefully puttmg ammd tae trtaky.
IShole conrsO, having the titan of their Uvea. WRh sdwilstadn atas^
lutely free, this attraction Is a mighty pepolar w^ of dsvstaplng
your eye and havtag lots of tun dojlag It. Sssn above, a brace «
are **^*M"g the uphill hasard on san m the holas dubs aofi
tlma af>tlie day. Each hols has a scraper whl^
the plam

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